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  1. PK

    For the first time, I actually heard a “fear mongering” political radio commercial. It was for the Virginia Governor’s Race sponsored by Ed Gillespie. The Ad was claiming his opponent Ralph Northam allowed:

    “Violent Felons and Sex Offenders to be able to restore their rights, and be eligible to vote” “Even one Sexual Predator was caught with over 300 child pornography images after he received his restoration of rights just 2 months prior” “Virginia needs a Governor who will protect citizens against these Violent Sexual Predators, and keep Those Felons in prison where they belong”

    Here we go again: painting ALL Sex Offenders with a Broad Brush- in order to USE and SLANDER ALL Sex Offenders for a political advantage.

    What about the poor a******* Sex Offender who was only convicted of a Misdemeanor and served no jail time?

    Not ALL Sex Offenders are Violent Felons and Sexual Predators Virginia Governor Candidate Ed Gillespie!

  2. It doesn’t work

    The Halloween sex crime numbers are really starting to come down!! P.O.’s going crazy tha halloweeen eve. Lots & lots of survaence all afternoon/night long. Ended prob around 10pm. Too bad the “unregistered” sex offenders (is, aunts, uncles, fathers, teachers, clergy etc) went about “their business” in droves, unmonitored. Sad, very sad.

    • AJ

      I’m sure they will hold up their activities as “proof” why there were no problems with RCs on Halloween. Once again, correlation does not mean causation…especially in this case!

  3. ma.concerned.citizen

    Reddit article about the passport markings. The general consensus is actually pretty positive. People get it.

  4. America's Most Hated

    They’re going to revoke our passports. I’ve never touched a child in my life and it’s going to say I sexually abused a minor. I wonder if I have to pay $135 again. I just bought this passport in June.

    Look at the comments at the bottom. But not if you get angered easily.

    • PK

      Not sure how they would go about doing that if you’ve already escaped and are living out of the country.

      • America's Most Hated

        I still live in the U.S. but I travel on vacation every year. It’s the only enjoyment I have left after ruining my life. Now they’re trying to take that too.

        • David Kennerly, Diminishing Shelf-Life

          Me too. I have close friends in other countries such as Taiwan and Vietnam who I may never get to see again. I went through this a decade or so back with the U.K., too where I also have friends who are now too old to travel here. It’s an abomination.

    • AJ

      Same boiler-plate story as everywhere else, now making it internationally. It seems nobody actually cares enough to dig into it, instead just regurgitating the AP wire. Not surprising.

  5. mike r

    Here’s a link one more time to my motion that is going to be heard on March 14. I have had several request to link to so here it is. It is up until Monday. Comments….

    • America's Most Hated

      Wow Mike. What a work of beauty. That must have taken thousands of hours of research, planning and writing.

      You made very clear arguments. You even brought up some I’d never considered. Indentured servitude? You concisely described how the sex offender registry applies under the four prong test to determine indentured servitude.

      I think this is magnificent work. I don’t know how even the most bullheaded judge could not agree with your points.

      I wish you the best of luck. You’re obviously too bright a man to be outcast from society like a piece of trash. I hope you win and finally get to live your life in peace.

    • Tim Moore

      I have not read this, but I will read it. I have looked at the process and the back and forth collaboration you and the others took. I like how you guys cooperated and you incorporated ideas not originally your own into the argument. I celebrate that collaboration among registrants.

    • E

      @mike r
      Trying to download on Sunday and it says no longer available. Arg. i so wanted to read this but was away on business and didn’t want to download on the road. Any chance of reposting? Sorry!

  6. Bill

    Anyone have new info on Michigan doe ruling, I know there working on it Ex po?

  7. mike r

    Love the comments. Friggin ignorant sheeple…..Sounds like one of USA’s comments, since he is so much better because he only had a battery with some type of sexual connection, but since it was reduced and expunged he is somehow more deserving of constitutional liberties then the rest of us…

  8. mike r

    Thats strange, I cannot view my motion from my phone from that link. Let me know if others are having trouble…

  9. Counting the days

    O.k. , I can kinda understand a felon having passport marking. But then All felons should have it. I do not approve it, but this government?

    But misdomeanors? Come on!

    • Davidh

      @counting the days

      It’s a circular argument that I dont know why it isn’t litigated in every court challenge on every issue???

      The government believes they have a right to combat a problem global in nature. Ok fine, you say but how about other felons or people with criminal convictions: equal protection under the law????

      What makes people convicted of an ever growing and changing list of offenses ex-post facto in many cases a greater risk of such a behavior: where has there ever been a procedural finding that you or I are such a risk????

      What I want to know is why isn’t that theme about a procedural hearing and finding not challenged in every case: it’s implicitly stated in every SO law on the books! They go through great lengths stating in legislation that the law isn’t intended to be punitive, yet disobeying such a law brings very, very punitive consequences.

      My god imagine failing to register a vehicle for the average citizen getting you 10 years in prison! Yeah sure we believe it’s better if people have registered and insured vehicles, but by what standard would it be considered rationale to punish someone in such a way?? why are these two civil violations treated differently??? I think we can say it’s because implicit in the laws is this idea that it is punishment.

      Three items need to be litigated in EVERY challenge:
      1. Procedure to determine one’s risk assessment to commit an act that they are being impugned from performing.
      2. A rationale connection to punishment derived from the breach of a civil commitment versus a criminal matter–that is if they are still going to hold that this SOteryia is really a civil matter.
      3. are the laws consistent with equal protection clauses.

      Every court challenge should contain these three complaints!

  10. David Kennerly, Diminishing Shelf-Life

    Finally! I was wondering when the popular press would start to report this and I have grown very tired of hearing the pseudo-science being regurgitated, including here.

    Remember that we were to treat adolescents/young adults like delicate flowers because their “teenage” brains just couldn’t handle any level of adult-level decision-making? Yeah, well….

    “We found that much of the risk behavior attributed to adolescents is not the result of an out-of-control brain. As it turns out, the evidence supports an alternative interpretation: Risky behavior is a normal part of DEVELOPMENT and reflects a biologically driven need for exploration – a process aimed at acquiring experience and preparing teens for the complex decisions they will need to make as adults.”

    Read more:

    Steven Pinker has already had some fascinating things to say about the subject of “adolescent brains” and insists that the zeitgeist has gotten the message exactly BACKWARDS: without experiences at critical stages of adolescent development, then the adults they would later become are developmentally stunted. Hmmm… think: intolerant and easily bruised college students who cannot tolerate any level of cognitive distortion or contrary beliefs. This fairy-tale science has, most obviously, been employed by the neo-puritans and the continuous surveillance parents. Time to push back!

    • David Kennerly, Diminishing Shelf-Life

      Correction: cognitive DISSONANCE, not “distortion.”

      • TS

        @David Kennerly

        You mean if you say the stove burner is hot and I touch it anyway to find out it is really hot I am mentally ok because I need to explore and learn from life experiences and not screwed up because I did not listen in the first place? Who wudda thunk?

        • David Kennerly, Diminishing Shelf-Life

          Well, I don’t know about that, to the extent that I understand your point (which is not very well) but the studies have found that the risk-taking behavior was not without a good deal of risk analysis on the part of the overwhelming number of teens with only a small percentage demonstrating balls-out dangerous behavior. So we have another example where the consequences of an outlier’s experiences gets to define the contours of everyone’s range of allowable behavior. Policies guided by rare negative outcomes is the new normal.

  11. mike r

    Thanks American, I am chomping at the bits right now waiting to see what kind of response I am going to get from the AG’s…I imagine they are going to have a hard time since they will not be able to just reiterate or regurgitate their go to claims about Smith and recidivism rates. Everything in that doc is true and yes it did take hundreds if not more then a thousand hours of researching, writing, and collaboration with others to create that masterpiece. Glad you appreciate it and it’s reassuring every time I get a response like you can’t see how a judge with any kind of reasonableness, bullheaded or not, can deny those arguments. I will post the response as soon as I get it. I have to registenext week as today is my bday, so we’ll see if they have been contacted by the opposition yet, I am sure they are going to be thinking about trying the intimidation BS but will be thinking twice because I am sure they will be aware I will fight back, and I know how to get it in front of a judge and retaliate myself, legally. They try that retaliation crap with me I am going straight to the court demanding restraining orders and demanding prosecution for violating my liberties under color of law. It’s against the law. I can definitely prove it if they do since out of ten years of registration they have only done two compliance checks, while on parole, and no contact since, so hassle me I’ll be suing for summary judgements and demanding prosecution….I am not playing, I know it’s cliche but words have power and the court is their for me, not the gov. That’s where a lot of people have got off track, access to the courts date all the way back to the Magna Carta, which was created so the lords and barons of the 11 century could resolve disputes and give them redress in the kings court. It is the foundation of our constitution.

  12. ReadyToFight

    Heyyyy….. with all these “allegations” of misconduct, sex abuse, and rape going around in the media these days.
    Sure am glad society has the SO Registry ta keep them safe.
    What a joke.
    Societies biggest threat, IS Society.

  13. AlexO

    Does anyone know if there are actually any residency restrictions in California on the state level for RC’s who are no longer on supervision? During my last (and each) registration the paper they give us has various laws, including the residency restriction of 2000 feet, but notes that it isn’t enforced at the moment (basically like the Sim-Valley Halloween BS).

    • Interested party

      Last time I looked the CA restriction were overturned for San Diego county. The state has continued to not enforce the restriction statewide but as far as I am aware the law is still on the books, and the CA Supreme Court only ruled against the restriction for San Diego county

      • AlexO

        So basically Sim Valley Halloween. I guess we get to buy homes at our own risk?

      • TS

        Another fine example of political laziness when they decide to not enforce but leave it on the books anyway. Take it off of the books if it is found to be a problem as it has been!! Do your elected job!! It is not that hard to discuss, bring it up for a vote then delete it from the internet and all future paper copies published once voted repealed!!

        This should be a topic asked of all those in office today and their lack of effort to remove laws no longer enforced but still on the books.

  14. AJ

    Nothing like a chilling effect on civil liberties and those who fight for them:

    …and we wonder why some ACLU chapters are reticent to fight for us.

    • AlexO

      As insane as this administration has been, this is a new low. Its almost as if they think our rights are only applicable to citizens and not everyone on our soil. I hope Sessions gets to share a bunk with someone he put away.

      • Robert

        You’re another one who is blaming Trump for IML when he had nothing to do with it. It was Chris Smith who pushed it and signed by that constitutional law expert Obama

        • T

          I wonder why no one has ever confronted Chris Smith and call him out for what he did?

        • David Kennerly, Observe Bio-Hazard Handling Procedures

          It’s only a matter of time before Trump spews hatred our way. I think the only reason he has not done so yet is because of the inconvenience of having gone on record as enjoying the odd involuntary groping.

    • kind of living

      DOJ will loose this battle , lol , these people need to get out of everyone’s biz ,

  15. AlexO

    A local TV station posted the passport thing on their Facebook page. Reading the comments way too many people are under false impression on who this law targets. Most seem to believe the “sex offence against a child” means baby rapers. I’m trying to educate people on how vulnerable their own chilren are against the government making a permanent victim out them. Feel free to chime in if you want to spread some good knowledge. I’m sure if more parents actually found out about these things, we’d have a lot more allies on our side (at least allies in a sense that they’ll at least try and curb laws actually targeting children for non-criminal activity outside of the technicalities of the law).

    • Sam

      I was reading the comments on that facebook post. These people don’t care. And they are the same people that elected trump from the sounds of it all. Which is ironic since he just hadn’t been convicted of any of the things he has done.

  16. AJ

    I finally again stumbled across the paper that addresses NY’s court case(s) regarding de-registration ( It’s definitely good reading for anyone registered in NY. Of interest is the fact there’s actually a judicial conflict within NY courts about whether or not one must continue to register (see PDF page 21, Roe v O’Donnell).

    • Sam

      I don’t understand NY in this way. (I’m stuck on their list) the registries are meant to protect those living in their jurisdiction and yet when you live far outside their jurisdiction they still claim that it’s their jurisdiction 😐

    • Sam

      The part on page 32 is about where im stuck with them on the subject. But they said I could check in by email as they would never send the verification letter outside the US

      • Tired of this

        Sam, can you start the process of becoming a citizen where you are (or seek asylum), and renounce your US citizenship? That may be the only way to sever that tie and prevent this criminal regime from endangering your stay there if they cancel your passport.

        • Sam

          Wish I could but I can only apply for permanent residence after living here 5 years. And can only apply for citizenship after 10-11 years I’m still on year 1

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          Sam, have you had to submit a police record to immigration authorities in the country you now reside?

        • Sam

          I didn’t have to. As long as you’re married to a citizen there is no requirement for it. Even when applying for citizenship etc. The only time they have asked about anything like that was asking if I had broken any laws locally

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          Neither renunciation nor relinquishment of U.S. Citizenship can be successfully performed unless you already have citizenship in another country. Even then, it can be VERY difficult, especially if you have significant resources in the U.S. But even without wealth, they make you jump through multiple hoops, not the least of which is presenting a passport from another country. They will confirm that relationship directly with the other country. It’s not enough to seek citizenship elsewhere or to simply leave the U.S. The U.S. will not recognize your relinquishment or renunciation. You can renounce all you want but the U.S. will still hold you to be a U.S. Citizen. There are long-standing international treaties between the U.S. and other countries which forbid any state from rendering their citizens stateless.

          The act must be performed at a U.S. Consulate outside of the U.S. You will have to provide extensive proof that it is your intention to no longer be a U.S. Citizen, that you don’t owe the U.S. taxes including on all worldwide income, that you have paid all taxes on any property or assets you own to the U.S. as if you had just sold them (even if you have not sold them), etc., etc. A lot of work will need to happen, including possibly an investigation initiated by the State Department, before you can surrender your U.S. passport and your citizenship. I’ve known people who have done so. One of them angrily left his U.S. passport on the desk of a consular officer. He had already obtained citizenship in two different countries and, even then, they were not ready to grant his renunciation. The officer told him that he would hold on to his passport if that’s what he wanted until such time as he wanted to return to get it back. In other words, as far as they were concerned, he was still a U.S. citizen. It was more than a year before they accepted his renunciation and notified him that he was no longer a U.S. Citizen. He also had to pay a fortune on all of his U.S. holdings and pay for an audit on all of his assets, worldwide. This involved several lawyers.

        • Sam

          The last I checked the US was the only country which allowed you to become stateless. The only requirements when I checked were being outside of the US and paying the 2000dollar fee to renounce your citizenship.

          But being stateless is not generally a choice you can make as they can’t deport you anywhere and refugees here have no real rights so they cannot legally work or anything. So they put you into a sort of concentration camp thing.

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          I don’t agree that the U.S. would allow you to become stateless.

        • David Kennerly, Enemy Of the State, Untermensch

          Okay, I may be wrong. According to my research just now, the U.S. may allow citizens to become stateless because it was not a signatory to conventions on statelessness. However, this is completely contrary to the experiences of two different people I have known who have relinquished or renounced their citizenship. In both cases, they were not allowed to proceed with relinquishment until they had obtained other citizenship. Even then they had to go through lots of hassles to prove, not only that they were of sound mind in wanting to not be U.S. citizens, but that they had gone through a number of procedures first. In both cases, it was several years AFTER obtaining citizenship in another country before their renunciation was accepted.

        • Sam

          What I find funny is it also says that if you haven’t paid taxes and owe etc then renounce they won’t let you back into the US. But what happens if you get deported to the US?

        • Sam

          Says unless you already have citizenship somewhere else you will be stateless. But you can still be deported back to the US.

      • AJ

        Footnote 190, on page 33, would seem to apply to you…assuming you have severed all ties (property, business, etc) with the State. (Footnotes are *always* worth reading in legal documents, whether papers like this, or Opinions.)

        If the only connection between NY and you is your registration requirement, that second quote in FN 190 rings loudly in my ears: [I]f a State has only an insignificant contact with the parties, . . . application of its law is unconstitutional.” Allstate v. Hague, 449 U.S. 302, 311 (1981).

        Of course, fighting that outside NY–never mind the US!–would probably be costly and difficult.

        • Sam

          The only things holding me to New York is that registry. I have nothing else there. No car, no assets, nothing.

        • Sam

          Is there anything going on in NY with this? You’d think for all the people that had moved out of New York someone would have pointed out what they are doing is way outside their jurisdiction and Unconstitutional.

          Is California the only state with any current action being taken?

        • E

          Wisconsin is the same way. If convicted in WI and move out of State (don’t know about out of country) they require you to continue updating registration and paying $100/year for life. Anybody else with a WI conviction want to take this on?

  17. mike r

    I just seen that article AJ was getting ready to post on it…lol you’re on it…I fkund the following statement kind of interesting.

    The DOJ thus asks the Supreme Court to force Doe’s lawyers to “show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken” against the ACLU—either by the court itself or by state bars—for “material misrepresentations and omissions” designed to thwart an appeal.

    sounds kind of familiar. I think this is exactly what happens in sex offender cases…this is what I am talking about, I know I can bring these same accusations apparent ethical issues like that against lawyers. I will be looking into it more…matter fact, I am definitely going to bring it up in court. If they try to misrepresent the facts again I will demand that the courts or state bar takes action…

  18. Davidh

    Willie Horton smearing is alive and well today!

  19. Davidh

    @ Janice Belluci

    If I may ask Janice the current status of the San Diego lawsuit and any plans to pursue IML?

  20. AJ

    For those unaware, is a great resource for legal and scholarly papers. Using the quoted phrase, “sex offender”, I found 18 documents of interest. (Be sure to use quotes, as it does an OR search.) Some have the phrase in the title, some in the abstract. I sort by “Date Posted, Descending” to find the most recent papers, but some of the older ones are good still.

    One I found on there that gave me some insight into losses and gains in the battle, and also gave me insight into the way the battle is wage (and can be confronted) is titled, “The Ticking Sex-Offender Bomb” ( It discusses how the tactics and psychology behind the War on Terror is what’s going on with the War on Sex Offenders.

  21. America's Most Hated

    Has anyone actually reveived a passport revocation notice yet? What does it say?

    I’m working in a remote location for a month and can’t check my snail mail.

    • David

      It’s still pretty early in the process*, so I doubt the State Dept. has sent any revocation letters yet. I know that I have not received one. I will post here if I do.
      *Remember, they were many months late in deciding what the “unique identifier” would be, so they don’t seem to be in a hurry. Also, the State Department has indicated that such letters are sent by certified mail.

      • Sam

        The last certified mail I had sent here never made it. They tend to get lost along the way when shipped overseas

  22. Richard

    Does anyone have ideas for employment, either self-employment or otherwise? I have been turned away from several jobs, offers redacted and have been denied admission into university. I’m running out of strength to keep going, any info would be appreciated.

    • Sam

      Best bet is apply to restaurants for a dish washing job or a cook job. As you won’t generally have to deal with anyone underage and don’t have to interact with customers they have no legal reason to deny you employment. Not sure what state you’re in though.

    • AJ

      Independent contractor jobs such as landscaping or some other professional service usually works well. Most people and companies will hire based on qualifications and price, and not do checks. Governmental contracts, though, are a whole different story. Avoid trying to do work for the city, county, state, schools, etc.

      Adding to Sam’s comment, I would look for other “grunt” or entry-level work. Sometimes furniture manufacturers hire, or perhaps construction, or other trades.

    • Richard

      I’m looking at possible masters degrees. Any suggestions? I’ve looked into graphic arts or I.T.

  23. Sam

    I just saw this on the NY site. Does anyone know what the Doe v Pataki case is? Is it a due process determination case or something?

    Due to litigation in federal court, certain level 2 and level 3 offenders are not in the Subdirectory at this time. Once these offenders have had an opportunity for a due process hearing to determine the risk level, and if their risk level is determined to be level 2 or level 3, they will be included in the Subdirectory. For more information, refer to the Stipulation of Settlement and the Notice of Settlement for the Doe v. Pataki case.

    • Sam

      Mmmkay. So I just read up on it a bit. It seems like the ruling was one of the ones based off of the false recidivism rate saying that because of the danger we pose as having a high recidivism rate it wasn’t seen as unconstitutional


      The seriousness of the harm that sex offenders’ actions cause to society and the perception, supported by some data, that such offenders have a greater probability of recidivism than other offenders have recently combined to prompt the enactment of numerous laws across the country directed specifically toward persons convicted of crimes involving sexual conduct.   Studies have shown that sex crimes are widespread, see, e.g., Brief of Amicus Curiae United States at 4 (citing Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Fact Sheet, National Crime Victim Survey Redesign (Oct. 30, 1994) (table) (312,000 rapes and attempted rapes and 173,000 other sexual assaults in 1993)), and that their impact on both the victim and society as a whole is devastating, see, e.g., id. at 5-6 (citing John Briere & Marsha Runtz, Childhood Sexual Abuse:  Long-Term Sequelae and Implications for Psychological Assessment, 8 J. Interpersonal Violence 312, 324 (Sept.1993)

      • Sam

        That was a headache and a half to read. What I got from it was NY basically says everyone is dangerous and changed registration for level 2and 3 offenders from 10 and 13 years to life. Had they not changed it I would be off or at least been able to petition to be off. As I’ve been registered Nov 2007 but that was in Michigan and at that time they only had 1 level and that was 25 years.

        All these laws change too much 😥 but one thing is for sure. Keeping someone in a local registry who lives in a different state or country shouldn’t be legal as it was supposed to protect those who would actually being contact with the person. Not a hemisphere away

      • Sam

        I just read something interesting. It’s from the doe Vs O’Donnell file you sent prior. On page 16 it says that SORA relocation out state determination by the Supreme Court applies to those convicted in New York. My conviction was from out of state. So can they legally keep me on their registry if my conviction did not originate from New York?

        • AJ

          You may indeed have a case there. From everything I read about O’Donnell, it does seem to hinge on the conviction having occurred in NY. I’d certainly look into it. Perhaps even try some email-tag with an attorney in or licensed for NY.

          Unfortunately, NY may just go back through the whole process and NYSC rules against all RCs, not just NY-convicted ones, using the same stupid logic that since there’s no delineated method of de-registering, there was none desired. I still think it’s worth pursuing, and if they throw O’Donnell at you, remind them that was only for NY-convicted peeps.

  24. TXSO4life

    Interesting news article about gov power to wait until a juv become an adult to handle him his sentence which the high court refused.

  25. David Kennerly's Spectral Evidence

    “Dressed as grim reaper, convicted sex offender harasses trick-or-treaters”
    This seems to be about as close as they can get to making an argument against Halloween sex offenders. And it’s not very close.

  26. Counting the days

    This is the last time I will read this site. It has done nothing but depress me. My life before all this was adventurous. Full of travel and challenges. My job was fullfilling. I was able to help people and make their lives more comfortable and complete. My personal life was great. I had a wonderful wife, and we were planning a family.
    That is all gone. The restrictions and oppression by my government has made any travel either impossible, or so burdensome and shameful that it isn’t worth the effort. My proffession has been taken away from my and I am left scraping for society’s scraps. A degree that I was proud of now is good for toilet paper. My wife died of cancer and I am left alone. An occasional “hello” by my neighbor ( in an appartment that is full of meth heads and other criminals ), is the extent of my interaction with others.
    Others here have said I am angry.You are right, very angry.
    And this site is part of that anger. I read these “victories” over pathetic laws that amount to allowing a homeless to sleep in a doorway, and I want to kill myself. The government is not going to allow us any future. At least the only future I care about. So hug each other, praise those that get you a scrap of life to cling to. For me, I prefer to finish my life on my terms, not theirs.

    • kind of living

      @Counting the days ,,,,, ,, ,, take a breather , but don’t give up . I feel your pain , my wife is still here bless her heart , and wail I am glad of that , the fact is that she has heart problems and they found breast cancer and we spend a lot of time at doctors these days , and doing blood work , it sucks but we do what ever we have to , other than the heath problems it makes me sad that I cant offer her more in her life because of this crazy registry , some times its so overwhelming that all I can do is tell her I had no way of knowing that all these new registry laws were coming , it was to LE only when I started out and we were able to live a life of camping and hiking , now we are stuck in a room and the neighbors are much like yours , one just moved back in the other day some banger dealer , a few people were just stating to become more friendly , and when this dealer moved back in and his loud mouth women / girl friend /witch hunter have started up all the roomers all over again, and it makes my wife fearful , and that’s not good , this ass mite dealer seen that we were still here and moved back in anyway , if they are so great why do they just have to live next to an RC in this roach infested hell hole , all the same I don’t know what I will do if my lady takes a turn for the worst , she is my only true friend , we have a son but him and his wife are out marching to a different drummer in their life , we have two girls that are with dick heads with zero respect and they are out of state , so other that my lady, I have no friends , 30 plus years after my bogus crime , so when she is sleeping I come here and try to learn as well as look for some hope of being able to move on , but on this site their are people I truly like , as well as enjoy their insight , so don’t give up , maybe just step back for a min and chill , maybe take in a good flick , I wish you and everyone else having a tuff time good luck ,

      • Counting the days

        All I want is to go home. I want to go back to my wife’s family in Thailand. I have a good paying enjoyable job there that knows my “.U.S. Situation”, and doesn’t care.( run by Australians!). Friends there that say they miss me and don’t understand. No one there cares or is judging me.
        I have a responsibility to take care of my Mother -in-law. I put my nephew through college and helped my sister in law start a successful business. I met my soulmate and felt at peace. I honestly had a wonderful life there.
        I have none of that here. Yes, I can petition to be off Federal list in 7 yrs. But waiting for that is akin to cutting yourself with a dull razor each day.
        I really have 0 joy in my life. I do things for distraction , not for enjoyment. And to be compared and associated by the public with extreme , violent people is nausiating to me. To be used as a tool to advance the careers of people is repulsive. I actually work with a member of congress! They constantly praise me for my personal and professional ethics. What would they say if they knew my situation? I can tell you, they would bail on me in a second. That is what hurts. To be a good person that never hurt anyone and be treated like this for viewing a few pix makes me feel like my life means nothing.
        I understand I haven’t been in this situation near as long as others, but that is no consolence for me.
        I am standing on one foot on a melting iceberg. Even if I can keep my balance, The berg will soon take me into the icy cold of the vast emptiness .

    • JM of Wi.

      I concur reading stuff here is in some cases re-living painful memories, and always a reminder of current (not so nice) state of affairs. Some “wins” seem fruitless; others give some moderate help. Overall it seems we are taking one step forward, two back. Some years ago I would have said one forward, four back. Progress?
      Frustration is very real for all of us.
      This site and others does give me information which is helpful in navigating the reality of my current life. Knowing where I can and cannot travel to is a major issue for me. I have traveled nearly trouble free since 2006. My destinations have shrunk considerably, but enjoyment is unchanged. New laws are being created nearly every year which make work, life, socializing …. existence more restrictive and shameful. But, in my opinion I’m better off knowing that going to my daughters school is a felony. Not giving a 10 day notice to leave my state is a potential crime. Going to a movie in a nearby town after 10 PM was a potential civil issue. Without helpful websites and helpful people and a helpful DOC person, this nightmare would be more hellish.

    • lovewillprevail

      Find a hobby or something you like to do that you are allowed to do. Make the best of what you have. Volunteer to help others, no matter how small. You can find a way even with restrictions. And remember some people will accept you for who you are today. I am speaking from experience when I was down like you. Every year since my arrest in 2004 has been better than the year before.

      A friend of mine gave me advice early on during probation. “F__k the people that will not look past your offense. Do not worry about them or what they think. They are not meant to be in your life.”

      A favorite quote of mine which I ran across when I was down like you….

      Remember, you’re not defined by your past; you’re prepared by your past. Every challenge you’ve been through, every adversity you’ve faced, your character has been developed, your strength has been increased, and your vision has been enlarged. …the difference in our success or failure is not change, but choice. Because when adversity strikes, it’s not what happens that will determine our destiny; it’s how we react to what happens. How you choose to respond will determine your altitude in life – the choice is yours.

      This is posted right next to my computer at work so I see this every day as a reminder. I hope you do the same and take this quote to heart.

    • AJ

      @Counting the days:
      I’m sorry to hear of how life goes for you, and completely empathize with your pessimism and sorrow. My condolences on losing your wife. Regardless how recently or long ago, she was obviously an integral part of your life and heart.

      As others have said, I ask you not to give up or in. Progress, though slow, is being made. Enjoy the moments of life that nobody can take away: life experiences. Time in a national park, hiking. Star gazing. Nature has a way of soothing and calming the soul. If Christian, you could maybe find some solace in Celebrate Recovery ( Though partially based on the Twelve Steps, it’s not an “addict group,” and in fact only 1/3 of people who attend have drug or alcohol problems. CR is for anyone with “hurts, habits and hang ups” that hold them back. The benefit of CR is that it’s full of Christians who don’t judge, because each of them has their own demons and histories.

      It sounds like you have little or nothing tying you to where you live. If moving to another State is possible, maybe that could help. Depending on your offense and the State, you may find yourself with a life less harsh. I know some non-SORNA States are less onerous. MN, for one, only publicizes Tier III offenders. That said, I’ve been told MN also has some of the strictest rules to follow, so maybe it’s not the best. I use it only as an example of what possibilities there may be. You never know, perhaps there’s a path ahead for you with some light on it. 🙂

      Don’t give up, friend. Please don’t.

  27. TXSO4Life

    In a today news article …the article states…the assessment to determine if an offender is sexually violent is incredibly important in attempting to prevent repeat offenses, Storm said. “These are offenders have a higher risk for re-offending. When I say offending, I mean raping children. These are the most egregious sex offenders, people with predatory sex offenses,” Storm said. << Can you believe the fear mongering that woman created on a news outlet. She's basically saying we have a high recidivism rate and worst stating we recidivism on raping children.

    • AJ

      I pay those people no mind. They will never come off their positions of “truth,” no matter what anyone says or shows them. And since there will always be that one case out there to which they can point, the argument can never be won. I instead choose to take heart that judges are seeing things as they are and should be.

  28. Marie

    Wasn’t there a resource page of countries we could visit and couldn’t?

    Does anyone know if it still exists?

    I’d like to take my kids on a cruise and am wondering about Bahamas, Cuba and Panama and their restrictions. Mexico is out if cruising , yes?


    (Let’s assume I can squeeze this in before I get a marked passport)

    • David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

      It is here:

      It may not be complete. It is primarily the product of self-reports made here on this forum by Registrants traveling abroad. There seems to be no other source for this information.

      • Marie

        Perfect. Thank you.

        I wish I could find an answer to how visible a crime is once a person is no longer required to register in their state.

        I always was pulled aside from customs when re-entering. Now I’m not required to register will customs still flag me?

        Does Homeland Security do checks on all flights / cruises coming back into the US by name? By SSN? What do they use?

        No one seems to know …

        • A Wife

          Husband was removed from registry after decades, in CA with a Certificate of Rehabilitation and expungement under PC 1203.4, a few years ago. Between just after 9/11 and termination of registration – secondary inspection every single time upon return to US at all airports. Some professional and courteous, some downright a-holes – you have heard the stories. Since then, not one single time.

          With the now common automated kiosks, no problem whatsoever entering. One time, I believe, his print-out was marked with an X, causing the need to go to a different line, but that did not result in secondary inspection. Not sure what the reason was.

          Before the kiosks, at least 5 years ago, one immigration saw something on his screen (they still do, apparently) and was not sure what to do, and went and asked a colleague, who told him to do nothing. We carry a copy of his termination letter, but there was no need for it.

          As far as entering other countries, he also had no problems. Including UK and several Central / South American countries that are on the no-go list. But then again, he was removed from the registry before those Green Notices started going out (meaning he was not in any country’s database as being denied entrance).

          You should be good. Don’t let them stop you from living your life. That is their ultimate goal.

        • A Wife

          Adding: although my husband is no longer required to register, we continue to stay informed and supportive of this organization and this fight. I am not so delusional as to think that WE are ever completely free of this, not until the registry is declared unconstitutional and completely dismantled.

          Go ACSOL! and thank you.

        • Marie

          Thank you!!

          This gives me hope! My kids are at an age they’d love to cruise and all the domestic choices are way too much money!!

        • Someone who cares

          A Wife – congratulations on your husbands removal. How hard was it to get a COR? I thought it was supposed to be nearly impossible so it is nice to know there is hope. Was his offense child related and did he do prison or jail? What are the main criteria to obtain a COR in CA? Thanks .

    • CR is one, but it doesn’t work for me. I just get a paypal donate page, with no way to get to any content on the page. (I think) was another until a few days ago when they shut themselves down.

      I believe most of the cruise lines do not allow sex offenders to board. They may allow you to book, but then they’ll cancel you before you board. At least, that is what I’ve read on here, but I have no personal experience with it.

      • Marie

        Thank you.

        I think they took it down because a site linked to it as proof that SO’s were trying to cheat the system.

  29. David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

    “A traffic stop in the French Quarter Halloween night resulted in the arrest of a sex offender covered with face paint to the point that he was not recognizable – a violation of his compliance restrictions. ”

  30. David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

    “Bars For Life: LGBTQs and sex offender registries” Windy City Times Special Investigative Series: LGBTQs and the Criminal Legal System by Yasmin Nair, Windy City Times

    This is a really refreshingly honest piece about the awfulness and futility of the Registries.

  31. CR

    It appears there is a chance that former Alabama Supreme Court Justice and current US Senate hopeful Roy Moore may soon join us on the registry.

    • NPS

      And he was definitely no friend to RCs. It seems those who do their life’s work making RCs’ lives a living hell tend to be the biggest hypocrites (a la Anthony Weiner and John Walsh). There should be more investigations of these politicians or talking heads who lead anti-RC legislation. The louder they are, the more likely they have some lascivious past they’re trying to hide.

    • "The Alabama Defense"

      One Alabaman explained it this way:

      >> Alabama’s state auditor, Jim Ziegler, agreed, telling the Washington Examiner, “There is nothing to see here. The allegations are that a man in his early 30s dated teenage girls. Even the Washington Post report says that he never had sexual intercourse with any of the girls, and never attempted sexual intercourse.” Ziegler went on, invoking personages in the Bible. “Zachariah was extremely old to marry Elizabeth, and they became the parents of John the Baptist,” he told the Examiner. “Also, take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus.” <<

      I have no doubt that AL Chief Justice Moore's courtroom would agree with the argument and the source!

    • Rob

      Unfortunately when Moore committed his alleged crimes, there was only a 3 year statue of limitations for sex crimes from my understanding.

  32. B.Wat

    I know it’s been posted on here before,but I always passed over it, because I had no plans to go to Disneyland, now my family wants to go in a couple of weeks. Am I going to have any problems getting in? Also we booked a spot at a RV resort in Orange Co. I’ve heard nothing but bad shit about OC, I know they no friends of ours. Any problems there as well.

    • AlexO

      No idea on the RV question, but Disney should be fine. Just like Facebook, they have a no RC policy, but it’s not a legal thing so you can’t get in trouble for that. As to getting in, they don’t ID you or run any sort of check. You give them your ticket, they do the usual wand scanning you for guns and knifes, look into your bags for the same, and that’s it. So unless someone directly recognizes you and reports you, you’ll be fine.

      • Covered

        Not my understanding. Disneyland has its own internal police station and they run facial recognition software on the people entering. Chances are high that you will not be allowed in. Keep in mind also that Disney Cruise Line is a no-go for registrants. They are very protective of being the “happiest place on earth”, and the last thing they want is any kind of incident against a child or even the possibility, especially after leaving alligators in their Disneyworld park that ate that kid.
        If you go with your family and make it in, let us know.

        • AlexO

          I don’t know about that. They certainly have their own security but facial recognition for something like this? I Googled it because I was curious, but the only thing I could find is that earlier this year they started to develop a facial recognition system to use in their theaters in order to read our expressions for marketing purposes. A system that could read someones face that’s constantly moving in random lighting and compare it to a picture that may not even be the same as you look now, would be incredibly sophisticated. I don’t even know if we actually have that technology outside of Hollywood CSI where they can solve any crime with two clicks of a mouse. Oh that blurry photo from a mile away? Just zoom in and randomly clear it up to HD.

          The cruise thing is different because you have to provide you full information, just like buying a plane ticket. So they can in fact run a background check. The park doesn’t require any such information.

        • AlexO

          I may have spoken too soon. I just found this. It’s brand new. No idea how this will effect RC’s entrance. Disney may or may not run your face through the database. This is so discouraging.

        • AlexO

          I tried looking a bit more into it and the thing I kept finding was in reference to Disney World in Florida banning RC’s but I couldn’t actually find anything regarding Disneyland in California. By law, we’re fine once we’re off supervision (even OC struck down their No Parks law a few years ago). But I can’t seem to locate anything on actual Disneyland entry. Ugh. I was hoping to go to Disneyland again in the next few years. I wish there was more solid info on all of this. Nothing like traveling all that way and spending money to then be denied and not even get a refund.

    • Lake County

      Disneyland should be fine for you as long as you don’t buy a season pass. Season Pass holders are all checked against ML website. You might want to purchase your Disney tickets through any AAA office or even eBay if you want to make sure Disney does not get your name from your credit card info.

  33. TS

    Mike Tyson sent back to the US after Chile denies entry

    RC history keeps him out of Chile as well as England. Someone is not checking the travel matrix while doing their homework.

    • Tyson in England

      As I recall, Tyson Tyson was permitted to enter England for a very big boxing match. He received special permission to enter the country by there by British politician Jack Straw.

      • TS

        Correct, Tyson received special permission to enter the country for that fight from Mr. Straw, but not without condemnation by many for allowing him to enter all in the name of money.

  34. B.Wat

    Thanks for the info, AlexO

  35. David

    If my house were on fire, I wouldn’t care if you’re a homophobic neo-Nazi, your assistance in saving my home would be appreciated!!

    • New Person

      Oh my goodness!

      So that reporter basically got a person fired just because he was a registrant?! And now there’s policies limiting who can and cannot be part of the fire dept?

      Chris F has been stating all along about Bill of Attainder. This fits the bill (no pun intended).

      I recall in a local newspaper that stated registrants are not allowed to be part of the fire dept or volunteer. If that’s the case, then that is a disability by the state of California.

  36. David Kennerly's Spectral Evidence

    AirBnB Freakout

    “The situation points to a frightening idea: that Airbnb may not always be aware of all the people living in the homes rented out on its platform, or the people who have access to them, and wouldn’t have done its typical safety checks on them.”

    • David

      I was active Airbnb renter for about two years before they kicked me off the website. No problems for me and no problems with those who rented to me. And I don’t understand why they don’t ban others who are convicted of violent assault, theft, drug-dealing, etc….. why only registered citizens?

      • CR

        I suspect if there were public registries for persons convicted of other types of offenses, they’d be barred by AirBnB too. In our litigious society, to do otherwise would probably invite law suits against them should any person found to be listed on a public registry for any sort of crime were to cause harm to an AirBnB host or to other guests.

        My guess is that AirBnB wouldn’t pay for background checks on potential renters. For hosts, but not for renters. It is the fact that registry information is public and free and easy to check that makes it possible for them to exclude us at no cost.

      • AlexO

        They would if there was a public database for other crimes.

  37. Paul

    Poetic justice is hearing a federal judge call Dennis Hastert a “serial child molestor”; watching Anthony Weiner surrender himself to federal prison (and then live life on the registry once released); and now witness Roy Moore fall from grace on the heels of 5 child molestation accusations.

    Welcome to the Price Club, gentlemen! You helped to create this exclusive club! Hope you enjoy it here!

    • TS


      Until Judge Moore is found guilty in a court of law, and by no means am I excusing what could be inappropriate behavior if found that way, the allegations are just that, allegations, and he is still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
      Despite what he has done in the past judicially and said, which many do and do not like, he is still an innocent man in the law today until proven otherwise.

      The court of public opinion is a nasty place and always has been, but it does tend cast judgement before all is known. The same goes in this forum at times. You would expect the same withholding for you, so do the same for him.

      • Paul

        I’m affording him precisely the same amount of respect he deserves. Which is, to say, not very much.

        • Joe

          I find Roy Moore despicable for a number of reasons, and am embarrassed that a majority of American citizens found such a person worthy of high, public office and voted to represent them.

          But 5! CHILD molestation accusations? Unless something new came out in the past few hours, there are 4 “accusations” from way back when- 3 of which involve persons over the age of consent at the time and place.

          One was even a legal adult, who had a drink with the good judge / DA. I doubt he forced her to drink. Why such a person is not being held accountable for her own actions, underage and illegal drinking, is beyond me. It is funny how this 18 year old is a “teenage victim” while any 18 year old male defendant is an “adult man”.

          Two others were 16 or older – the age of consent at the time in Alabama. Dating them at the age of 32 might not jive with your moral code, but there is nothing illegal about it.

          He is indeed, accused of attempting to initiate a sexual encounter with a 14 year old. Certainly creepy and illegal and the time and place, and a strict liability offense, but let’s get a grip. This is a person old enough to be prosecuted as an adult, who snuck out to meet him. Had he talked her into serving as the lookout for a bank robbery, she would be charged as an adult. He immediately ceased and desisted when she objected.

          In New Hampshire he could marry such person (with one parent’s consent)! And then have all the sex under the sun, it would even be required.

          Creepy? No doubt. The fact that thousands of registrants are on the list for the same conduct does not make his alleged conduct better or worse. And accusations is all this is at this point, and all that it will remain, as the statute of limitations is, rightfully, long expired.

        • CR

          I despise Roy Moore, and I have for many years, but I agree with you completely in this, Joe.

          Considering when all this took place, I’m not even sure it qualifies as “creepy” behavior. Both of my grandmothers were happily married at age 14.

  38. B.Wat

    Regarding Disney land: I’ve been searching the net all afternoon and can’t find anything either! It looks like they they have bumped up their security due to the mass shootings that have happened over the past few years, but it seems they are concerned more about people trying to sneak weapons, like guns ,knives, and bombs, in I guess! We are going to go for it,I am just a little gun shy, after not being allowed into Lucille Packard Hospital in Palo Alto a several years back, to see my sick niece! That was wrong! It was not only humiliating to me, but my whole family was hurt by it! Don’t forget it ‘s regulatory not punitive, Anyway thanks for your input AlexO and Lake Co. I’ll definitely let you know how it went when we get back.

    • AlexO

      Good luck! I wish you guys a trouble free and fabulous trip!

    • AJ

      @B. Wat:
      If there is facial recognition going on, it can’t hurt to maybe go somewhat unshaven (or shave, if your ML photo has facial hair) and wear sunglasses while there. Facial recognition algorithms often focus on the eyes, specifically the distance between them, as it’s the only part of your face you cannot in some way alter (you can break your nose to make it bigger or bent, can get a fat lip, etc). Some really good biometrics now look at the ear, as each one is as unique as fingerprints (which actually have never been proven to be unique, and fingerprinting is rife with human error;, so maybe a cap with Pluto ears. Or, maybe even get some face painting done to look like a D!sney character. Or maybe it’s time to sample some Just For Men. 😉

      • David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

        Facial recognition commonly uses the distance ratios between the eyes and the ears and the mouth. This turns out to be surprisingly identifying. So I don’t think that the unshaved look will help much.

    • Double A

      I just went to Disneyland on 11/09/17 and I had no issues. I purchased my ticket at the park with cash. I got a little worried when they asked my name, but they just asked for my first name. They did take a picture of me upon entering the park, but I think printing my name on the ticket and linking my photo to that ticket is just for park reentry purposes.

      For the record, I’m not on the ML website, but I do have to register.

      I had a great time. My girlfriend and I spent 11 hours there. I planning on going again next year. I hope your trip will be as fun and carefree as my visit to the park.

      • C

        We hit the Wally World a couple of times a year and I always use my business credit card for the points and deduction. Never a problem.
        Same with Universal, Legoland, Sea World, Knotts, etc.
        Go. Enjoy.

  39. B.Wat

    @AJ: I already planned on wearing shades, the broken nose thing would be a good idea but it’s already be broken a couple of times,( kind of leans toward left a little), but thanks for the tips anyway!

  40. Double A

    Like I mentioned above, I recently went to Disneyland. No problems getting into the park whatsoever, but I did experience a little anxiety when going to the restroom. On every occasion that I did have to go to the restroom there was at least one little girl with her father also in the restroom. Obviously there were little boys too, but I felt most of my anxiety when the little girls were present. To avoid any complications, I always ended up using a stall.

    I just wanted to share my experience. I remember before my conviction seeing a little girl and her father in a public restroom never set off any mental alarms, but now it’s different. We all have to be aware and take precautions because as registrants we know firsthand that a harmless and natural act like going to the restroom can result in a criminal charge.

  41. B.Wat

    @DoubleA: Thanks for the post, glad you guys had a good time! After reading this I’m sure we’ll be doing the same.

  42. Bobby

    Hi everyone

    I am re-watching the 2nd re-argument of the Temelkoski case and the AG or assistant AG keeps talking about how Michigan is NO longer allowed to apply the 2006 and 2011 amendments and they have to divert back to the 2005 amendments, now I am from Michigan and I just looked at the basic information of Michigan’s SOR, here is the problem there is NO 2005 amendment however there is a 2004 ,a 2002 a 1999, and 1994 amendments, so when the AG speaks about the 2005 amendments at about 53 minutes in or so did I miss something, because there is NO 2005 amendment, I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out and see if I am missing something, or he just keeps misspeaking about which amendment he is talking about any clarification on this would be helpful, Thank you.

    • David

      I suspect the AG means is “whatever was in effect prior to 2006”. (He is probably mis-speaking.)
      And, with any luck, he will mis-speak himself again – to our benefit! – and refer to the SORs as “punishment”!

  43. CR

    @Bobby, I have no idea, really, but is it possible he is just referring to whatever was in effect prior to the 2006 amendments?

  44. C

    Being father with little ones in tow in the john, I don’t expereince that kind of bathroom anxiety.
    On a related note, however, about 6 years ago I do recall a weirdo in a public bathroom at the Santa Monica pier who, from a stall, was waving at my little girl as I took her to her in to do her business. Man, I was pissed and, had I not been a low-profile-maintaining RC, I’d have brought his sick ass to the attention of the sheriff deputies just outside the restrooms.

    I have another kind of anxiety that I know many men have, RC or not, when it comes to being helpful to women or children in public places. Just today at one of my daughter’s functions there was a 4 year old little girl standing among a crowd of adults and other kids. She looked petrified and lost. My heart breaks for kids in trouble and, while my better judgment tells me to mind my own business, I asked her if she’d lost her mommy and she nodded yes and started balling. Without holding her hand or anything, I helped her find her mother who had stepped outside to use her cell phone. The mom was oblivious to the help I’d just provided her terrified kid. By that time my daughter was done with her lesson and we took off for her next activity where that teacher asked ME for advice on how to delicately tall to another parent about controlling her unruly kid. She was worried about offending this parent and causing a sh1t storm. I feel her pain and together we worked out an approach.

    I’m worried a parent will accuse me of trying to do something inappropriate when simply trying to be helpful, but this fear is not limited to us as RCs. Trust me. All educators, like the teacher I mentioned above, are hypersensitive to these hypersensitive parents and are afraid of offending them somehow to the point of losing their jobs. We RCs fear going back to jail when the simple act of using the bathroom, or being helpful is misinterpreted and taken out of context.
    Anyway, know that you’re not alone here and do what you need to do to enjoy as normal a life as possible.

    • America's Most Hated

      I’ve thought much about this myself. Do any of us do anything heroic in the future knowing that if it’s newsworthy, the story will immediately feature your photo and criminal conviction?

      I know rescue swimming, first aid, and CPR. I also speak Spanish. On the way to book myself into federal prison (that’s how dangerous I am), I paid for my momma to fly up to Virginia with me because I was in a bad way emotionally. The flight crew asked if anyone on the plane spoke Spanish. There was a medical emergency in first class. No one got up. They asked again, and no one went to help. I sat quietly. Momma didn’t say anything but she looked at me a couple of times.

      Several minutes passed and the flight attendant asked for anyone with CPR training to come to the front. No one went. I remember thinking it odd that out of over 100 people, no one spoke Spanish or knew CPR. Don’t flight attendants know CPR? Do airline rules discourage them for acting because of liability? I don’t know.

      But I still stayed in my chair. My momma looked over at me and this time held her stare. So I said, “Momma, I’m not the hero anymore. If society wanted me in that position still, they wouldn’t be making me fly myself to my own cage. I’m a nervous wreck with my own problems. And if I save someone on this plane, my face will be on CNN as the Monster Who Performed CPR.”

      I have no idea what happened to the lady in first class. An ambulance crew boarded and took her while we stayed put in our seats at the gate.

      Am I a selfish jerk for not helping? Probably. Will I help someone in the future? I’d like to think so, but I’ll run away from the scene immediately after.

      • Sam

        You’re on your way to the feds? Or was this like back into the past before you got out?

        Either way it sucks.
        Youre right you can’t be the hero and take credit for it if you’re on the list.

        I remember a time when I was working for an apartment complex I ended up stopping a gun fight.

        I got everything settled before the cops even showed up.

        Filed the report, person who started it went away for a gun charge.

        Cop ran my name.

        The next day I got a call saying I was going to lose my job because the cop was going to report my status to the local paper as working for the complex unless they fired me.

        Cop got the credit for stopping everything and I lost my job.

        It wasn’t like the complex didn’t know.
        And the rest of the police I worked with knew but also knew what I had done for the place on multiple occasions. But one white knight officer got a wild hair up his ass because I got his job done for him wanted to make a name for himself.

      • Joe

        I cannot find it but a few years ago I recall reading about a female registrant’s experiences in “treatment” classes. The author had committed a horrific crime like having a relationship with a 16 year old student at the high school where she was a teacher.

        The question was “you are driving down the street and you see a child running into on-coming traffic. What do you do?” The ladies all naturally said “of course I will stop the car and grab the child to save it form certain death / injury. We are all mothers, that is what we do.”

        Wrong! They were admonished to never touch a strange child. Their question whether they were to watch it get run over was not really answered.

        • David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

          I agree with you, Joe. My only quibble would be with calling the teacher’s relationship with a student “horrific.” If that is horrific, then what do we call actual brutality committed against a juvenile? “Horror” is a rational response to physical violence, if not murder. “Horrific” should be an adjective reserved to describe violence, not sex in its absence without the use of force. I also think that the word “heinous” gets way too much use when used to describe non-violent sex with a juvenile. Their use to describe acts which do not merit them compromises language as well as our ability to make worthwhile distinctions between meaningful behavioral differences.

        • ML

          I can not speak for anyone else, but when I was in high school, we talked about some of the teachers and how much we would like to spend some “intimate” time with them, especially one of them. Where anyone would consider it horrific just does not understand teen boys and hormones. I would have been responsible for the act, just like if I chose to drink and drive or shop lift or any number of things that I should not do. Sex with Ms. D would have been a highlight of my HS days. Horrific? I do not see it.

        • Joe

          *Was that sarcasm? Bazinga!!! I am getting better at this!*

          Apparently I am not. Let me try again…

          “The author had committed a “horrific!” crime like having a relationship with a 16 year old student at the high school where she was a teacher.” ….yes, a 16 year old, old enough to work, operate an automobile, have sex with anyone outside a teaching setting in over 30 states, marry the very teacher as long as one parent consented and then have all the (required) sex, obtain birth control without a parent’s knowledge, hold a hunting license, own a fire arm, be prosecuted for any offense and easily as an adult, etc etc.

          I believe a teacher / (willing and mature, male or female) student relationship is entirely inappropriate and unethical, and yes, it should be illegal. Such a teacher should lose their job and teaching certification. That it is viewed as the crime of the century and treated worse than beating the same student half to death is unique to this country.

          A country that, mind you, directly has and continues to kill and maim thousands of children all over the world.

    • Joe

      Wait a minute…. let’s back up here one second….

      You (a person previously CONVICTED of a sex crime) call a “sick ass” a person who waves to your daughter in a MEN’s room where you (a person previously CONVICTED of a sex crime) have brought your little girl. And you (a person previously CONVICTED of a sex crime) would have gladly unleashed a sex crimes investigation on this person (for waving in a men’s room, mind you) if you (a person previously CONVICTED of a sex crime) did not fear a negative response from law enforcement due to the fact that you are a person previously CONVICTED of a sex crime.


      • C

        Wow, what?

      • David Kennerly's Spectral Evidence

        Great points.

      • AlexO

        Him being convicted for the same thing (or any sex offense) doesn’t mean were Band of Brothers to continue offending and turning a blind eye to someone else doing so. The only thing stopping him from reporting is his own offense due to his fear of how police will treat him, is a legit concern, especially with his own child there. Nothing like Daddy being dragged away in cuffs because he was trying to protect you and other kids, because of his past.

        I’m not sure why any of this is a surprising action to you?

        • Joe

          “… continue offending and turning a blind eye to someone else doing so”

          Whoa – hold on. No one was offending, and no one needed protection. Waving (presumably with one’s hand :)) at someone in a public restroom is neither a crime nor a threat.

          @C’s reaction is just as irrational as Sally Soccermom freaking out because she does not want a registrant, say @C, in the same auditorium during her and @C’s daughter’s kindergarten Christmas recital, or in the same public park. Because @C might wave to her daughter. Because she considers @C a “weirdo” and a “sick ass”. Which, in @C’s case, have at least a past criminal conviction as a basis. This is everything this organization and this web site is trying to stop.

          Again, in the above described scenario no law was even remotely broken. This is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. That you are excusing such rampant hypocrisy is truly surprising to me.

        • C


          I think you are missing the context here – he did not wave at my daughter from a church pew. He did not wave at my daughter because he sees her every weekend at the soccer fields where our kids play on the same team. It was a public toilet. Do you think it is normal to wave at pretty much anyone, let alone a little kid, from a bathroom stall? Go test it out and get back to us. Otherwise you might want to reevaluate your concept of what is/isn’t appropriate public bathroom behavior.

          While you’re right, waving from a bathroom stall is not a crime, it leans hard toward suspicious. Similarly, walking around a parking lot peeking in car windows might not be illegal, but it is suspicious behavior that should probably be reported. Having a prior conviction for a criminal offense does not preclude civic responsibility, but we should be mindful to pick our battles. If someone is in imminent danger, I will get involved to the extent that I need to help them, otherwise, I’m gonna just mind my own bees wax keep on truckin’.

        • David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

          I’m always talking to people, including kids, in public. I have frequently waved at little kids, especially babies. I’m a friendly person. Being on the Registry has not, and will not, stop that. I refuse to let other people’s paranoia impinge upon my own personality. No doubt some might see that as “creepy” but, in my opinion, they’re the creeps.

        • C

          Same here, and you should be the friendly, good natured man you are, but I’ll bet you don’t do it from bathroom stalls.

        • David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

          I have said “Hello” to little kids in restrooms. Why not? I don’t really make that much of a distinction between ‘restroom/non-restroom’ spaces simply because it would never occur to me to do so. Call me crazy. Call me creepy. I was in an airport restroom a few years ago and was washing my hands next to a kid of about nine or ten years old. He was chatty and so was I. His mother, who was, apparently, hovering just outside the restroom, heard her son talking with a strange man and came storming in and glowered at me. Poor kid! I don’t care how paranoid people want to get, I’m not changing for them. That’s the last thing I will do.

        • CR

          I can’t say if you’re crazy or creepy. I don’t know what you did, what you experienced as a result, or how that affected you. But for my part, I never ever initiate conversation with children, not even with my own relatives who are minors. I told everyone in my family what I did. All of my siblings and all of their children (all of whom are adults now) know. I kept nothing from my family, despite the hurt it caused.

          Not only do I not initiate conversation with kids, I also seldom acknowledge children when they speak to me. I will speak to them if they initiate the conversation, if and only if, their parents or another responsible adult are present. And that’s the only way it could possibly happen, because there is not a chance I would be remain in a child’s vicinity, relative or not, if another adult was not present.

        • David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

          “Not only do I not initiate conversation with kids, I also seldom acknowledge children when they speak to me. ”

          Well, that’s you, isn’t it? Pretty tragic, I’d say. We all have different tolerances for risk. To me, talking to a kid is not much of a risk.

        • C

          At the risk of beating this topic to death, I feel it important to distinguish friendly, appropriate bathroom banter from waving and trying to get the attention of a child from behind closed stall doors. Again, from a stall. Where people usually have their pants down. Now, if you think that’s cool, which I don’t think you do, give it a whirl and let us know how it goes.

        • David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

          Yeah, we got it. None of the rest of us being there, taking note of his appearance or level of enthusiasm, drooling, etc. are unable to say if you were ‘appropriately’ (there’s Oprah’s favorite word again) alarmed or overreacting just like any other fully-programmed and conditioned parent in 21st Century America. All I will say is, given my awareness of just how paranoid and unhinged about sex and ostensible perverts parents are today, it was probably unjustified. You were, after all, with your kid in that restroom. Who in the Hell is going to proposition a kid in a restroom with other people around, especially their parent hanging on their kid like a cheap suit? The chances are great that nothing was going to happen, either with or without your intervention. Still, you got a scare-anecdote out of it that could be the basis of a Lifetime Channel movie but you might want to bounce it off Lenore Skenazy at Free Range Kids for her take.

  45. David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

    “Jim Walker’s Cruise Line News” rants on-and-on about the threat of sex offenders on cruise lines.

    • Tired of this

      But he can’t cite one single instance of a registrant on a cruise ever doing anything, can he?

  46. matthew

    Hey everyone in California,

    Check out AB 1008- It takes the conviction questions off conviction questions on applications and forces the employer to pretty much review you fully for the job and not just the conviction. It also may force the employee to assess the conviction in a questionnaire typesetting to see if it affects your ability to work for that company. I think this has gone unnoticed by a lot but I just came across it today.

    • David

      Thanks, Matthew! Good catch! 👍

      • matthew

        I was half asleep when I wrote that. But its a really a decent bill for those of uncomfortable writing convictions.

    • David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

      My first reading of it is that it helps some a bit, especially arrests without convictions, but is not anything earth-shattering in its consequences. That may be why there wasn’t much excitement accompanying it. Questions regarding convictions can be blocked from initial applications but can be asked at a later stage of employment consideration.

      • matthew

        Did you read the part in which an employer must actually give an explanation as to why they did not hire you? The conviction must be something that hinders you from doing your job as the employer is asked to perform a questionnaire to the employee. Now if you find a job that has more than 5 employees but a small business, do you think they are going to go through all the steps required or do you think it will be an offer? Its looking at the bigger picture that conviction questions will NOT be an application so automatic judgement will go away. Again, look at what doors this will open. If you do great during an interview, they may just not want to go through the possibility of not being able to state why it affects the job for legal purposes and pursue you as a candidate.

        • matthew

          This bill would repeal the prohibition on a state or local agency from asking an applicant for employment to disclose information regarding a criminal conviction, as described above. The bill would, instead, provide it is an unlawful employment practice under FEHA for an employer with 5 or more employees to include on any application for employment any question that seeks the disclosure of an applicant’s conviction history, to inquire into or consider the conviction history of an applicant until that applicant has received a conditional offer, and, when conducting a conviction history background check, to consider, distribute, or disseminate information related to specified prior arrests, diversions, and convictions.
          This bill would also require an employer who intends to deny an applicant a position of employment solely or in part because of the applicant’s conviction history to make an individualized assessment of whether the applicant’s conviction history has a direct and adverse relationship with the specific duties of the job, and to consider certain topics when making that assessment. The bill would require an employer who makes a preliminary decision to deny employment based on that individualized assessment to provide the applicant written notification of the decision. The bill would require the notification to contain specified information. The bill would grant an applicant 5 business days to respond to that notification before the employer may make a final decision. If the applicant notifies the employer in writing that he or she disputes the accuracy of the conviction history and is obtaining evidence to support that assertion, the bill would grant the applicant an additional 5 business days to respond to the notice. The bill would require an employer to consider information submitted by the applicant before making a final decision. The bill would require an employer who has made a final decision to deny employment to the applicant to notify the applicant in writing of specified topics. The bill would exempt specified positions of employment from the provisions of the bill.

  47. Forgiveness & redemption?

    With all the sexual misconduct allegations appearing daily in recent weeks …… and the destruction of people’s careers a dozen or more years after their transgression …… at what point will society eventually begin addressing foregiveness and redemptions? Is it fair …. or is it excessive …. for someone to lose his job/career because he inappropriately tried kissing a co-worker 20 years ago?
    The “court of public opinion” is ruthless and obviously has no statute of limitations whatsoever.

    Will this ever change? A small light in the tunnel appears in the Omaha, Nebraska news article on this website, in which the term “former sex offender” is used several times. How rarely we are ever referred to as “former”!!

    • Harry

      These people that coming forward these sexual misconduct allegations better have something other their lips, because they WILL face this same demon, old adage “What goes around will come around”. Also, this maybe good for our cause.

  48. David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

    ” A small light in the tunnel appears in the Omaha, Nebraska news article on this website, in which the term “former sex offender” is used several times. How rarely we are ever referred to as “former”!!”

    Makes you wonder if, perhaps, some of these journalists are doing some actual research. Maybe even reading ACSOL and NARSOL and Lenore Skenazy.

  49. French debate Age of Consent

    An interesting article …… followed by interesting comments:

    I would hope that this “sex panic” that is currently overtaking the U.S. and Europe might lead to further consideration of this issue in America. But America’s discussion goes in only one direction: harsher penalties, more years of incarveration, and Registration for everyone forever. Oh, and unique Passport identifiers, Angel Watch, and green notices. 😡

  50. Sam

    Okay, so I have a copy if the decision that was made prior to the Doe v O’Donnell in which the RC was allowed off of the registry after he had moved out of State. With some irony of recent events the RC and original charges were from PA where he had been relieved from the registry.

    Reading this decision give me hope though as a contributing factor for his removal were that the case didn’t originate in NY (like me) and he had no plans of going back(like me) Although the finding was that keeping him on the registry was “irrational and contrary to law” they determined that they didn’t have to say that SORA was unconstitutional.

    It still gives me hope as current studies actually show the quoted “the alarming recidivism rate by convicted sex offenders” turned out to all be made up. If they try to claim “reasonable expectations” of me coming back, the only way they will have me back there is against my will. I have nothing there waiting for me if I do come back. So I’d love to see them try.

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