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OC’s district attorney sounds off against 3 Senate bills that would change the state’s bail system, sex-offender registry and laws for gun crimes

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and victims’ rights advocates sounded off on Monday against three state Senate bills that would make sweeping changes to California’s bail system, sex-offender registry and sentencing laws for gun crimes. Full Article

OCDA Statement


San Jose Police Union Opposes State Sex Offender Bill

Police Union speaks out against sex offender bill

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  1. Jack

    And here we go….another right-wing nazi sympathizer from Orange County. I’m so surprised.

  2. Joe123

    These well intentioned, misguided people should really start by monitoring people that have Violent tendencies. The vast majority of physical sex offenses didn’t involve violence. You have a few rare cases and suddenly these knee-jerk reactions drive asinine laws that destroy families and freedoms. It’s ridiculous. Do people not try to look at an issue from both sides anymore? Any human being with a soul will feel bad about what this woman’s child went through, but that is in the extreme minority of cases.

  3. C

    That OC DA is such a Tea Bag. Nothing would make me happier than to see him go down in flames like that other OC creep, Mike “America’s Sheriff” Carona.

  4. D

    I love how the DA assigned that this will retroactively change plea agreements. He didnt seem to mind when more punishment is retroactively applied to registrants.

    “The People will not be given the benefit of their bargain in plea agreements. Many offenders who have pleaded guilty over the past 30 years have pled to offenses which under the SB 421 would not require lifetime registration. However, in many of these cases, the People considered the registration requirement as an important tool to enhance public safety. We used this tool to determine a just disposition, and to communicate the fact of lifetime registration to our victims. SB 421 would retroactively apply the new tier system to offenders whose offenses have already been adjudicated.”

    • kind of living

      I am not sure exactly what your saying??? but it sounds like if a plea was made the Reg would be over for those that made those pleas were years ago, what am I missing here ? I guess I need to go over this bill with someone that has a much better understanding of it than I do , but it sounds like now you see it now you don’t

  5. T

    It’s all nonsense about how victims are speaking out and wanting more tough laws for monitoring and notification of registrants based on fear, anger, and aggression, which leads to pain and suffering. These people need to think about what they’re asking for because registrants have families too and have lives to live. The reason why they want more tough laws is not for protection but for vengeance and are driven by emotional distress to not let things go and learn to forgive and seek professional help and resolution instead of going to their legislators to pass tough laws that will make matters worse.

    • T

      I meant to say is that victims need to learn to forgive and resolve their issues wisely and seek professional help instead of going to their legislators to pass tough laws that will make matters worse than what we see in these SOR laws being passed by our corrupted government.

      • Timmr

        When your life is ruined, it is a natural response to lash out at others who remind you of your attacker. Though the justice system was supposed to balance out base passions for violence, and prison is institutionalized violence, but ours reinforces them. Offenders have at times used that excuse and were told that is unjustified and immoral. But if you can cloak that revenge in the invisibility mantel of public safety, you can seek revenge to your hearts content, which as I have seen by some of these victim’s right advocates are never content anyway. Problem is you will never slake your thirst for revenge. It is a hungry ghost that can only be diminished by not feeding it.

        • kind of living

          @timmr ,,, some of the victims have been spoon feed from day one , and sometimes the pain is all they feel they have left , and I understand that feeling , but when it turns to hate rather than someone missing in there life it becomes unhealthy , these people I understand how they feel and its very sad , the people that make me angry are the arm chair as# mites that just love the drama and causing pain on people they don’t even know , and create more drama to other people and there family , RC’s have no way to move on ,

  6. Nicholas Maietta

    Wonder what that guy’s got hidden in his closet. On second thought, I don’t want to know. Time and time again we keep seeing those in a position of power, influence and control over people’s lives thrown into a spotlight for some very serious criminal activities later on. It usually tends to happen to those who are publicly trying to target sex offenders, regardless of circumstances, history or time since conviction. These kind of people need to be monitored. Ever bit of their activities warrant being placed under a microscope.

    Unfortunately these kind of people also tend to live far beyond a typical life expectancy.

  7. Nondescript

    You can be a sponsor of Erin Runnions Joyful Child Foundation for a mere 25,000 a year. It auctions off diamond watches, and French Chateau vacation packages. It recently presented a Citizen Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award to District Attorney Tony Rackauckas , who happens to need a a quick distraction. Quid pro quo?

    Grand jury alleges sexual misconduct at Orange County District Attorney’s office


      👍 Nothing like circling the wagons at the last minute. 😂😂😂 . Was just waiting for the gophers to poke there heads out of the ground. Amazing!!!!!

    • kind of living

      Nondescript ,,, lol well the pretender shark is bleeding , lets see what the rest of the sharks are going to do , as long as a larger shark don’t show up and run the rest off his game is OV ,

  8. G4Change

    I am SO SICK of this D-Bag! Can Orange County just secede from the Union already! Bye bye!

  9. R

    Did everyone watch the eyes of both men as she was talking? It would be amusing if it wasn’t so serious…both men looked so nervous, like they were fearing discovery of something especially the man on the left….kept looking everywhere….I wonder……..

  10. Lake County, CA

    Orange County DA’s office has current complaints that are being investigated by the state Attorney General and the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

  11. Living the Lie

    I like the comments and observations in this thread. I also think everyone here should post on the articles comments section. Stand up and be heard.

    • C

      Done and I hope you did as well. There was only one other comment besides mine.

      • Living the Lie

        Thats odd; when I posted in this thread I had just finished posting a comment under anonQ I believe, and there were at least 5 or 6 other comments.

  12. someone who cares

    Is Erin Runnion for real? She is mentioning that as a blanket rule, 10,000 offenders are immediately removed from the registry, and that this is a bad idea? She is the one judging everyone as a blanket opinion. If she took the time to research the 10,000 offenders whose offense go back to 1987, she would realize that most have moved on with their lives to live a good life with families of their own, never having re-offended again. But, she is too busy running her ridiculous campaign. She is asking how one would feel if their child was sexually assaulted, and how it is the least they can do to monitor that person for the rest of their life. Wake up Erin because you are not worried about the killers out there or the drug dealers who will lure your children into using drug or the drunk drivers who are a daily threat to your beloved children. She really needs to get a life and start sounding more intelligent when bringing up this nonsense. It almost seems like she can’t change her opinion anymore since that is what she is known for and she needs to keep this appearance.

    • C

      I tend to cut people like her a lot of slack. Her little girl was murdered by a sick, twisted monster who deserves only a slow painful death.
      As a father I can’t imagine the nightmare Samantha faced and her parents have to live everyday.
      I’m not sure it is fair, however, for the person who experienced the worst of the worst kind of crime to be the poster child for laws punishing perpetrators of much lesser crimes.

      • Tired Of Hiding

        These parents who become “professional” victims sicken me!

        Everyone’s family has faced a tragic situation. Perhaps not as tragic as this arguably is but tragic nevertheless. Most handle it and move on but these twisted parents see it as an opportunity.

        John Walsh jumps immediately to mind and his endless self promotion to keep himself going as a “D” list celebrity and how he has made money off the tragic murder of his kid for decades now! Enough already! Have some dignity!

        Just pathetic – these people must enjoy the pain that they bring countless families! Who are the real hate filled monsters? Perhaps these people should look in the mirror when they answer that question!


          You can add Erin Runnion to the list. So far has refused to accept the recommendations of law enforcement and DA’s offices in improving public safety. None of you are responsible for her child’s rape and murder, but she doesn’t see it that way.

          I just responded to her on the YouTube channel, which was linked to from this website. She, or her organization is scouring these comments. I also hid her comment from view as it seems to promote their agenda rather than protecting children like her organization’s mission statement seems to promote. Her opposition to this bill is a very clear indicator she is very much emotional about the loss of her child and has not figured out where to channel her anger. That saddens me.

      • Timmr

        C’mon, people, this isn’t about Runnion or her pain. That is the straw man fallacy, that it is about her. It is about thousands of victims whose oppressors will not be stopped because a family is afraid they will get destroyed instead of helped. It is about an over bureacratized system built upon the pain of victims that doesn’t work to do what it says it will do. It is about 1000’s of registrants living in gutters or working way under skill level and education and the negative consequenses for safety putting people in that sort of environment has.

        • T

          I have a question wouldn’t Adam Walsh qualify as a straw figure fallacy for getting the Adam Walsh Act passed done by the DOJ with John Walsh?

        • Nondescript

          Yes. There are 13 logical fallacies outlined by Aristotle, and most of them have been used by those who wish to perpetuate the sex offender registries. The media uses them, the politicians use them and ALL of these parents ( of murdered children) are well trained and scripted to use a variety of these fallacious arguments to further their causes and keep the money coming in.

          -Argumentum ad ignorantiam ( appealing to the ignorant)
          -Argumentum ad nauseam ( repeat it enough and it becomes true)
          -Argumentum ad numerum ( Runnion used this one today when she said ” the vast majority of the public agrees with her”

          The problem for them is that no one is really listening to them anymore.

        • Timmr

          We hope. But my concern was with us giving some credit to their grieving parents argument. The registry and giving solice for tragic death have no logical connection.

    • Chris F

      I can understand why she is obsessed with this:

      I’m sorry for her loss. She must be devastated that her 5 year old and another child with her had talked to this murderer for a minute first in the front yard, and that nobody but that other child was in earshot to hear her screaming when she was forced into his car. I know if that happened to my 5 year old daughter, I would probably go insane with the grief and wishing I hadn’t left a child that young out of sight long enough for that to happen. I can see where her only way to stay sane is to blame the system for such a tragedy, as the alternative is pretty unthinkable.

      Since the murderer was “previously acquitted” on sexual assault charges and never convicted, he never would have been on the sex offender registry and nothing but common parenting sense could have prevented this girl’s tragedy.

      It’s a shame that her lust for punishing sex offenders is actually putting more children at risk, since family’s with a known abuser are less likely to turn him in due to the registry and that just leads to more victims.

    • Nondescript

      @ someone who cares:
      My thoughts exactly. How many people are on the California registry for kidnapping and murdering a child? Probably none. These parents turn their grief into crusades of infectuous hatred with the help of those in very high places with an agenda. They are willingly being used, steered, and probably making a lot of money from it. Frankly, it makes it kind of difficult to sympathize with their pain.

      • Someone who cares

        I would like to talk to Erin and have her actually show me proof of the statistics that supposedly show a high reoffense rate rather than having her repeat the same old lies over and over again. I would stop her in her tracks, ask her to stop sounding like a parrot and demand to see whatever she is basing her opinion on. Making statements like she does demand some sort of proof and I would not let up until she provides that proof. Just give me 10 names of offenders who reoffended. She would not be able to deliver that evidence and she would realize that her own husband or any friend or relative of hers would have a better chance in harming her child.

  13. 290 air

    In contrast to what Rakookis says, what about people who took a plea bargain based on the fact that they could be off the registry in 10 years as was the law in 1997 and in my case. Then they changed it a few years later. Isn’t that the same thing he is arguing just going the other direction? I took a plea bargain after the DA convinced me i could be off in 10 years, now 20 years later i’m still on there and it’s for life now. Love the double standards.

  14. USA

    I went to OC years ago with an expunged offense/summary probation. History! The DA was nuts! They do whatever they can to win! I’ve never seen anything like this! I find OC’s Judicial System to be very unjust!

  15. Aero1

    Anybody know how the hearing on SB 421 went today ?????…thanks

  16. 1984

    I have nothing nice to say about local government in OC. Just worms in the fabric of our government causing below the surface rot. There has to be something fundamentally wrong in Orange County. Really unhappy individuals taking it out on others.

    They want to spend tax payers monies and punish, punish and punish. Lets not fix the problems, lets keep the general public in the dark and scared. Their money is easier to spend when people are scared and uniformed. All in the dark shadow of public safety. What a sham.

    Why are they ignoring their own data? No one else is.

  17. Thoughtasweak

    SB421 Passed! We had over 70 people show up in support of the bill, and only 2 in opposition

  18. Eric Knight

    Back in 2011, I predicted to Rackaukas’ face (actually his associate), as well as the five Orange County supervisors, that their proposed park ban for sex offenders was going to get torn down. Janice and company tore it down over the next few years as predicted.

    So there is ammunition to use for the senate and assembly judicial committees to ponder.

  19. MichaelRS

    Having Erin Rinnion there was nothing more than emotional propaganda.

    While what happened to little Samantha was certainly god-awful, the guy that did it to her was NOT a registered sex offender at the time.

    Having Erin Runnion there creates the impression in the minds of people who are not familiar with the details of the case, and that is the VAST majority of people, that Samantha was killed by a registered sex offender. And so therefore the underlying message is;
    Look what that dirty registered sex offender did to that little girl. They are ALL just like him. Therefore we have to keep punishing ALL of them for the rest of their lives.

  20. Cool CA RC

    I feel like there a battle between North CA and South CA.

    • kind of living

      Cool Ca RC ,,,, here we go again , what about us in central CA ,lol , do we have to flag ? , No really that is an old war over many things , like water, taxes , as well as laws at times , maybe your right , why is it you say that ?

      • Timmr

        You are neutral like Switzerland in WWII? Take the Nazi gold but don’t send back the escapies that cross the border????

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