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CA: State high court upholds post-prison rules for sex offenders

Sex offenders in California who have completed their prison sentences must comply with strict monitoring conditions while on probation, including undergoing lie-detector tests about their conduct and receiving treatment from therapists who can reveal their secrets to a probation officer, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday.

Although offenders must take part in the lie-detector interrogation and therapy, none of their answers can be used to file or prove new criminal charges against them, the court said. The goal, instead, is to monitor the former inmates and prevent future crimes, the justices said.

That requires probation officers to gain “complete and accurate information about a probationer’s prior victims, the probationer’s access to potential new victims and the high-risk behavior unique to that sex offender,” Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar said in the unanimous ruling. Full Article


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  1. Shaking my head

    Yet another big decision based upon this false belief that RSOs are high risk for recidivism. I hope this case makes it to the Supreme Court.

    • b

      lie detector test…. if you feel you are not a liar in the real world . you will become a master at lying over this decision since they cant use it against you go ahead and lie baby and exaggerate , study TRUMP ,,, i heard their going to make them pay for the test judge dope why not pay for own drug when ones sentence to death thats next …….. stay tune for the next comedy hour

    • b

      supreme court, hmm, good luck to that deal, as we speak hearings on cspan to nominate trumps pick for the court and hes a righteeeeeeeee,,,,,,,,, bad luck for us

  2. brunello

    Once again, the high-risk canard…

  3. G4Change

    “…Cuéllar noted that California has 75,000 registered sex offenders..”

    “In addition to discussing SB 695, the CASOMB reported that there are now 104,123 registrants on the state’s registry…”

    Hey, Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, YOU’RE AN IDIOT! Get your ass off the bench if you can’t even quote a simple statistic that was released 4 days ago before opening your pie hole!!!

    Seriously, can’t we remove judges that are incompetent morons??????

  4. mike t

    “You want the truth? YOU CAN”T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!”

  5. Would appeal this ruling based on Colorado ruling

    This should be appealed using the ruling from 10th Circuit, U.S. v. Brian Von Behren (No. 15-1033), and see where it goes. No one can be compelled to answer. In addition, I would also challenge on HIPPA law violation possibility if therapy info is shared vs mandatory reporting if there is nothing to mandatorily report.

  6. PIA

    ” including undergoing lie-detector tests ”

    Such a test DOESNT EXIST ! !! Hasnt been invented yet !!! WAKE UP FOOLS AT SHARPER FUTURE !!!

    as for them “Polygraphy’s” they dont detect LIES ! Although when I WAS on parole they asked me MANY Questions (california) and I LIED ON ALL OF THEM…. nothing ABNORMAL DETECTED ! ahha
    from what I can tell… this Judge, CA STATE PAROLE and SHARPER FUTURE !… all FOOLS believing in fake science, maybe this judge should put his “LIE DETECTOR” on to tv and some FAKE NEWS ahahah

  7. mike r

    it’s all about keeping the beast fed..high risk of re offense, only the most serious crimes are on public notification….lie lie lie…what why and how can attorneys not challenge these false data they keep spewing from those nasty mouths that go home and kiss their wives and kids with ??? they must transfer evil like a disease…

  8. David

    More response to the frightening and high recidivism falsehood!! They need to forget [s]ex offenders and start applying this to all the gang thugs they keep releasing – such as the ones committing REAL crimes in neighborhoods like mine (not like the make-believe dirty-old-man-in-the-trenchcoat crimes that haunt their overly fertile judicial imaginations!)

  9. NotLikingCA

    I’m so thankful for the polygraphs. They made my time on parole measurably better, including many conditions removed, better report with agents, etc.
    I took 5 over my time on parole and passed all 5. At least two times I had containment meetings following a polygraph and was able to get conditions removed as a result.
    For example, I had the no contact with minors condition and was seeking to be able to see my niece, who was 2 at the time. Following my first polygraph, not only was I able to see her, but the condition was changed to no contact with 13-17.
    I started off with a 10pm curfew and following my first polygraph it changed to midnight. After my second polygraph I was able to get curfew removed altogether.

    So, while I don’t support this decision or the logic used to arrive there, I am quite thankful polygraphs were in place while I was on parole, and I dispute any notion that they can only hurt you (which I believe Janice has said on occasion).

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