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PA: Names being removed from sex offender registry


Pennsylvania State Police have started the process for removing as many as 5,000 ex-offenders from the Megan’s Law registry under a state supreme court mandate and a new law.

Shaquana Green appeared at a Pennsylvania State Police barracks last month to update her information as a registered sex offender. It’s an annual chore she has done for the last five years, having landed on the Megan’s Law list after disappearing with her daughter for three hours in violation of a custody order.

As of this month, though, the name of the 26-year-old Northampton County resident no longer appears on the registry, under a state Supreme Court ruling and a new exemption for parents who had been charged with interfering with custody of children, but no sex crime.

“I get to have my life,” Green said last week. “This is more than a blessing.”

Last year, the state Supreme Court ruled retroactive application of the state’s version of the new, tougher Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was unconstitutional. In response, state lawmakers passed House Bill 631, a stop-gap measure to keep up to 12,000 individuals on the registry, but that included an exemption for legal guardians charged with interference with custody of children. Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill into law Feb. 21. The exemption applies to only legal guardians of children, though another bill in the state Senate would remove interference with custody of children as a Megan’s Law offense; Pennsylvania and Louisiana are the only states where the crime is considered a violent sex offense even when no sexual contact occurred.

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  1. ExpatRFSO

    How on earth did “interfering with custody of children” offense ever end up on a sex offender registry in the first place?! Insane!

    • Brian

      It’s just how stupid politicians keep trying to add more and more feel good punishment laws passed to make them more superior in the public’s eye and also trying to make anything a sex crime or registerable offense, even this sexual harassment bs that’s going on, that’s going to eventually land someone on the registery I can see that happening.

      • Paul 2 chikity check

        I have a list of every IA 7 in Lehigh co and haven’t seen one come off or get changed from a tier 3 back to 10yrs Does anyone have info on people with IA7 and being removed?

  2. kat

    Many states consider inadvertant downloading of CP “a violent sex offense”, even though no physical or sexual contact of any kind has occurred.
    Time for defamation suits!

  3. Dustin

    I think the main reason is to keep registries as large as possible. Federal grants and such are awarded based on the number of registrants. “Public safety” is irrelevant – it’s been shown time and again that the registry has no effect there. Politicians know it, but are more concerned with the money generated and cheap political points in keeping them.

    • Paul 2 chikity check

      Out of 335 Lehigh co people since 1-30-18 they have removed 15 total.

  4. Paul 2 chikity check

    Does anyone Know about The case Aaron Marcus has for Philly clients his message from the 22nd says he should be hearing from a three judge panel on some kind of decision in the next week or so?

    • Brian

      I haven’t heard or seen anything about it, I hope he cut a deal with some judges to charge these lawmakers with felonies for violating their oaths by passing illegal laws.

  5. Brian

    No names removed yet today, very little were removed yesterday also…don’t know what’s the hold up, it ain’t no holiday!!!!

    • Wants off

      Actually a handful were removed. It went up to 026 this morning then back down to 021

  6. daniel

    Hi Everyone,
    Act 10 is the holdup. The majority of people who were due relief are going to be denied relief due to Act 10. Round and round we go. I just wish PSP would take this seriously and get the review done. Oh well, life goes on….

    • Brian

      @ Daniel
      Everyone isn’t due relief who was pre SORNA only the people who were done their 10 years are due, as long as they weren’t svp or life prior to SORNA. I’m sure you may know all of this info though. PSP are definitely dragging their asses for sure, I don’t know what the hold up is but there is no excuse for this, they have no fing problem enforcing the laws when people aren’t compliant or obsconded!!!!

      • rich

        my end was supposed to be 06/18/18. it was supposed to be 10 years then as u know whent to 15 yrs. So what can i expect and when? Do you think i need to sign up 6/10 as i normally was required as my lasy one or what?

        • AlexO

          You honestly should speak to a lawyer directly. No one here will be able to give you any real advice since this is all uncharted waters. Definitely do not skip your registration date unless you have something signed by the judge. You don’t want to open that can of warms on a misunderstanding.

        • sean

          @ Rich
          mine is supposed to be done may 28, 18. i was a 10yr. too, then switched to lifetime, then switched again to 25.. i only have a single conviction. my lawyer has sent a letter to psp, just an informational kind of letter letting them know my name should be included in their review process.(along with all supporting documentation of my case). i only did this for my own piece of mind, as i know they are “reviewing” “everyone” but, mistakes can happen. will they get to me in time before may? I’m betting not. so I’m prepared to go in may, as i normally do. my lawyer definitely believes i will get my relief, but like others, I’m assuming i will be on past may till they get to review me. and if they decide they wont remove me, then I’m prepared to fight.

    • Adam

      What is act 10? Where can I read more about this?

  7. Gary

    Total Registrants – Actual Counts from PSP Website: 2/24/2018 – 21,292: 3/5/2018 – 20,787. Decline of 505. Includes preSorna removal + custody issues removal – new registrants.

    • Johnny

      February 21, 2018
      Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today signed House Bill 631 into law, now Act 10 of 2018, the primary intent of which is to provide for greater public safety by ensuring convicted sexual offenders remain subject to registration requirements in the wake of recent court decisions impacting Pennsylvania’s implementation of the Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

      The legislation, introduced by Rep. Ron Marsico, would ensure that as many as 12,000 sexual offenders remain on Pennsylvania’s registry and subject to the regulations in place at the time of their offense – either a 10-year or lifetime registration.

      “I am proud to sign this bill, which helps to keep Pennsylvanians safer by maintaining a comprehensive list of sexual offenders,” said Governor Wolf. “We must maintain confidence in our judicial system, especially for victims of sexual abuse crimes. This bill works to help do that.”

      HB 631 provides guidance on Commonwealth v. Muniz, where the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that the commonwealth’s sexual registration statute, commonly referred to as the Adam Walsh Act, could not be applied retroactively.

      Without this legislation, any person whose offense occurred prior to the enactment of SORNA in December 2012 would not be required to register as a sexual offender and those placed on the registry for offenses committed prior to that date would have been subject to removal.

      • Lou

        Johnny, In reference to your post. HB 631 providing guidance on Muniz. Prior to the enactment of sorna, registrants are subject to removal? Was that signed and put into law? My lawyer said it isn’t. I am tier1 & pre-sorna, and called Harrisburg a few days ago, they told me, at best, I will go back to 10yr registration. They will not remove me entirely, and also they will NOT remove my f3 failure to register a vehicle conviction, because “I still broke the law.” My county judge won’t remove it either after 2 recent attempts. He also will not relieve me from my sorna requirements. My 2nd appeal is scheduled for next week.

  8. Brian

    0 removed today as Harrisburg is shut down due to state of emergency declared by governor wolf.

    • rich

      How do you know how many are removed daily and how are they doing it? Is it alpha or date order? How can i see that list of removal……………thanks

      • Brian

        This is the link to the PSP website ,just enter it in your browser and it shows all the numbers, it goes up and down because people are being added to the registry at the same time that others are being removed. I check it a few times a day.
        As for your registration time 06/18/18, people who were pre SORNA like you and I meaning we were charged before 12/20/2012 and after 1996 are due to revert back to our original sentences on the registry, you should be done your ten years 06/18/18, but don’t just stop going in to update until you have a letter in your hand stating that your no longer required to register or they can arrest you, correct me if I’m wrong but psp ads a base year meaning your time may not be done until 2019, I began registration in 2002 and my end date would have been 2013, due to SORNA I was bumped up to 25 years, you can contact the psp Megan’s law section but they won’t give you a lot of info, I don’t know if it’s going in any kind of order or they are just grabbing a stack of reports and sorting through them, when I called over a month ago they said they were reviewing my file, they also said I am no longer required to register and they aren’t sending out reminder letters for updates, the lady said until I get something in the mail saying I don’t have to register anymore to go in anyway and register on my dates because they can still arrest me for being none compliant, so it sucks that I’m not required to register but I still have to until I get a letter telling me I don’t have to, i contacted an attorney and am probably going to have to petition the courts to be removed sooner instead of waiting for the psp to remove me. So as for when no one knows and if you don’t receive a letter telling you anything I suggest you go in on you update date and register till they say not to, don’t let anyone tell you different.


  9. HB 631 Requirements

    For anyone who still owes time for there 10 years. Like the recent two people talking about your 10 years are up in May 2018.

    Did you ever hear of the Venus Fly Trap?

    HB 631 or Act 10 has the same effect as that plant.

    If you are not done your 10 years, you arent coming off SORNA, they are holding you, more than likely as a TEIR 1, until the 30 day letter is sent explaining your new requirements under ACT 10.

    The bill reads, continued registeration for ones who HAVE NOT COMPLETED THERE 10 YEARS OR REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS.

    Its simple to understand, you got caught up on ACT 10.

    Feb 21 to May 21 2108. Is close to 90 days.

    If you havent finished your 10 years prior to Feb 21 2018 when Wolf Signed the bill, you have 90 days to register under ACT 10.

    And then once registered, I bet you and I will have to fight them to review that our 10 years is up.

    They are not going to remove anyone under Act 10 unlesz requested.

    If Muniz Decision didnt scare them, that should tell you they dont care about breaking the law. They only care when sex offenders do.

    • Tony two Times

      What about the people who have finished their 10yrs and still haven’t been reviewed Should they go update or risk getting arrested?

    • sean

      it might be a trap for now. but ive had two different lawyers read the bill, one having a background in the senate. this has been debated, and gone round and round. psp can break the law all they want, but this time we have the courts decision on our side. I’m sure they will not remove me one second before I’m supposed to be. however, they can not increase the time. if they try, that’s fine, ive been saving my money for this, and am prepared to fight for what is due.

  10. HB 631 Requirements

    Has anyone received the letter for HB 631 in the state of PA for the new requirements. On February 21 2018 the bill was signed in law. They have thirty days to get a letter out from the day of the signing of the bill by Wolf. March 23 2018 is 30 days. And we are to update with in 90 days from February 21 2018. That would May 21 2018 or about there. So have anyone the honor and received our to retroactive requirements.

  11. Brian

    I haven’t gotten anything yet either, I am due relief but not sure that they are going to send letters to people who are due relief or not. But at the same time they done know all who is due relief yet I don’t think.

    • Tony two Times

      Brian per my last conversation with a PSP reviewer I was told that most people will be getting the letter but the review for people that are due relief should be done before the 90days is up. So just because you get a letter doesn’t mean they have done your review. I did not go in for my last update because PSP told me I did not have to because the new law is in effect. She told me twice that because of the charges I have my review should be done before the 90days is up. Chuck on the other site has been deleting peoples comments about this It a shame they allow this to happen. I think the next few week we should see a lot more people removed. I am still curious what your attorney has to say about the DAs involvement in this my guess is PSP is having them make sure they legally can remove each person. I do not think the DA is just deciding who can come off or not.

      • Brian

        Tony two Times
        I am also curious of what he’s going to say also, Friday I will be meeting with him and will find out what’s going on, I gave him a copy of my court transcript that’s proves the judge stated that we aren’t recommending mr me to register as a sex offender but yet psp made me register for the past 15 years now, I was on a deferred probation sentence and they left it to the probation officer if I was to register but I was never told to in writhing or verbally, psp ml section told me I am not required to register anymore but she also told me that I should still go and update on my anniversary dates, I would be afraid not to. I notice some thing going on on the other site, an entire blog was deleted which was very disappointing because I git a lot out of it but now it’s gone.

  12. Brian

    Over 4000 people have been removed from TEIR 2 and 3 and according The the stats right now, looks like were all moved to TEIR 1

  13. sean

    holy cow…what lit the fire over night..take a look at the site now.. tier 2 dropped over 1000, and now there is no tier designations… interesting…

  14. Brian

    Wander what their plan is now…

  15. Adam

    I am one of the many who were removed from the website last night. I called ML and they told me that this does not mean that I have been removed from the registry, but rather that I have been slated for review “since my date is coming up.

    This doesn’t make sense since my next scheduled update isn’t until December, but this still feels like progress towards my ultimate removal.

    • Tony two Times

      Yes same here she said we should get a letter. I think they are buying time to finish reviews.

  16. Brian

    Just got off the phone with psp, said the same thing, should be getting a lettersoon, I asked why everyone has been moved to t1 status and she said there all being reviewed.

    • Tony two Times

      Brian you are still up? I got removed.

    • Rich

      After replying to you a week os so ago, i check the PSP listing evey day. It was weird that Tier 1 jumped to 14,000 something today . I am due on 6/10 for my yearly check that i do once a year as a tier 1. I am due to be done on 6/18/18 under the old system of 10 years. That is what i was supposed to do before they changed it. So i wonder if they will want me to report tis year since its 8 days later i should be off. I also wonder if they will do it . Any comments are welcome. As you all know they just arbitarily added 5 years to my megans punishment.

  17. Tony two Times

    Sorry to Guessit and the others the did not get removed just stay patient maybe things will change. For the rest of us that got completely removed from the site congratulations its been a long wait. We just have to wait for them to finish the reviews now.

  18. Brian

    Yep still up, no TEIR alication still, it doesn’t say if I’m active though.

  19. Brian

    Tony two Times And Adam
    Congrats guys, enjoy freedom at last my friends, hope I’m off before I see my lawyer Friday,
    Good luck guys…

  20. Wants off

    I also have no tier designation and it does not say active.

    • Brian

      Wants off
      Good to see ya, things are getting a little crazy, I wander if there are no teirs due to act 10, I see theirs for post SORNA people here and there, I saw a guy that was obsconded removed 3 weeks ago but was put back on as not obsconded or non compliant, he’s a pre SORNA started registration in 2000, wandering why they put him back on.

      • Wants off

        I wish they could at least give information as to the procedure they are using. Is it alphabetical? By date? My name is toward the end of the alphabet so if its alphabetical I know I just have to be patient and wait. But I guess they can’t give out that information. Whatever they are doing they definitely seemed to take a new approach to it last night. Lets hope that speeds things up

        • Brian

          Wants off
          That would be nice if they would give some sort of a sign of what their direction is, we are totally in the dark like mushrooms but we have somewhat of a clue of what’s going on but not much.

  21. Andy

    I see some people are still tiered, some people are tierless, and some (me for example) are not on at all. Does this mean I’m off? I was sentenced in 2010 to probation and sorna retroactively put me on since I was “under supervision” at the time. Please tell me they aren’t going to put me back on…

    • Wants off

      Were you put on Megan’s List at all before SORNA took effect?

      • Andy

        I was not. I was on probation for 2 years when sorna took effect putting me on for the first time. My offense did not warrant ML in 2010.

      • Brian

        I was due to come off November 2013, the damn base year screwed me💀

    • Tony two Times

      Andy those of us that have been removed most likely will stay off unless the person has extra jail time that puts them under 10yrs if you did not have to register pre SORNA then you can pretty much count on staying off for good PSP told me and others we are just waiting to receive official notice and make sure toll time did not put anyone under 10yrs. Congrats

  22. Tony two Times

    Has anyone that is not an out of state offender that was not required to register pre SORNA or has finished their 10yrs still on the site? Just wondering because I think they have pretty much removed everyone that has finished their time.

    • Wants off

      I was federal convicted 2003 went on ML for 10 years in 2005. I am currently still listed with no tier designation .

    • Robin

      @ Tony….maybe that is what they were looking at first was the t2 and t3’s that would roll back and if done be removed. And now need to reveiw all others cause if that 12,000 number was even close to right they are still a long way from that number.

  23. Robin

    @ Andy and Wants off,

    Let’s remember the way the law reads now, it is not a matter if you were in custody, being incarcerated or on probation/parole. Some were in jail or on probation for say dui, and were pulled onto sorna because they had a prior sex offense conviction at some point in their life.

    It is rather a matter of when you’re crime was committed and if you would have been required to be on it at the time you commited the sex offense.

  24. Robert

    Im from out of state (md)
    My time was up last year. But they have me on as starting when i moved to PA in 2013. Im still on the registry. So im Not shore if im getting off or not. And i cant afford a lawyer any time soon. Any ideas?

    • Brian

      What you should do is get you original court records that include your plea agreement if you took the hook line and sinker like everyone else myself included, I had to send a bunch of requests to co where I am from and it took me a month to get all of my documents back, if you can’t afford a lawyer I’m sure there are pro se documents that you can file on your own without a lawyer. I’m not sure what you would need to file, you should try and contact Aaron Marcus from the Philadelphia defenders association, he may be able to lead you in the right direction, he may even be able to help you but I don’t know that for sure. He is very busy so you have to be patient. Good luck man.

    • Robin

      @ Robert…Did you get a letter from MD of any sort stating such. If not you need to contact MD and get them to sen you a letter stating such.
      I’m guessing that you had a 10 yr reg period so you had a crime committed date and conviction 2007 or before, correct? If so that could cover you and get you relief, but I wouldn’t swear by that.
      PSP can not say you have a requirement in another sate if you are off and especially if you have the letter.
      I have not seen anything definitive in Chapter 97 that would say you get credit for time from another state, but I haven’t really looked at that aspect of it, or once your requirement has been met in that other state so you may have a mess on your hands.
      But like I said it could still could swing your way.
      I would strongly suggest you find out, and get a lawyer ASAP, before the dust settles.

  25. Chris

    I was removed from the website on 3-14-2018 does that mean I am officially off for good or is there a hidden catch somewhere in ACT 10 that might bring me back on the list. I didn’t receive a letter before I was removed stating I was done. I was figuring that psp would send me a letter before they took me off telling me I was officially done.

    • Robin

      Not until you have that letter in you hands.

    • Tony two Times

      Chris same here they need to still complete your review to make sure you have done all your time on reg if you had any time in jail that doesn’t count towards your 10yrs Once they verify everything the will send out a letter. They have removed people they think are finished with their time or were never suppose to reg in the first place. Thats what PSP told me. So if you know for sure you did your 10yrs then you’re good but need to wait for letter.

  26. Robert

    I plead gilty in June 06. To what i did 03. I was sentenced on July 17 2006. ( 10 days before President Bush sign in SORNA) to 5 yrs jail. Suspended 3.5 years. Did 14month and was on probation for 3 years. I was originally given 10yrs on the registry. But that turn to life when i was away. I never got any thing from MD from the time i moved to PA. And from what i understand of the laws. I should have credit for my time in MD on the registry.

    • Tony two Times

      Robert you need to complete the time on the reg you were given at the time you were convicted so if MD said you had 10yrs on reg then you would have to complete the 10yrs on reg time in jail doesn’t count. So if you did say 3 years in MD and 7 in PA with no jail during those times you would be done. It looks to me that PA is saying that if the state you committed your crime in still says you need to register in their state then PA will keep you on Might be fore people that didn’t move to PA until after SORNA was in effect. There is something going on with out of state people because none have been completely removed while people with similar charges from PA and time on the reg have been removed. If I would have moved to FL two weeks ago before I was removed FL would have made me register in their state for life because I was still required to register in PA So FL would make me prove I finished my reg time according to PA So I think out of state people will have to prove to PA the same thing If you have proof you had a ten yr reg from MD and registered in PA pre SORNA (before dec 20th 2012 and PA did not consider your crime to be a longer reg time than MD then you should be able to use the time in PA plus the time in MD to get off after you did 10yrs total with no jail time counting towards the 10yrs. PSP might be able to figure that all out or maybe make you prove it with records from MD not sure how they will do it.

      • Brian

        Tony two Times
        I was never ordered by the courts to register it states that right in my plea agreement but they made me register for 10 years anyhow and then put me under SORNA because I was still on the registery when they signe it into law in pa, I’m not sure what the problem is with me being still on the registery and others are being removed, I have called psp several times to see what’s going on and have gotten different answers, I will see my attorney today at least and hope he has some answers for me, I know your off the list now but I will give an update anyway.

        • Tony two Times

          Hell yah Brian until I get a letter from PSP we are almost in the same boat Hope he has some info for you I think because you didn’t have to reg in original state you are good

  27. Robert

    I got out of jail October 07
    So my time should be done
    I dont know if MD has changed their laws about the registry sence i moved. I thought PA would treat every body the same. As a legal resident no matter when they declared being a resident. I do under stand it being diffrent if i still declared my self as a Marylander.
    Thanks for the info.

    • Robin

      @ Robert 9799.15. Period of registration (a.1) Credit for time on registry.–The following apply:(2) An individual subject to registration under this subchapter shall register with the Pennsylvania State Police for the period of time set forth in subsection (a), except that:(ii) An individual registered pursuant to section 9799.13(7), (7.1) or (7.2) for a sexually violent offense shall register for the period set forth in subsection (a), less any credit as a result of time registered in a sexual offender registry for that sexually violent offense in the foreign country or other jurisdiction where the individual was convicted.

      Just make sure you have a letter from MD or PA could say you are required to be registered in another state.

    • Tony two Times

      Robert the main difference is that your crime was committed in another state not in PA that might allow them to treat your registration differently. If you stayed in MD finished your 10yrs then PA couldn’t put you on reg. If MD credits you for the time you registered in PA then you can get proof from MD that you finished your time in MD

  28. Mike s

    There is no such thing as a Base year, I’m not sure who keeps spreading that BS. It ten years is ten years to the day.

    • Tony two Times

      Hey Mike you’re right I don’t get where that came from you have to reg for 10yrs not ten years plus any time Mike are you still off the reg?

  29. Guessit

    Psp website not acceptable on my end at this point lol

  30. Robin

    I think there is going to be a number of law suits. I haven’t paid attention to any of the persons on the registry,just the numbers, until now. The numbers on tiers were lowest on tier 1 before the moved that 10,000 over. I would have thought they would do tier 1 first being the lowest numbers.
    With just scrolling in one particular county looking at tier 1 then looking into the crime I found 2 with 3126 IA 1 which is M2 which should have been removed. They had no other listings but that one crime. One was pre sorna the other post sorna, and either way they should be off.
    In 2014 act 19 removed IA M2 pre sorna, a former judge, on the registry for same, requested removal and PSP refused, then a court stepped in and ordered PSP. The response from PSP was “there are instances in which a court may disagree with their interpretation of the law”. see story here:
    So a judge then ordered the removal, which should have told PSP they are wrong, but it seems they are still doing it “their way”.
    Since when is it PSP’s job to interpret the law as written, are they not just the administrator, and once told by judiciary you’re wrong to accept that and not to continue to do so the way you think it should be?
    Is PSP thinking they are the sole power deciding what laws mean when written?

  31. Brian

    Mike r
    You are right, my attorney stated that today, there are no base years, 2013 would have been my tenth year.
    Had a meeting with my attorney today, he found errors in my transcript, typos if you will, also found something starring me right in the face, my so called victim was only 2 years age difference then me, what I was charged with was equivalent to indecent assault in pa, he found that sense I was 19 at the time of the so called crime there was a 2 year difference in age between me and my then girlfriend, in 1997 right around when Megan’s law began lawmakers and DA’s had a hardon for charging anyone and everyone with anything they could that had to do with a sex crime or even close to a sex crime even if it wasnt, my family couldn’t afford a paid attorney so I got screwed, I was wrongfully charged with a crime, I was not braking any law at the time of my so called crime, how could I be so blind, or maybe I just didn’t understanding the laws, My attorney is requesting the DA lets me off the reg in pa my attorney requests to release my client from his registration requirements due to the law should have never applied to him to began with, I should have never been on the registry , EVER!!! The DA are the ones who say who is on and who gets relief, the psp reviews and the DA says yay or nay, that’s what I gathered from my attorney, I don’t know if people can directly petition the DA or they have to use an attorney, my guess is you have to get a lawyer unless you know the process, I don’t so I had to get an attorney..

  32. Chris

    U would think that the PSP would do the reviews while the people were still on the register so they wouldn’t have to take people off only to have to put them back on. Sounds simple to me.

    • Tony two Times

      Chris they have pretty much reviewed the people they have taken off they are just covering their asses to say you have to wait for letter incase they missed something.

    • Brian

      I can bet lots of mistakes will be made during this entire ordeal, also I can see a lot of lawsuits will happen, Act 10 won’t last long, people already plan to deal with it and take it down, then they will dream up something else after PASC rules it unconstitutional.

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