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Living with 290

Living with 290: Are there any 290 registrant get off parole early ?

I am coming up on my 24 months of uninterrupted Parole you can get off the Parole early according to this CDCR adult Parole memo. I am about done with the Safer program in another month and I am a business owner. No violation. Has anybody seen any offenders get off early?

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  1. MovingOn

    It used to be basically never, but just recently I’ve heard of a few people getting off early. If you have no violations, all positive polygraphs, etc., and a very sympathetic agent and supervisor, then there might be a chance, but sadly, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  2. NMV

    I was sentenced to 5 years parole. Got off parole at the 3 year mark. I tried at the 1 year and 2 year mark and they didn’t go for it. However, on the 3rd year I guess the stars and planets lined up. I wasn’t even a model parolee. I caused all sorts of grief for my PO. Nothing that could get me violated though. Maybe they just got sick of me.

  3. td777

    While I was on parole, I knew a few who were discharged early. However, these seemed more random than based on anything else.

  4. R. Flagg

    NMV how did you try at 1 and 2 years? Just curious. when i got released in september 2012 the papers i signed in prison said my parole would be 3 YEARS/CDD. I assumed it meant 3 years. When they updated the parole conditions and had me sign them again around 2013 or 2014 to the new form it now says 5 years or MAX CDD.

    • Nicholas Maietta

      I was sentenced to 3 years parole, but forced to be on parole 5 years. I was forced to sign that document too, in which i wrote down “Because i will go to jail for not signing this document, i am signing it.”.

  5. mk

    My hub was told by the judge when he was sentenced. 6 yrs prison, 3 yrs parole.
    When he’d done his 85% of his prison sentence, the papers said, 5 yrs parole.
    Last yr when we thought he only had one more yr to go, he was told, Nope. Its 10 yrs parole.
    I guess he’s lucky as when I was researching this, he could have gotten 20 yrs parole.
    Makes me sick. All of it. Just makes me sick.

  6. NMV

    The judge dictates the parole length. So if your parole is being extended beyond what the judge order, I would contact an attorney and take it before a judge. If your crime was considered violent, you more then likely will not get off early. For non-violent crimes you are reviewed at the 12/24/36/48 month mark for ealy release per the title 15. Of course you may have to point this out to the parole department. Read the Title 15 and use it to your advantage.

    • ValueGirl

      NMV, any ideas where I can find Title 15 to read? Also, anyone know about getting off of parole for Federal (lifetime) for non-violent low risk offenders? Anyone know of an Attorney that specializes in Federal? I’ve been to Chance (and he’s awesome) but kind of want to find someone who lives and breaths in the Federal stuff…

    • Randall flagf

      I have my original parole conditions i signed the first day i reported to the parole office upon my release in 2012. They say 3 years/cdd. They had everyone sign “updated” condtitions that now say 5 years. I attend the weekly “treatment” classes as required by parole and alot of guys in there were complaining about the same thing. Someone mentioned that there was a class action to fight it but i haven’t been able to find any information on it

  7. Standup

    Im in the exact same situation. I took a plea deal, did my time. I have been on parole for 2 years.
    under PC 3001(a) I’m going along thinking I have a chance to get off at the 2 years,30 days as stated.
    Just had my case review (every six months here in Sac.) I was told I had 5 year parole, i explained that My
    plea specified not to exceed 3 years, it was suggested that the judge made a mistake.
    I was further told that with 5 year parole I would be released at the 3 year mark. (again in PC3001 (a))
    Does anyone know what Parole is citing for this change in length. They must have passed a law that is retroactive, but can’t override a Judges orders.

    • eduardo lopez

      review jessica’s law. in there states that they can give up to 10 year parole.

    • Ccc

      Me to its crazy ‘like what the judge said dont mattet

  8. Jim

    I had the same question some time ago about California 290 Parolees, and sent Janice an email… she responded to me that (at the time of my email) she had not heard of any California 290 Parolee being released early, only probationers.

    I am not sure where the comments to the question about early discharge originated from… but in California, specifically Lake and Mendocino Counties, Parole will not discharge any parolee 290 registrant off of parole early – period! I was first told this at my initial meeting with my parole agent, and again, recently during my containment meeting. In fact, it was during this meeting that out of the supervises mouth came the words: “It’s a liability issue, and we will not take that risk.” Specifically, he was referring to what happened with the Stacy Dugard case in the San Francisco Bay Area, and how CDCR Parole failed horrifically. Although 290 Parolees qualify for early discharge just as any other parolee, no one up here will put their signature on any form recommending that a sex offender be released from supervision early.

    That being said, probation (in an adjoining county) has a whole different philosophy. It is not uncommon to hear of 290 probationers being released early… more so if their offense was a misdemeanor, or could be a misdemeanor.

    I recently was paroled after serving 25 years. I saw the same knee jerk response from the BPT towards lifers, and denying parole due to their crime. It wasn’t until the lifers took the BPT and the governor to court, that the Court ordered the BPT to stop using the nature of the offense as a reason to deny parole. It is my opinion that the same is true here… Not until we take parole to court, and address their blanket denial of early discharge (which is not a right – but should be considered under “equal protection”) … The fact is, we cannot change what we did – we can never take back the hurt, neither could the lifers take back there offenses.

    • Frank

      I’m from ca, regarding early discharge from parole as a 290 registrant. ALL registrants who are on parole will complete their whole time on parole. I did a solid 3 and had I not been a registrant I would have easily qualified for early discharge. During those 3 years not one registrant that I knew in our group was discharged earlier than given.

    • Erwin

      The Stacey Duggard case is one of those things that make my blood boil. To this day, I can’t comprehend how the state of California paid out $20 million dollars to her. They say it was an error in the parole system. But any sensible person wouldn’t think a parolee is imprisoning someone in their backyard shed. The main purpose of parole is to make sure you’re in your home, following rules and not causing trouble. The man’s house was checked & he was in his home. The state could have beat that case but Schwarzenegger went ahead anyways and wrote the check even at a time when California was in financial difficulties. However, many defendants falsely accused and released from the CA penal system get peanuts in restitution. I never forget Frank Lucero who’s pleas for glaucoma medication went ignored at the Chino Institute for men. Not until his eyeball exploded did staff pay attention to him. And after he was out, blinded in one eye and after years of litigation, the state finally decided to pay him half a million. Now that’s a far cry from giving $20 million to someone who suffered at the hands of individuals not in the care of the state.

    • Nicholas noussias

      My index 290 registerable offense dates back to 1980 and I discharged in 13 months. All other offense since we’re for drug possession. Due to the change in the registrants laws I had to do 3 years no violation’s. The agent is stuck on 3 yrs. Parole. Which is contrary to the PC 3000 cdd for 290’s

  9. jovan100

    I was considered not violent not serious Cal Penal Code 1192.7(C) and Cal Penal Code 667.5(C)…. those are the codes that list the violent and serious offense (whether force..etc. was present and certain victim age regardless of circumstance mandate those considerations) In any event my charges did not fall under any of those codes. While incarcerated in a CDCR facility I had what was called a classification meeting where it was presented to me that I would have certain restrictions on visits, store, jobs etc due to my being a violent/serious felon.. I objected and stopped the proceedings much to the chagrin of the assistant wardens, counselors and prison police brass that were present) I requested documentation regarding the classification that were labeling me because it differed from the information I had. The Warden made the person present reverse the error in the record on the spot after a review of my record and actual charges were considered. …Apologies,… but I deviate from the full thrust of this post. Prior to release I met with a counselor who somehow had the same wrong information and she informed me that I would have a 5 year parole with extreme restrictions (ankle monitor..etc). But there is a penal code which addressed this as well. So when she presented me to sign the release document I refused stating that it was in contradiction to my charges and my case in its entirety. She stated that without signing I would not be released until I finished the two years left on my sentence. I told her that was fine because it was wrong (There is a possible myth and if do chose to do your entire sentence without accepting your good time credit that they cannot legally compel you to sign into any parole or probation scheme….. I don’t know about that one …. it kinda sounds plausible) .. sorry I deviate again. So I filed and internal challenge to my pre-release information conviction CDCR FORM 602 and after a couple of weeks I met with that counselor again who apologized and then informed me (and believe this was beyond what I was even expecting … The Great GOD JAH..was smiling down on me that day..) She informed me (I was paroled (I should say released from prison custody.. because I was not paroled).. I was released under Governor Browns NEW PRCS (Post Release Community Supervision program….which was not a parole at all..The statute is under Penal Code 3000 – 3006..regarding the rules on Parole terms …etc.. Part of it is listed here.
    Now when I went back to my bunk that day and informed others what had happened I asked some career guys what would have happened if I had signed the original paper submitted to me. They stated that although it did not pertain to my case … that is what I would have got stuck with.
    (e) The provisions of Section 3042 shall not apply to any hearing
    held pursuant to this section.
    3001. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, when any
    person referred to in paragraph (1) of subdivision (b) of Section
    3000 who was not imprisoned for committing a violent felony, as
    defined in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5, has been released on
    parole from the state prison, and has been on parole continuously for
    one year since release from confinement, within 30 days, that person
    shall be discharged from parole, unless the Department of
    Corrections recommends to the Board of Prison Terms that the person
    be retained on parole and the board, for good cause, determines that
    the person will be retained. Notwithstanding any other provision of
    law, when any person referred to in paragraph (1) of subdivision (b)
    of Section 3000 who was imprisoned for committing a violent felony,
    as defined in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5, has been released on
    parole from the state prison for a period not exceeding three years
    and has been on parole continuously for two years since release from
    confinement, or has been released on parole from the state prison for
    a period not exceeding five years and has been on parole
    continuously for three years since release from confinement, the
    department shall discharge, within 30 days, that person from parole,
    unless the department recommends to the board that the person be
    retained on parole and the board, for good cause, determines that the
    person will be retained. The board shall make a written record of
    its determination and the department shall transmit a copy thereof to
    the parolee.

  10. Mike r

    good for you joven I hope you made them give you your halftime credits for a non-violent offense. I had to fight like hell through the 602 appeal for over a year to get my halftime credits. it knocked over two years off my sentence and I believe that they are doing this to a lot more people who just aren’t educated enough or just ignorant and believe everything cdc tells them. I had sergeants captains and even the annuals that you get once a year all tell me i wasn’t getting halftime and that my offense was a violent offense which although it is considered a serious felony it was not a violent offense. I just wonder how many people that they have done this to and gotten away with it.

  11. Anon 2308422

    keeping things to a minimum..when I was in recep I was told Ill do 85% on my case (1st term) cause it was violent. My sex charges were NOT force (286/288)… the letter after the number designates if it was force or if it was <14 (less than 14 is always called force).. mine was a <18. so I got it FIXED as I have another felony that was SERIOUS but not violent. So reception fixed it to 50% time. Then I got to my designated, and at committee I was told it was 85% I said NO my sex wasnt forceful (the charge wasnt)… the LAME said "Anal sex is forceful" I said Ill have my attorney get a hold of you , I got a reply "Ohhh you must have a good attorney" I said no I have a appellate defender… about a month later… BAM.. CORRECTED to 50%, then 4 mos later, I saw the SAME LAME CC2, and I told her… "told you so" she felt 2 inches tall haha… I DID not have that 667.x charge. so in closing you HAVE TO STAND UP TO THE CDCR… paperwork 22/602's etc… after all spend your time figting for what you know s right or what you think is right. Funny thing here is NONE of my sex charges force me to 290 register but my 311 does (child porn) so go figure. And I got a STRIKE in my case, but that is NOT for a sex charge !

  12. Standup

    Ive been at this for better than a year now. researched a lot , but nothing !
    Has anyone found a successful challenge to CDCRs increased parole length ?
    I have been on parole for 3+ years, was supposed to get off at the 3 year mark.
    (Per the terms of my plea agreement.) was only supposed to be on parole up to 3 years.
    Was told the law was changed. But that violates Ex-post facto.
    Looking for a good Lawyer in Sacramento area to challenge this.
    Any tips or support is appreciated.
    Strength in numbers.

  13. Ccc

    Me to its crazy ‘like what the judge said dont mattet

  14. Greg

    I’m still looking for an attorney, any attorney to take this case. I brought this to Janice’s attention initially in 2014. She said she would try and help at first but I guess she got too big. She’s busy taking on cities, counties, and states. I was 6 months from being discharged when I went to resign parole conditions. My parole was extended from 3 years to 10 years. I now have over 5 years of clean parole with no violations. Unfortunately, no relief either. No one can help, that’s what I’ve figured out. Everyone says they’ve heard of somebody who has got relief but nobody actually knows them. If they do, my name is Greg. Hit me up at 325-864-5386. California Parole isn’t a joke and I want off.

    • Shawn


      I am dealing with the same thing. My deal stated that I would do no more than 4 years, then CDCR changed it to 5 and when I got out they moved it to 10.

      I also tried to get hold of Janice, and she is not easy to contact. No help there.

      My case is a single count of 288(a). I was paroled to Kern County where many other guys in our situation have also found themselves on 10 years with no explanation.

      You should contact K.C. Taylor at Root and Rebound. They offer free legal assistance and she is trying to help me and others like us. They have been following this issue and can answer a few of your questions pretty easily. From what I understand, Sacramento is saying a law changed in 2011 and it simply took them until now to implement it. No one really buys the explanation.

      Anyway, here is the email address:
      K.C. Taylor:

      She has been a wealth of information. I highly recommend sending her an email. Tell she her Shawn sent you.

      • Greg

        Brother, I appreciate it. I will contact her tomorrow. That’s the first thing I’ve heard that sounds promising since this nightmare started. Thank you a million times over, even if it leads to nowhere. I’ve heard this law applied retroactively to Sept. 2010. My crime was committed in Nov 2010 and I was sentenced in January of 2011. Thank you Shawn

        • Shawn

          No problem. I know how you feel, there is a hopelessness that accompanies parole. When they arbitrarily extend the amount of time you must remain on it, you begin to wonder what is preventing them from keeping us on parole for life. If they do that, it won’t matter what laws change, because we will have a life sentence.

          Keep us posted on your progress. I hope K.C. can help.

        • Greg

          I have got in touch with her and I’m excited to see what magic she can possibly work. We will speak Friday. Thanks again amigo

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