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CA: 29 Palms sued over sex offender restrictions

TWENTYNINE PALMS — The city of Twentynine Palms is being sued for keeping its residency restrictions for registered sex offenders.

The City Council will meet Monday, Sept. 11, to hold a public hearing and consider repealing the restrictions, which are laid out in its municipal code. Staff and the city attorneys are recommending that the council repeal the restrictions. Full Article

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  1. jo

    they line themselves up
    call Janice over
    paint targets on their foreheads
    and light themselves on fire.

    love it

  2. Q

    Geez; I can’t believe these cities and towns that think they have to debate weather or not they will repeal a unconstitutional law. I’m almost embarrassed to be an American when I think about what fools the citizenry are and allow themselves to be led about by their nose, and willingly accept the lies of the people in the state that push these lies that registrants are just waiting for an opportunity to nab some kid for nefarious purposes.

    Anyone notice the hearing is on 9/11? Well, if they want to crash their airplane into a building that’s their business. Just make sure the check is ready before hand!!!

  3. Eric Knight

    And here, in a nutshell, the ENTIRE issue involving registrant laws can be revealed.

    I’d have to side with the people,” Councilman McArthur Wright said. “The people are saying it bothers them and they don’t FEEL safe.”

    City Manager Frank Luckino told the council that the restrictions have not been enforced since the Supreme Court’s ruling. The only thing that will change if the city does repeal the ordinance is it will not be exposed to the lawsuit.

    The people infer registrants “bother them” and they “don’t FEEL safe” (emphasis mine). And yet, the damn ordinance hasn’t been enforced in years in the FIRST place.

    If the City Council repeals the contested portion of the municipal code, he said, the city can ask a judge to dismiss the suit.

    “These types of lawsuits are all about money,” Luckino said. “The quicker we get it done, the better.”

    No, numbnuts. These types of lawsuits are all about the CONSTITUTION, you moron!!

    • AJ

      @Eric Knight:
      Yeah, you hit on the same two items that jumped out at me in this piece.
      1) Let’s have a useless law on the books that gives citizenry a false sense of security. In that vein, why not just put a law in place saying burglars are not allowed within 2000′ of residences and businesses? Would that make them feel safe, too? The concept that more laws make people feel safer is a scary one…but, unfortunately, the direction of this country anymore. Likewise, federalizing something also somehow makes us safer. I have yet to see a law that has eradicated any particular crime; nor have I seen a punishment that has eradicated one.
      2) It’s all about the money? Dang, he’s sly…he’s seeing right through Janice. I always thought the C in ACSOL stood for Constitutional, but apparently 29 Palms has decided it stands for Cash. Maybe it *really* all stands for “All Cash Sucked Out of Legislatures”? What a doofus. The only money it’s about is that which is wasted by the governmental bodies in furthering the bogeyman theme and scheme.

      • New Person

        Crying about money?

        This reminds me of kids crying without ever being spanked and a mom saying to the child, “If you’d like, I can give you a real reason to cry.”

        Janice just gets money to cover her costs and not much more. Which is why she is constantly asking for donations to ACSOL. It’s not about money for ACSOL. But with all these stupid comments, maybe it’s high time to put a staple and charge an inexorbitant amount.

        What the judge in Co said that it’s people giving additional punishments is true just by the quote in this article… “feeling safe” negates actual scientific facts makes no logical sense.

    • AlexO

      It’s interesting the way our minds work when were able to accept and dismiss something using the exact same logic.

      Example (I’m going to generalize): when it comes to guns, liberals want gun-free zones while conservatives mock them as if something like that is going to prevent someone from bringing a gun if they wish to do harm.

      When it comes to RCs, liberals are now saying that these random laws are not going to prevent harm if someone really wanted to do something, while conservatives are now suddenly behind these invisible safe zones.

      I think both sides are correct in their arguments against each topic. There is no evidence such restrictions are going to prevent anything if someone seeks to do harm. All it does is stomp on people’s rights based on nothing more than feelings.

    • Q

      See what I mean about foolish? I’m beginning to think the word stupid would be more accurate.

  4. JoeHillsGhost

    I’d have to side with the people,” Councilman McArthur Wright said. “The people are saying it bothers them and they don’t feel safe.”

    The reason people don’t feel safe is because politicians have been lying about the danger of registered sex offenders for the past several decades.

  5. cool RC

    ““These types of lawsuits are all about money,” Luckino said. “The quicker we get it done, the better.””

    No Lnkino, it not about money it about human beings.

    • Follow the $

      I could be wrong but I think he was referring to the money it costs the city to argue in court. Hence he says do it quickly so the least amount of money needs to be spent.

  6. TS

    If they did not see this coming, then the desert sun and their own ignorance truly blinded them when they chose to not wear sunglasses to prepare for it.

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