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Please post all comments or questions regarding residential compliance checks here…

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  1. Frank

    I have been a “forced” Registrant since 1998. In that time, the Los Angeles Police Dept. has NEVER visited me at my apartment. I have ALWAYS registered on time. However, this year, 2 months after my 2013 registration, I was visited at my apartment by THREE uniformed LAPD officers. They told me they were doing a regular “Compliance Check.”
    Why are they suddenly doing a “Compliance Check” at my apartment?! Is it lawful? What exactly IS a “Compliance Check?!” Does anyone have any thoughts on this. Thank You.

    • Michael

      SORNA most likely.

    • Mark

      Also at times a crime is commited and everyone in an age range and race that match are visited. I can tell the triggered vs routine as the former is 3 cops at various distances, even one with a rifle, older pros. The routine check is a rookie trainee asking one question, “has anything changed” with another standing back a few feet. I expect a routine one once a year and the other once a decade. The weird part is neighborly gossip but cops visit one house or another from time to time and we don’t assume to know why.

    • AJ

      The legality of it is certainly debated, though from our eyes it’s not. What is a compliance check? Good question. Is it reasonable suspicion? Doubtful, unless they have reason to believe you lied about your info during registration. Is it an administrative act? Doubtful, as the administrative act was done during re-registration. Based on how RC laws are getting scrutinized across the country, I could see these checks as being struck by a court.
      Unless you’re on probation or parole, and your PO is involved, you have no obligation to answer the door or talk to the police. Even if you open the door, you are well within your rights (5th Amendment) to tell them you don’t answer questions, particularly without legal counsel present, wish them a fine day, then close the door.

  2. Justice for ALL


    Compliance checks are the new “trend” that ‘Law’ Enforcements are using to show that they are doing something about this sex offender “Problem/Epidemic” that the media and politicians seem to convince/remind the public…..every ten seconds or so. If you are on paper (Probation or Parole) then you have to cooperate as it is most likely part of your terms. However, if you are DONE with all that so-called rehabilitation, then you absolutely DO NOT and SHOULD NOT cooperate at all!!!! I’m certain that you don’t have to be reminded, but DOCUMENT every encounter, with a camera (or iPhone camera if you have it) while they talk to you.

    NEVER give them permission to ENTER your residence….NEVER! Once you agree to let them in (I.E. May we come in ti confirm compliance?) you have given them free reign to search your place.

    NEVER exit your residence to answer their questions or LEAVE your home when they are present. Your most valuable protections are when you REMAIN INSIDE your residence. Once you leave, you are at their mercy.

    You are under NO OBLIGATION to answer any of their questions. PERIOD. Politely tell them to leave as they are on private property. If they continue to persist, simply tell them that this conversation is over and gently close your door. There are instances where some officers use aggressive tactics to get their way, such as hostility or lying (“If you don’t cooperate, it would be considered obstruction of justice”, etc). Make no mistake, there is NO LAW that forces you to consent to “Compliance Checks”

    If you get threats? All the more reason to have that video recorder on hand and recording before you even answer the door.

    These Compliance Checks are just a lame excuse to request more funding for law enforcement. Nothing more.

    • Joe

      What Justice said! This is not legal advice but nowhere does it say in PC 290 that there is any requirement for any interaction beyond the annual (quarterly / monthly) visit at the Police or Sheriff station. How much you are daring to “anger the beast” is a personal decision what possible repercussions you are willing to live with. Carpe diem!

      @Frank – I sense you are upset. Another way of looking at this, these visits started what – 5, 6, 7 years ago? Feel lucky you have escaped them until now. Again – what Justice said. This has also been discussed previously on this site in detail.

      Here is a question – anyone remember when exactly they started? And what is everyone’s experience? Plain Clothes Detectives / Uniforms / SWAT Team? Once a year? Twice? More?

      Sound off!

      • Bluewall

        I get plain clothing detectives with police backup.. About 4 times a year around 10pm to midnight…

      • Bill

        Well onight is my third time this year, I’m getting very tired of this crap. I am not on parole I am not on probation and I am always current with their BS registration. The state police that came to the door tonight told me they have the right to disrupt my privacy after I told him this was private property and he did not have a warrant.

        • Mr. D

          Hi Bill – I am extremely disheartened to hear of the pain that you had to go through. If you don’t mind I would love to know either the city or county in which you were suffering this pain through .

          • Bill

            Delta county. I have decided to no longer answer the door when they come. I have always answered the door because I always thought maybe there is some emergency. I’ve told my wife I am no longer playing along with them, she can answer the door if she wants but I’ll not go to it, and for her to not let them in. She agrees with me, I’m tired of it all

    • Rob

      I guess I have been VERY lucky. I have been off parole for a year and a half, and I have NEVER had a “compliance check” by anyone. When I was ON parole, ONLY my PO would come by, twice a month, usually Saturday morning without warning. He looked around, opened nothing, and left. Since then I have not had any visits by anyone, THANKFULLY!! I would do what Janice and others say, either not even open the door, or step outside and close the door behind you. DON’T let them “see something” that may give them ANY reason to search.

    • nena

      so on this last statement my son went into the police station to register, he went 7 days prior, 1 day after because they said no one was available, they gave him a date after his date of compliance. He asked the clerk i know that is past the time frame. she said it was okay because it was documented. He recorded on his phone the information, not trusting anyone because of the trauma he endured in jail. He wasnt doing it privatly, he did this out in the loby. So on that day he went in, a man took him in the back and aksed him so, you are out of compliance, to make a long story short, he told him he was waiting for him a piece of ….. that he is working with the state as a caretaker for his grandmother who took ill. He was a pice of …. that needs to go out a get a reall f… job like a real man, he said he was under arrest for wiretaping, and was sent to jail.
      the code they placed was for fail to register and eavsdroping. How can he record on his phone without getting into trouble and I dont see this a legal. They are just belittling him, he does have some rights dont he? As well as they do not even understand why he took a plea deal, can you help explain.

      • For nena

        The recording was two person? The lobby clerk approved the recording? What state? Should be no problem then. If he can prove they gave him the date, then that should supersede the calendar since it is their process to execute and he was honorable about trying to comply by the law.


          I’m not sure the party bit applies to phone. I have a recording device that looks like a USB pendrive. I’m in a1 party state so it’s allowed but not sure about phone conversations. It may also be that IF one believes that there may be a reason warranted, as in a crime, they may be able to record. Definitely need to know the state the son is in.

          There should be cameras somewhere in the vicinity of the station or IN the station that can place him there. If he had to sign in, that’s proof too. He’s gonna need a lawyer though.

      • The Truth 101

        Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe he was well within his right to record. He was doing so in a public building with a public official, and SCOTUS has ruled that public officials have no expectation of privacy while they are on duty and it is a 1st Amendment protected activity. There are countless videos on Youtube of the police and other public officials being recorded, including in California. Just search 1st amendment audits to see them. Whatever the statute is that they charged him under have a lawyer go over it with a fine tooth comb. Then, I would suggest discussing about suing them for false arrest.

        Lastly, and this goes for everyone, ALWAYS, film any encounter you have with the police. They most likely will not like it, but it is a protected activity. Also, live stream the recording to somewhere like Bambuser so the police can’t simly take your phone and delete the recording.

  3. Justice for ALL


    Not entirely certain when these started, but they appear to be random, once a year for me. Been on this cursed list since 2010 for possession charge due to a single file that was downloaded to my computer. I received a very low sentence due to the circumstances of it, but that didn’t stop the DA from slapping me with the ever life shattering label of SO.

    As for my experience, I’ve gotten visits from local(lol) police in uniforms. Since I’m still on paper (soon to be off thank god) I have to participate. Fortunately for me, the last couple have been simple’, “Any new tattoos, markings, etc” and then they are on their way.

    My FIRST check, however, was when i was barely 1 month OUT of jail! They barged in and literally ransacked the house as if I had committed a new crime, and they tried to convince my PO at the time to violate me for literally art drawings! Luckily for me, my PO actually read my file and decided I wasn’t an actual threat.

    By my calculations, my next “compliance check” should happen about 9 months from now……and I’ll be off paper by then.

  4. Painted Bird

    I get these intrusions about once or twice a year. Mainly they ask about phones and cars I own. One asked if my family knew about my offense. Didn’t they read the file? It was an in home offense. Family went through hell, first because of the offense and now from this never ending scrutiny, new restrictions and people driving by shouting at my house. Someone put up fliers in the neighborhood. A neighbor came up to my wife and accused her of harboring a “Westerfield.” Her children came up to me at Kmart one day and asked to be hugged. Unreal. I would never have done such a strange thing, even before the offense. I got out of there as quickly as I could. One time my daughter was there and the dogs were barking at the “officers”. She was afraid they might shoot one of our dogs. It did happen once in our community. A dog with a ball in its mouth came up to an officer serving a warrant an bang it was dead. I received favorable pre-trial psychological evaluations and positive scores on my group treatment program which lasted five years. My family has given me something to live for. To keep things in perspective, hurting them was the worst punishment. For that reason alone, I wish to never hurt anyone innocent again. The victim is grown up now and we run a business together. Let me live my life.

  5. Janice Bellucci

    Please know that if you are not on parole or probation, law enforcement can NOT enter your home without a search warrant. This protection comes from the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and can only be waived by YOU. My legal advice is to close the front door of your home and speak to law enforcement outside your home even if you lock yourself out. Why? Because if you let them enter or even let them look inside, anything they see (almost) can be used to establish probable cause which in turn can lead to a full search of your home — without a search warrant. You have rights! Use them!!

    • Anonymous Nobody

      I appreciate your legal advice. However, I disagree about advising to go outside and talk with them. You do not have to talk with them for a compliance check — and doing so will only encourage more. You do not even have to acknowledge who you are, or even answer the door. If you choose to talk with them for whatever reason, you may, but you do not have to, and anything you say can and WILL be used against you.

    • td777

      Janice, because of the registry and the possible consequences on my wife and daughter(vigilantes, harassment, etc), I still live in my van rather than with them. Do you know what they are doing in terms of these so called “compliance checks” for those of us who are transient? I am in Anaheim and they insist on not only having transient on the form, but they want to know exactly where I park my van at night. I have not been bothered at all, but there have been suspicious vehicles that come around and stop near my van sometimes at night and sometimes early mornings.

      • father of a S O

        hello td777
        My son is going thru hell right now, he’s living a somewhat normal life he’s working and has someone in his life while on parole following his conditions, the problem is with his agent, she is one of the meanest agents he has to deal with, she’s on his back every little move he makes, can you tell me is there any way he can request another agent? Or anything he can do for his rights, thank you

        A father who loves his son

        • Harry

          You may want to talk with his lawyer about this. They may have tricks and contacts that might help. They go back to court with this issue. PO’s boss is really the court.

    • al

      Halloween night I was paid a visit….Downey police with the Probation dept.
      I was asked my name and to step outside….after asking me who was at home.
      The probation officer asked if I had my registration with me.
      I told her it was in my wallet….which was in my room.
      The cop and p.o. followed me into my room, I showed her my registration, saw pictures of my kids, asked if they were my kids. I told her they were.
      She informed me that I was in compliance.
      As they were leaving the probation officer told me that usually they pull everyone out and search the home.
      I just answered,”ok”.
      lacking knowledge in that matter.
      I had my monthly visit a couple of days later with my probation officer, and I told him what the lead probation officer had said.
      He said that they could carry on with what they wanted to do, which was a search and seizure…..did they even have a right to be in the house?
      Did I do wrong in letting them in?
      All in all, they were professional….and when is a search and seizure needed?
      Depends on the case? on the probation officer? I’ve been on probation for a year and a half.
      When I first met him, he hinted about going back to court and asking for a search and seizure warrant.
      But he never did….and never mentioned it again.

      • Paul

        Good evening,

        Obviously, I’m not Janice, nor am I an attorney. That said, the first question is, are you on “parole”, or on “probation”? All parolees are subject to search at any time, by any law enforcement officer. This includes the parolee, their home, their car, etc.

        Probationers differ slightly in that the judge can strike the search condition. If the judge did strike it, then a warrant is required. You should have received a list of your conditions. Review those, and see if the judge was kind enough to strike it. Otherwise, unfortunately, you’re stuck until your term is up.

      • Questions

        Can someone please tell me is it mandatory that’s a parole officer call the parolee if they show up and the parolee is not where he supposed to be due to the fact he got called into work which really has nothing to do with the question but I’m extremely curious they do have a protocol and I need somebody to tell me is it protocol for the parole officer to call the parolee if they are not in the home at their curfew time no matter what the reason

    • Rick

      Hmm, 4th amendment rights, lol. In NYS the 2d circuit declared we had no 4th amendment rights as a basis for the registry. I’m sure if u challenge it there you will probably lose.

  6. USA

    Wow! I got an expungement back in 2002? I agree. I also received summary probation. In regards to the compliance check, they come to your home after 10pm? I simply wouldn’t answer the door! The more you say to them, the more they can say to you! This year, I’m not answering the door! There is no law requiring you to even answer the door! Furthermore, I would never let anyone into my home! Furthermore, unless on probation or ect, you don’t have to say a word? Can I help you? Nothing more! Have a good day!

    • Bluewall

      Its a big circus when they check up on me… Its like I’m a drug czar (is how one of my old neighbor’s described it) I remember one time when I was on probation there was a parole enforcement van and SWAT bread truck, two sheriff vehicles.. Needless to say the place I stayed in thought I was interconnected with the Mexican Mafia after that one.. Now that I’m off its been plain clothing cops and a few uniforms… it always been 10pm or after… I wonder what is up with that… except just recently I think they come by in the morning too.. I haven’t witness that cause I’m usually out and about pounding pavement for job interviews or cash jobs..

  7. FRegistryTerrorists

    The Registries are not legitimate and I don’t think anyone should ever give any indication that they are. Every second the Registries exist is unacceptable.

    I think every family that is listed on a Sex Offender Registry should have a wall or fence around their properties. If that is not possible, people should simply never answer their doors. Or answer the door just to tell them to get off of their property.

    I think the absolute worst thing that a Registered person can do is speak with law enforcement or any other employee of the criminal regimes. There is simply no need to do so. The norm that law enforcement across the U.S. should expect is that they are not welcome on anyone’s property and no one will speak with them. The Registries deserve complete disrespect.

    I used to love the U.S., respect our governments, and respect and support our law enforcement. The Registries completely destroyed that. I tried to not allow myself to hate them but I’m not going to play their Registries game.

    Remember, tell them that you have given all information you are forced to and beyond that you have no interest in EVER interacting with them for any reason. It’s not a big deal, they just need to take their stupidity elsewhere.

  8. fresno guy

    the Barry guy come over once a year. Usually it a hello and good bye no questions asked.

    One time a probation officer came along I told him im not on probation and he can leave.

  9. Ron

    To Janice Bellucci or any CA Attorney on here, Q: I have a 6″ fence around my yard. Police cannot get to my door. I have a camera on my gate and have sometimes responded when there is a large number of officers at my front gate. Sometimes from a federal task force. Always in full uniform and marked vehicles. I am a low level SO with over 10 years off probation. If I leave my front house door, do I have the same protections as long as I stay behind my locked front gate? (It’s about 10 feet from my front door to fence gate). Or should I just never open my house door?

    • FRegistryTerrorists


      Good job being smart enough to protect yourself and your family (if you live with any or even if they just visit).

      As I said above, I think the norm is the U.S. should become that no government employees are ever able to successfully harass any Registered family at their home.

      If these big governments and their terrorist supporters were not so stupid, they could probably create Registries that could do some good. I’m not convinced that they actually care if their Registries work or not though. I think the main point for most of them is that it simply makes them feel good to harass and control people.

      Whatever. The Registries could possibly be useful if the big governments:

      1. Created a Registry for all people who have been convicted of any crime.

      2. Gathered whatever information was needed for that Registry completely on their own.

      3. Required absolutely nothing of any family that was listed on the Registry (i.e. they could not be arrested for any BS).

      Until that happens, I will follow all laws but I am going to ensure that the Registries are worthless and that I retaliate for them constantly. I will be around children all the time simply because the Registries exist.

    • Janice Bellucci

      As long as you’re not on parole or probation, law enforcement can not enter your property unless they have a search warrant (or it’s a hot pursuit). You are not obligated to answer the door or to open your fence/gate. And if you do, you are allowing law enforcement to look around. If they see anything “interesting” they could say they have probable cause for a full search of your property and/or home. It’s not worth it! You are protected by the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution from unreasonable searches. Know your rights and practice them!

      • Anonymous Nobody

        Because his gate is locked, no one is allowed to enter without permission — or a warrant or hot pursuit, of course. However, just to clarify, for others without a locked gate or other bar to entry (such as a sign clearly posted and barring entry as trespassing), anyone, including the police, may enter to go up to your door and knock or ring the bell. By law that is considered to be implied public access unless otherwise posted or blocked. But the implied public access is solely to the door, not, say, to walk around the house and look things over.

  10. Steve

    I’m curious to know which law enforcement agencies are doing this? In my close to twenty years on this bs nobody has ever come to my house.

    • Rob

      Steve –
      Where do you live? I’d be interested to know which city/area? Thanks!

      • Steve

        Rob, let’s just say LAPD seems like they have a lot more to deal with then this garbage. Maybe I have been going to the same place for so long and they recognize I’m not a threat to anyone they leave me alone. Where I go in the Valley they are actually very nice and have I never been treated poorly.

        • Rob

          Thanks Steve, I too live in the valley, and I hope never to see them at my door! Pretty much the same experiences as you…..

        • Steve_

          I live in San Joaquin County and the compliance checks here have been once per year, usually within 30 days of annual registration. What was different this year was they sent 4 Sherriff’s officers in 3 patrol cars. When I answered the door the officers were all standing in what appeared to be assault formation to cover the door. For me this is pretty scary since any number of things could cause them to draw a weapon on me. Like carry a cell phone to the door. The officer I spoke with required me to sign off on a compliance check document. After I closed the door the sheriff’s all stayed for another 45 minutes just hanging out. I have been off probation now for 13 years, and have been fortunate to find a great job, have my family back etc.

          • The Truth 101

            If you are not on parole or probation I wouldn’t even answer the door, and if you choose to interact with the police always record them.

          • Paul

            Remember, there is no law governing compliance checks and, thus, no law requiring you sign anything. You’re off probation, so don’t even bother answering the door. If you do, absolutely do NOT sign squat! Kindly tell them to pound sand, and close the door.

            The more we comply with their artificial garbage, the more they’re going to push for more and more.

          • Lake County

            First, I would not have signed anything. Since you are not on probation/parole, you are not required to. Did you get a copy of what you signed? Second, I would have filmed them the entire time they were there. Cops don’t like being filmed, so I doubt they would have stayed there as long. Better yet, just don’t answer your door. You are not required to comply with compliance checks!

      • C

        I live in the Valley as well and have been doing the registry thing since 1994. I have had two home visits that I know of. Once in 1998 when I was at work and my girlfriend told me they came by. The second time was last year and I happened to come home from an errand as they were leaving. They just asked my name and said “See ya next year.” I’m not sure they even actually stopped walking as we passed each other in the driveway.
        Hopefully their visits will remain short, sweet and infrequent. Indeed, I think LAPD has bigger fish to fry and the people doing registry compliance checks appear to be on light duty assignments.

  11. Painted Bird

    San Diego Sheriffs come to my door. My wife or daughter usually answers the door and then says it’s for me. Dogs usually bark so ferociosly that if I did let the cops in the dogs would tear them apart. Animals know a threat and therefore I have neverlet these intruders in. There has probably been several times the dogs were outside, and they did not dare come to the door. We can learn a lot from animals. They forgive you and protect you and only judge you by your immediate actions not by some societal bigotry. Who is more superior? Who is more Christian?

  12. USA

    Ron, I would never come to the gate! Never! Simply ignore them. How do they even know your home!

    • Ron

      I suppose I’ll stop responding to my locked gate. It’s just tempting to go outside just to get rid of them. I’ve had 8 or 9 Law Enforcement from multiple agency’s show up in uniform all at once for these compliance checks. Telling me it’s part of a federal mandated check. I’m lucky to have a secure home. I am also in an area that has a lot of other RSO’s, so there is comfort in numbers. Although my life completely sucks since they added me to the public list in 2010. (After 9 years of no one knowing about my past mistake).

  13. Larry

    I simply do not answer the door. I would never talk to “them” because they aggressively try to get you to give up your rights; all this while wearing an American flag on their sleeve. It has not felt like they are defenders of freedom for a lot of years now. I’m sure one day they will come up on me as I am coming or going, and when that happens I will ask if they have been sent to my residence to investigate a crime, or if they were sent to my residence to arrest me, and I know they will answer “no” to both questions because I do not break any laws. I will then inform them that I do not wish to have a dialog. When they ask why (and you know they will ask why) I will tell them that I do not wish to speak with them because I don’t have to; simple. I’m sure they will be frothing at the bit and tearing their sack cloth, lying and trying to intimidate me. I have resolved to stand my ground. If they arrest me it will be for total BS, so then I will just hire Janice or someone she recommends to give them hell and set them straight. I have not answered for the last three times they have come over. I saw one of the terrorists driving down the road in his cop car one day; he looked so frustrated when he saw me that I thought he would burst out in tears! I just laughed as I rode my Harley down the road. That was a good day, indeed!

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      Your message is very inspiring, Larry. Good for you. I am happy that you are so strong and solid.

      The Registries are nothing but tools for harassment. Every family listed on the Registries needs to show that they will not tolerate them.

  14. One Day at a Time

    In the 5+ years I have been a registrant, LE only came to my house once, about a month ago. The guy (just one in uniform) was in and out in less than 20 seconds and was very polite and shook my hand. Luckily the LE in my town realize that I am a very low risk.

  15. DavidLM

    I have only had two compliance checks two times and was outside both times in the yard since 2002 and the state police were very polite but the local sherrif was very rude and aggressive. I would never let them in to search me based on the aggressive manor I was treated by the sherrif. Both times they asked for ID but the unprofessional visit that was aggressive made me think I wouldn’t trust or be safe out of eye sight of neighbors eyes. Home compliance checks really esculate neighbors fears and I started experiencing lots of harrasment from a few neighbors that almost escalated to violence. A few neighbors decided they needed to try to punish me and I absolutley told them I’m not hurting anyone and just trying to live my life in peace! One neighbor told me he was armed and would protect his family and tried throwing me out of my own home by filing in court. He lost! I’ve learned saying I have a legal right to live hear and you can’t do anything about it except live in daily fear or leave me alone and be happy as I have no desire to have any issues with law enforcement or neighbors but I will not be a bullies victim! Home compliance checks only esculate unstable neighbors that are near becoming a far worse criminal than my high misdomeanor offense when so many neighbors were finally tolerating me in the community and even becoming friendly. All you need is one neighbor to start yelling fire and other sheeple will follow.

    I have since put a camera up near the door with a sign stating you are being recorded so I have proof of any unprofessional activity or threats made to me or my family and am forced to defend myself or family from mentally unstable violent neighbors.

  16. http404

    Back around 1999 in Orange County, I had two plainclothes sheriff’s detectives from S.O.N.A.R. show up at my office for a “compliance check.” At my place of business. I had been off parole several years by then. Fortunately we had a conference room with a door and I quickly ushered them in and shut the door behind us. Coworkers didn’t know about my past… irrelevant to my line of work and never asked / never told. At the conclusion, I told them my coworkers didn’t know and they suggested If asked I should just tell them it was a follow-up to a police report I filed or something. I had a friend who had recently become an LAPD officer around that time and I told the coworkers they were just conducting a background check for him because he applied at OCSD.

    Never had a knock at my front door of the house until around 2010 when they did a city-wide “sex offender sweep.” They knocked on my door at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday. There was a new Offender Registrations Officer for the city and she came out with a clipboard, accompanied by a uniformed officer who looked around like he was rather bored and couldn’t be bothered with this waste of his time. I stepped out front and shut the door to talk with them. They asked questions about who else lived in the home, information which I volunteered. They were there for about five minutes and were on their way.

    The next time I was visited was last year, shortly before Halloween. There was a uniformed city PD officer accompanied by two sheriff’s deputies who were wearing their armor vests. Clearly they were going with the intimidation look. The city PD officer advised me it was a compliance check, but also handed me a copy of the city’s new ordinance that made a number of things all other citizens do, unlawful for a sex offender to do, on October 31st.

  17. B

    Let’s not forget about the real purpose of compliance checks: overtime.

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      Absolutely. The Registries are one giant jobs program. You will never, ever catch anyone in law enforcement saying that perhaps they shouldn’t be spending so much money. They will never say that they don’t need more people. They all think big government should always be bigger.

      One way that we can control these criminal regimes is to take away their money. I don’t fight against the Registries all that much – there is far too much stupidity supporting it to overcome. But I do a lot of work to keep government broke. When law enforcement has to worry about just being able to answer 911 calls, they tend to stop wasting so much on Registry stupidity.

    • Anonymous Nobody

      This is one of the reasons I gave previously in other threads to warn about going to this tier system and ratings for each and every individual registrant. That will only grossly multiply the number of people whose employment is dependent on SOR, and form a permanent and big lobby for ever more SOR. Tiers are just more details, and the more details you add, the more people whose will be dependent on SOR. At least nix the ratings, just make it time from date of conviction or date of offense, a preset time for each offense, such as 3 years for indecent exposure, and 10 years for aggravated rape. But better yet, revert to the tier system we used to have — probation! That set a time frame for probation, after which you could get 1203.4 relief that would absolve you of any further duty to register. We already had a tiered system — use it!

  18. Anonymous Nobody

    I note, while the currently enjoined Prop. 35 requirement for registrants to provide all e-mail monikers would be actual monitoring, until now 290 has never suggested that registrants are to be monitored or surveilled. That surveillance term came up in a court ruling years ago, and has been quoted and regurgitated without any thought or consideration — or challenge — ever since. In fact, 290 does NOT provide for surveillance. It merely provides for identifying registrants and knowing where to find them IF they are suspected in a crime.

    As such, 290 does not provide for or even condone compliance checks. It doesn’t say anything about them at all.

    It is just as unconstitutional for the police to surveil a registrant without any probable cause or any crime as it is to surveil anyone else. 290 has never spoken of surveillance.

    This is a point that should be pushed and pushed hard. This idea that registrants are open to surveillance is completely false — until this Prop 35 statute now calls for it. This idea in Prop 35 that a registrant can be subjected to this surveillance is just as unconstitutional as applied to a registrant as it is for anyone else. It also is a grave danger to everyone, as this is how such widespread surveillance (and spying) of an entire citizenry gets started. People who support this surveillance have no understanding how it will be used against THEM.

    • Anonymous Nobody

      BTW, I correct myself, I forgot that 290 now does require actual surveillance of some people, those on certain felony charges who are required to wear an ankle electronic monitoring bracelet. The addition of that actually was the first time 290 ever mentioned surveillance, but for those minority of registrants only. It says nothing of surveillance of any other registrant, and as I said, does not even say anything about condoning surveillance of them.

  19. watching

    I think it time california start doing this GADSDEN, Alabama — The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin and two officers in the department over what they say are “unannounced, random, and suspicionless” searches of the home of a registered sex offender.

  20. David Kennerly

    Some additional points regarding Interpol: We should consider that our own government is sharing information about us to foreign governments, some of which have even fewer protections for individual rights than our own, although it is questionable how many of these still exist in the U.S.

    In effect, we are being ‘set-up’ by our own government to be treated by a foreign government as they choose. In other words, even if they do decide to let us in we will now know that our host country has a complete dossier on our “crimes”. Consider also that there countries which are known to set up tourists for extortion, such as Cambodia and you begin to get an idea how all of this might (will) play out. Screwed by our own government.

    • td777

      Exactly! My church is started an education and outreach non-profit whose primary purpose is to help people in Cambodia. I’ve been asked to be more involved in this, but am not about to consider ever going there. Every adult and the older kids at my church all know my case and none of them give it a second thought.

      Unfortunately, this isn’t the only thing I’ve been limited by because of having to register. Because of all the hassles involving interstate travel as well, I have repeatedly had to turn down efforts from my pastor to get me to go to different conferences. Yet another example of how registration is punishment.

      • David Kennerly

        Until we, as a community, are willing to act in concert and take actions which include acts of civil disobedience, I don’t see that we have a future. We cannot assume that we will attain justice without personal sacrifice or by simply attracting sympathetic support, alone. No community has ever done so.

        • Joe

          Agree. Posting on this site is fun and, to some degree, therapeutic. But preaching to the choir is only so effective.

          Keeping in mind that this organization already is blessed with an amazing leader and organizer, what do you have in mind? Specifics, please.

          • David Kennerly

            Failure to register, en masse, would be our wet dream. Sorry to sound glib, but that is the level of commitment that would produce results. Achieving the critical mass necessary is, of course, the hurdle. The fewer the number participating, the greater will be the suffering of those few who do. I recognize this, of course.

            And by en masse, it needs to be communicated to the media and the public loudly beforehand, not just: “I’m just not going to go in and re-register this year”. One way to do this might be to congregate in D.C. for a number of days, the number of which would constitute a “failure to register” or notify, depending on the participants’ home jurisdictions and then clearly communicate that fact. In other words, signs and shouting to that effect “arrest me! I am violating the terms of sex offender registration”!

            A (massive as possible) sit-in at high visibility governmental U.S. Congress, Supreme Court would be progress. Unauthorized gathering and failure to disperse would be necessary. Blocking traffic resulting in arrests will help.

            Assemblage outside of courtrooms during proceedings against Registrants and handing out jury nullification instructions to those entering will garner media coverage. Use bullhorns. This is all very verboten outside of courtrooms and will get us arrested. Handcuff ourselves to railings, that sort of thing. Demand a police response. Enter the courtrooms themselves during such a criminal proceeding and disrupt.

            Taking that further, target court proceedings in which defendants are children, themselves.

            In places which have been declared to be off-limits to registered sex offenders, whether libraries, parks or even schools, hold demonstrations and identify yourselves clearly as registered sex offenders.

            Of course, we need the media there before, during and afterwards. Even if they don’t, we’ve got YouTube.

            Be willing to get arrested. Just accept it and trust that it will be worth it. Come to see getting arrested as a desired outcome, not an impediment. That’s the only way that the civil rights movement made progress. You have to clearly communicate that there will be a cost to ‘business as usual’. And then just imagine ways in which you can cost the polticians, the government and the American people as much as possible.

            Because without that level of commitment, nothing will get significantly better. That’s guaranteed.

          • David Kennerly

            Another idea: Using a photograph of some ancient Greek urn depicting pederasty, an urn which may well be sitting in The British Museum, The Louvre or The Metropolitan Museum of Art, transfer them on to t-shirts so that all of your demonstrators are wearing them. Underneath the image write: “Child Pornography”. Because, under contemporary statutes and interpretation, that’s what it is, regardless of the fact that it had previously been legal for hundreds or even thousands of years. Demand to be arrested for child pornography!

            Extreme? Yes, of course. But that’s what it’s going to take. That level of audacity and bravery and commitment.

          • David Kennerly

            Join a demonstration already in progress! Say a demonstration to raise penalties for sex crimes or to make the Registry more draconian. I don’t recommend interacting with them; that’s pointless. Simply be there with your own signs and flyers and bullhorns. You’re there for the media and the passersby, not the brain-dead.

            • FRegistryTerrorists

              I really appreciate the level of commitment and disrespect against the Registries that is shown by many people here. I think I am right up there at the top with most people however – I am not going to allow myself to be arrested.

              I think the scumbags who support the Registries would be just very happy that a Registrant was arrested for anything, ESPECIALLY the BS Failure to Register. I think they would be quite happy to put a Registrant in jail for a decade and forget about him/her. I can certainly see it happening. Arresting us is their main weapon so I’m personally not going to allow it to be effective.

              Additionally, I’ve committed to myself that every bit of cost/inconvenience/whatever that the Registries, etc. inflict upon me or my family, I am going to return the same twelve fold. So for example, if they cost me $1,000, I have to figure out how to cost them $12,000. It was not easy at all in the beginning but after years of work, I am in a position to do it fairly well today. Again however, I’m not accepting getting arrested. If I get arrested, really bad things are going to happen. I’ve promised myself and I keep promises. It will occur.

              I think one of the key things that Registered people should do is never, ever give the impression that the Registries are acceptable. For example, do not allow “compliance checks”. Tell the people that they are working for criminal regimes and to stay away from you.

              I also think that Registered people should continually ensure that the Registries are ineffective. Registered people should NOT commit sex crimes but they should always be in situations where the Registries would never prevent it. I’ve found that to be easy. Registered people should continually state that they are doing that and explain how.

              I personally spend a lot of time around children. I do it because that is what normal people do but I also go out of my way to do it more and make it a special goal, simply because the Registries exist. I have many relationships with people and families that have no idea that I am Registered. My crime didn’t even involve children or touching anyone, but I always ensure that I am in situations where I could groom children all day and all night. Much of it is just due to living a normal life. But I also do it because I want to continually remind myself that the Registries are in fact useless and to see how easy it is to nullify them.

              Another key thing that I think Registered people should do is run a constant propaganda campaign. The criminal regimes do it, Registered people should do it in opposition. Never use the phrase “sex offender” to describe a Registered person. Always be consistent in the terms used against the criminal regimes. Always be consistent in the message.

              I have a fairly decent number of people following the actions I’ve mentioned.

              But the interesting thing about all that is I really do feel that the majority of people who support the Registries are idiots and fairly bad people. I don’t think they really care that the Registries don’t work or even that they are counterproductive. The people are stupid. I think they are just happy harassing people and with the joy it brings to their little lives. There are few, if any, smart, informed people who support the Registries.

              • David Kennerly

                I agree completely with everything you said. But we do need a critical mass of activists – Registrants or their supporters – that do not fear arrest. That you are unwilling to play that role I have no problem with. Clearly, you have a sense of how you can most effectively counter this oppression. Please keep it up!

              • David Kennerly

                Follow-on to last comment:

                It is going to take many types of people with a wide range of abilities and inclinations to effectively counter this evil juggernaut.

          • FRegistryTerrorists

            We need to be posting comments on all media articles. Every one of them that accepts comments should be overwhelmed by Registered citizens and good Americans.

            • Tired of hiding

              I totally agree with this tactic. It is our RIGHT to have freedom of speech and to have the ability to exercise that right so we should take advantage of it.

              They expect us to hide in the shadows and be ashamed of this label they have forced us to wear. They are not helping anyone be safer by lumping us into the same category as personals who actually do present a danger to others (those people should either be in prison OR actually monitored – not simply registered – which does nothing).

              The problem is that the powers that be do NOT want the registry to be effective! They want the “boogy man” effect to remain in place – why you ask…because it creates FEAR in the people and with that primal fear for their children, they can be manipulated on an emotional rather than logical and intellectual bases.

              So until we all come out of the closet (so to speak) and remove the “boogy man” effect they will continue to pass more laws which make them look like they are actually doing something – AT OUR EXPENSE!

              Stand Up And Say “I am made as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”!

              Are you with me?

            • David Kennerly

              I absolutely agree just please know that it is not enough. We need to expand our presence in both the virtual and physical worlds. That will mean physically showing up at events and getting in faces.

              • Joe

                Quite a few brave souls have been stepping up recently and speaking out in person, in public, and on video at assorted City Council hearings, lobbying completely open in the State Capitol for assorted bills, etc. And they live to tell about it.

                Assuming you were one of them – thank you for your effort and courage. Otherwise – ???

              • David Kennerly

                Not sure why I can’t find “reply” button next to Joe’s last comment.

                I guess you’re looking at me with rather jaded eyes assuming that I’m just a big mouth who does nothing. Fair enough. But I have been active (with time out for prison) for over thirty five years. I organized the demonstration at Coalinga State Hospital some ears back and I have put literally thousands of hours of effort into this struggle. I collaborated with Alex Marbury some years ago with RSOL (before he died) but have not been active with its activities or demonstrations since. I have some significant disagreements with the organization while wishing it all the best and recognizing its very important contributions. I believe that Janice and others in RSOL do not welcome my participation because of my leadership with in another organization. Others, such as Marshall Burns, are similarly supportive of RSOL but now contributing in his own way.

                But if you want to stage an act of civil disobedience, I’ll be there, whether in California or Washington D.C. And we need to form a core of such people who are willing to assume some risk.

  21. Bluewall

    I got ambushed this morning… I got up (around 3am) went to my car to get going for a a quick cash job.. and there was a cop car parked along my car.. (parking along the street, parallel) The cop saw me and turned on his side light.. He asked if this is my vehicle? I said yes and hit the car remote to start it to prove a point its mine.. I asked him what’s this about.. Then he asked me another question “Where you going at this time of the morning?” Told him just going.. Then he asked for my licenses and told me to lean on my car and went back in his car to fiddle with his computer.. then got out walked to my car license plate and said “Ok, looks like your vehicle’s plate is on record and your current on your sex registration”.. gave me my licenses and just took off… WTF happened???

    • steve

      I think it would be good information to know what agencies are being overly aggressive in checking up on people.

    • td777

      You are free to do whatever you want at 3am, he had no reasonable cause to stop you and run your license. This is harassment.

      What city was this?

  22. greg scott

    if you are not on parole or probation,, the law or gov has no right to enter your home or car. only if you let them , pass them a lawyers card say excuse me but my lawyer said to call the firm for any questions. NO warrent no entre, especially if you have nothing to hide. be strong be smart…. thank you. my name is scott and I was a rapest once when I was 22 now I am 52, and on illeagal parole and no one to help me except, me…tell your family members to vote in real laws.


    Hi: Long time reader first time poster here.
    I accepted a plea bargain from a judge in 1989. Had I known they were going to put me on lifetime parole I might have taken longer than 2 weeks to decide my fate. That being said,let me make something clear. In this society if you are not wealthy enough to purchase justice you are presumed GUILTY at your arrest. My rights were obliterated from the gate go. I sat in Orange County IRC, a max security facility, for 8 months and my lawyer still couldn’t even get discovery. The prosecutor had it out for me as this was during the McMartin preschool trial. Needless to say after chilling in there for 8 mos. and seeing poor McMartin still there after 3 yrs. fighting his beef getting nowhere, his family went broke defending him,and there was no light at the end of his tunnel. At the schedualing of my trial my nickel lawyer asked the judge what he would give me, a first time offender, clean record etc., if I pleaded guilty. I recieved the minimum sentence possible for what the DA was accusing me of. The prosecutor wouldn’t even sign the paper she was so angry.
    How much justice can you afford? If you exercise your right to remain silent it is considered an admission of guilt.
    I have lived in the same place for 20 years. I have never lied to the authorities during my yearly update. And yet three years ago they started their little compliance game with a vengence. It used to be a deputy would drive out once in a while see that I’m here and drive off. No problem.
    Three years ago the man in charge of my registration had some questions for me which he had a form to write my answers on. Such as my marital status, sexual preferences, religeous beliefs so forth and so on. Then the next year the CORPORAL came out twice to check on me. Asking me who else was here and if he could come in and look.
    I had told the registrar that I was single and lived alone. But they decided that I must be lying because I have been out of jail for such a long time and have not even gotten a ticket. I must be breaking the law somehow right? After all I’m just a dirty filthy sex offender who must be punished for the rest of his disgusting life.
    Sadly these sentiments are prevalent in this society thanks to the media glorifying every account of a teacher molesting children or a good one is the San Pedro Groper. Police, teachers, coaches, and people from all walks of life are becoming entrapped in these horrible, horrible laws. When I accepted a plea bargain, did my time, went to the psych, completed my parole and and did everything I agreed to, There was no such thing as Megan’s Law. When Megan’s Law was passed by the people of this state I was resentenced without due process. So I know that registrants don’t have any rights. As soon as I tell the deputy I want to see a search warrant before you come in my house he is going to write on my jacket that I was uncooperative. Then every deputy I come in contact with from then on is going to have it out for me. This year the deputy came out at 11:00pm at night. First thing he asked is who was inside. Heloooooo I told you people I live alone!! But I didn’t say that; I politely allowed him to walk through my cave which I leave pretty messy so they won’t have the urge to trash my place. (Ha, Ha screw you I already trashed it.) He left and his polite parting words were you should really clean the place up so you can have visitors. When I realized what they were doing with these compliance checks the first thing I did was make sure there was nothing in my house which could be considered a felony. I decided to beat them at their own game. Show them I have nothing to hide be polite and overly accomodating. Why poke the bear? Or why go all in with a pair of deuces when you can see they have the nuts.
    The mindset of law enforcement is that you can’t be trusted and you must be breaking the law. If I don’t cooperate with them they will automatically think I must be hiding something and from then on there will be hell to pay. I have nothing to hide, I told the regitrar he could send the captain over for all I care.
    My last thought is this: Because of the Lamestream Media the public has been beaten into a frenzy which brings about all these new laws and regulations and people are so ignorant that they don’t realize these laws are being written to entrap and ruin their own children and grandchildren whom they are trying to protect. For this is true and guaranteed that not one registered sex offender, no not one, has a mother who thought her child would grow up to be a registered sex offender.
    Thank you for your time.

    • JLo

      It’s unfortunate when there is discrimination and abuse of authority being used. I feel that there should be respect for others as we would like to be respected also. One should not judge without knowing all of the fact but the fact still remains some type of event did occur where law enforcement needed to enforce the law. It was reported and special investigations were necessary to enforce and protect inmates in Orange County and San Bernardino County a few years ago. There were over 350 Public Defender’s, Prosecutors and other law enforcement employees that were suspended and other attorneys prosecutor’s, PD we’re brought in to fill in until the investigation was done. Results, extreme corruption.

  24. Wary

    Dear Grandfathered in:

    I agree with all you said but with one caveat: If you are alone and there are two law enforcement officers and you allow them in to “search”, who is going to watch the other officer in the back room while you are talking to the one in the front room. Please don’t assume they are above “planting evidence”. If they think it is okay to lie to a registrant do you think they would have a problem planting something on this societal nuisance? The other thing I haven’t seen in the other posts is that everyone should inform whoever is staying with them not to answer the door to anyone no matter who it is (at least without looking out the window or peephole to see who it is. Case in point: I have a forgetful roommate who is prone to answering the door even when I ask him not to. I have had to tape a 3×5 card to the door asking not to answer it. I would think it a good idea for everyone else in our situation to do the same. I also have a video camera posted on top of my front door and that has saved me from a lot of nonsense. You can purchase dummy cameras at harbor freight for under twenty dollars (they don’t know if it’s working or not). Also, if you do decide to have your camera live, have a outside feed to an offsite website such as Justin TV or such. They wouldn’t like it if they are being broadcast live. They can take your camera phone away from you for videoing them, but would probably hesitate to do it before an audience. Also, if the video is off-site, it is preserved in the event that they manage to get in and confiscate your security video player. Also, if you elect to use outside cameras on your domicile, make damn sure they are pointed downward and covering your property only. In CA it is illegal to film over your fence into your neighbors property (and certainly not smart to do so in our situation). I chose to learn from the negative way society is treating me and be proactive about it and protect myself.


      Dear Wary:
      Thank you for replying to my post.
      I only wish I could afford even WiFi much less surveillence equipment. Unfortunately I’m quite poor just managing to keep my rent paid and lights on thanks to supportive parents. I do what I can for them in exchange but I’m always thankful to God for them. The only defense I have is to not give the police any reason to do me. If they plant something that’s the way it goes. Besides, what can they do? plant a molested child in my house?, or drop some child porno on the premises? They have more than 20 years of yearly paperwork on me without one incident against me. When the corporal came over last year I walked out to greet him and noticed he had my info up on his computer. After every entry on the right side of the screen, in big bold letters it said…”DO NOT SEARCH BASED ON THIS INFORMATION”. So I know all too well that the Devil has to be invited in. When he came in, my house was so messy he couldn’t even see the things I had that he could have arrested me for. Things I have since gotten rid of such as nunchuks etc. Sure, I know he was looking for something to arrest me for, that’s his job. That’s how he gets his jollys. I walked him out back and all the way around the immediate yard (I live on 5 acres in the desert with a small cabin as my habitat). When we got back to his 4×4 I was out of breath because he’s a big guy with a long stride. He looked at me and said “You look nervous!! What are you trying to hide??” I told him “I’m not trying to hide anything I’m just out of breath”. “We don’t have to go back in the house again do we?” To which he smiled and said “Aww, Why not?” To which I replied, “Because the place is a mess and I really don’t like having company.” Then he said “Aww come on.” He accepted that, got my signature on his paperwork and left. That was his second surprise visit last year. I had already removed anything questionable such as meds my mom gave me for my back etc. after his first surprise visit. I know the Devil has to be invited in but if he comes in and can’t find a sin to accuse me of then I have beaten him. I also know too well from experience that if someone in law enforcement gets an erection for you there’s nothing you can do. They’re going to screw you somehow, someway. The State has already destroyed any chance for me to get a regular job or have any kind of social life. Incidentally, At the time of his second visit I had a plugged toilet line and I had just fixed it. I had left a “Thunder Bucket” in the bathroom which I had not emptied yet. When I opened the BR door I told him I was having plumbing problems. The smell overwhelmed him and he said “WHHHEW” I laughed inside myself. But they write down everything they can on their notes. The deputy that came out in March said he thought I didn’t have any water service. I told him I had water, that’s when he said I should clean the place up. Ha Ha. I’m not in jail he can’t tell me to clean my cell. So I exercise what few rights I can find in a passive aggressive manner. Such as not shaving, not cutting my hair, going barefoot and basicaly living on the edge of civilization. Even though I invited the devil into my house, I was in control not him. Because if I am kind, polite and respectful towards him he can’t defend himself against it. That’s not what he’s trained for and it throws him for a loop. Perhaps that’s why they call me “one of the good ones” because I treat them with respect whether they deserve it or not. And if they don’t deserve it who goes away feeling guilty? Not me. As soon as a law enforcement officer sees I am going to treat him with respect no matter how he is towards me something clicks inside of him and he feels like a heel and returns my politeness and respect. I spent 8 mos in IRC HARD TIME, and 1 yr in state prison system. Without any adverse situations with deputys or CDC. It works to show them kindness, respect and consideration. That’s what they don’t understand and have no defense against. And I learned a long time ago not to say anything more than you have to because anything you say will be used against you. So be kind polite and respectful without volunteering anything. Yes sir, No sir, and Thank you sir. It really works. Decency towards them is what they don’t expect. Remember, that even though a person has a uniform on and is enforcing deplorable unjust laws he is still a human being.
      Yeshua the Christ said concerning sex offenses this..”Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.” So by my reckoning this state must be overflowing with Saints. There sure are a lot of people casting stones.
      Thank You for your time.

  25. Bruce F.

    Hello Folks, I have some breaking news for California resident RSO’s…Me Included; A friend & witness that Knows My Case went deer hunting Bow & Rifle both seasons & he just got back yesterday He called Me & told me If I have any Ideas about “Being Mobile” or staying at campgrounds think again! I said why? & He said that the sheriffs & rangers have enlisted the help of free range Homeless to stay in these “Camp Grounds & to call in ANYBODY & Everybody’s lic# and that they get confirmation almost instantly over the phone if You are a RSO! Then My Friend said that these guy’s go around to all the non “Confirmed” “Campers/ hunters” & Promptly Notify All the others of Who is there which causes a very tense Problem! “Hunting Accidents Anyone”? not yet; but it is heavily over heard loud anonymous talk by a campfire by “Said “Identified Camping RSO’s Site / Camp”! IDK what to do How can This Be addressed in a legal fashion it is coming through undercover Informant from the above stated agencies was what My Friend said. He had His 6 Yr old daughter with him and said Every camp ground is being watched for homeless RSO’s & He was immediately approached by Someone warning him about this issue!This is divide & conquer tactic their homeless so you can stay here if You watch the camp grounds for us! So The Campo’s Begin to tell the Brown Shirts to save themselves by creating another Issue where there was not one! Just like Germany did! This is a serious issue I was approached by a sheriff/ ranger IDK about 8 months or more back when I went with My dog for a drive up by the lake & stopped @ a camp ground restroom I came out & got in My truck & he pulled up behind me & about 2 minutes later got out & said in a disgusted tone “We all Know”,,,” ARE YOU CAMPIN’DOWN HERE TOO NOW”? I said “No” I was just out walking My Dog & asked a guy how the fishing has been! and He stayed Until I left! No BS Story this is a “NEW UP COMING THING” ! Who need’s allot of cops when they have allot of homeless to do their jobs if this is not vigilante backed terrorism IDK what is. Just like the range wars over cattle “Marshals Deputized Outlaws to wreak havoc back then seems not much has changed in some ways. Good luck people We All are going to need it. Another friend that knows Me & My case as well warned me that the cops had been for a week parked on his street asking people to see their ID’s if they were out dated or did not live @ the address on it they were arrested for? “Being Homeless”! Yet We give illegal aliens a free pass with that it’s Discriminational Hypocrisy.IMO

  26. It is what it is

    First time posting.

    I want to thank Janice for the advice she gave here. I had a compliance check this week and the person doing it wanted to enter my residence.

    This is something that has never happened in the 12+ years since being off probation.

    Had I not read this thread, I likely would have not known my rights and let them enter.

    Since I had read this, I was prepared.

    When the person asked to come in, I politely said I was not on probation and in the 12+ years since being off probation nobody has ever entered my home for a compliance check.

    Some people here are saying that just agitates them and puts you on their “troublesome” list.

    That may be true, in some cases.

    But it also may be true that they see you are someone who knows your rights and someone who is not afraid to exercise them and that intimidates THEM.

    Maybe they think, “I’m not going to mess with this one, they seem to be smart and know the law”.

    But really, what THEY think is irrelevant.

    What I think is what matters, and I feel empowered.

    I feel empowered that I actually still have some rights in my own home and that I stood up for my rights and I won.

    The person didn’t enter.

    They couldn’t enter.

    I feel like my home is still a place I can have some dignity and some rights as a citizen of this country despite a political agenda trying to take it all away.

    We must stand up for ourselves.

    It may be small, but I feel so much better for actually being able to say NO to something THEY want to do, and THEY had to obey ME.

    It’s a very small start, not a finish.

    Thanks to Janice and everyone.

  27. tattooarms

    Cops came to my house Friday morning looking for me for a compliance check. Been off parole for 3 years always register on time even updated when I bought my wife a new car. I was at work when they came. They said for me to call the police station when I got home. When I called they asked if I got a letter. I said no then I was put on hold. Then he comes back and tells me if I want to find out what it’s about to call a detective Monday through Thursday. WTF? Been paranoid all weekend. So has my wife since I am the sole provider in the house. If I go to prison it’s over for her and everything we own is gone. But I haven’t done anything wrong. Just freaked. The neighbor next door told me the police blocked the street and surrounded my house. How humiliating! And it took so long to finally find a place to live where I don’t get embarrassed by the neighbors… was homeless for over a year because either parole forced me to move or the police did. Here we go again.

    • Rob

      May I ask where you live? I have never had a compliance check, thankfully, and would not do anything to cooperate since I am not on parole or probation.

    • C

      Man, that sucks – what a nightmare. Best of luck and I hope you and your wife are able to enjoy the holidays!

  28. tattooarms


  29. Ron

    I have a secure fence around my property and I love it. But the Sheriff does not like it as he cannot get to my front door. So today I was at my post office and as I was re-entering my car, a unmarked and plain clothes Sheriff pulled behind my car and blocked my exit. He complained he could not contact me at home and wanted to verify my address every 6 months. I told him that if he called me I would step out and wave to him in the future. It all made me very nervous.

    • Joe

      You should ask him to show you the section of the legal code that entitles him to verify your residence, at your residence, every x months. And, lacking that, kindly request him to (self censored) off.

      Mother used to say “Good fences make good neighbors”. True dat, and then some.

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      Good for you, Ron.

      I think every Registered family should put fencing or walls around their entire property and never allow anyone inside except friends. If that were done, perhaps these criminal regimes and their criminal police forces would get the message that their harassment is never going to be accepted.

      I found it funny that you offered to take calls from your criminal police force but I would not have done that. I told mine that because of the Registries, I would never be cooperating with them or helping them at any time for any reason. I also told them that I would do anything I legally could to make their jobs and lives more difficult. I have worked very hard to keep money and other resources out of the hands of my local big governments and especially their criminal police forces. Other voters and I have kept a lot of money from them. We have defeated many taxes. I want them to not even have enough resources to handle actual, real crime, let alone enough to harass families in their spare time.

  30. tattooarms

    I am waiting for something like this to happen to me since they still have not come back or tried to contact me. Did that sheriff agree to call you for you to just step out? This stuff really freaks me out since in the years I have been back in society this has never happened. Is this a new thing they do to try to run rso’s out of the city? What can be done to stop this harassment? What is the purpose of bringing the whole police force to my front yard for a “compliance” check? I just did my annual update 33days ago. I have lived in this city for almost 6 years and never had this happen before

    • Ron Lake County, CA

      The Sheriff said as long as he can see me at the door, he is happy. I don’t think I should cooperate with them anymore.

  31. mch

    Home compliance checks are a “legal” form of police harassment in my opinion. In my 11 years as a member of the elite registered citizenry, I’ve only had two. One involved 7 officers and FBI wearing swat gear and their giant letters on their backs, right at 5:30 pm when everyone is getting home from work. Nothing more than a farce of force, but I wasn’t home! My good neighbor told me about it and I called the cop in charge the next day and chewed her butt good. I had another one late one night, just two officers wanting to verify, I stuck my head out the door to show my face and that was it.
    Government grants to law enforcement usually spike the compliance checks as do sexual re-offenses by others that make the news. The police have to appear like they’re on top of things, but we know it’s an appearance only to cover for their ineptitude and laziness.

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      These criminal police forces have no excuses to send 7 people to someone’s home to verify that the person lives there. That is nothing but a theft of public resources. It’s great that you called the “cop in charge”. You should have demanded that she tell you how much money they spent for those 7 people to be goofing off at your home.

      It is good that you have had only 2 attempted “verifications” that you are aware of during your Registration period. But I would still put a wall around my home. I won’t allow police or anyone else who supports the Registries (e.g. vigilantes) to be around my home. It is protection for my family.

  32. tattooarms

    Wow. The worst part is that it affects my wife and family as well. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve anything good to happen for me but since I am fortunate enough to have a loving wife and family, these things are just not right as it is upsetting good people who had nothing to do with. My offense

  33. James

    I am curious about the responses here: was the commenter on probation or parole? Were they on the public registry or not? (Many registrants are not on the public registry in California). I am also curious (though I doubt any of us know) whether these were special sweeps or routine. It seems some agencies do them, while others do not, or only do them intermittently.

  34. The Traveler

    I have run the whole gamut of these Compliance checks here in Santa Ana. Misdemeanor 290 in 1995 expunged in 2006. I am not on the Public Registry. They started about 2007 and stopped in 2011. I have not had any since. But, I can tell you I had all the worst of the SAPD. The horror stories about annual registration at the jail, for me, are all true. They came twice a year for the Compliance thing and it was about 50/50 (good cop/bad cop) what I was going to get. Now I will post a no trespassing/no soliciting sign and install a fake camera with a “you are being recorded” sign as well. I am very happy to gain a little knowledge.

  35. Sebastian

    This is not living.
    I’m not sure if I am writing this in the right place, but I have to say something. I cannot do this. Live like this. This is not living. I’m forced to speak about the most intimate details of my life and every sexual experience I have ever had, things intimately private to me and my loved ones or I will be thrown back in prison, I honestly feel emotionally and physiologically raped by this, not to mention the polygraph and the emotional abuse that comes with trying to intimidate me. I’m a full time student going to college and I live in fear everyday that today will be the day that flyers will be all over campus when I get to school, something that has happened to a guy in my group, only the flyers were posted all around the town he worked in. I recently found out about compliance checks. I live in a quiet nice neighborhood and there is peace here, but once a compliance check happens I’ll have to leave because my entire neighborhood will be in an uproar. They don’t understand, all they see is police and assume the worst. Or if this compliance checks occurs at my college? I’ll have to quit school. I’ll not be able to return. No one will treat me right after an event like that. My family has no experience with the police and I now live with retired and disabled parents who I’m afraid will have a heart attack if the aggressive things I’m hearing occur. Another guy in my group had his wife handcuffed when he arrived at his hotel room. She had no record and did not even live there and was treated like that. I cannot allow my family to go through this. I honestly think about suicide daily not because of depression, I love life and have dreams, but because it seems like the only logical solution for my family. They will never abandon me, but I cannot watch them suffer anymore. I have an appointment to talk with Janice tomorrow, and if I don’t see some hope in legal actions I can take to protect them and myself I don’t see what other options I will have. I cannot let my parents, my kids, my family suffer like this, I won’t let it go that far, and I won’t dishonor them by running either. I have no choices that protect them or me, but dying. I love life I love people, but this is not life, this is not living. This is cruel and unusual punishment. I’m so tired of living in fear terrorized by the state of California. Can’t I sue for emotional and psychological abuse or something? Any advice is welcome. I don’t know what else to do. I’d lay my life on the line right now if it would make changes for registrants.

    • Tired of hiding

      Holy Sh*t…this brought a tear to my eye. I thought I had it bad but never like you are getting it. WOW I feel for you and all I can tell you is not let the bastards win! You are not a second class citizen as they try to make you feel. You are NOT a bad person and you are probably more alive than those robots will ever be and you deserve to live your life to its fullest!

      You can NOT give up mentally on this. You have to know that this system is unjust and fair but it is man made and not real! You are being abused by people who think they have control over you (which is why they treat you/us) so bad! We are the strong ones and no matter what they do or try to make you feel do not let them!

      Your family understands…they know you. They know the real you. They also must know that being strong with you is part of the test of a real family. It should not be a reason for you to think of killing yourself. Now THAT WOULD cause your family an agony that would never go away!

      Be strong and gain strength to keep fighting – don’t let the bastards win! Lee

    • erich seitz

      I understand you completely. I feel like starving dog that is being kicked. There is honor in life, and death. Living homeless? Being checked on? Making loved ones suffer? Why? Just to say they can’t get me down, well they have! I lost the ability to see my loved one in Thailand. I admit to my mistake, I accept blame and punishment. But public abuse goes too far. They say I can’t work around seniors because of my offense (CP), but they allow a convicted molester live there! I am more stressed every day and my plea hasn’t even been entered. My life is just going to be a series of,” damn ,they found out”. Money is the only thing that can keep this even bearable. Let’s all buy lottery tickets.

    • steve


      Not sure if you’ve gone over this in therapy but it is something I use every time I start feeling like you. What you are having are irrational thoughts and worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet. I used to do it ALL THE TIME. Constantly worrying about neighbors finding out, the workplace finding out, my kids friends finding out. I can tell you ALL those things happened and I’m still here. My neighbors have never said a word to me about it and treat me fine. Some people at my work found out but have kept it quiet. My daughters friends found out and their parents told them to let it go the guys has been thru enough. Those girls treat me like a dad. As far as you go, the cops haven’t come yet. Your still in school and your parents are still alive. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened. Focus on what you need to do to make your life better. It will get better and when and if these things you worry about happen you’ll be surprised how quickly you can move on from it.

  36. Tim

    Everytime I hear an RSO tell his or her story, I have a nagging desire to compile it in a book. Don’t know why exactly, maybe in the hopes that someone will wake up and see those deemed least of their brethren are people, too.

    • David

      Tim, I think such a book would be a great idea. Seriously, each person would get 1 – 3 pages to tell his/her story. Each story could be as detailed as the RC wishes, or as simple as “Highway Patrol caught me peeing off the side of the road. Now I’m a registered offender for the rest of my life.”

      • Timmr

        Cold statistics and facts don’t give a true story of the people involved or in the end motivate people to do anything to change the laws, at least that’s my opinion. It would be hard to imagine CARSOL coming into existence if one registrant didn’t tell his story in a book, and it was read by someone who could do something about it. I’m talking about Frank’s book and Janice.
        Truly, the narrative which justifies registration laws has been defined by a select few victims of high profile, horrendous crimes and it drowns out the stories of everyone else.

  37. Robert saige jr

    I live with a family member on probation. this week them came and did a compliance search. does this give them the right to search my person or my belongs. I am not on probation and I was searched and arrested was this lawful of them to do?

  38. sixcrowes

    Our house is lucky enough to get Compliance Checks in addition to Probation searches. 4 Cops for compliance checks and 9 Probation Officers all dressed in Swat Gear walking two blocks up to our upscale Town home, we myself my husband and our 4 kids live. As a result we have been asked to leave our place. Our landlord refused to renew our lease. 30 days before Christmas with two of the kids having Birthdays that fall on and two days after Christmas. I lost my job last April when my boss read an email to a friend of mine that talked about my husbands case. So far my husband has been a model probationer; no dirty UA’s never missed an appointment with PO graduated SO treatment and Alcohol Treatment. Last week they arrested him here at our home. He was asleep upstairs; had been for 2 hours. My friend walked in and was standing in our doorway her kids were outside. Probation walked up and flash incarcerated him because they said he was around kids. They literally had to drag him out of bed. There were 3 adults and my three teens standing with her kids while he was on a completely different floor and they arrested him. You see when they come here they are super pissed that this guy with this record; has a nice home; nice cars; nice family and is allowed to be around them and all of them are happy. They see that and boom they will find something to ruin that for us. He almost lost his job due to being arrested and then two days later our landlord terminated our lease.

    • steve

      Wow. That’s pure evil. They think it’s better to put away someone who is doing everything he can to be a good citizen AND taking responsibility for his family. They don’t even care about collateral damage to a family. Pisses me off.

    • TenantAdvocate


      Sorry to hear about these problems. However, if your lease is terminated for being a registrant it appears to be an illegal action. 290.46 [Subsection L (2)(G)] prohibits using 290 info relating to “Housing or Accommodations.”

      Further, you are entitled up to three times the actual damages PLUS attorney fees and a penalty up to $25,000. Usually a lawyer letter, emphasizing the fees will get good, immediate results. (This can apply to employment as well.)

      Good luck.

    • Timmr

      He should know his conditions of probation backwards and forwards and follow them to the letter. If probation doesn’t like that he is living with his family, and the judge had ordered that he could, sorry. The conditions are imposed by the court, not up to the whims of the probation department. They have to abide by the law, so does the landlord, just as he does. Get a lawyer. Be thankful he has money to hire one.

    • sixcrowes

      Yes – I am well aware of the civil penalties behind the termination of tenancy. The only problem is he doesn’t have to state a “reason for termination”. Residency is “at will” here. He just says “ummm I am selling or doing something different”. I do have an email from him asking about the police coming to our house. We have a nosy ugly HOA lady. Also the neighbors have commented to me asking if we “deal drugs since the swat team is here every month. I think there may be an issue with Probation putting the children as risk of being labeled and bullied due to being extremely present (purposefully so) at the visits. If you can be excluded from the registry for committing and offense here in California which involves your own children (I am assuming the intent of this was to protect their privacy), why wouldn’t you be able to argue home visits which would also invade their privacy?

      • Timmr

        Yes, I agree, the actions of the police are a form of child abuse if they negatively impact the children’s well being. The public registry itself is a form of child abuse, enabling the shaming and bullying of the children of registrants, it is so wether it lasts one day, 10 years, 20 years or life. The shorter the better, but still criminal. I know, we had to go through it, the children are stronger than we think, but the scars are there. It’s all to save one child, what a ludicrous statement! If they would use reconciliation rather than retribution they would save more children (and adults) in the long run.

  39. coolrRSO

    Today I got a TEXT message from one of the officer.
    He just said he was contacting me to see if I am around.
    I reply
    this is (my name)
    and that was all he cared about and didn’t come over

  40. Mjk

    Just had 7:18AM Saturday-morning compliance check, which ended up making my wife late for work.

    I live in San Bernardino county and have completed 2-1/2 of 5-years of probation with no violations for a 2012 plea agreement to PC288A(b)(2) from 2009. The SMASH unit deputy confirmed my identity at the front door. I informed him that I was on probation, which is when the probation officer appeared and finally greeted me (this seemed like they were testing to see if I would volunteer that to a police office, one of my conditions).

    All four officers came into the house and asked that my wife and I sit down. My mother-in-law (on oxygen with metastatic breast cancer) was already seated. I made sure to inform them of the oxygen since they all had fire arms.

    While one of the PO’s went through our bedroom and my cell-phone (first time for that), one of the SMASH deputies went over the information they had on me from what seemed to be the Megan’s Law website, which was mostly incomplete, outdated or wrong. Last I heard, I’m not appearing on the public site in California. I answered questions to update/complete the information and was asked to sign off on it’s accuracy afterward. The SMASH deputy was polite enough, stated that I was in complete compliance, had me sign a paper to acknowledge the accuracy of the information and departed.

    The PO who was running the home visit then took over. He went through my cell phone, my wife’s computers, the fridge, the garage, and our bedroom. The PO was not my regular, and therefor didn’t even have my file. He had to ask for my backstory, which was ridiculous. They stayed for about 20 additional minutes after the SMASH unit was finished. He asked me about my victim and where they live (another condition check) – I replied honestly that I had no idea where they live and that last I overheard from the DA two years ago that she was in college somewhere. He saw beer in the fridge and bourbon on the shelf and asked if I had alcohol conditions (another check), which I do not. Also asked about some corncob pipes in the garage – wanted to know what I smoke. I said tobacco, he asked if there was anything else I smoked (another check) to which I said no. He continued looking through my phone. Asked who my responsible parties are (my wife and mother-in-law).

    I mentioned my probation experiences in NYC and how unobtrusive they were by comparison, to which they seemed surprised. In SB County, probation officers always wear full uniforms and are always armed and drive unmarked Dodge Chargers, Ford Explorers and occasionally a Crown Victoria (in NYC, my assigned PO was in street clothes and drove a Prius). The PO with my phone asked where my charges originated (again, completely unfamiliar with my case since he had no file), so I explained that I moved on an interstate transfer to NY and back to CA but that my charges originated in CA. I informed them that we moved back to CA to live with and help take care of my mother-in-law (cancer) and grandmother-in-law (dementia). He didn’t seem too familiar with the interstate transfer process nor with SO cases. This was by far the most thorough probation check I’ve experienced since the first one.

    I hope it has been worth their time as they continue to waste state and federal funds to unnecessarily enforce ineffective laws. Maybe even some double-time pay?

    I feel horrible for putting my family through all of this. I guess I’m at least thankful we don’t have kids – we’ve decided it’s best to not bring anyone else into this situation for the time being.

    At least they didn’t toss our place up.

    Is it beer:30 yet?

    • Joe

      Here ya go… saving lives. Protecting children. Be proud to be a part of “Operation Broken Heart”.

      I suppose when you are on parole or probation that is the way it goes.

      But… I am curious about how you describe their interaction with your wife.

      WHY was she told to sit down? WHY was she late for work? Was she detained? WHY did they search her computer? It is my understanding that, on parole or probation, the subject’s private quarters and common living areas are subject to search. But not your other people’s areas like your Mother-in-Law’s room (I assume she lives with you, being there at 7 in the morning) or your wife’s private property, i.e. computer. WHAT is up with that?

      On the other hand you may be getting a giant break somehow for not being on the public web site as I am fairly certain that a PC288A(b)(2) is in the ZIP Code category (not full address) on the public web site.

      Good luck with the rest of your probation. Sounds like you got it handled. And yes, I do not see how anyone could raise children in this environment. No wonder that there is a whole generation being bred with contempt and hatred for law enforcement.

      • Mjk

        Thanks for the response Joe and the words of encouragement.

        Operation Broken Heart (who comes up with these names anyhow?) is clearly just another probation home visit, albeit more thorough than usual (phones, computers, garage and fridge).They target the RC’s and they probably feel real good about themselves afterward when the newspaper article runs. I’m sure that this is linked to SB County’s sponsoring of SB267. The PE article suggests that the sweep didn’t result in too many arrests, and none of those arrests were for anything related to being an RC. For the most part, they were just run of the mill probation violations and some unpaid traffic tickets. I bet this would’ve been more effective if Operation Broken Heart focused on repeat probation violators of all types, specifically drug offenders. There’s a drug dealer right across the street from us. And a woman who verbally abuses her children for the whole neighborhood to hear. But I’m the guy on the magical list so I get the attention.

        They did indeed instructed my wife (and mother-in-law) to sit down while inspecting our bedroom (not my mother-in-laws) and common areas until the PO moved into the garage. 20 minutes after their arrival my wife finally received permission to continue getting ready, take a prescription medication and turn off her phone alarm. My mother-in-law (she lives with us as well) was seated when they arrived. As for searching my wife’s computer, they’ve done this in the past as well. She doesn’t have it password locked, so they assume that I use it as well (which I don’t). I guess we could put a screen lock on it to solve that problem.

        My wife was in a robe when they arrived. She asked if she could put on something more appropriate for visitors but the request was denied. She was shaken by having 4 armed strangers, all men, in the house while she was in a bathrobe. During previous visits, PO’s didn’t have a problem with the same request.

        You are correct about my ZIP Code only registration status. However, when I moved to NY and back, NY has decided to keep my on their registry showing my CA address. So, my home address appears on the NY site as well as the Nation site. I’m attempting to correct this issue, but NY claims they will send updates annually until I’m off their registry. I expect to receive the letter sometime in September.

        By the way, the NY registration is a whole different ball game. They use their own risk assessment instrument, which has never been validated and ends up placing a whole bunch of folks on tier 2 (20 years, public disclosure). Fought the in NY courts for 6 months and it was upheld, with the court ignoring the fact that I was described as a very low risk on every validated instrument available (had three done by three different social workers, including STATIC-99r). we left NY 3 days following the court ruling. I would’ve had to move anyhow, since residency restrictions are alive and well in NY (even in The Bronx).

    • Harry

      I would visit a lawyer about detaining your wife and checking her computer. Read your PO papers, they are specific in what PO can do. And for 7 am check, that is also questionable.

  41. Quint

    Had my first compliance check today.
    I was released from custody in late December. I am on summary probation for a misdemeanor 647.6. Two officers rang the bell, and had my Megan’s List profile in hand. They asked my name and kindly announced they were here for a compliance check. That was it. They said thank you and left. Am I the only one with a positive experience?

    • Joe

      Good that this was not much of an ordeal for you. I fail, however, to see the positive in any of this…

      For you

      – Why should you be inconvenienced in your own home? What if you work nights and they wake you up?
      – What if your child or wife had answered the door?
      – What makes you think they did not speak to your neighbors, waving their printout?

      For the tax payer

      – If you are on probation your PO has every right to check up on you and verify every aspect of your life any time of the day. What is the point of these guys doing a ‘compliance check’ on top of probation?
      – Why does it take two people to perform such a check?
      – Compliance checks of any sort are not codified in PC 290. How is this expense justified?

      In general

      – How does verifying where someone lives promote public safety?
      – And if it did, why is this not done for every criminal?

      You are probably aware, but I would like to mention for anyone possibly reading this that a misdemeanor 647.6 conviction (the most absurd ‘sex’ crime on the planet) is eligible for exclusion from the Megans Law web site (by merely submitting this form – – no further documentation required) and Termination of Registration with a Certificate of Rehabilitation after 10+ years.

      • Timmr

        Police use compliance checks like highway patrol used to stop people simply to see if their license is current. It’s the same principle and excuse given of their power to enforce the law, not anything in the law itself. There is a code now to prevent police from randomly stopping someone and checking their license. There needs to be a law (first a lawsuit) against this unwarranted intrusion in the registrant’s life. As with most things we see the police do that violate a person’s liberties, it won’t stop until a higher authority forbids it, i.e., court order or put into law: for example, reading Miranda rights and the recent court ruling against planting GPS on people’s cars are actions created to put some boundaries on policing.

    • cool CA RC

      that not a positive experience.

    • Miranda Veracruz de la Jolla Cardenal

      I have had a wide range of experiences during my home verification raids. I used to get them twice a year, but it’s been well over two years since the last raid.

      The best one was a uniformed officer driving an old brown Chevy SUV with an exhaust leak. He came up the drive, my dogs were already onto his presence, so I met him outside. He had a clipboard and and asked me one question: “Are you XXX?” “Yes” He said thank you and left.

      The worst was the time before last, FOUR people came to my home, armed to the teeth and hands on their guns in threatening posture. This time my dog failed to notify me until the raiders slammed on the side of my home yelling my name.

      The makeup of the raiders was two Feds, a local deputy and a state parole officer. (I have been off supervision for years). The male Marshall took the lead in interrogating me. Then they asked to speak to my wife. She has a major attitude problem with the home verification raids, so I was hoping they would not ask to harass her.

      They started drilling her if I lived there full time, if she lived there full time and asked for her phone number, her reply “You do not need my phone number, I have not done anything wrong.” Then they moved on to asking if a child lived in the home, to which she replied “So what if there is, there’s no law that says a child cannot live here” The Parole female copped an attitude back and said yes there is and my wife replied: “Prove it”

      The local deputy got on his phone and called the 290OIC for our city and was informed, over speaker phone for EVERYONE to hear that if I was off supervision, there was no law preventing a child from living with us.

      At this point the other fed started roaming my property, driving my dogs insane and the Marshall asked to come in the house, and I told him no, that I do not know him and police commit crimes every day and that his positional authority does not make him my friend and only my friends and family are allowed in the home, but that if he invited me over for dinner sometime, I would be more than happy to invite him over in return. He did not try to convince or scare me to get in the home. I caught him grinning a bit.

      While that was going on, the wife and the female parole officer were continuing their useless discussion about kids, since no child lived with us and had not in years and she had already been educated about the law, she just wanted to lecture my wife about the dangers of having a child living with us, even AFTER my wife told her that no one under 18 had even been INSIDE our home in over four years.

      I had enough, I had answered their compliance-related questions, so then he asked me if I was working and I said yes. He asked what I did and I told him I was a headhunter. I told him I could send him to Kabul for 5 times his current pay and he would not have to deal with people like me anymore, although the added risk might scare him away. He was too clever to bite and that and just laughed it off and rounded up the rest and left.

      We promptly crawled all over our cars to make sure that they did not plant trackers while they were there since our cars were on the other side of the house and that fed was out of our sight for a time. We did not find anything, but if we missed it, no big deal, both those cars have been sold. I was hoping to find a tracker and take it to Ontario and put it in a OTR truck.

      The last check over two years ago was two local guys I knew from my annuals. Three questions lasting less than 5 minutes.

      My question about the home verification raids is: While I know that the feds and locals are AUTHORIZED to conduct home verification raids, I have never been informed of my duty to comply with the raids. Does the law authorizing home verification raids also mandate we participate in the raids?

      I typically never answer my door, unless the person on the other side has an appointment, that includes friends and family, they have to call or text first, or I do not answer the door.

      A gun and a badge does not make a stranger your friend.

      • Paul

        There is no law authorizing these events, nor is there a law requiring our compliance with them. That said, I believe that the courts have held that nothing actually prohibits a police officer from knocking on your door.

        There are people here who have had walls and fences installed on their property. If such barriers exist, a police officer cannot pass them without a warrant.

        Remember that you are not required to go along with their game. The next time they knock, turn up the volume on the TV and drown them out until they leave. Don’t even bother answering the door.

        • cool CA RC

          “turn up the volume on the TV and drown them out ”
          Loved that one! will do as will

  42. ab

    What exactly are the rights of someone on supervised release in terms of compliance checks?

    Does someone on supervision have to let law enforcement in if they wish to do a compliance check? I ask because people have provided different information about requirements. Some say a compliance check is all about verifying registration details such as proof of residence, but others say a check goes beyond to include verification that someone on supervision is in compliance with their terms and conditions.

    Can someone locate in the California penal code and federal statutes where compliance checks are authorized?

    • ab


      The only search and seizure conditions written in the case are plain view confiscation by a probation officer of contraband and if approved to use a computer unannounced seizure for the purpose of searching.

      Nothing says anyone is allowed to search anything else.

  43. Muddy

    My bad, I didn’t read every post above.

    It seems to me that compliance checks are unreasonable searches because the compliance check fails to show probable cause that you are not in compliance. Under this presumption it seems an injunction or restraining order could be requested that the DOJ cease and desist from unreasonable invasions of privacy under the guise of conducting compliance checks.

  44. Michael

    I have a question. I was visited this morning at 5:30 AM by 3 police officers who advised me that they were conducting a compliance check. I asked them why in the hell were they conducting compliance checks at a time when they couldn’t even serve a search warrant unless there was a night endorsement signed by a judge? I was told they can conduct compliance checks at any time, day or night.
    They then advised me that they wanted to come in and look around my place, and they advised me that I had to let them because I was on probation. I told them to get the f–k off my property, I am on probation but the judge failed to impose a search condition when I was sentenced, and I am on Federal probation. Local Officers cannot even enforce my terms and conditions of probation.
    I really want to file a complaint about this. It seems totally unreasonable.

    • Timmr

      Unreasonable, yes. Many of us have been off probation or parole for many years and still get these visits. I have had federal marshals and parole agents come to my house with bullet proof vests, though my probation for a State crime ending 10 years ago. The result has been to give the impression to neighbors, family, or anyone visiting at the time, that they are conducting a criminal investigation of some sort. In some ways I would rather have my old probation officer conduct the visits. She always announced beforehand that she was coming, and came in an unmarked car and knew me and my case. The last visit a parole agent got me confused with someone else he was visiting that morning. If these visits are truly to see if you are living where you say you are living, it would be very easy for them to just park along the street in an unmarked car and watch me come and go from the house I have lived in for the past 10 years. Sure seems like theater to show the masses they are doing something, a waste of public funds.

    • Paul

      I think the issue here is, there are no laws governing compliance checks. None. Zero. Nada. They are completely at the discretion of whatever officer feels like conducting a compliance check.

      Some states send a certified letter to your address, and you are required to sign and return the document in a defined time frame (usually, a few days). Others, such as California, have no laws governing the process, so the officer is free to do whatever he/she pleases. For this reason, I refuse to live in a small city, where the entire process is handled by a bored station detective. As is reported here frequently, large cities such as Los Angeles rarely do compliance checks, as they are simply too overwhelmed and understaffed to worry about it. So long as you maintain your registration, and keep that current, you’re pretty much left alone.

      But I imagine that if you choose some podunk town with a tiny department, you’d have a huge spotlight on you at all times.

      • Harry

        I live a city less than 10,000, in extreme N. Cal, and no one has ever none a compliance check on me.

        • steve

          Same with me. San Fernando Valley. Zero checks. 18 years.

        • Timmr

          And I live in a largely populated county, San Diego, and they have averaged between one and two compliance checks per year. Crime has been going down here for many years. Same as in much of the US. I guess they need a cause to keep the departments growing and the funds coming in. San Diego’s is monitoring registrants. LA’s is maybe broken windows type enforcement and arresting the homeless in skid row. It is all a shift from traditional arresting of hard criminals to the philosophy of “preventive policing.”

      • B

        I don’t think the checks are done based on boredom (certainly not public necessity). There are some eager little grant writers in various cities and counties. They look for opportunities to apply for state or federal grants for compliance checks so that all the police officers can pick up a little overtime pay. Your tax dollars at work.

  45. Ryu

    Well I always being a bit “hositle” towards the officers when they checking up on my brother.Every since I heard about vigilante had killed a low-tiered registrant.I am afraid someone pretending to be officer and going in and trying to kill my brother just because he’s a registrant .

  46. ValueGirl

    I started dating a guy 17 months ago. He recently told me he had a Federal PC290 conviction. Long story but he was in possession of 3 short videos on his PC (compliments of an adult step-child). He did 28 months. We both live in Orange County but different cities. Since he sometimes spends the night at my home his P.O. said he was required to go to the city I live in and register my address as a second address. He was told it was just a “paperwork” formality. When he got to the Police Dept. in my city they treated him like he was first time registering. They were so clueless as to how it worked and what they needed to do for a “secondary” address that they had to call the DOJ to find out what to do. They did another DNA swab, etc. I figured my address would end up on the “list” and it did (which is fine). Only the police show my address as a primary address now and his as a secondary. My question is “where are MY rights”? Shouldn’t there be something that tells me someone registered my address? What if my boyfriend hadn’t told me about his situation but had just registered my address? Doesn’t seem right. This is all new to me (and frankly, some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever heard of). So, now the question is…if they can’t find him at his home are they going to show up on my door step? I have an adult child living with me and was hoping not to tell her until I had absorbed the whole thing but now I will have to tell her just in case an army of police show up asking for him. I’m looking to educate myself. I’ve read the horror stories; but, I’m wondering if anyone has gone through a similar thing and can tell me what the outcome was?

  47. Toni

    Once an expungment happens, are compliance checks legal? My boyfriend had a previous conviction that was expunged and hasn’t been required to register anymore. The police showed up and opened the screen door (which was closed, but the front door was open) and saw legal medical cannabis. They told our roommate they were issuing a search warrant and that we all were detained while they executed the warrant. Now my boyfriend sits in jail because of this. My question is, isn’t what they did illegal therefore everything found fall under illegal search and seizure? I am 8 months pregnant with high risks and they are threatening to file charges against me. I only stayed there to be closer to my OB due to my complications. My boyfriends mother won’t allow me to speak to his attorney to push this. I feel that his attorney isn’t representing him the best way. I have zero control and don’t want any of this to affect my child. My boyfriend has been in jail for over 20 days with a bail amount of 500 grand just because of the issue from before that was expunged. I don’t know what to do. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    • kelnothiding

      you need to speak to an attorney , cops get away with this in many ways , could be law suite , opening the door no warrant in hand? talk to lawer ,good luck

      • Lake County

        I’m sure they will just say they had seen your marijuana through the screen door. You definitely will need a lawyer. Cops get away without search warrants all the time. When the cops were investigating me, they came into my house without a warrant (judge agreed this was true), detained me for two hours, did a basic search, found evidence and then got the search warrant 2-3 hrs later. The judge said this was legal as they were just “protecting” the crime scene. So much for the Constitution.

  48. G12

    Are you sure he’s still not required to register? Expungement does not eliminate the requirement to register. He would need a certificate of rehabilitation for that…if he qualifies based on his particular crime, that is. The mere fact that a compliance check was being carried out on him, leads me to believe he’s still required to register.

  49. Brett

    Well i’m on probation and i haven’t done a thing wrong, yet the police showed up at my house when i wasn’t home? i’m worried to say the least. can they do that?

  50. bluewall

    Brett.. If your on parole or probation the cops can be banging on your door and you have to let them in, based on the terms of your release.. Also you can get cops banging on your door after parole of probation, but you don’t have to let them ib

  51. jd

    I posted this on the June 2016 message board, having forgotten that there was a board designated for compliance checks. My apologies.

    Anyway, as my husband nears the end of his probation (just seven weeks to go), a new fear has arisen: the possibility of compliance checks. After surviving the humiliation of two searches during probation and monthly home visits from P.O.s who wear badges around their necks, carry giant walkie-talkies in their hands, and sometimes sport t-shirts that say “L.A. County Probation: Relax,” I cannot fathom the horror of finally settling into a semi-normal life, only to have that life disrupted by police officers coming to our apartment door just to verify that my husband does, in fact, live here. Does anyone have any experience with post-probation/parole compliance checks in Long Beach? Currently, after my husband has registered and/or updated his address, he gets a call from LBPD to verify his info. This is not a problem for us. He answers the officer’s questions, and we quickly move on. If I knew that that would the extent of the checks, I could maybe, just maybe, relax. Any information that anyone from Long Beach has would be much appreciated.

    • Joe

      Please read PC 290.015. Read it carefully.

      …The registration shall consist of all of the following:
      (1) A statement in writing signed by the person, giving
      information as shall be required by the Department of Justice and
      giving the name and address of the person’s employer, and the address
      of the person’s place of employment if that is different from the
      employer’s main address.
      (2) The fingerprints and a current photograph of the person taken
      by the registering official.
      (3) The license plate number of any vehicle owned by, regularly
      driven by, or registered in the name of the person.
      (4) Notice to the person that, in addition to the requirements of
      the Act, he or she may have a duty to register in any other state
      where he or she may relocate.
      (5) Copies of adequate proof of residence, which shall be limited
      to a California driver’s license, California identification card,
      recent rent or utility receipt, printed personalized checks or other
      recent banking documents showing that person’s name and address, or
      any other information that the registering official believes is
      reliable. …

      That. Is. It.

      For starters, a 290 registrant (not on parole or probation) is NOT required to provide a phone number for subsequent check up or any other reasons. Write it down if you feel like it, but it is not required by law. It just isn’t. He is not required to answer his phone to talk to them. Not about the weather, not about the Lakers, and not about his registration information.

      Someone (@AnonymousNobody, I believe), has ad nauseum, pontificated about how these compliance checks are not only not spelled out in the legal code, they are ILLEGAL!

      I believe he has a point. This reminds me of the parks ban issue from a few years ago. The law is very specific about who is not allowed to enter a public park. As such the legislature OCCUPIES THE FIELD, and any further laws are unconstitutional, because State law trumps local law. The same thing, in my opinion, holds true with the compliance checks. It is spelled out to a tee what a 290 registrant must provide. Because verification on the premises is not enumerated in that list, the legislature must specifically intend for that NOT to happen.

      Accordingly, no registrant is required to participate in or cooperate with such a compliance check. Of course, they can knock on your door whenever they feel like it. Just like they can pull you over in your car whenever they feel like it or demand identification just walking down the street…. wait, wait!

      This is NOT a Long Beach issue. PC 290 is a state law. And just like in the parks ban issue, it is ILLEGAL for the city / county to go beyond State law. Because State law OCCUPIES THE FIELD.

      Of course it is easiest just to play along. I get that. But until someone has the b@lls to say ‘no more’, this will continue to go on, and be a slippery slope.

      I am not a lawyer.

      • Lake County

        Unfortunately unless you have a locked gated home, they will just keep showing up continuously in front of your neighbors to see until you answer your door. Including a multi agency task force in full riot gear that everyone in your neighborhood will notice. They know you don’t want the whole neighborhood to see them at your door, so you need to comply or they will just make their visits more noticeable. Without a secure fenced property, you’re kinda at their mercy. I can’t wait until compliance checks can be contested in court for those not on probation or parole. But as they are done without a law, it’s hard to fight a non-law. It really can’t be fought in court until someone is arrested for not responding to a compliance check.

      • Timmr

        I am reading it and the statements “giving information as shall be required by the Department of Justice” and “any other information that the registering official believes is reliable” sounds very open ended as to what is allowed. Note giving tbe DOJ authority to make up the rules andtbe word any. I don’t see any secret friends in these statutes. They read like a totalitarian manifesto.

        • Lake County

          I also have also been concerned with that statement “any other information that the registering official believes is reliable”. Leaves a lot open for interpretation. Although I think the intent was to allow other ways of proof if you do NOT have the other mentioned documents.

          • Timmr

            Sorry, it looks like I wasn’t able to completely edit my post.
            The way I read it, there are certain things like fingerprints and drivers license that are required at minimum, but the DOJ is allowed to add other things. How can they do that, by what authority and following what procedure? It doesn’t say. After all as long as it is considered “regulation” there is certain leeway given to bureaucracies to make up rules to implement laws — as long as we are considered commodities, not people with rights.
            I think you are right about the second part about proof of residence, they can use other means if you don’t possess the proofs mentioned, that is seen in the use of the word “or”.

  52. jd

    Janice, is there a lawsuit in this? Some of the stories on here are so horrifying. Right now, it seems no one in our building knows about my husband’s offense, but we’ve been lucky. If a team of people show up once he’s off probation, we may not be so lucky and may find ourselves on the streets.

    • Lake County

      There is no current lawsuit. Although compliance checks are not mandated by law, they certainly are not against any law. Perhaps if you asked them to not come on your property, you could make a case for trespassing or harassment. But that would be expensive to attempt to file a suit on that issue.

  53. t.kerk

    Guys i will be challenging these compliance checks. I live with my parents, i got lucky this time they weren’t home when they came 3 deep in full uniform. I am not on probation anymore. These checks will make me homeless. I explained this to the agency but they didn’t care. So its time for legal action. I have funds and a lawyer who believes we can win. I read all these posts and showed the lawyer about the part of PC 290.015 of whats required. He said theres no way this can be legal. I really cant believe this hasn’t been challenged before. Only been off probation for few months. Well im not sure what hes planning exactly if its harassment, restraining order, etc. We are just starting. If you want to join the suit ill see if thats possible. I would like to make it not legal so no RC will have to deal with this. Not just have it stop only for me.

    Any info on reasons why this is illegal please tell me and i will relay it all to him. Any info at all. Also if anyone has tried to challenge these checks and why it failed will be important info. I will provide updates and what my lawyer finds out. This will take place in southern California. Thank you.

    • Hopeful4all

      T.kerk.. I’ve made an attempt to try and hire a lawyer to fight thi( Sfv Ca) and it’s like no one wants to touch this as if it’s radioactive. If it’s ok can u email me your attorney info. Moderator I give full permission to give t.kerk my email address if possible. We have many sleepness nights over these checks. We’re so desperate that if we have to go in debt to stop this than by all means 🙁

    • Hopeful4all

      t.kerk…… It’s not legal!! Their coming to our door step (if not on parole or probation) without probable cause! No illegal activity is going on, a crime has not been commited, no 911 call or complaint and most of all NO SEARCH WARRENT, they have no business knocking on your door. Our address has ALREADY been verified when we go n for our annual via drivers license or ca Id or a bill(or not a bill, not sure) as stated in pc290. It is than our address is verified. I’m new to this site and this is what many on here proclaim. I’m sure there is so much more to b said by the more wonderful experienced individuals on this site.

      • Lake County

        The problem is that it is not illegal for someone to knock on your door. No one off parole/probation has been arrested for not opening their door so what grounds are you going to sue them? You probably would first have to send them a certified letter stating not to come to your property without a warrant and then maybe you would have a reason to file a lawsuit. But you have to show how they violated your rights and what your damages were. I hope you attempt this, but I think it will be expensive, difficult to win and recover any damages. And it will be even harder to get this to be a published decision that would set precedence for anyone else.

        • Lake County

          Just to make it clear, no search warrant is ever needed for law enforcement to come to your door. A search warrant is only needed to enter your home and closed off areas of your property. And having said that, my home was searched prior to arrest without a warrant under the rule that police are allowed to secure the scene to “make sure the evidence would not be destroyed”. They came into my home without asking and searched my home while we waited about 3 hours for them to get a warrant. The judge ruled that they entered my home without permission, but since they had a fear I would find out about the investigation and destroy any evidence, entering my home without a warrant was allowed. So much for the constitution. And I had an expensive Harvard Attorney (although I now know that where someone gets their law degree really doesn’t matter).

        • Timmr

          They have definitely detained me when their patrol car is preventing me from leaving my driveway until I talk to them. They can see me where I live. What more do they need? It is like they have an order to make contact, to threaten, get what information they can, and in some cases to harass, not just to verify an address. It is not always as simple as not answering the door.
          I think, with stop and frisk as an example, you have to fight the operational policy of unconstitutional detainment.

          • Punished for Life

            I sure hope Nevada doesn’t start with those compliance checks.
            I live around a bunch of old farts and I think they pass the time away, staring out their windows. I think that’s what old people do.

            I’ve been in NV. 14 years now and I’ve had one visit to the home by Law Enforcement. They wanted to tell me back in 06 or 07 that things were changing. Then, all of the court battles began over that AWA law and the changes were put on hold.

            Until now.


            • Timmr

              That is nice they actually inform you of changes in the law. My county sent me a letter once about a loitering law specifically for registrants, but that was it. There has been no other notifications from them about changes in the laws.
              I hope they don’t start the address verification there. What a waste of tax payer funds. The main purpose is to support the myths promulgated by local media, echoed by county supervisors and police chiefs, that registrants can’t change, need to be constantly watched and reminded that law enforcement is keeping and eye on them — despite real evidence to the contrary. It is got to be a sure fire way for them to get extra funding in a time of government cutbacks.

    • jd

      t.kerk, would you mind providing the name of your lawyer?

  54. t.kerk

    Yes its not illegal for a police officer to come to your door for probable cause. Realize this is PRIVATE PROPERTY. But to systematically come and be harassed for no reason, its not right. We provided what is required by law. I like that certified letter saying there not allowed on my property and its trespassing. I think i will do that. Its my property, its not public. Cops just cant go into your backyard for no reason. And getting my info that i already provided and complied 100% with the law isn’t good enough. Its private property. They have to have some kind of cause. Im gonna sue on harassment, for them going to make me homeless, for the mental anguish. How every knock or door bell ring puts me into super anxiety. Its torture. How can i ever start a life in a nice neighborhood or anywhere. How can i have a wife and a family and have them suffer to. Im not listed publicly i deserve anonymity. Im still very young. They come full uniform and make a scene. Last time they knocked on my neighbors door banging on it for 10min till they realized i was the building over. Also for the fact people aren’t publicly listed, whats the point of anonymity if everyone sees the squad roll up all the time. My lawyer is looking into it and i will meet with him next week and provide info here. So please keep an eye on this thread. Really i have nothing to loose at this point. I already stated i have the funds. If i lose the case at least i can say i tried. And if i win i will share what grounds i win, etc.

    Again any info i can bring to my lawyer to help please say. I already have a few pages of points and laws and rights i feel are being violated. My lawyer is very smart, i was referred to him by one of the head public defenders. He was done many cases per 290 so he knows the ropes. Thanks guys. Is it safe to put my email up here?

    • Hopeful4all

      t.kerk. I’m in the exact same situation your in. I look forward to your next post.

    • Lake County

      Like I said, if you have not formally asked them to stop coming to your door, I don’t see how they have violated you. I do understand the harm this does to you. You can send them the letter or pay an attorney to send the letter, but if your City/County is afraid of lawsuits, it might just work. I’m considering sending the letter since my County looses lawsuits constantly and they will likely just leave me alone. Although they rarely bother me anyway. We’ll see.

      Don’t put your main email here. Just make a new one for this purpose, then post it.

  55. TG

    Three misdemeanor counts of possession in 2002. I have had two home visits in all that time. In the first, I wasn’t home and they asked a neighbor if I lived there. She said yes and that was good enough for them. The second was about six years later. The SO knocked on my door, I answered and the deputy said, “Hi, XXX. Sheriff’s Office. We’re making sure you’re living where you’re supposed to be.” I said yes and he left.

  56. Anonymous (for clear reason)

    Are these “compliance checks” constitutional?

    1. The cops conduct their ‘compliance checks’ much more than once a year. They’ve visited me three times this year already. And I am not even on probation anymore.

    2. The cops can visit at any hour of the day.

    3. ON THE THIRD MOST RECENT VISIT: The cops — in this case, the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department — have also unfairly frightened my neighbors on at least one occasion. The deputies let my neighbors know that I am a sex offender even though I am not listed on Megan’s Law website. (BTW, I was home at the time so it seemed unnecessary for them to knock on my neighbor’s door as well. But they did so regardless, before knocking on my door to verify that I was living there.)

    Are these legal and/or constitutional methods to enforce Megan’s Law?

    Will ACSOL ever challenge these “compliance checks?”

    • Timmr

      I am not on probation either, ended almost 12 years ago, a legal and compliant life since. These visits are less respectful of my privacy than any of the visits I had with my probation officer. Probation visits were always announced before hand and the exact time negotiated before hand, usually a month in advance. My officer knew me and was polite. She always came in an unmarked car in plain cloths. I get a different compliance team every time. They arrive unannounced, sometimes when visitors are there, and sometimes in patrol cars and wearing bullet proof vests. Some are plain rude and gruff, treating me like I am a trespasser on my own property. Others feign interest in my family, but with no sincerity on their faces. All they know is I’m that criminal mug shot on the print out they carry. Sometimes they confuse me with someone else. The only good thing is you don’t have to say anything to them, and you don’t have to let them in the house or beyond a gate. A probation officer can make life easier for you if you are honest and trustworthy. These guys are there just to harrass you. They can’t do a thing for you, except make life worse. It is nothing more than stop and attempted frisk. I don’t know why no one has challenged it. Maybe some of our advocates secretly believe in them. I don’t know. This isn’t a perfect movement. They are stumbling along to find a way like us all. Anyway, the compliance check is a worse experience than going in for my annual.

  57. Tony

    I am not a sex offender, I just saw this news segment of officers going around the north bay doing compliance checks and hand cuffing someone in their house while doing a search. I am not sure if they were on probation or not, but if they were on probation I could see and even support random checks. But if you are off probation how can they just come into your home. It seems very heavy handed and I am not sure how anyone in that spot can ever get get back on track. It just seems so unfair. I am not even sure there should be a lifetime sex offender registration. I think after 15 years of good behavior you should be able to just go and live your life. I hope all of you that have to register can overcome what ever made you engage in the activity that got you in trouble and that you can put the incident behind you and your best foot forward in living a peaceful and meaningful and productive life.

    • NotLikingCA

      Very common on Halloween but the need to submit to searches and hand-cuffing only applies to registrants on probation or parole. If you’re not on either of those, you don’t have to answer the door, let them in, etc., unless they have a warrant.

    • Punished For Life

      We can appreciate that there are people, like you, out there who have some compassion for the truly unconstitutional laws that the RC is forced to abide by, in most cases, for a lifetime…for a single mistake. Registered Citizens can spend their life attempting to prove they belong in society and some spend many thousands of dollars with attorney’s, decades after they have been offense free, yet still they may never be allowed to see the world around them due to a uneducated lawmakers and hysterical soccer moms who believe that once an offender, always an offender.

      Yet there are still “Judges” out there who still won’t admit that all of these laws directed at Registered Citizens are “punitive”. Judges and Legislators don’t like to admit they have been wrong for so many years. So they just continue the status quo.

      • Timmr

        Tony gets it. Even those who hate us gets it. Probably 99% of the country gets it. The registry and associated laws are punishment. The judges, though, live in some sort of alternate reality they have created with word manipulation, where what is obvious to most becomes unrecognizable to them.

  58. Ren

    Hope this thread is still open!

    North Bay. My brother is currently on probation and is a registered offender (not on M’s law website). He fought the case for almost two years in court before agreeing to a plea deal. Because he refused to settle, we feel that law enforcement may be harassing him and his family. He has been on probation for only 5 months and has already had 6 compliance checks, with two of them being only two weeks apart. And all of them with at least 5 officers.

    Recently, the actual DOJ/Firearm guys showed up (the second check in two weeks). Usually it’s sheriff’s/PO/Police. DOJ officers said my brother had a gun registered to him (HE DOES NOT!) and that they were there to find it. Mind blowing. And since that is absolutely false, one can only wonder if this is all intentional. Could it be a legitimate mistake or are these guys out to get him?

    If he had anything, it would have already been addressed in court and with his PO! They wouldn’t come looking months later for a so called missing firearm. That is a huge deal.

    1) Is there anything we can do legally? Anything he should do to protect himself?
    2) What do we do about this so called gun registration that is false? Can we contact someone and ask for proof/evidence of what they claim to have? (HOW SCARY IS THIS?!!)
    3) If this is a legitimate error, what does one do?
    4) Does my sister in law have to give her personal information to officers when they ask? The DOJ officers asked her for her Driver’s License number.

    It is just so heartbreaking and so insane that not only do the offenders go through hell (some of whom are innocent and/or plea for the sake of their family), but their wives, children, parents do to. Having to live in a constant state of fear and feel like they are out to get you by any means necessary. It’s terrifying.

    Thank you to all who have contributed here. I pray for peace and protection and comfort for all who need it.


    • Mr. D

      Hi Ren – If you don’t mind my asking what city do you reside in?

    • Drummer

      Compliance checks are executed while one is in parole and the parolee has no say so in anything which is unfair to all those that reside were he or she does. In the eyes of the inforcers parolees have no rights which is why they come down hard with large troops and basically harass the hell out of one and the parolee is obligated to answer the door or face a violation. When your off parole the norm for most counties here in Ca is a visit every 6 months in the name of “address verification” which u don’t have to answer the door, however they’ll either keep coming to your residence until someone answers, or even ask your neighbors and even storm the front of your residence with a large presence and just wait outside to make a scene. Kinda defeats the purpose of having an internet exclusion because sooner or later neighbors begin to wonder what’s the commotion about at your place. Married for 20 years with wonderful adult kids now, home owner hard worker, on this registry for 22 years on a misdemeanor and no matter what I do, I get herassed every 6 months. I wish these checks and verifications can be placed on the list of attacking in the courts to have them stop. There embarrassing, humiliating, stressful and it’s pure harassment.

      • Tired Of Hiding

        Not sure what town you live in but sue the police force for harassment. You are doing your part. I once told them after I answered the door that I would let them know when I was moving and therefore, they were wasting their time. I would have a lawyer write a letter and I am assuming that you document each of these “visits” as I do.

        Every 6 months is unreasonable since you are not on probation. Harassment plain and simple.

    • Janice Bellucci

      Ren, please contact me directly via E-mail at for answers to your questions.

    • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom


      I would urge you in being Proactive with a strong Offence to provide you & yours with a strong Defence.

      Furthermore I would suggest purchasing and installing a Video Surveillance System in order to document any Breaches of yours, your innocent family members, guest, and neighbors Rights to enjoy the Peace of the Community by any Government Officials who permit or create A Nuisance & Disturbance of The Peace of the community Under The Color of Authority.

      By the way, Lorex a Canadian company makes a camera which also records audio, that should enable you to gather overwhelming evidence against The Wicked Servants who Covet and Desire to Steal your person and make a Merchandise of you!

      Placing “No Trespassing” signs is needed regardless if you own or rent the domicile where you live. Be Proactive in protecting your Family and those around you, who you Love.

      I say go hard, prove your self and show them all these Wicked Servants, you are watching every move they make and you will hold The Evil Slave Keepers accountable by the Saving Grace of Our Father in Heaven.

      When The Sons of The Accuser see your 24/7/365 video gear, you will see the change of appearance on their faces, I guarantee they will quickly call to MaxOut their insurance policy’s, those are the policy’s they will for now on be focused on. All the illicit activity committed Under The Color of Authority, They will be weighed and found Wanting of their Peace of Mind, real quick they will be loosing sleep.

      But it’s all up to you Ren to be a “Being” proactive for you, God and Country.

      The Eternal Most High Father in Heaven be with you and yours

      As Yehovah lives, so should we

    • Renny

      Interesting… I have several guns (all rifles) registered (as the purchaser) in my name in Wisconsin. I was an avid hunter from 85-99. No one has showed up at my door in CA to take them away. Good thing because I have no clue where they are now, my “family” took everything I owned after my arrest, except the clothes I was wearing and my wallet and they tried to get those too.

      When I got my bipolar/PTSD rating from the VA I was told to expect a visit from the Feds to take my weapons. They never came.


    (either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to force someone to quit a job or grant sexual favors, apply illegal pressure to collect a bill, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious.
    Something does need to be done. Went through my 18th+ compliance check. Always 7:30 in the morning. Every Thursday. Every year. Plain and simple systematic, sadistic harassment. Causes a lot of stress. Fiancé has PTSD and it is very stressful for her.
    Janice, I am very appreciative of everything you do. I tried to call, but your mailbox is full. (SB 26 and GUHSD lawsuit). I am sure that by now there is enough proof from not just me, but from others, to create a class action suit against the state and counties for harassment.

    • Lake County

      As I keep stating to everyone on this subject, have you sent a formal letter (with signed receipt) requesting that your local law enforcement agency stop coming to your home if you are not on parole or probation? I believe it would be hard to prove harassment if you have not formally asked them to not contact you or come upon your property without just cause.

      • Drummer

        Lakecounty, I appreciate your advice regarding these compliance, address verification checks. Kindly instruct me as to once I make a out a letter of such, is it necessary to have it nortarized and who exactly do I hand it to at the station. These questions may sound to be elementary which is due to my lack of legal experience. My concern is ruffling up their feathers which can lead to more harassment. Also, did your checks come to a hault once you handed over that letter. I appreciate your time. Thanks

        • Lake County

          First, I am not an attorney and I am not giving legal advise, just my opinion. My comments are only directed towards those that are not on parole or probation. My advice is related to those that feel they are being harassed by the police and want to take a first step to try and stop in-person compliance checks. Many people here feel we should file a harassment suit to stop compliance checks. But if you have never asked the police to stop coming to your door, how can you then claim it is harassment? Anyone has a right to knock on your publicly accessible door and ask you questions. You do not need to answer your door or answer anybody’s questions. If you did formally request the police (or anybody) to no longer come upon your property or up to your door, then you would stand a better chance of being able to file a suit or perhaps obtaining a restraining order against them. Your letter does not have to be notarized, just keep a copy and send it registered mail to the Chief of Police or Sheriff. In your letter remind them that compliance checks are not mandated by law and some interpret the 290.015 statement (“Copies of adequate proof of residence, which SHALL BE LIMITED TO a California driver’s license, California identification card, recent rent or utility receipt, printed personalized checks or other recent banking documents showing that person’s name and address”) to mean that compliance checks are not allowed when proper residency documents have already been submitted.

          Now will this letter help you? No one knows as I’ve never heard of anyone trying this. I have not done this because they don’t bother me since they cannot access my locked property. Depending on your local police or sheriff’s law education and the department’s past litigation experience, this letter just might work. Could they harass you more, yes that’s possible. The police are not lawyers so it’s always unknown how they will respond. If you really don’t want them to bother you, I’d write the letter and take it to an attorney that will give you a cheep consultation session on your wording. If the letter doesn’t solve the problem or the problem gets worse, then go back to the attorney for further advise on your next possible step. But if you don’t ever ask them to stop coming to your home I don’t see how it can be harassment. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses will stop coming to your door if you formally ask them.

          • Tired Of Hiding

            I called my local sheriff office and talked to the detective who works sex offenders cases. They had just come out and a month later I had someone else show up. I called and told them that if this happened again I would pursue legal action for harassment. They actually apologized and said that the second compliance check was done by state or county DOJ (I forget which) and not from the local sheriff’s office and they had no control over it.

            I have to admit that I live in West Hollywood which is known for being a much more tolerant city within Los Angeles county and I can confirm that to be true. One of the main reasons I choose to live here.

            I do get the yearly knock at the door when they ask if I am me I am always very sarcastic and yes like why would you even bother asking. Never one more word. They always say have a nice day and leave.

            I really don’t care anymore. I am so over this shit that I let them know exactly how I feel about it and how utterly absurd it is each time I go in for the yearly birthday registration.

            I am not on probation or parole. FYI

      • Timmr

        It would be hard for them to prove otherwise. Hard to prove I actually wanted them to drive their patrol car onto my property every six months with all the neighbors and anyone I have over alarmed to see them come to the door wearing side arms and bullet proof vests. I probably need more friends, but I can think of better ways to get them.
        Nonetheless, you have a good point, I will put my disapproval in writing and ask them to be nice and leave me and my family alone. Then we need to think of a way to have a restraining order on this practice. You know when you make a complaint to the police, it takes forever for them to respond. Maybe they shouldn’t be out checking on addresses of people who aren’t causing problems.

  60. LM

    Had one last week and they are now making me SIGN an affidavit with my current photo on it!

    WHY?! This serves absolutely no purpose other than to cover their butts. Damn rodeo clowns.

  61. Lake County

    It doesn’t look like we could make a civil claim against an individual officer due to the Qualified Immunity Doctrine which basically states: “government officials performing discretionary functions generally are shielded from liability for civil damages insofar as their conduct does not violate clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known”. But after requesting the Department, City or County to not come on your property, perhaps that would put us in position to stop being bothered? Definitely a good question for an attorney that specializes in Law Enforcement issues.

  62. Timmr

    It wouldn’t be against an individual officer, but the policy. I have sensed some of the officers doing the address verifications, would be choosing to do something else if up to them. I imaging the argument would go something like that against the stop and frisk policy a la NYPD, which on its face sounds resonable, pick high crime areas and make a presence felt by stopping everyone for possible low level violations on the theory that it will prevent the worse crimes. That, I believe, is the whole philosophy and mythos around registrant laws, keep law enforcement in our faces so we remember not to re-offend, keep us contained in an invisible fence created by police presence. Sounds rational, if you don’t know that most of us by far choose not to offend of our own will, not because of the police presence, and being reminded all the time we are inherently criminals and a danger is nothing more than harrassment against our good intentions . Stop and frisk targeted people of color, the argument against it being discrimination based on race. You might say we are not a protected group, and we have suspicion against us because of a previous conviction, to which I say the Megan’s Law website itself prohibits using the registry to harrass registrants. Does this also apply to law enforcement? I would think so. Also, the re-offense rate is low enough as to not justify this probation-like level of monitoring and intrusion into the lives of people long after the punishment was supposed to end.

    • Lake County

      I agree with you. I can’t imagine any cop likes to just drive around and knock on doors. People become cops usually for the excitement of going on major calls.

      • Timmr

        I don’t know, but most seem bored with doing this. And they must have instructions to make verbal contact like they have to check it off a list like in a scavenger hunt. It is pretty easy to verify that I live where I live, otherwise. I don’t come and go under cover of darkness or have a secret tunnel. They get kind of anxious when they can’t talk to me like “damn, I just want to get this over with and do something useful or at least go get a Big Mac and not have to interupt Limbaugh on the radio.”

      • C

        I figure this must be a light duty or punishment assignment.

        I also think same for the CHP cops that have to guard the CalTrans crews when they close an off ramp to trim the trees or replace a guard rail.
        Does this assignment go to the guy who drew the short straw, failed to put a cover sheet on his TPS Report, or has a sore ankle from the division softball tourney last weekend? (Hello, disability check!)
        Furthermore, are there so many a$$hole drivers giving the CalTrans guys a hard time that they need protection from the po po? Yes? Good, because they’ve been sticking it to us tax payers for too long.
        Coming up on my annual and, while I plan to be at work when they do their Jehovah’s Witness impression, I’m tempted to get one of those wi-fi enabled door bell/camera type deals and answer from afar, Ferris Bueler-style.

  63. David Kennerly

    It would be incredibly easy for them to adopt a much less costly and time-consuming method of residence verification that could be handled entirely by the clerks in the registration office.

    They could mail you an envelope, say once a year following your registration or perhaps at the six month mark, that contains another envelope for you to mail to them, in return to indicate that you had received it at your stated address.

    Since you had received it at the address you had provided at registration it would provide them with a reasonable verification of your domicile.

    In return, they can provide you with the assurance that they won’t be coming to your door to verify your address, barring an active investigation of some sort. In their mailing they can state this explicitly as a quid pro quo. Otherwise, they might be visiting you at home.

    • C

      Plus they could slip in solicitations for the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

      I spent two years registering in NV and that is or was their annual renewal process, a letter to your residence you need to respond to.

      Banks do it. Cops should, too.

    • Lake County

      Mail verification won’t work in many small cities as many don’t have residential mail delivery. They only offer PO Boxes in many small towns like mine.

    • JDub

      That is similar to how Lake County (California) sends out its Property Tax bill… You receive a bill once each year with two tear out stubs – one for each of the two payments (April and December)… write the check and mail it back! Other states have mail-in registrations, and I am sure that there are rural communities in those states like we have here in California.

      • Tired Of Hiding

        Yes well, when I took the plea deal on very bad advice from my now disbarred lawyer in the state of Florida I had a contract with that they have changed the terms on and added countless things I never agreed to on those conditions or I would never have accepted the attorney’s advice.

        He told me “All you have to do is do 4 years of probation…keep your nose clean and then register for 5 years.” Never mentioned the lifetime registry. Hell, he even told me that by the time the 4 years probation was done I would only need to register 1 year and the whole thing would be over.

        I was never in trouble with the law and totally unfamiliar with the legal system. Never had a lawyer in my family so not even that way. Then BOOM home raided like I was Osama Bin Laden or something! Tried to tell them it was a jointly owned computer and that my roommate had full access it the thing. My lawyer never mentioned that to the police and I never was interviewed by them. Never

        I simply took a plea on the advice on my lawyer (I just called the first one I saw in the Yellow Pages – Yes, it was that long ago) and prepaid him in cash $8000. Only to have him not return my calls or emails. Once he didn’t even both to show up at a hearing. So when the judge asked me if I was satisfied with my legal representation I lied and said yes, just because I wanted it all to end.

        Little did I know that was a mistake and it was only beginning, and continues to this very day 18 year later!

    • Curiouser

      Except there is no legal basis for compliance checks or residence verification. No where under 290 or any other code does law enforcement have the right to demand that we sign anything if they come knocking on a door, unless, of course, you’re still on paper.

      I know it might be the lesser of two evils to just sign the darn thing and get rid of them, but isn’t that what this is all about? The constant erosion of our rights? At my last Price Club application, the guy was insisting that I give him an emergency contact. Not required. Only reason I gave him one was because i’m on paper and don’t want to be accused of being non-compliant, as I still want to try to terminate probation early, get reduction per 17(b) and an expungment.

      The fact is, it is all nicely laid out in 290.015. Phone number? Not required. Same as emergency contact. And as far as residence confirmation is concerned, see 290.015 (7):
      “Copies of adequate proof of residence, which shall be limited to a California driver’s license, California identification card, recent rent or utility receipt, printed personalized checks or other recent banking documents showing that person’s name and address, or any other information that the registering official believes is reliable. If the person has no residence and no reasonable expectation of obtaining a residence in the foreseeable future, the person shall so advise the registering official and shall sign a statement provided by the registering official stating that fact. Upon presentation of proof of residence to the registering official or a signed statement that the person has no residence, the person shall be allowed to register. If the person claims that he or she has a residence but does not have any proof of residence, he or she shall be allowed to register but shall furnish proof of residence within 30 days of the date he or she is allowed to register.”

      Simple and direct (I know, an oxymoron if I ever heard one, at least as far as 290 is concerned). They cannot force you to sign anything at a residence “verification,” which isn’t even authorized by law. They don’t get to “photograph” your vehicle. I always love that one. “So, Officer, let me get this straight. You want me to allow you warrantless access to my garage so you can photograph my car? Without any legal authority to do so? In blatant violation of my right against unwarranted search and seizure? No thank you, but thanks for playing!”

      The reason for these “compliance checks” is, plain and simple, one word. It begins with “over” and ends with “time.” That’s why you get this hodge-podge of local pd, sheriffs, doj and whatever is out there. They have grant funding available, and, to quote the old adage, “use it or lose it.” They win every single time we give them something we are not required to surrender. Ask a cop on one of these checks what their authority is for a home compliance check and you will hear the same things over and over again: “We’re required to do it.” Really? By what authority? “It’s our policy.” Well your policy isn’t the law, and it might be required of YOU, but not of ME.

      Standing up for one’s rights isn’t always easy. When faced with authority chose to submit rather than deal with the fallout. And I’m not saying you should do something that is uncomfortable for you. Just know your rights. Just make an informed decision before you let some thug making time-and-a-half on his day off violate some of the few rights we actually have left to us.

  64. Someone who cares

    Who all does these compliance checks and is Orange County conducting them? We had a knock on the door last night but did not open. The guy was dressed in suit and tie. Could that be someone from SONAR? We had someone from them once about 7 years ago and nothing since. But at that time the guy came during the day and was dressed in T-shirt and Jeans. Would like to get some input. These visits are illegal if you are off paper.!

    • David

      @Someone: There’s a possibility that the guy knocking on your door is a candidate in the upcoming March local elections. I had a local candidate come to my door about a week ago, canvassing to get my vote.

      • Someone who cares

        David- You made my day! I hope you are right. On that note, does anyone know what SONAR (not to be confused with SORNA) is? What is their part in all this?

        • Timmr

          I thought you miss typed. SONAR is a locating method used by blinded animals. The metaphorical meanings of that related to compliance officers, I leave to your imagination. Otherwise, it is the name of the sex offender notification team in Orange county. They tell your neighbors what you did.

          • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

            Here is the Ugly Truth of how they fully intend to Hunt & Persecute their fellow country men.

            This is the reason someone who lives in Orange county should have a Video Surveillance System installed to have proof of any false allegations or “Misunderstandings” of reality these Government Officials will fully capitalize on to further Punish The Registered United States Citizen.

            You must be proactive to survive what they have waiting for you!


            Sex Offender Notification And Registration (SONAR)
            One of the safety measures used by the SONAR Unit to protect the public is the Community Notification. Upon learning of a registered sex offender living or working in an area served by the Sheriff, the SONAR Investigators conduct a thorough examination and evaluation of the offender’s criminal history, as well as an in-depth interview of the sex offender. The decision to make a Community Notification is also based on two additional factors: Are there citizens/children in the area who are at risk? Do those citizens/children have the likelihood to encounter the offender?
            Of the approximately 3,500 registered sex offenders living in Orange County, approximately 500 live within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Department. The investigators assigned to the SONAR Team are responsible for risk assessment and monitoring of these registered sex offenders living within the community. Prevention is the SONAR Team’s ultimate goal, and they utilize the following methods to supervise registered sex offenders; residence and workplace visits, family and neighborhood interviews, extensive criminal and civil background investigations, strict enforcement of the state’s registration laws, covert surveillance, partnership with supervisory agencies such as probation and parole, preparation and service of search warrants and arrest warrants, maintenance of the “Megan’s Law” data base for public information, and community notifications. In the event of re-offense, these investigators utilize the established methods in place within the Sex Crimes Detail to pursue criminal prosecution and the re-incarceration of the offender.
            Sex Registration
            The California Department of Justice now classifies each convicted sex offender in categories: FULL ADDRESS sex offenders are serious offenders who have multiple convictions for sex offenses and/or violent crimes. These offenders have been identified by the California Department of Justice as having a higher risk of re-offending and they pose the greatest danger to the public. ZIP CODE sex offenders are registrants who have been convicted of a felony sex offense, including misdemeanor child molestation.
            NO POST sex offenders have typically been convicted of misdemeanor sex offenses such as Indecent Exposure, Sexual Battery, or Possession of Child Pornography. They are not deemed to pose an immediate threat to the public. Information on sex offenders residing in California may be obtained by viewing the California Department of Justice “Megan’s Law” website at
            Note: Those registrants who qualify under the disclosure of Megan’s Law are only those classified as Full Address and Zip Code
            Please Contact Us
            There may also be citizens who are aware of convicted sex offenders who may be residing within the community unregistered, or who may be engaging in questionable behaviors involving children. In these instances, we appreciate your help in advising us and in most cases the provider of such information can remain anonymous.
            Investigative Assistant V. Castro 714-647-4066 or

  65. mk

    as an aside, regarding mail in *verification* they can mail you a letter, delivery confirmation.
    Mail man scans it as they deliver it to your place of residence. Shows where it was delivered.
    They would have to verify it and could thru the Post office.

  66. Someone who cares

    I read all about SONAR but I am not clear if this is something new or has been around? Is it only Orange County? We had one visit in the past about 6 years ago and nothing since, even though we moved twice. They can’t possibly be allowed to visit neighbors or the work place or can they? Also, if the person is not on the public website, it should be completely illegal? Does anyone have more insight regarding this? Also, we thought about typing up a note stating that we are exercising our 4th amendment rights and have nothing to say. They can contact our lawyer if there is anything they need. Keep the note close to the door and just hand it to them. Would that be advisable?

    • David

      L.E. visited my neighbor’s once and had them call me while I was at work. They then handed the phone to the officer who said that I should come home so she can complete her compliane check …. in the middle of the day ….. while I’m at work!

    • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

      Someone who cares

      You stated that your family have moved twice since the Sheriff Dept come out to your home 6 years ago, perhaps you are no longer under their jurisdiction because you have perhaps moved into a city of Orange County that is incorporated or have a city Charted with the desire and funds of its residents to employ a city Police Dept. thereby no longer requiring the services of the Orange County Sheriff Dept.

      Regarding your second question:

      Yes they can contact your neighbors or work place to expose your Aliened Position from your Constitution Rights under The United States of America & The California Republic.

      They fully understand that their visits are a form of Perpetual Punishment in the Spirit of the Catholic Spanish Inquisition perpetrated on The Children of Israel. They are people who are complete Unadultrated Sadist who enjoy seeing & knowing that you suffer in your Mind & Body, this gives them purpose in life and are rewarded with self proclaimed Piousness not unlike Nepolian and his Wicked men.

      To successfully Counter their “ill will” it is necessary that you & your loved ones abandon the Institutions of “Peer Pressure” and “High School Politics” and from your “Clean Heart” moved forward in life without The Approval of those who are Obstacles & Barriers on the Long Road of Life.

      The Father Most High Possesor of Heaven & Earth be with you & yours

  67. Stephen

    You do not have to answer your door when they show up. Their goal no matter who shows up is to gather as much information as possible about you. if you have to report nick names or Aliases, be creative.
    Something like Congressman ? this way a name search will turn up your local Legislator. Have fun and play Dirty.

  68. BSL

    More than compliance checks! I’ve been told by the local SO via letter that the DOJ is requiring me to submit a cheek swab DNA sample. “According to the DOJ, we are required to collect your DNA, your appointment is set for…..” OK, What is going on. I was charged with indecent exposure 23 years ago in California and am still there. Adult crime only. No problems since, none before. I was told to do community service, was on 3 months probation and required to complete counseling. I did all that in the 3 months I was on probation. I never even spent a day in jail or was arrested. When complete, my probation officer springs on me that I have to register for the rest of my life. That was 23 years ago. Now, why am I being asked to submit DNA on demand? Please help, I can’t find any laws stating I must do so. But I’m told if I don’t, they will add on another misdemeanor and I will have a 500 fine or 1 year jail. Please help Janice? !?!?!?!/

    • Lake County

      California Proposition 69 requires us to submit DNA. You must submit DNA or you will be charged with a new crime.

    • Lake County

      If your DNA was taken at arrest, you can ask to have it removed from DNA Databases, under the following conditions:

      If not charged with a felony
      If not convicted of a felony
      If misdemeanor conviction, must have no prior felonies
      If not a registering sex or arson offender

  69. Nondescript

    I am the wife of a registered citizen and he just received a compliance check in Los Angeles this morning. Off probation for 16 years. Normally we would not answer the door or comply in any way. 9 am normal knock on the door. I got out of bed and saw the police car out in front so I knew it was most likely a compliance check. Didn’t answer door. The knocks became so persistent and aggressive , the glass on the window adjacent to my front door was rattling. At this point I was furious and decided to open up the window and tell them to stop- that they were going to break my window. No one has ever banged on my door in such a manner.
    Here is the exchange I had with them ( 2 female and one male officer) :

    Officer: ” Is xxx here? ”
    Me: ” why are you here?”
    Officer: ” what is your relation to xxxx”?
    Me: ” none of your business”
    Officer: ” he’s not in trouble, we are doing a compliance check”
    Me: : ” has a complaint been made? If not this is a suspicion less investigation”
    Officer: ” we are just doing our job, following policy”
    Me: ” so this means you can come to my home aggressively banging on my door everyday if you want to?”
    Officer: ” yes. …….but, but, that is not going to happen” ( she rolled her eyes up)
    Me: ” there is nothing in pc290 about this suspicion less intrusion at registrants or non registrants homes. I am asking that you stop coming here, or I will pursue legal action against the LAPD for harassment”

    The officer looked stunned at this point and said she was sorry she woke me up. My husband then came to the window and said- ” yes I live here and it’s been 20 years” ( rolling his eyes up)
    So there was a lot of eye rolling going on and the officers thanked him and left. ( quickly)
    A completely different exchange from the last compliance check 4 years ago where they wanted me to leave my front door open while I went to retrieve my husband out of bed( so my pets could run out the front door and into the street or worse? )

    I’m so done with this.


    • Curiouser

      You are awesome.

    • Someone who cares

      Wow! Way to stand up to them and for your rights. Good for
      You! Hopefully all of us will accomplish a similar result if it were to happen to us. What do you mean by suspicionless intrusion or investigation? Is that something in the pc290
      Code? Thanks for Sharing.

      • Drummer

        Yup, that’s exactly how they knock on my door! It’s not a knock its a pounding. I got so sick of it after a few years that I put up a security type screen door that’s no cheapie eather but solid and heavy that now when they try and pound on it, it’s so obvious that it does nothing, in fact we can barely hear it and I know that upsets them along with their little intimidation tactics. Heck I wish I could build a large fence but funds are tight right now. I know the hot topics right now is the IML and the tier registry bill, however based on so much input regarding these so called compliance checks it would be nice if Janice and her team would consider tackling this one. I’m sure all whom had this visit can testify the fact that it’s embarrassing, frustrating, stressful, nerve wrecking and annoying, did I forget harassment, yes that too. Thanks to all for your postings, very helpful, informative and incouraging.

        • LM

          Just flat out tell them that they’re not making a difference and watch their face deflate.

      • Steve

        Wow that’s the first one I’ve heard of in Los Angeles. Can I ask what part of la you are in? I live in the valley and have not had one in 20 years.

        • Nondescript


          Hollywood. 2nd home compliance check of my husband in 19 years.


      • Nondescript

        @ Someone who cares

        There is nothing codified in California law that states a registered person who is no longer on probation must answer questions of law enforcement regarding their registration except during an annual in person visit. Their surprise visits are indeed investigatory, and unless they have suspicion a new crime has been committed ( i.e. noncompliance) they are engaging in unwarranted surveillance. This is in my opinion, police misconduct even though they persist with the claim that they have authority to do so.
        Now as others have mentioned on this forum, if you don’t have a gate barring entrance to your home, with a no trespassing sign, anyone has the implied right to knock on your front door. But most people who knock on your door are not their to investigate you, nor do they pound your door with their fist so hard that your windows and door frame shake. This is a form of aggression towards law abiding citizens that can not be tolerated.
        So I decided to turn the tables on them for a change. They are public servants- THEY should be answering OUR questions if they are going to disrupt our lives in such random ways. They seem to tend to back off if they sense you know the law, and they don’t like the threat of lawsuits.

        At any rate, it is empowering to stand your ground with these minions if nothing else..


        • David

          Thank you, nondescript. I’m going to keep a clipboard of MY QUESTIONS readily available for their next visit. And I will be certain to have the specific laws available as supporting documentation.

        • Timmr

          While anyone may knock on your door, the police are doing it on the public’s time, not there own. That makes a big difference. They have rules when engaging the public, because they are paid to be public servants, not thugs.

          • Q

            They are thugs where I live. Their attitude kinda backfired on them though, because it compelled me to look at my rights and exercise them. They didn’t like it one bit. Looked like they wanted to shoot me and the outright hate in their eyes was plain to see. Haven’t seen them for a few years now that they know that I know that they can’t push me around anymore. Feels good!

  70. can't hear...

    I saw a sign that says something like this.

    I do not open the door for anyone unless you have an appointment with me.

  71. Son of Liberty Child of Freedom


    You most assuredly must be a descendant of Brunhilda and her Shield Maidens. /

    I would have truly enjoyed being there to witness the looks on the Wicked Servants Faces as you called them to task.

    By any chance do you have a Video Surveillance System monitoring your home?

    Having such a powerful tool would enable you to post a video on YouTube & having before hand a signed “Content Producer Contract” with YouTube would allow you to Monetize your position. That’s what I would like to call or Coin the Phrase – Spinning the Tables on your Adversaries.

    Just think of it, Let’s do the Math:

    Nearly 1 million Registered Persons in the USA plus those around the Globe in other Nations, let’s say 2 million, that’s a Total 3 million, multiplied by say 10 family & friends affected & concerned:

    For a Grand Total Potential Viewership of 30 Million Clicks!!!!

    Plus all the Shares, it can go Viral!!!

    That’s what I call Turning a Liability into a Asset on your families Balance Sheet:

    Meaning you get paid cash money $$$$$, Today!!!!

    The Only Eternal Father Most High Possessor of Heaven & Earth who formed light & created darkness Be with you and yours alway, all say Amen.

    • Nondescript

      Thank you Son Of Liberty.
      At the moment I would rather not disclose whether I have video surveillance of this encounter. I will say that as a wife of a man who is ensnared in this ” regulatory” scheme, I too feel as though I am actually a registered citizen myself ( even though he is not listed on the shaming website). It is sad but just the way I feel.
      I have come to believe that we are the beta test for what the ruling elite wish to do to all of society at some future time. Incremental tyranny. To see just how far they can oppress people they label and then discern how successful their mind control program is over the general public. I always tell people who foolishly applaud these laws, that some form or another is meant for them and their own loved ones eventually.
      And as far as the people introducing the legislation and implementing these laws- most are useful idiots following the orders of their masters in fear of their own improprieties being made public and subsequently punished themselves. That’s is how tyranny is accomplished.

      Thank you to all the posters here who I’ve learned a lot from over the years while being a mere onlooker of this forum, and thanks much to you, Janice.


  72. Doug

    To day was my day to register . San Luis Obispo County Sheriff office at 8 am.
    This is still stress full even after 30 plus years. How ever I want to give credit where credit is due.
    Unlike the early years the way I am treated has changed . The lady Officer could not have been more professional , courtious , and efficient in her job. I doubt if it took a full five minutes.

    As far as Compliance checks , I believe it has been 2 or 3 years sence I’ve seen a cop car in my driveway. or had a compliance check . I think they gave up . These always seemed , rediculas to me. If they wanted to find me home , why not call and ask when I was going to be there. I work and am seldom home .

  73. David

    Changing topics for a moment, is there any information about CARSOL (now ACSOL) doing any outreach efforts to let fellow Registrants know that ACSOL exist? (I’ll bring this up at the L.A. meeting in March.)

  74. Darrin

    Where i currently live, we have both Fed’s and State parole & probation officers comming by, once and awile we would receive “The Brigade” as i call them in FULL Armored ready for war, usely its because someone hasn’t registered and or comply with the rules….during that time they will question different pepole on there whereabouts or if they live there….Now im no longer on probation but the officers who knew me when i was on probation usely says “Hi” sometimes call me by my last name. Do you think they can report to the Registry offers that,”yup. He lives there” a bonus you think?? : )

  75. Timmr

    Trump’s new executive orders will likely drive new funding into local law enforcement. We should file FOIA requests to find out just what they are doing with these compliance audits, before they get put on steroids. Anyone know how to do these information requests, I’d like to learn how? I know some have filed information requests for Angel Watch. Contact me. Maybe we can get the reqests out to several jurisdictions.

    • David Kennerly

      I think that we should hold a FOIA clinic as a phone conference.

      • Timmr

        The FOIA requests are part of a jounalist’s toolbox. If there is a journalist out there, RSO or not that could help us, I am sure we could get together a conference call. Maybe Metamora films can do a documentary on compliance checks, broaden that to the registration experience, all the crap we read about here and go through that accretes around our lives and weighs us down, registering in jails, offices only registering one day per week, local travel notifications, having to register alternate residence locations, taking pictures of your vehicles and the like.

  76. someone who cares

    I agree David ~ Janice, is that something we can do? There are so many questions about these “home compliance checks” that it would be great to do a teleconference on this topic. The problem is that most don’t know what to say if this “visit” were to happen, plus the damage is done if they come to your door, no matter how much you recite the law. If we can at least stop these visits in the future, it would be a step forward. Having to worry about these visits after probation/ parole is just an invitation to a lawsuit for unnecessary hardship and distress.

    • Harry

      I agree these checks need to be place at the front burner of court intervention. I have never ever had any these checks were I live, therefore, it is not a law requirement, but police harassment.

    • Drummer

      Someone who cares , yes I agree! I recall someone suggesting to “not answer the door” as the solution to these visits. I tried that and it only worsens the visits. They’ll continue to pound even harder and then walk around the house peeping through all the windows and even tried to enter the side gate that leads to my back yard, had it been unlock I’m sure they would of made their way in. I had one sheriff go to the extreme to even bang on my garage door, by this time the neighbors are looking out their windows. If I don’t answer they’ll just keep coming back day after day doing what they do until someone answers. We Lived here for 17 years and I’m unlisted on a 22 year old expunged index offence. What’s the point of an exclusion if their indirectly exposing you. Our home is suppose to be a place of refuge a place were we should be able to relax and take comfort a place were we should feel safe especially from all the crap the registry puts us through. We these checks it’s as if we can never rest. Stopping these checks would help tremendously and give us our home back completely. I’m willing to contribute to a fund if necessary to help attact this in a court room to have them stop. Thanks to all for your help and words encouragement.

    • Timmr

      We really need a lawyer’s advise on all this, but if Janice and ASCOL are tied up with other important things at this time, we can start something to do the groundwork. A good start may be to document these compliance checks across many registrants experiences. Another is to request information from the departments doing the checks. Just some ideas, but I think that would be prerquisite to any lawsuit. Information gathering. I gave my email if some want to get together and brainstorm this. Some may not think these checks are big deals and all you have to do is not answer the door. The comliance audit is still literally an unwarranted intrusion, for no apparent reason than for more punishment. I am sure there are some really trying to evade the registry laws, and who can blame them, they are thinking, naively, that they will get a normal life back by going off the radar. If there is evidence of non compliance, then let the police do their job, but basically the reason they do these checks is because they are getting money to do it. Some districts are probably using the money more wisely than others. Some can’t get beyond the mantra that punishing is prevention. No real public safety reason beyond that. And with the possible new influx of moneys doled out by the new president to law enforcement, we may see even more creative ways to spend the money to disrupt our lives. We need to stop this in the bud.

      • someone who cares

        I would really like to get started on this, and I am willing to collect examples of registrants and their family members to create a folder on my desktop. Whoever has had an experience (bad or ok) can put it on this site. Maybe, the Moderator can start a new thread called “Susipicionless Compliance Checks” or something like that. I will also start a thread on three other sites to collect data there as well. I think it would be best to post your experience and state your first name only (or nickname) and the county or State you are in. You can add your city if you like, but list your county at least. Tiimmr, you said that there are probably some who are trying to evade registration. Sure, but there are also some that deal drugs, killed, drove drunk, etc. That does not mean the cops can knock on everybody’s door, just in case and because that person may have had a drug charge in the past, or a DUI. It is discrimination, and I don’t believe someone has to be arrested to file a lawsuit and win. Thoughts?

        • Timmr

          My point is they can’t just use a long ago offense (or even a recent offense if you have completed sentence) as reason to come to your door investigating a crime that’s not there. I don’t know if it is illegal or how widespread, but I know if we sit back and ignore it, do nothing, we are going to regret it later. This is how it always starts. People say It’s just an inconvenience and we should just ignore it or you can’t do anything about it. Who knows if anyone is going to get anywhere unless she takes a step forward. Some things you should fight just because they are wrong, not because you think you can win.

  77. someone who cares

    Harry and Drummer ~ good points. So, if only some are singled out and get these visits while others don’t, it is definitely not a law or something that is required. Otherwise, everyone would get these visits. Wouldn’t that be a great case to file a discrimination lawsuit? Also, with the 4th amendment protecting us, we don’t feel secure in our persons or homes when these visits occur. We are being scared, threatened and unnecessary questioned without reasonable cause. We are being mistreated since neighbors see this commotion and make up their own stories about why we get these visits. It is NOT legal and grounds for a lawsuit in my opinion.

    • Lake County

      To file a lawsuit you must be willing to be a plaintiff which might increase your public exposure and you must prove harm. Proving harm from the government will be difficult unless you were arrested for not cooperating with a compliance check while not on probation or parole. I’m not sure how you would prove harm to the court otherwise. This would be a very difficult case to win since you are not required to cooperate. I think these are the reasons why no one has challenged compliance checks that have been going on for many years.

      • Timmr

        Noone has been arrested under Angel Watch either; if arrest is a prerequisite for a lawsuit to be filed, I guess that is why no one has.

        • Lake County

          Well, Angel Watch is an entirely different issue. And no one could be arrested since there is nothing that is required of us. Of course Angel Watch is hard to fight since technically it’s not the U.S. that is banning us from travel. Unless we can get documented evidence that the U.S. is sending false information to other countries to get us banned.

    • Timmr

      It’s a liability for my business. I can’t have vendors or clients over, because some officer in a uniform with a bullet proof vest is going to pull up at some random time and ask me questions. I can’t afford a security gate and survelience system at this time. I don’t need one otherwise in this neighborhood. They say they call before hand, but they never leave a message. It’s been 17 years since my conviction, no violations since, put three kids through college, been in this home 12 years. Feels like I never really got off probation. Lifetime membership in the Club. Enjoy.

      • Tired Of Hiding

        Oh no…this is nothing else except punishment in the form of public shaming, and embarrassment. That in and of itself is cruel and unusual punishment, but to have it go on for a person’s lifetime. Tell me that is no cruel.

        No allowing a certain group to live where every other citizen is allowed to live.

        To limit travel to domestic and block us from the enrichment of international travel and experiencing different cultures. I can tell you that I am really sick of this stupid plastic society we live filled with conformists and zombies who go to jobs they hate to buy more stuff they don’t need.

        America is a f*cked up place and frankly I want out.

  78. Someone who cares

    Proof harm? If anyone else came to my door and harassed me in a way that I became scared, I would call the police. Just because it IS
    the police harassing me should not make a difference, right?

    • Lake County

      No, it shouldn’t make a difference. But as Grand Juries, DA’s and Judges have shown us countless times, law enforcement gets away with lots of things.

  79. someone who cares

    Would I need the consent of each person to collect the examples since they are posted on this site and not directly e-mailed to me? Just want to make sure all this will be done the proper way if we want to move forward with this. Timmr, I wouldn’t mind brainstorming this. If you have an e-mail address, I can e-mail you directly.

  80. Nondescript

    I am wondering if these home compliance checks are being conducted covertly as well. We used to get a lot of strange phone calls to our house almost always asking for my husband by name. As soon as I’d hand the phone to him, the caller would clarify who he or she was speaking with and then either hang up or ramble on about dribble until my husband hung up on them. They sounded initially like a telemarketer, but they weren’t. About 4 years ago, I answered the phone to a caller who asked for my husband by name but refused to tell me the nature of the call. I hung up on her. The very next day 3 officers were at our door for his very first home compliance check.

    We have also had in the past, on a couple of occasions well dressed people with clipboards knocking on our door asking to speak to my husband. They said they were taking an out of state survey and wanted to know names of people in the household but would not provide us with any meaningful details. We never answered any of their queries. One clipboard lady would not leave our property until she ” filled out her report” . After I ordered her to get off my front porch she said in a mocking tone someone else would be back. These were NOT U.S census or American Community surveyors who always identify themselves as such.

    Could all be a coincidence but I wonder if these compliance checks are being done under the guise of something else?


    • Timmr

      Is there a way to get the KGB-like file on each one of us? How do we do that?. They have to have some record of each occurance where they are either attempting to make contact or surveillance involving us. I’m tired of speculating.

  81. Someone who cares

    I am with Timmr – I would like to create a thread to collect personal
    Experiences from those who have had the “pleasure” of these uncalled and unnecessary visits. They are for one purpose only and that is harassment. They are discriminating since they are not persistent across the board and there has to be a way to stop them in the future. Especially since most of LE might not even be aware that nowhere in the California law does it call for these compliance checks, unless a particular person is actually out of compliance. How do we contact the moderator to see if this can be done on this sites?

    • Lake County

      Try clicking the button that says “Contact” at the top of each page. If you want detailed info on previous compliance checks complaints made on this site, you would need to make your own request to each poster asking for their detailed information. Most posters should not and do not include enough details to be of any use in a court case and Janice cannot disclose anyone’s contact information to you. Janice has previously stated recently that you would need to post your own email address here as the moderator’s don’t have the time to act as the middle man to exchange email info. I suggest getting a separate email address for posting here and ask anyone willing to disclose their detailed experiences with dates, location and contact information to you directly.

      Personally I would not send any personal information out to a person only known by an anonymous screen name.

      • Lake County

        Someone who cares:
        “I would like to create a thread to collect personal
        Experiences”? Aren’t you posting in the tread created for posting compliance check experiences?

    • Moderator

      As @Lake County pointed out, this is the thread to share compliance check experiences. Please send an email to with details about what you have in mind beyond that. ***Moderator***

  82. someone who cares

    I understand that this thread is dedicated to experiences with compliance checks, but most of the stories are just a brief description or an opinion of them being a form of harassment. I would think that more in depth personal experiences might help if we were to ever go forward with a lawsuit, regardless of whether such a suit would be successful or not. I was hoping for a separate thread with stories from registrants or family members who had such a visit, or more than one: What happened, what time of the day did they come by, what did you say to them when they requested information, what county or state are you in, etc. Also, maybe a first name or nickname and some sort of an ok that their story can be used in case it is needed. I do understand that an actual lawsuit would need a real plaintiff, but this might be a good start to get prepared? That’s all that was intended. If this is not feasible, that’s ok. I just felt like getting more actively involved in something that is obviously a sore subject for me.

    • New Person

      I never thought of compliance checks being above and beyond the scope of my duty. Being a registrant, I’m just dominated that I simply comply with whatever they throw at me. From now on, I’ll be very prepared. I’ll actually write everything down, including the police officer’s name and badge. It’ll be my own documentation. Who knows, maybe I’ll pop into the police dept and ask for my record for the previous times they have done compliance checks on me as added proof of the police dept going above what is required as well as imposing checks upon me as if I were still on probation.

      Hmmm… I just might make a ready-made document with a question at the very top of the document that asks, “Is (insert name) on probation/parole? Yes or No ______ (Officer’s initial and date)”

      ha ha ha After I make them fill out my paperwork, then I’ll photocopy them the original and give that to them as well. Maybe leave a note at the bottom stating that this may be used as evidence in any future case, including future harassment from the city of (insert city name). ______ (Officer’s initial and date)

      Just to re-affirm this whole home compliance check after probation/parole is completed – it’s nowhere on ML that it needs to be done? It is, in fact, checking up on a private citizen for no reason at all, except prompted by being on the registry? And nowhere in ML does it state home compliance checks need to be done?

      Well, b/c if it did, then it carries probation/parole traits – which is specifically punishment. (huh, might put that into the document as well if this is all factually truth or underneath the “is so-so on probation/parole?” bit)

      • Lake County

        It’s always a good idea to keep a log (or video) of all your law enforcement contacts, but they don’t have to fill out any kind of form you request of them. And you don’t have to sign any compliance check forms.

        You can be denied FOIA requests if it’s information compiled for law enforcement purposes that would disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions. What does this mean? IDK, it’s up to the court to interpret based on your request and police response.

        • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

          Lake County, I concur, your on Point!

          I keep telling everyone to Install a Video Surveillance System that records Audio (from inside of the domicile to keep it a legal recording in CA, other States will defer on that point).

          “Enabling” or “Empowering” them to make a “Convincing Argument” to a Lawyer aka “Officer of the Court” to file a case against the Chief of Police or the Sheriff of the County which either or both they are Subject To with the focus goal for the “Prayer For Relief” to be a “Restraining Order” by The Judge of The Court. Placing the Police or Deputies any where but their Domicile, should the police or deputies violate The Courts “Restraining Order” then they will not only be loosing sleep but Cash Too.

          Truth Be Told: Without “Evidence” no one is going to take you seriously!

          And The Wicked Servants have you in the Position were they want you:

          “In A Pit, Scared” – “Still Subscribing, Subject To The Institutions Of: Peer Pressure, Elementary, Secondary, High School & Academic Politics”

          I suggest Abandoning, “Disowning”, these Institutions as They have been proven by Fact to be Unjust & Malfunctioning.

          gerund or present participle: disowning
          refuse to acknowledge or maintain any connection with.
          “Howard’s rich family had disowned him because of his marriage”
          synonyms: reject, cast off/aside, abandon, renounce, deny;

          Truth Be Told, But What Do I Know!

          As Yehovah Lives, So Should we.

    • Timmr

      I think you are on the right track, especially when compliance checks affect the non- registrant living in the house. The message is you are potentially sheltering a criminal.

  83. Nondescript

    I think law enforcement have come to expect every encounter they have at someone’s home to be documented by some kind of recording device. In this day and age, with people pulling out their cell phones at every traffic violation stop to protect themselves from police misconduct, they would be foolish to think that a visit to someone’s home would be any different. A simple YouTube search for police harassment brings up thousands and thousands of such encounters. There is one in particular called “epic cop fail” where a guy is stopped and harassed and ends up schooling the officers on the 4th amendment. It is simply brilliant, I watch it every time I am reminded that we live in a police state.
    In general, there are psychological tactics used by law enforcement that they absolutely rely upon to take your power away from you. I will not give them my power. Once they smell fear, I am theirs to toy with.

    I am hoping that an injunction can be obtained from this nonsense. If only one registrant or family does it, it may set the precedent for others.


    • Nondescript

      @ New Person

      I have never found anything in the Law compelling home compliance checks if a registered citizen is not on probation or parole. By the police officers own admission to me , it is a “policy” Policy is a set of guidelines an organization come up with to reach a certain goal. Their policy pertains to THEM not private citizens. They can be subject to disciplinary action if THEY do not follow the policy of their employment. In short- they are simply following orders to keep their jobs. If you ask the ones that show up at your front door if home compliance checks are codified in PC290- they look at you quizzically. Do they even know what PC290 is ??? Perhaps in general they do, but not backwards, forwards and blindfolded, as most registrants do.


      • New Person

        Again, just to clarify, there is no legal codification of home compliance after probation/parole is successfully completed?

        If so, does it matter whether it’s policy or not? I mean what you’re telling me is that the state can harass you because it’s policy. But is that policy legal and lawful?

        Isn’t this the theme that Janice and team are doing with residency restrictions?

        If the policy isn’t legal, then every one of us registrants can sue the local PD for harassment. I don’t like being woke up around midnight for a compliance check. I don’t like a compliance check during the day or night where all my neighbors can see a police car in front of my house with officers at my front door. What an embarrassment when I haven’t done any misconduct.

        Compliance checks are a probation or parole trait. If the police admit this is a compliance check, then this is a form of punishment.

        Using the rational basis of what is a felony or misdemeanor offense, it is the form of punishment levied that determines felony or misdemeanor. Well, here, we know what is a punishment trait and what is not. If the PD says it is a compliance check, then it’s a form of punishment as it’s indistinguishable from parole/probation.

      • Timmr

        Where I am at, the sheriffs will all be wearing body cameras soon, because certain members of our board of supervisors think they are a good idea. You are right, simply filming them is not going to end compliance checks. They may be a little nicer on camera, but they will still operate under the policies of their department. It still follows the to catch a preditor script. I remember Operation Boo being filmed by the local TV news, parole agents entering houses looking for candy. By the way who needs professional comics when there is the local news. It wasn’t like, oh my god, that guy’s rights are being violated! It was like, oh goody, the bad guys are being stopped from harming kids. Yay cops. This is not an officer thing, this is a department or rather agency wide thing and a violation of privacy thing.

        • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

          Timmr you stated

          “You are right, simply filming them is not going to end compliance checks.”

          Nondescript or New Person did not state: Filming them is Not going to end compliance checks.

          That is a belief that you hold and are projecting on to them.

          How did you come to the conclusion that they agree with you on that point?

    • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom


      You are correct in stating the “Fear Factor” in which all predators in the Animal Kingdom react upon & commence them to herd the Subject, the next trigger a predator waits for:

      Is the Subject to make a turn & move away exposing their “Back” which indicates there will be “No Fight or Resistance” or any danger of “Injury to the Predator”. The Subject can now be “Easily Converted & Formed” into the “Predators Daily Bread”

      What is “The Counter” to employ should a “Freedperson” be made the Subject to a Predator?

      A: Show your True Colors and inform those “Lying in Wait” there is a High Probability of Danger.

      In the Human Kingdom history can demonstrate that the expression of Fear on the Face of a Subject has been Correctly or Incorrectly Infered as a Signal, Sign, or Color of Banner of Guilt. – Guilt of What?

      A: Guilt of a Prohabition or Sin: But what is Sin?

      A: Sin is at its Foundation the Fundamental Essence & Equal To a “Debit Owed a Balance Due”

      Once a Freedperson has “Paid in Full” a “Balance Due” a “Sin Forgotten & Forgiven” – It is Essencial to stop Projecting The Signal of Fear on Ones Face.

      Conclusion: The Signal of Fear SubConsciously Justifies the Police & Deputies to continue their unjustified attack.

      I would suggest exposing their Sins & Debits to their Faces with continued Prayer for Relief directed to:

      The Only Eternal Most High Father God of Abraham, Issac, & Jacob Possessor of Heaven & Earth Who formed light & created darkness…

      As Yehovah Lives, I speak Truth

  84. Nondescript

    Like I said in a previous post, registered citizens are the beta test for the governments ultimate goal. Home compliance checks are probably going to be extended to everyone at some point. Read Agenda 21.
    Just checking to make sure you have a safety barrier around that swimming pool. We know you have a dog- we need to make sure you are in compliance with the licensing requirements. Smoke alarms are required by law in every room- any dead batteries and you are going to be found out of compliance. Currently these kinds of things only warrant an at home visit by some law enforcement agency or another if a complaint is made. In the not so distant future, this will be accepted by the slumbering masses as proactive enforcement.

    Gotta see the bigger picture.

    Filming them at your front door is evidence gathering.
    Ask questions.


    • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

      I concur,

      And posit that Agenda 21 is the proof to the:

      Argument that the leaders of United States and its peer countries are “Implicitly Drafting” a transnational Social Contract that potentially constrains National Bargaining.

      We can identify the existence and terms of this Implied Contract, analyze it from a political philosophy perspective, and argue that meaningful debate about Internal National Policy must address how Principles Arise and are implemented as well as whether the chosen principles are Appropriate or Not Appropriate.

      We should conclude that if an International Social Contract exists, its terms should and Must be Explicitly Articulated so that national responsibilities to the international community can be Openly in the Public Mind Acknowledged and Confronted in US domestic policy deliberations.

      If we Do Not we will loose the SOVEREIGNTY of The United States of America and all the Blessings בָּרָא (bara) that fill us with Joy שִׂמְחָה (simcha).

      I petition The Eternal Father Possessor of Heaven & Earth Who formed Light & created Darkness be with us and Fill (bara) us with Courage, all say amen.

      As Yehovah Lives, so should we

    • Timmr

      Who is going to bring about these new compliance checks? The backers of Agenda 21, the UN’s voluntary sustainable development plan? I see nothing in that initiative that authorizes that type of violation of national constitutions. Besides, the Republicans control all three branches, and are vehemently opposed to Agenda 21. I don’t expect them to implement it. That would not stop the crime hawks in that party from backing compliance checks and even expanding them to suspected immigrant households in addition to RSO’s as pro police as the new president is for expanding stop and frisk.


    I know that I have left you my contact # ending in 5999 via email. Please give me a call. The email is I no longer use my email address. Live in Lakeside.

  86. someone who cares

    So, today we encountered one of these “illegal” home compliance checks. At least, that is what it had to be. Two sheriff’s deputies in civilian clothing knocked on the door. Nobody answered. They knocked harder, started banging and yelling “This is the Sheriff’s Department”. Nobody opened the door. They walked to the patio area and looked over the patio fence. Our living room door and shades were open. Nobody answered. They finally left. What if I had been home by myself, getting out of the shower (they were here for my fiance), they would have scared the crap out of me, looking into my living room. They never stand in front of the door when they knock either, so you don’t really know who is out there. Pretty scary for a woman to open a door when you don’t even see who is on the other side. They did not leave a note or anything. The police department is across the street from us, so I drove over to find out if there was a complaint or what the reason for their “visit” was. The lady at the front could not tell me and had no information, claiming it was a big department and she found nothing in her computer. She asked if we opened the door, and I said no! I am not obligated to open the door. She said they can knock and may have had reason, like checking on a family member’s request. I told her that I believed it had something to do with him being on the registry, but there is no law in PC290 that he has to verify anything other than at his annual registration. She said, they can still come by and knock, and I told her they didn’t knock, they banged on the door and yelled SD. I said that I would be very embarrassed if that happened again and repeated that I spoke to an attorney who confirmed we were under no obligation do undergo any “compliance checks” and I wanted to know who I could speak to. She said since they were in civilian clothing, they were probably investigators from SONAR and she gave me a number to call. I left a voicemail but don’t expect to hear back. I am beyond angry and need to REALLY know what we can legally do to stop these illegal and unnecessary checks. They have no right to invade our privacy to that extent. Janice, I know you are extremely busy, but can you point us in the right direction at least? These checks can NOT be legal, and I just want to know if we have a chance to fight them. He is off probation!! Thank you!!

    • Drummer

      Someone who cares….. 22 years on this wretched registry on an expunged case and exclusion. My wife of over 20 years is a day sleeper due to her career and I work during the day so every 6 months the sheriffs frighten her out of her sleep with banging of such and I’m sure we all know whsat it’s like to be startled out of a deep sleep. Sooo wrong. Not to mention it sure defeats the purpose of an exclusion when all the neighbors are peering out their blinds over a scene the sheriffs cause. Simply pure harassment…. crazy.

      • Harry

        I guest, your wife put a sign on the front door, stating “Day Sleeper! Do not Disturb My Peace, Unlawfully”

  87. Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

    @someone who cares, Shabat Shalom.

    I am troubled to hear of the Intrusion upon your Rights & Titles.

    I hope you had a Video Surveillance System installed or you will “Now” install to gather video & audio evidence of any violations perpetuated upon you, your Family or your property by Government Agents. in order to convince a attorney who is a Officer of the Court with permit of a State Bar to seek a Order of Restrain upon a City Chief of police and/or Sheriff of A County issued by a Superior Court Judge.

    I posit the following facts regarding 4th. Amendment Rights. I originally posted with some improvements I Now give to you today :

    ~ link to original posting which you should review to understand Contexts & insight from poster “Nondescript”

    “Peering Through A Window Next to A Front Door is A Fourth Amendment Search, as is a Sniff of the Nose”.

    Application of Florida v. Jardines (March 26, 2013), which holds that bringing a drug-sniffing dog up to the front door of a home for a “sniff” of the front door area is a Fourth Amendment search.

    A 2013 decision in Powell v. State of Florida, officers went up to the front door of a mobile home and knocked. When there was no answer, they took a step off the front steps and peered through a window at eye level about two feet from the front steps. Peering in, the officers saw marijuana growing under lamps in the home; they later obtained a warrant based on that viewing and searched the home.

    The State Intermediate Court held that peering into the window was A Fourth Amendment Search that required a warrant. Going up to the front door and knocking was fine, but peering through the window off of the front steps was not okay under the Jones Trespass/Intrusion Test:

    The deputies . . . deviated from established norms by entering upon that portion of the property directly in front of the window. Nothing in their testimony or the record establishes any license to do that. The officers had to step off the front door step, move two feet to the left, and position themselves directly in front of the window, their faces no more than a foot away. At that point they were “Virtually Within The Home” without “Breaking Its Close”. Because they physically entered a part of the “Curtilage”* where they had No Right or Title to be for the “Purpose of Gaining Information”, “The Intrusion Test is Met”.

    The court has held that the “Jones Trespass/Intrusion Test” is the easiest way to resolve the case: “Cases involving “warrantless” searches of the home or Curtilage may be somewhat easier to analyze under the intrusion approach because the property interests are generally better defined.” (The court also concludes that the Jones test is best characterized as being about Physical “Intrusion” not “Trespass.”) The court also holds that this was a search under the “Katz Privacy Test”:

    Similarly, the State’s evidence lacked any “indicia”^ that the privacy of the mobile home’s kitchen area had been diminished by its occupants. No evidence exists that Powell or Wilbourn knowingly exposed the interior of their home where the plants were located to the public view or “Impliedly Licensed” the general public to peer in their front window from a foot away. No evidence was presented that the kitchen area (where the plants were located) could be seen from the public roadway, from the pathway leading to the front door, or from the front door itself. Instead, the plants could only be seen from outside the home by stepping away from the front door, placing officers within a hand’s width of the window pane, “Casting Their View” rightward at an acute angle. As in Olivera, Powell and Wilbourn “could reasonably expect that no one would observe or overhear [their] activities” from just outside their window.

    It’s true that the window was right near the front door. But the Fact that The Officers “Stepped Off The Front Porch” meant that it “Exceeded the Implied Permission of The Homeowners Rights & Titles”:

    We cannot agree . . . that stepping off a porch, even a few feet, onto portions of the “Curtilage where Persons are Uninvited” and then looking into the home at a sharp angle from a hand’s length away from the window pane is anything other than “An Impermissible Intrusion into Constitutionally Protected Space”. Whether Two Feet or Twenty, the distance between the door and window matters little given that the officers said they could not see the plants without leaving the front door step and positioning themselves at “A Spot or Space where they had No Right to “Be” or “Exist”.

    Under certain circumstances, Implicit Permission may exist to look through an un-curtained window while standing on a front porch “Momentarily” to see whether the resident is approaching the door, “Assuming No unreasonable Means or Devices are Used”.

    I Son of Liberty Child Of Freedom give thanks The Most High Father in Heaven for the several Florida lawyers — including Howard Blumberg, who argued and Won Jardines.
    Re: Powell vs Florida

    I now posit:

    Such a public spectacle unfolding in a residential neighborhood will invariably entail “A Large Degree of Public “Opprobrium”*, Humiliation and Embarrassment for “The Righted & Entitled Citizen by The Creator in Heaven Most High, whether or not He or She is present at the time of the search, for such “Dramatic Government Activity” in the eyes of many—Family Members, Friends, Associates, Neighbors, Sojourners, Enemies or Adversaries and the Public at Large—will be viewed as “An Official Accusation of Crime or Forthcoming Indictment”.


    At the Fourth Amendment’s “Very Soul or Nephesh (נֶ֫פֶשׁ‎ nép̄eš)”* Stands the right of a Man, Woman, & Their Children to retreat into Their own home and there be Free From:

    “Unreasonable Governmental Physical or Mental Intrusion.”
    Which until the latter half of the 20th century was tied to trespass under common law. *

    Citing precedents as far back as 1765, from Entick v. Carrington^, a case before England’s Court of King’s Bench, quoting:

    “[O]ur law holds the property of every man so sacred, that no man can set his foot upon his neighbour’s “Close” without his “Leave.”

    In addition:

    I would Venture to believe that The SCOTUS Late Seat Antonin Scalia would concur with I as I repeat his Opinions from the bench where he sat and spoke this words:

    “We therefore regard the area “immediately surrounding and associated with the home”—what our cases call the Curtilage—as “part of the home itself for Fourth Amendment purposes.” … That principle has Ancient and Durable Roots. Just as the distinction between the home and the open fields is “as old as the common law,” … so too is the identity of home and what Blackstone called the “Curtilage or Homestall,” for the “house protects and privileges all its Branches and Appurtenants.” … This area around the home is “intimately linked to the home, both Physically and Psychologically,” and is where “Privacy Expectations Are Most Heightened.”

    [We need Keep or Shamar (שָׁמַר shaw-mar’)* safely within our minds the following from Scalia:

    “The Court has acknowledged that a “Doorbell or Knocker” is typically treated as an Invitation, or License, to the public to approach the front door of the home to deliver mail, sell goods, solicit for charities, etc. This License extends to the police, who have the right to try engaging a home’s occupant in a “knock and talk” for the purpose of gathering evidence without a warrant.

    This Implicit License typically permits the visitor to approach the home by the front path, knock promptly, wait briefly to be received, and then (absent invitation to linger longer) leave. Complying with the Terms of that Traditional Invitation does not require fine-grained legal knowledge; it is generally managed without incident by the Nation’s Girl Scouts and trick-or-treaters”

    I spoke Truth & so did the SCOTUS late Seat Antonin Scalia

    As Yehovah Lives, so should we

    • someone who cares

      Son of Liberty ~ I truly appreciate your response, even though I have to giggle sometimes reading your wording. You included a few great links that I will keep in order to file the complaint with the SD if necessary. I don’t mind anyone coming to my door, but if I choose not to answer, that person, whoever it might be, needs to leave. Also, the fact that they looked over the patio enclosure is truly disturbing and a violation of my right to privacy. I no longer feel safe in my home. Had it been anyone else looking into why living room, I would have called the police. They can’t abuse their power like this, and there is no legitimate excuse to ignore the law.

      • someone who cares

        I came across this link from Derek’s Once Fallen website.

        If they can file a lawsuit against the sheriff’s department, why can’t we? Obviously, these compliance checks are out of line if the registrant has not broken any rules and followed the state registration requirements. They can do these invasion in home checks IF they have reason to believe the registrant is out of compliance, but no other time. Thoughts?

        • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

          someone who cares, I am pleased to help provide useful knowledge to you in your defense against the cold hands of Want and to have provoked a giggle from you is a second satisfaction to I.

          Thirdly pleasing to know that you have found a interesting article for us to consider. After reading the ACLU reached a settlement with the Sheriff. I believe a improved out come can be expected in the state of CA.

        • Nondescript

          Ahh, and there we have it. In response to the lawsuit the police admit:

          “As always, my office continues to have the authority and responsibility to follow up with the convicted sex offender, in the event my office has reason to believe that the sex offender has moved or provided false information.“

          So the ONLY reason they should ever do a home compliance check is if they have probable cause to believe a registrant is out of compliance.

          • someone who cares

            Nondescript ~ you hit the nail on the head. There are so many reasons why these compliance checks are illegal and need to be stopped. They key is that , IF they have reason to believe the registrant provided false info, etc. So, if they do NOT have reason, they have no business at my door. Plus the fact they call themselves “investigators”. The name alone suspects that they are “investigating”. If there is nothing to investigate, again, no reason to come to my door. I really would like either Janice or another civil rights attorney to look into this case as it seems we really would have grounds for a harassment lawsuit. If I don’t have to open the door unless there is a warrant AND I don’t have to show proof of ID at my residence, then there is NO reason AT ALL for these visits. I believe many are not aware of their rights, and that is what they prey on and hope for. I have a friend who works as a parking ticket offer and did a ride along with police, They stopped at someone’s house, and the deputy knocked and banged on that person’s door, demanding him to open. The person never did so the deputy left. He told my friend….”I am really not supposed to do this, but they don’t know that”. True story and it shows that they count on people not knowing their rights.

            • AJ

              SWC, I completely believe your story. Cops in the Twin Cities (Mpls/St. Paul) are that way, too. Heck, there was a huge scandal a few years back where a multi-jurisdictional task force (Gang Strike Force) was shut down for rampant abuses by the LEOs on it. Check out the PDF. Just read the TOC and see what’s on pages 15 & 16. The long-term result of this abuse of power was MN passing civil-asset-forfeiture laws that significantly tilted the balance towards the citizen, not the State.



        • AJ

          You most definitely can file a lawsuit, if they’re acting the way it sounds the sheriff in AL was. From the article, it sounds like they were doing warrantless searches of the home, or were invited in. The former is patently unconstitutional, the latter patently unwise. From reading what all y’all are suffering in CA, the LEOs are not entering the premises. Learn and know your rights and responsibilities regarding how much you must interact with any LEO. Varies by state…some require positive identification, some have no requirements.

          On a side note, those of you in SoCal and TX who get to go through the circuses on I-5 and I-35 for citizenship checks: you don’t have to tell them ANYthing. Anything. You’re not at a border crossing, but are legally in the United States where you have freedom of movement. Also, they have zero probable cause or reasonable suspicion. There are some awesome YouTubes of people pretty much saying “F you” to the dudes. Stand up for your rights or lose them!


  88. someone who cares

    I wanted to give you all an update on what happened when I questioned the legitimacy
    of these compliance checks. A SONAR investigator finally called me back. SONAR is the special department that focuses on monitoring registrants in Orange County and is compiled of a few investigators. The lady who called me, who was an assistant investigator was not too friendly and pretty much ignored my comments about the law and my rights, and the fact that I consulted an attorney to confirm that I knew what I was talking about. She did briefly put me on hold, as if checking to see if I was correct, and then she told me the lead investigator would call me back. Well, he did right as I was getting home from work, and I have to say, it was a rather pleasant conversation. I won’t let my guard down, and I won’t trust any LE, but he seemed very decent and even had a sense of humor. I asked him if it was his department last Friday who came out, banging and yelling, and he said it was, and that is what they do. I sated a few rights like we don’t have to answer the door, and he agreed, saying that he was not required to open the door. I told him we were very upset that after the initial knock, it became banging, yelling, and looking over the patio enclosure. He almost apologized and said they did not want to be that obnoxious but knew he was home and wanted to get his attention. Again, he said he was not required to open, but that it would have been a good idea if he did. I asked what it would be like had he answered, just see his face and leave, and he said yes, that is what it would be like, a knock an bye. He also said they show up in civilian clothes and unmarked cars so nobody will know who they are except the regisrtrant.. I asked if there was a less intrusive way if they really need to come by, like leaving a card to call back. He said they could do that and sometimes they do just call. He said they usually knock and give the person enough time to open the door, and if they don’t, they leave. He did confirm that he was looking over the patio into our living room since he mentioned seeing our bikes on the wall, but that is another story for another time. I then cited a Senate Bill, which I included here, but I am not sure he was famiiar with it since he mentioned the registration card (which is no longer required, and he did not know that either). The bill talks about Proof of Residence at a compliance check, and I will take this bill to an attorney to make sure I am interpreting this correctly. At the end, I told him this whole ordeal was very nerve wrecking for me, and that I was too young to die of a heart attack. He actually laughed at that. I must say, he was very pleasant and told me I could call him any time if I had questions. I will take him up on that, I am sure. Here is the link to the SB 756. Pay attention to the amendment from July 7, 2011 which Cleary deletes an entire paragraph that was previously intriduced, dealing with the requirement to show proof of residence to an officer of the law during a compliance check, and it was struck from this bill. The final bill that passed no longer has that paragraph at all. Let me know your thoughts to see if we have grounds to fight these compliance checks. Here is the link:

    • Nondescript

      I commend you. We should all be calling the lead investigators of our counties and making complaints about aggressive behavior and police misconduct at our homes. Throw in the filing an injunction if they return too.

      Here is the sentence that was struck from 290 amendment:
      (d) If requested while at a residence, the person shall present proof of residence upon request by a law enforcement agency investigating compliance with the requirements of this Act.

      Even though this portion never made it into law, the fact that they elude to a home check being an ” investigation” is interesting . How can you be under investigation without probable cause? It is as if registrants are simply presumed being afoul of the law even if no complaint has been made or any evidence whatsoever has been presented to conduct an investigation for a prosecution to be had. This is unequal treatment. Besides, there are other ways to ascertain whether a person lives somewhere or not without bothering the occupants.

      • wonderin

        I found it interesting that the “lead investigator” mentioned that the reason they were so profoundly knocking was because they KNEW he was at home and wanted to get his attention.
        Well maybe I’m just stupid but it would seem to me they had already verified the compliance check by whatever method they used to KNOW he was at home?
        And getting his attention could only have been harassment for being uncooperative and disrespectful of their authority.

      • Timmr

        Yes, Someone Who Cares has taken the lead on this, to her great credit, and she is not even a registrant.

      • Harry

        “Besides, there are other ways to ascertain whether a person lives somewhere or not without bothering the occupants.” Yes, Yes! Like the average person does by seeing if, their car is at home or the lights are on.

    • Lake County

      Great work someone who cares! You have provided us some good information. Maybe others here will also start to push back at these compliance checks. They have been looking for me for almost a week now so they can do a compliance check, but I’m making it as difficult as possible for them to reach me. They will catch me coming or going from my house eventually, but it will cost them a lot of LE wages to do it. I live 30 miles from their station, so it takes a lot of time and wages to keep driving to my house to attempt find me. Could you imagine the cost if we all made it hard for them to conduct these checks? We’ve been pushed around long enough, it’s time we pushed back.

      • C

        How do you know they continue to check your house until they finally see you in it?
        In 23 years they’ve only come to my house a handful of times, and only 2 or 3 times have I happened to be home. The other times I know of because others told me, but I have no evidence they ever returned that year.
        Apart from a possible visit caught on camera a few weeks ago (not sure if it was cops or not), I have no idea if they’ve been here or will even bother this year.

        • Lake County

          For one, I am always home (99% of the time) and I have cameras around. The last two times they caught up to me they stopped me in town telling me they’ve been trying to contact me for the compliance check. They will literally follow me to my destination and confront me. When they are looking for me they sit outside in their vehicle 2 or three 3 a day for about 10-15 min each time hoping I’ll walk out of my house. Sometimes they will honk their horn. In the past they would ask my neighbors if they’ve seen me. My small community already knows I’m on Megan’s list, so them seeing police at my gate doesn’t bother me anymore. They see my car is in my driveway, so they know I live there still. It’s mostly just a game to me now to see how much I can cost them to keep looking for me.

          • Mr. D

            Lake County – I would encourage you the next time they pull you over in town that instead of heading home head to the city limit or the county line and make them drive out of their jurisdiction. Take a nice leisurely Sunday drive and waste their time! Once they stop following you, double back a different route and see if you can get home without them seeing you.

      • That is a stake out

        Lake County –

        Sounds they’re stalking you which is a harassing behavior unless they have probably cause. Tsk tsk (pass another donut Harry…sure Sam…spills coffee on self…dammit!)

        Hope you are logging in a document, the date and time they are there and other associated details, including photos, make and model of car, details of the people inside, maybe a video, etc. Make a thick record of it because without probably cause, they are stalking you. You only stake out on probable cause. heck, stalk them in return if you can (maybe put a banana in the tail pipe like Axel Foley)

        • Lake County

          You’re right, I really should be keeping records of them watching my home or attempts at contacting me. It’s annoying, but trying to avoid them is the only entertainment I can afford.

          • Stalking is stalking regardless without probable cause

            Even when they confront you in public and say they have been looking for you is stalking unless they have probable cause to stop you in public. Kinda sounds mobster when they say “we been lookin fa you” (queue music here). Entertaining as it may be to do what you are doing, and it can be entertaining, you can still log the details mentioned above while have fun. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

            I am watching you! (Doing the eye/finger thing by DeNiro in the Fockers)

            (BTW, damn spellcheck corrected probable twice to probably on my post above)

            • AJ

              When they stop you in public, your rights remain. You typically do not have to show ID, but depending on your state may need to provide your name and address verbally. Beyond that, you can remain silent and are not required to answer any questions.

              There are two questions you may always ask a LEO and which they must answer honestly:

              1) “Am I being detained?” If no, then ask Q2. If yes, ask why. Then nicely advise the LEO, “Ok, well I don’t answer questions without the assistance of legal counsel.” Then clam up. The LEO may ask why. Your reply? “I don’t answer questions without the assistance of legal counsel.” Eventually they get tired of that game and either have to step it up and arrest you, or let you go.
              2) “Am I free to go?” If Yes, leave quietly and peacefully. If no, ask Q1.

              A “bonus” statement to have in your arsenal if stopped in your vehicle: “I do not consent to searches.”

              Those two questions and those two statements tend to stick in the craw of LEOs. 😀


              • someone who cares

                Nice pointers, AJ. Only 24 States have a “Stop and ID” policy, California NOT being one of them.

          • C

            Well, if you’re home all the time anyway, it does sound like worthwhile entertainment. There must be very little crime in your town if they have so much time to harass one guy.

            • Lake County

              Yes, I wish I could do the banana in the tail pipe gag. lol. And C, we have more crime than this county can possibly handle. We have a high numbers of all types of major violent crimes including murders, with about 5-8 Sheriffs in the entire County during peak hours. This is also the County that had a mistaken child molester murdered a few years ago. Call a cop, wait 1-3 hours if you’re lucky enough to get them to respond at all. But doing compliance checks or cutting down someones legal medical pot patch while they are not home is a priority. This county spends lots of money fighting and paying off lawsuits for their violations of both criminal and civil law. I would love to see Janice be able to file any kind of lawsuit regarding our rights here since this County would be unable to put up a fight. It wouldn’t be a fair fight though, Janice would get a knockout in the first round.

    • Tired Of Hiding

      The only thing I would like to address was the characterization of this individual of LE appearing friendly or sympathetic. Remember that it is an act to lull you into revealing something they can use against you. This is a common tactic of LE. Remember that even Mark Fuhrman appeared outwardly to decent for a law enforcement officer and yet he was a racist who admitted torturing minorities so just imagine what his type would do if they could get away with it to one of us!

      These people are sociopathic control freaks who more likely than not have a savior complex and would as soon put a bullet in your head as shake your hand. Make no mistake…ANYONE involved in the monitoring of those unfortunate enough to be part of this artificially created and totally unprotected minority known as Registered Sex Offenders is a target of not only crazy vigilantes but also of the men and women who claim to serve and protect!

      • Someone who cares

        Tired – thanks for your concern and yes he “seemed” nice and maybe he was. In any case, I will never let my guard down and get lured into disclosing a anything he might be fishing for. I was polite but not over the top friendly. I can play the game, too. I am still researching to figure out what our options are, so please chime in if anyone has additional good information we can use.

    • Timmr

      As I mentioned to you, Someone Who Cares, I came up with nothing trying to Google the case refered to in this article. Does anyone where to look up cases like this? The article said the registrant’s name is Allen and he sued the City of Long Beach and the court made it’s decision in November of 2010. Used these search terms and only came up with one case, Allen v. Long Beach in 1955, oh, and the article you posted here was in the search results. Help.


      I too have called a deputy Barrett who is in charge of the compliance checks in San Diego county. After speaking with him and others, I was told that to get a record of all compliance checks performed on me at all my residences I would have to submit the request in writing. The address is:
      License and Registration Division
      9621 Ridgehaven Ct.
      San Diego, Ca 92123.
      If you are in San Diego county, they will come to your home for a compliance check EVERY YEAR. Does not matter if you are on probation or parole. Plain and simple harassment. Write them. Get this information. Let’s get together and sue on the grounds of harassment. I am sure that someone will take a class action case on our behalf.
      Couldn’t get hold of Janice as her cell phone mailbox is always full. So if someone can do some leg work in finding an attorney that would be awesome 😎.
      I am disabled and my resources are limited. We need a network of individuals who have experienced the same issues, i.e.: compliance checks. If you are not on probation or parole it is unconstitutional harassment.
      Do they perform compliance checks on murderers, drug dealers, D. U. I., etc… NO!!! If we lived in another county would we have a compliance check EVERY YEAR? NO!!!!! San Diego county does and that is pure and simple harassment. Overtime for them is all this is about. Easy 💰 all on the taxpayers shoulders.
      If you are in San Diego county and are not on probation or parole and are harassed, I would recommend sending a request.

      • Drummer

        HOOKSCAR…. thank you for your post. Something’ needs to be done to stop these crazy checks! SCV so called “home of the sheriffs” bc many and I say many reside out here so they’ve taken it upon themselves to specifically target registrants by not checking once a year but every 6 months. Talk about a gestapo. I wish I had the funds to move, or build a fence or even hire an attorney but as it is we’re struggling just trying to make ends meet and quite frankly I don’t have time to even jump in something like this, too many bills that need to b paid. Home owners of 17 years here on an 21 yr old expunged case and exclusion and they march over here like I’ve committed a crime the day b4. Were so tired of this. I appreciate most post for encouragement and hope that one day we could live peacefully in our home, a place that’s suppose to be a place of refuge from this crazy world.

        • Tired of this

          I know you said you’re a homeowner, and are struggling financially (as many of us are, thanks to the wonderful public-protecting registry), but have you considered selling and moving out of CA? I left last year, and I don’t regret it. I no longer appear on CA’s ML site or Homefacts, and here in NV I’m tier 1 which requires only 15 years of registration and NO internet listing. The annual updates are apparently done via mail only and they don’t seem to do compliance checks. I think you only have to appear in person if any information changes (within 5 days). With your case having been expunged, you would almost certainly be designated tier 1 in NV. You might even consider asking an attorney here who specializes in sex cases what effect your expungement in CA would have on registration in NV.

          Just something to consider.

          • Drummer

            Tired of this….. it’s amazing how much one can learn from this site. Definitely something to look into. Given the fact my index offense is over 21 years and we do make that move and I’m place in tier 1, would I get credited for those years or will I have to complete an addition 15 years. Also what happens to my exclusion in Ca once we move. I understand it’s questions like these that may require the assistance of an attorney but if u have an idea that would be great. I appreciate the suggestion. Thank you.

            • Tired of this

              I recommend looking up the McLetchie-Shell law firm (they’re based in Vegas, but will do phone consultations, although a full-on consultation will cost you a little) and calling or emailing them with your basic questions. They are sort of NV’s answer to Janice and Chance in that they’ve been fighting bad laws, including (thus-far-successfully) preventing the full implementation of the AWA here. Another thing you might try is calling the central repository in Carson City (via the NV sex offender website) and see if they could give you an idea of what tier you’d be in.

              As for your time in CA counting toward registration time here, that was my question as well. But unfortunately, as things stand at the moment, it doesn’t. HOWEVER, there is another thing I forgot to mention: for tier 1, after 10 years, you can petition for registration relief and get off 5 years early. Also, there is currently a legislative session in progress here, and SOR laws are being tweaked and hashed out. As I understand it, there’s a decent chance that a portion of the AWA that allows your time in a previous state to count towards your registration time here will be implemented. It’s sort of confusing but I’m told things are a work in progress and that progress is being made. If this happens, I will begin the petitioning process, since I have 10 years of registration under my belt from CA.

              Still though, 10 or 15 years sure beats lifetime. Plus, it’s way cheaper to live here. There are downsides though, like how they make you renew your license every year and they ask for internet identifiers (these things could be changing though) but in the end it comes down to what’s really important to your quality of life. I sleep much better not being publicly listed and knowing I won’t be registering for life anymore.

              If you ever move back to CA though, you’d have to register again just as you do now. I’m not sure what happens to your exclusion. But you’ll automatically be excluded here if you’re tier 1.

          • AJ

            An expunged record elsewhere means no need to register in MS, per a 2015 MS Supreme Court ruling in a case with a guy with a MD expunged conviction.

            You can find lots of nice places in MS, whether in the border suburbs of Memphis, down on the Casino Coast, or around Tupelo (Oxford is really nice, but pricey for homes). MS has (low) income taxes, they don’t tax any retirement, disability or SSA income. Also, disabled and over-65 homeowners get the first $75k in value exempted from property taxes–so you could possibly not pay any.


          • Drummer

            Tired of this….. many thanks for that info!

      • The Unforgiven

        Consider yourself lucky if “once a year” can be lucky. I live in San Bernardino County, high desert, and I am visited twice a year. My annual is in Dec., so from one annual to the next, I have to deal with the cops in some way or another roughly every four months. One time was around 4 AM, documented on here in another section. I haven’t been on probation for ages. I agree with you and wish you luck.

      • Anon

        I used to get a compliance check every year. But no more. I moved from a suburban area to a rural area. And I do mean rural. My neighbors are very far away. If someone came for a compliance check, no one would know except me and the officer. Which brings me to the point of compliance check. It isn’t about compliance, its about putting on a little public safety show. If no one is around to see the show, what’s the point.

        • Tired Of Hiding

          You could NOT BE MORE CORRECT! It is nothing but a show and more importantly PUBLIC SHAMING!

          I had a little visit a couple of weeks ago. 6 yes I said SIX OFFICERS showed up to my tiny 1 bedroom apartment and were lining the stairs…just to make sure all the neighbors could see and hear.

          There was NO other reason except to shame and humiliate me by putting on this ridiculous SHOW.

          These people are pathetic and petty individuals. I can only imagine how terrible their lives and self esteem must be if they need to assert this sort of show of power over 1 US citizen on US soil.

          Shameful and what a waste of public funds!

      • Timmr

        Thank you, Hookscar. Someone is looking for a lawyer right now. Things are moving. We do need some more people from San Diego and the rest of the state to request information on their own files.

    • Harry

      I suggest that every RC print and keep a copy of this final bill and keep it handy. If, these harassers knock on the door, just open it a crack and hand it to them and close the door. If, they knock again, call the police.

  89. someone who cares

    I talked to an attorney today, and he pretty much said that LE will do these checks, and no court ruled it against the Law or Constitution. I have to disagree! What else is not in the law that they can do? Tell me to eat Steak instead of Chicken? It can’t be that easy to do whatever they want. You are not required to open the door or show ID, so what do they want to accomplish? The attorney was not familiar with the senate bill but said it was not a law. So, what do Senate Bills do? Waste people’s times? Also, how hard would it be to file a discrimination lawsuit? The whereabouts of drug dealers and murderers is not verified, so why SOs only? I am so fed up with “they can do what they want” and you can either cooperate or make it more difficult. Ok, so the bill says that no registrant is required to show proof of ID, but I guess it does not say they can’t look for you and see your face to make sure you live where you say you do. Come on, we need to keep working on this and stop these checks that are not mandated by law or per the PC290 rules. Angry again!

    • Nondescript

      I wouldn’t become too discouraged about what one lawyer says. These sex offender laws are extremely complex and are mutating continually. I wouldn’t expect anyone but a civil right attorney or a attorney extremely knowledgeable and proficient in this area to be able to help. A dystopian future has been planned for humanity, and we and our loved ones are the test subjects who haven been put on the express train towards it. But hey, at least we have the rare opportunity to see the beast at such close range. It is almost fascinating.

      A preliminary injunction could be sought. It might be best if spouses, children and other household members seek it, as we are being harassed too.

      Yes they are violating our rights. Yes, people with guns are banging on our doors. They are tormenting us psychologically by admitting that they can and will be banging on our doors whenever they are told to with out any suspicion of criminal activity. If we ignore them, more people with guns will show up. All of this so they can verify that someone in our house slept in a bed in a room on the other side of the door they are banging on, the night before.
      Yup. We need help.

      On a personal note- your anger will dissipate in a week or so, I promise. Our lives cant revolve around their shenanigans.


  90. Curiouser

    We file Citizen’s Complaints.

    I am by no means an attorney, but I work in the field, and I have some experience with the law enforcement community. From my point of view, there are two things driving these “compliance checks:” Overtime funding and department policy. I suggest that in most of the instances where we’ve seen large contingents of officers from a variety of agencies pounding on the door of a 20-plus year member of the Price Club that they are there on what one might call an overtime boondoggle. That is, grant-funded OT that off duty cops sign up for in order to afford those nifty toys they all like to take to the River.

    As we all know, the basis for these visits is not founded in law, but from their department policy. Each agency writes its own policies and procedures; there’s not a universal guidebook for all LE. City of Torrance will have different policies than LASD, including the care and handling of registered citizens. That’s why we get this wide disparity of how they deal with registrants across every aspect of this ordeal. In many cases, a particular policy will go on unchecked until someone sues (i.e., Santa Ana PD’s policy of putting registrants in jail attire during the annual renewal process). Most of the time, when we get someone at our door for a compliance check, they are making time-and-a-half. If we aren’t there or don’t answer, they just keep our name on the list for the next OT adventure.

    That being said, my guess is they view these contacts as what would be called “consensual encounters.” This is a tried-and-true LE technique where the cop walks up to someone who is hanging out in a high crime area and says, “Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?” What he’s doing is looking for something to trigger a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, such as the person being under the influence. Naturally, the person can simply turn and walk away, but most persons tend not to that when confronted with authority. How else do you explain all the people who “give consent” to a search of their person or car? Or even their computer? After all, we have nothing to hide. Why not give away one of our rights? At least so they think.

    A registrant’s home is, of course, not a “high-crime area.” However from the point of view of LE, a registrant, like a known crackhead, is a person with a criminal past. And the “need” to verify residence (even though statute does not require or allow for it) gives rise to the policy to roll out to our homes and, with no more authority than the idea of “consensual contact,” knock on our door. From their point of view, they are doing diligence. And making time-and-a-half.

    That all said, what is key here is HOW they do this. Do they come to our door at a reasonable hour and knock politely or ring our doorbell? Or do they show up at midnight or 6 a.m., pounding hard enough to knock pictures from the walls, and screaming at the top of their lungs, “OPEN UP, SHERIFF’s DEPARTMENT! SEX OFFENDER COMPLIANCE CHECK.!!” Do they leave a business card asking for a call back, or do they pound on your NEIGHBOR’S door and reveal you as a registrant and inquire if you live there? Do they look over your fence into your yard (small 4th amendment violation there) or through your drapes (small registerable offense there)? Do they sit in a car outside your domicile, follow you as you drive, confront you and prevent you from leaving? Threaten arrest under color of authority? Do they make veiled threats as they walk away from you, such as “we’ll be back,” “I’ll have a warrant next time,” or “You just made this really hard on yourself?” How the cops act and respond dictates what our next action will be.

    The thing about a consensual contact is that it is just that: consensual. The cop has absolutely no legal authority over you. You aren’t on probation or parole. You aren’t under suspicion or investigation for a crime. There is no search warrant or arrest warrant for your property or person. They must treat you with courtesy and respect, just as they would any other citizen they come into contact with where there is no notion of criminal conduct. If they fail to do so, the first step is to ask for their name and badge or ID number, and the name of their direct supervisor. Announce your intent to file a citizen’s complaint. What you complain about depends on their behavior. Consider Verbal Discourtesy (The yelling and screaming, and any other rude or disparaging remarks) and Non-Verbal Discourtesy (The drywall-cracking pounding on the door…How about an eight-man task force dressed in body arm, guns out?) for starters. Other actions which might actually give rise to a tort claim (Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, false imprisonment, harrassment), or even criminal allegations (threats under color of authority, stalking, false arrest). The first step in the process is inevitably the Citizen’s Complaint.

    Now many of you are possibly thinking that cops don’t give a damn about a stupid complaint from a registrant. Maybe so. But someone has to work those complaints, and that someone is the supervisor. They don’t like that. Complaints are a pain in the ass to work, and they take time and resources. By the time Officer Dick collects his third or fourth, a pattern has emerged, and Mr. Supervisor is getting a little sick of it. The key is, it gets on paper. Even if all of them are exonerated, someone has to work them. That gets old really fast. And while they will classify the actual “compliance check” as “departmental,” it is the BEHAVIOR of the officer you are complaining about, not the check itself. Complaints can be started with a phone call. Follow up with a written format soon after. CC it to Internal Affairs, or even the chief’s office.

    Let me stress that the goal here is to modify their behavior. For the time being, I don’t see them stopping these checks. How they conduct them can be fixed. With that in mind, we want to complain about real behavior. A pattern of frivolous complaints just weakens our position. Thus, any witnesses (those neighbors, family members) are helpful, as are any security cam footage or audio recordings that can be made.

    Cops get by with bluster and bravado. Many of them have no idea why they do the things they do: they were trained that way, told to do it that way, and this is the way they’ve been doing it for years. Like water, cop practices continue unheeded, constitutional or not, until they encounter an obstacle they cannot get around. They are hoping to goad you into an outrage, because that just justifies their escalation of their demeanor to an appropriate level to one-up yours.

    I can tell you this, though. Nothing clenches the sphincter of a cop faster than a Citizen’s complaint, and nothing pisses off a supervisor more than having to investigation a ton of them, especially when they were generated by something as non-productive as a sex offender compliance check.

    Oh. And for those who are concerned that they will just “up the ante,” or “make things worse?” The fact that you have complaints on file creates exhibits for your NEXT complaint for retaliation, which will look good in the law suit you file against the agency.

    bless us all

    • someone who cares

      One more thing. For those where the police or investigators went to the neighbors to disclose your status, that would be a defamation lawsuit in the works.

      • AJ

        SWC, I doubt it would be defamation, as they didn’t say anything exaggerated or untrue, but it’s certainly outside standard practice for LEOs to reveal why they wish to speak to someone. Depending on your state’s processes for who can release information and under what circumstances, it may or not be not be a violation. However, if it’s 1) not routine practice and/or 2) LEO is required to have a justifiable reason to disclose, they could be tagged with a crime. Some states prohibit disclosure of Tiers I & II to the general public.

        According to CA’s SOR site: “If you feel you are being harassed or threatened because of your status as a registered sex offender in California, immediately contact your local police department to report the situation” (, under “Registrant FAQ”). So, you need to call the police about the police…good luck. What you could do is call LE and report that “someone” has been doing it. Without revealing who, ask under what conditions is it legal. Can a non-profit? A private citizen? A LEO? A victim?

        You may be better served calling the ACLU. I’d at least talk to a competent attorney using the standard “free consultation” they all seem to offer. (I’m guessing it probably counts as credit for pro bono community work…)


    • AJ


      It might not hurt, every now and then, to doubt they are who they say they are. “I’m sorry, I didn’t call the police, so I don’t understand why you’re here. Please step away from the door and wait while I try to confirm that police have been sent to this address.” Then, give the local LE department a call. Tell them your concerns. Make the department put you on hold while they check with the Desk Sergeant or Detective. Make the LE tell you the officers’ names and badge numbers BEFORE the LEOs themselves do (makes the LE department do a little more work and digging, and increases your claim of concern and distrust). All the while, those “friendlies” outside are twiddling their thumbs and running up that OT bill, burning through grant money…or maybe one of them is going to be late to pick up Johnny from daycare. The longer it takes per check, the more inconvenient they become, the more expensive they become, and the fewer they can afford. 🙂 If feeling particularly fearful, call 911 and report strangers at your door with guns claiming to be LEOs, and relate that you didn’t call for police and don’t believe what they’re saying. (If a woman at home alone or such, all the better for your fears being warranted.) In short, act defensively and cautiously, just like any other FREE citizen would.

      As Curiouser touched on, bureaucrats hate nothing more than having to do paperwork. Working in our favor is that bureaucracies live and thrive on paperwork. It would also be helpful to have a copy of their policy manual, which should be available under state Open Data Practices/FOIA laws (there will probably be a fee to get it). Then learn it inside and out to ensure they’re following the rules–something else that bureaucrats hate and bureaucracies demand is compliance virtually to the letter. (Having worked for Uncle Sam for too many years, I can personally attest.)


  91. soemone who cares

    Hookscar! Thanks for joining this discussion and providing the information you have. I agree, we all need to get together and see how we can file a suit, not only for the registrants who are being unnecessarily harassed, but also the family members and their CHILDREN who are being treated the same. If off probation or parole, you are a regular civilian like anyone else and have the same rights. They do NOT legally have to check on anyone, or if they do, I want to see the law stating this. Just because they say or think they can does not mean it is legal. They are not consistent with the checks either, so some are treated worse than others. I think a civil rights or equal protection attorney would be best. Once I get the case number of the Long Beach Lawsuit, I am hoping to see who represented Maurice Allen. If that attorney is still around, he might be a good candidate to at least point us in the right direction. I can’t emphasize enough that we don’t have to answer the door or show proof of ID. So, what is the reason they come by if they know we are aware of our rights? Actually, they don’t know we are aware of our rights, and that is why complaints from whoever endures these harassments might be good, but I know can be scary, too. I have a lot of calls to make and will update what I find out on this site.

    • steve

      “Some are treated different than others” This is very true and I think if you follow the money you will get the truth out of compliance checks. I live in SF Valley and in 20 years I have never had 1 check. (Felony conviction).

      (Edit) Just saw Curiouser’s post…the money= OVERTIME

      • Harry

        Same here Steve, I live in Siskiyou Country, (about as far north one can get and still be in California) I have been on the registry for over 28 years and never any such checks. The officers here most likely get the same money, however, they have spend most of their time trying keep husbands/boy friends and wives/girlfriends harming each other.

  92. someone who cares

    Wow Curiouser ~ That was an excellent commentary, and I will actually print it to have it handy at all times. You have a GREAT point about the fact that it is better to file a complaint against the action at a compliance check and not the compliance check itself (even though that will be targeted next). The way they conduct these checks are unconstitutional, especially when the registrant is not home but the family member is. They would have banged and yelled just the same had I been home and chose not to open, and I have never done ONE thing wrong in my life. Now, that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. When these “visits” go as far as looking over the patio enclosure, being able to identify what is in the living room, it would qualify as a 4th amendment right violation, and yes, maybe even a borderline criminal action.
    Also, if each department can make up their own “rules”, how is that constitutional to treat “ex-offenders” differently based on where you live? How is that not a violation of the equal protection rights? A lot of things to consider.

  93. Andrew

    This morning a task force identifying themselves as from the Riverside DA’s office pounded on my door until I finally opened it. Four more cops in riot gear were strategically stationed around my yard like they were waiting for a shootout or something. The big guy at the door said they were looking for me to verify that I lived there. He wasn’t particularly rude or anything, but it still pissed me off. He compared me to the picture he had and said thank you very much and turned to leave. I said, “Hey, did you guys open my gate?” He said, “Yes we did, but don’t worry about your dogs, we’ll close the gate.” And they left, just like that. They knew full well that they weren’t allowed to oepn a closed gate unless they were in hot pursuit. And they did it anyway. Four unmarked vehicles, cars and pickup trucks parked in front of my house and neighbors wondering what they were doing at my house. Nice going Riverside DA’s office. I’m not on parole or probation and haven’t had a compliance check from my local sheriff in over three years. Now the goon squad shows up for all the neighbors to see. Five deputies that probably each make 100K a year out running around harassing registrants for no good reason. So I have a half a million dollar assault team at my door, opening my closed gate, which they are not supposed to do. Good use of taxpayer money. They will no doubt visit everyone in the area before having a nice lunch on the taxpayers and then on to harass more people in the afternoon. The best part was the full riot gear and looking like a combat assault team. Probably makes them feel tough.

    • AJ

      Depending on your circumstances, finances, and desire to put them on notice, you may choose to do something about it.

      Were it me, I would consult with an attorney to ensure there is a 4th Amendment situation there (certainly should be, but always good to get a JD’s opinion). Any old attorney offering a free 30-minute consult should work. Then, see if s/he will send LE a “nastygram” advising them that they have violated your Constitutional rights. Maybe even ask for justification of the search, a copy of a warrant, under what statutory requirements or authority were they acting, etc., to put a little fear of God in them.

      (It’d be nice if we all could have some sort of template letter to send off.)


      • Timmr

        Good idea. These so called little invasions are tests to see how far they can go with terrorizing people. Us now, expanded to some other feared, but power deprived group later. I believe Lake County (the person) put a good letter template together on this site, and I copied it onto my drive. I’ll find it and post it again.

    • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

      @ Andrew

      First thing to establish:

      ¿Is it True what the Deputy Stakers stated, that they created such Dramatic Government Activity at the instruction of the local District Attorney’s Office or did they in Fact Lie under the Color of Authority, Again?

      A call by you or a Officer of the Court aka Attorney at your behest should call to establish the Truth of the matter.

      I now posit: Opprobrium, Humiliation, & Embarrassment!


      Such a public spectacle unfolding in a residential neighborhood will invariably entail “A Large Degree of Public “Opprobrium”*, Humiliation and Embarrassment for “The Righted & Entitled Citizen by The Creator in Heaven Most High, whether or not He or She is present at the time of the search, for such “Dramatic Government Activity” in the eyes of many—Family Members, Friends, Associates, Neighbors, Sojourners, Enemies or Adversaries and the Public at Large— will be viewed as:

      “An Official Accusation of Crime or Forthcoming Indictment”.

      I believe You & Your families Chacter (HaShem) has been So Wickedly Defamed & Maligned & I venture to say that if Alexander Hamilton our Founding father where to be Resurrected, Resuscitated, Reanimated Today with the Wind & Breath of Life, he would seek & demand Redress & Satisfaction by such Wicked Servents a Formal Apology to recompense & make You & Yours Whole in all it’s Senses.


      At the Fourth Amendment’s “Very Soul or Nephesh (נֶ֫פֶשׁ‎ nép̄eš)”* Stands the right of a Man, Woman, & Their Children to retreat into Their own home and there be Free From:

      “Unreasonable Governmental Physical or Mental Intrusion.”
      Which until the latter half of the 20th century was tied to trespass under common law.


      ¿Do you have a Video Surveillance System install at your property or domicile with the capacity to Audio Record from within your domicile in order to present Factual Evidence of violations of your Rights & Titles perpetually granted to You & Yours directly from The Only Eternal Father Most Hight Posseser of Heaven & Earth who Alone formed the light & created the darkness His Domains?

      I suggest attending this weekends Conference in Los Angeles, at SouthWest Law School and taking the oppertunity to speak with Kathrine L.Carpenter Proffesor & Leader in the field of Constitution Law she would No Doubt aid you on the True Path to follow and obtaining True Justice for you & your Innocent Family, Friends, Neighbors, & Fellow country men, women, Children, Harried with such Evil Contempt.

      I speak a True Song

      As Yehovah Lives, so should we

    • Mr. D

      Hi Andrew – so sorry they harrassed you like that.

      Question – Do you reside in the city of Riverside or in an unincorporated area of Riverside county? Just curious.

  94. randy j summers

    Iwould like to know more about probation rules and guidelines / cans & cants for them . My wife is on probation & I am not , can they search our entire property & or residence & out buildings without a warrant/ They have no written consent from myself? really would like to hear from somebody,

  95. randy j summers

    Sorry I got sidetracked.


    • Son of Liberty Child of Freedom

      @ randy j summers,

      The questions you put forth, I would say are not completely off Topic and do merit a answer by the many persons who dwell in the same position as You & Yours.

      I would argue the questions you put forth will shed Light upon UnKnown or UnSeen violations & abuses by Big Government agents at all levels that can serve in the Interest of Justice for those who have been Mistreated & Abused who now find themselves Innocent yet Guilty by Association!

      An “Association Fallacy” is an informal “Inductive Fallacy of the hasty-generalization or red-herring type and which asserts, by “Irrelevant Association” and often by appeal to emotion, that:

      Qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another.

      Two types of Association Fallacies are sometimes referred to as:

      Guilt by Association and Honor by Association – aka
      The Hallo Effect.


      “I would like to know more about probation rules and guidelines / cans & cants for them . My wife is on probation & I am not , can they search our entire property & or residence & out buildings without a warrant/ They have no written consent from myself? really would like to hear from somebody,”

      ——- —— ——-

      The recent ruling by SCOTUS, I would say has captured this forums attention and would explain the lack of responses by those who walk upon the Paths that You & Yours find yourselves on.


      I encourage you to address:

      Nondescript, Lake County, Timmr, mike r, someone who cares, Drummer, & HOOKSCAR with true insight directly to assist You & Yours as they are True Gentlemen & Gentlewomen.

      I speak a True Song

      As Yehovah Lives, so should we

  96. The Unforgiven

    Regardless of whether or not a person engages with the police when they visit, they do have some sort of paper they are attempting to have filled out. For me, it’s just a copy of my info straight from the Megan’s Law website which they request my signature. I have signed a couple in the past and currently deny to sign any more. They make some sort of note about that. Not interested in stirring the pot but frankly, I have no idea what they write when I don’t comply and I have not been given a reason to fully trust law enforcement. Whether or not I choose to comply, something is being written down. Should I, or all of us in this situation, request a copy of this paperwork?

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