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ACSOL Conference to Identify Solutions to Daily Challenges Faced by Registrants

ACSOL will host a conference on June 16 and 17 in Los Angeles focused upon solutions to daily challenges faced by U.S. registrants, family members, and those who support them. The conference will address topics of interest to registrants and family members throughout the nation such as housing, employment, domestic and international travel, parole and probation conditions, as well as post-conviction relief.

“This conference was created for you, the registrant and your family members. It was not created for professionals in this field. You will be immersed in a supportive environment full of others who experience similar challenges,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

The conference will include four national speakers and 24 workshops. Keynote speakers include sociologist Emily Horowitz, law professors Catherine Carpenter and Ira Ellman, as well as attorney Larry Dubin. Emily will share the exciting results of her recent research that reveals the truth and debunks the myths regarding registrants. Catherine will discuss the unconstitutionality of registration systems throughout the nation. Ira will discuss past mistakes of the U.S. Supreme Court, including its decision that registration is not punishment, as well as pending opportunities the Court has to correct them. Larry will share what he has learned as the father of a son who is both autistic and a registrant.

The conference workshops will provide information regarding housing and employment opportunities, family issues, emotional support groups, immigration, advocacy, LGBTQ rights, as well as parole and probation conditions. Workshops will be led by Chance Oberstein, Pamela George, Alex Gittinger, JoEllen Wiggington, Janice Bellucci, and others. Panelists include criminal defense attorneys Alex Landon, Dylan Ford, and Laura Arnold, who litigated the landmark Taylor decision in the California Supreme Court regarding residency restrictions.

It’s easy to sign up for the conference online by clicking on the conference banner at the top of every page on our website or at The early-bird rate of $95 is only available until April 30. The cost of the conference includes morning and afternoon snacks as well as lunch on Saturday. Scholarships are available for those who serve as volunteers. Please send inquiries regarding volunteer opportunities to

Housing opportunities are also available for conference attendees. Anyone interested in sharing housing should send inquiries to Roger at

ACSOL Conference Web Site / Sign Up

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  1. Thoughtasweak

    I’m excited to attend this years conference. I learned a lot when I was able to attend a NRSOL conference, and this years ACSOL conference has a good list of speakers and topics I am looking forward in hearing.

    Also I love to get to know other families and registrants, as well as hear their experiences.

  2. Margaret Moon

    I’ve already signed up for the conference.
    I would like to encourage anyone who is not sure about coming that these conferences are not only informative because of the great speakers, they are also a wonderful way to help with the feelings of isolation that come with our situation. You will have an opportunity to meet and talk with other wonderful people who will understand exactly where you are coming from and know that you are a “normal” person who has been catapulted into a catastrophic place. I hope I see lots of you there.

  3. I wish

    I wish I could go to this event but I am currently on parole and wearing an ankle monitor. I’m free without freedom. Will this event be recorded for those of us that can’t go? I would be willing to pay for it. Thank you. I have so many questions.

    • Janice Bellucci

      For those on parole or probation, please ask your parole/probation officer for permission to attend the conference. We believe the some, but perhaps not all, parole/probation officers will allow the registrants they supervise to join us.

  4. Roger

    Hope! That is the #1 thing I received when I attended NRSOL conference.

    I felt hope because I found that I wasn’t alone. I found that trying to hide in my “rabbit hole” and avoiding making waves DIDN’T WORK because the legislative “foxes” kept dragging me out of my hole with their never-ending new punitive laws. I learned then that what DOES WORK is to be united in fighting for justice. I met people who I could relate to and who shared a common dream: swinging the pendulum back in registrant’s favor. And I heard speakers describe how I could do my part in helping to push that pendulum back toward sanity.

    This conference was created for US REGISTRANTS and OUR SUPPORTERS, NOT for specialists in the field of registrants. It is a practical way to learn what we can do to make a difference, and when we take action, we feel HOPE! It’s incredibly low cost. It’s near tens of thousands of registrants and their supporters in Southern California. What’s not to like?

    It took Janice and others a lot of work to put together this great conference. Let’s support it, especially those living near the conference.

    • LeTimmr

      Okay, I just bought tickets for two (I’m going even though you once told me I am not welcome. Hee, hee).

      • anonymouse

        I read @Roger’s comments here, and I watched his testimony in opposition to SB 26(?). He was much more eloquent than the State Senator. I doubt he would say such a thing…. heee.

        That said, I attended the RSOL conference in LA, organized by CA RSOL, a few years back. Worth every penny. I doubt you will be disappointed come June.

        • LeTimmr

          Thank you, I look forward to it.
          Happy ressurection day to all RC’s.

      • Don't absond!

        Don’t abscond when you do go to the conference! Someone in the big bad nanny government might get worried you are trying to leave without telling anyone even when it is not done clandestinely!

        I say ask an LEO to spell abscond and then use it in a sentence to see if they know what it truly means…..

  5. I wish

    My parole supervisor won’t let me go to a movie theater, to church, (without a letter from the church taking full responsibility for my presence) or to the gym, since gyms have daycare. He’s not going to let me go to LA. He doesn’t seem to be a big fan of anyone who must register.

    • Wrong Gym

      If you are trying to go to a gym with a daycare, you are obviously going to the wrong gym. Go to a gym where there is enough room for exercising and locker rooms only where exercise is taken seriously, not the family fun pack. The manicured gyms are overrated and overpriced. If you cannot find a gym that takes exercise seriously, start your own workout then outside the gym and screw the Parole Sup who wants to track your movements.

      • Harry

        Those whom are on the 290 wall of shame, especially those with the child offense marks, need to pay attention to perception. I for one, avoid anything that get me close to kids. I avoid people with kids and places with kids. I purposely choose a church that has little or no children to minimize wrongful perceptions. If, this church get a bunch kids, I will leave.

  6. Registry Rage

    “Challenges?!” It’s more like a life-ending impediment for me. No one should have to live in survival mode forever while walking on eggshells and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I feel as though my life under siege and attack 24/7. I’m a prisoner of my own life because I’m forced to live a lie. Megan’s law exploits unwarranted fear and the presumption of risk.

  7. Mark

    If there is but one resounding lesson life has taught me, it is to fight for that which is important and if you fail, get you back up and fight some more. Those who think they can – will. Those that think they can’t – won’t.

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