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PA: Names being removed from sex offender registry


Pennsylvania State Police have started the process for removing as many as 5,000 ex-offenders from the Megan’s Law registry under a state supreme court mandate and a new law.

Shaquana Green appeared at a Pennsylvania State Police barracks last month to update her information as a registered sex offender. It’s an annual chore she has done for the last five years, having landed on the Megan’s Law list after disappearing with her daughter for three hours in violation of a custody order.

As of this month, though, the name of the 26-year-old Northampton County resident no longer appears on the registry, under a state Supreme Court ruling and a new exemption for parents who had been charged with interfering with custody of children, but no sex crime.

“I get to have my life,” Green said last week. “This is more than a blessing.”

Last year, the state Supreme Court ruled retroactive application of the state’s version of the new, tougher Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was unconstitutional. In response, state lawmakers passed House Bill 631, a stop-gap measure to keep up to 12,000 individuals on the registry, but that included an exemption for legal guardians charged with interference with custody of children. Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill into law Feb. 21. The exemption applies to only legal guardians of children, though another bill in the state Senate would remove interference with custody of children as a Megan’s Law offense; Pennsylvania and Louisiana are the only states where the crime is considered a violent sex offense even when no sexual contact occurred.

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  1. sean

    talk about double standards, not only do we have DA Higgins out of Bedford being the perfect example of what a “Predator” really is, but here is another example of the hypocrisy, and corruption. I live in this county too, I think of all the pain ive gone through for my crime, being on the reg, and all that comes with that. then you read shit like this?? just because of “who” you are or “where” you work? then people have the nerve to wonder why other people end up walking around with high power weapons, and high capacity mags….just say’n.. guess it shows, its not what you know, or even who you know, but who you blow…

  2. Robin

    When someone continually states someone else is wrong, then time and again they are the ones that are proven wrong, it comes down to credibility. These are items that I have proven Mr two times to be wrong, and Dave has proven other times. If one is wrong once or twice it just diminishes that persons credibility a little, but to be proven wrong so many times blows all credibility out the window.

    Mr two times, you have no credibility what so ever and your constant bully tactics to try and make others believe you is a pure cry for attention. You sate Dave has a personality disorder to discredit him, but I am afraid it is not Dave that has a disorder, one only need look in the mirror to see the truth in what you claim Dave has.

    Dave has far more credibility, as he has backed much of what he has stated by showing the correct laws pertaining to what he speaks of. I too have pointed out the laws at the time said law would have effected Joe and Todd, yet you kept arguing with the wording out of Act 10 and then ML2 which is the same wording not ever once looking at ML1, Until I pointed it out then you tell Joe he was right, As if you found your error yourself.

    You state the other forums kicked you off because they don’t want to hear the truth. I’m sure they do want the truth, they just don’t want your truth as 90% of the time it’s incorrect. And I would have to say it also has to do with your approach, the bully style, “I am right” everyone else is wrong, tactic.

    So here you have been called out, and will most likely run and change your name again so you can attempt to once again troll/bully people into thinking you are right.

    Dave is not a lawyer, nor does he claim to be a leader. For that matter neither do I. I get things wrong but I also correct my posting and I also state when it is just my opinion, which everyone should know to take an opinion with a grain of salt.

    These are the times I have proven you wrong, and Dave is right in saying you’re going to get someone locked up if they believe a word you say.

    Jimmy two Times April 2, 2018
    “Dave I have known that a writ of mandamus is the only way to force the PSP to remove someone”
    it must be understood that Habeas Corpus remains the most powerful tool available for seeking relief from unlawful restraint of your liberties, initiating a collateral attack against a Judgment of Sentence order, and many other issues.

    Towny two Times March 30, 2018
    “Joe you never had a 10yr reg for IDSI its always been a life reg. Show us the law because I read them all always been a life reg.”
    Original Megan’s Law otherwise known as ML1
    “Municipality.” A city, borough, incorporated town or
    [“Offender.” An individual who is:
    (1) designated a sexually violent predator under the
    provisions of this subchapter; or
    (2) required to register under section 9793(b) (relating
    to registration of certain offenders for ten years).]
    The period of registration shall be
    ten years.
    (b) Persons required to register.–
    (1) Persons convicted of any of the following offenses
    that are classified as a felony and involve a victim who is a
    18 Pa.C.S. § 2901 (relating to kidnapping) except by
    a parent.
    18 Pa.C.S. § 3121 (relating to rape).
    18 Pa.C.S. § 3123 (relating to involuntary deviate
    sexual intercourse).
    (the rest was omitted for this posting).

    Tony two Times March 26, 2018
    “Robin you need a better grasp of how the law works You keep saying things that are not true. If a person is no longer required to register in the state they committed their crime another state can not make them register in theirs.”
    @ Tony
    This is directly from FL web site.
    NOTE: Removal from another state’s registration requirement does not guarantee removal from the requirement to register in Florida.
    In VA there is also wording that looks to me like registry would be required even if not on in another state.

    Jimmy two Times
    April 5, 2018
    “Brian listen to your lawyer you are out of state offense, Dave has a personality disorder I have been telling people in my same situation they do not have to reg People on the other sites do not like to hear the facts Your lawyer is right the old law is no longer in effect and the new law was given 90days to kick in plain and simple.”
    Wrong again! 9718.5 is about parole/probation
    The law took effect Immediately on 21 Feb 2018 when signed by Gov. Wolf.

    • Jimmy two Times

      They added time to PCRA filling for Muniz sorry to say they had 90days also don’t take my word for it listen to the PA Muniz call in recordings when two different lawyers said it Wrong again.

    • Jimmy two Times

      Boy between you and Dave you sure type a lot without saying anything I made it simple for you both take the time understand it first you’ll save a lot of typing. here it is simple for you again

      1. Mandamus is the best way to get removed from reg. Per Reeds lawyer, Aaron Marcus, and Patrone in Philly.

      2. PCRA for Muniz was extended past 60days refer to the call in recordings from NARSOL Muniz where two lawyers talk about this.

      3. OOS offenders should have an attorney to make sure DA removes them. Per Brian on here his own lawyer confirmed what I’ve been saying for months.

      4. As I have been saying for months, Anyone, in state offense, that has enough common sense to know their time is up if they did not have to register or had 10yrs under old ML scheme does not have to register under this new law. This means if you have an update before the 90days is up on new law you do not have to update.

      5. PSP has removed the people in state they believe have finished their time and have told many people they have review priority and should be finished before 90days is up.

      6. Lawyers and board members from MARSOL have all said there is a president case name I cant remember that holds if a person finishes their reg time in orig state then moves a new state can not make them reg. I will look for it.

      So all the other BS you waste your time typing is moot. Next

      • Robin

        Got news for you, I’ve listened to all 3 hours of the NARSOL pod cast. They said on there wait it out unless you are in a hurry then get a lawyer and make a move.
        And it just happens one of those lawyers is who I deal with, and will be filing habeas suit not a writ of mandamus.
        Want to continue blowing smoke? I hope when you get off you go to one of those states in the south, being as you know the law, and get caught not registering. Then come back and tell us how you plan to get off their life registries.
        You continue to make yourself out as a court jester, why not stop while you are ahead?

        • Brian

          I believe you are correct about them telling people to wait it out unless your in a hurry, also they did make an incorrect statement I believe, they stated that out of state offenders would be priority for removal when in fact I believe we are at the back of the line, otherwise I would have been removed in the beginning, glad I was impatient and hired an attorney because they haven’t removed me yet, yet I see others being removed from the website and Bryan got a letter telling him he’s done, no longer has to register, I hope it’s not a fake letter that someone typed up and sent as a scam, I would be going to the state police to verify it was true, anyway you listened to the podcast and in the phone conference they stated the same facts about what you said…

        • Robin

          @ Brian

          It’s not just the podcast information. I have spoken to several attorneys in PA to feel them out and see what they suggest. Two were from Philly they both, without me suggesting to them, stated the way to go is file habeas suit. Another in the area of the court where I was convicted wanted to go writ, and wanted 5k. One in HBG said habeas, and then the one I will be using also said habeas.

          It could be they all said habeas because of the time frame/limit. I believe once the bill was signed there was a time limit set once again. I know they said in the podcast there was one after Muniz, then one in Nov, after the cert. denial, then one when Act 10 was signed.

          The big thing is going by way of writ it has to go through the court that handled your original case. If you lose there and appeal with mandamus, that would go to the next higher court. As Dave pointed out, there is writ of mandamus, then mandamus.

          Habeas for this kind of case would be filed at the circuit courts, bypassing the lower court, as far as I have gathered. I don’t think it even has to be in the county where you were convicted, or maybe that is just in my case being I don’t reside in PA now.

    • Joe 92

      @Robin, I just wanted to say thank you for mentioning me and Todd.To state for the record I have one count of IDSI and I am not an SVP. So me and my family are really hoping I come off this stupid assed list that does nothing for no one except create heartache.I read everyone’s posts and there is alot of great information on here,I really appreciate all the effort you put in on researching all the different cases..THANK YOU. By the way the 92 on my name is my conviction date

      • Robin

        @ Joe
        No problem. I was aware your crime/conviction was pre ML1. Referencing ML1 was just to show IDSI was not always life.
        Just based on when crime was committed you should be coming off since law now specifies crime committed dates and did away with ex post facto.
        The way “I look” at things is this: The law is out to get everyone they can, even more so when it comes to an SO. The state/psp does not want to take people off that registry and will find whatever reasons they can to keep them on. One reason is the money they get from the feds for the numbers.
        Any that don’t file petition of writ in time will still be able file habeas corpus to be removed. My thought is the state/psp are being sneaky using the “good faith” clause, and their mindset is that of “keep them on and let them file suit if they want off, most of them won’t be able to afford an attorney”. Again that is just me thinking out loud.
        They may look at cases such as yours, as ML2 is a former law and moves IDSI to life. ML2 was never beaten on ex post facto. They could say Act 10 says anyone required to register on a former ML has to complete their time. If that is how they do it, they can claim “good faith” but they would be wrong and a court action against them will win. Again my theory/thoughts. If by chance that is how it goes you would win in court to be taken off. The good thing about habeas is there is no time limit at this point. So you can save up to hire an attorney if needed.
        Act 10 is now law and they have to follow that law, it does not matter what was ruled on the Muniz case, they are not bound by the ruling, but are bound by Act10. Act 10 still has its issues with the Muniz case and leaves much of it wide open for appeals challenging Act 10.
        I hope you and everyone that is due relief does get it and not have to go the way of taking it to court.
        ***above is just an opinion and my thoughts on the matter and NOT to be considered legal advice***

        • Debo

          See here is the problem you have caused this gut to think he will get a 10yr reg on IDSI The new law is based on ML2 scheme IDSI is life on ML2 and new law. No one with IDSI will get a 10yr reg unless they were not required to register after 1996. You are the one going to look like the ass when you see what happens.

  3. Robin

    @ two times

    “If a person is no longer required to register in the state they committed their crime another state can not make them register in theirs.”

    In looking at this a little harder, I guess you are right. The other state can’t “make” them but they can darn sure charge them with FTR.

    • Jimmy two Times

      Robin facts are facts again you and Dave just do not have the capacity to understand this stuff. We will just have to wait to see what happens and eventually you will grasp it. Did Muniz or Reed file HC no Mandamus why because it is the only way the higher court can force an entity like the PSP to change a policy or non action. If you want removed the fastest and easiest way is Mandamus don’t take my word for it ask Patrone, Marcus, and Reeds lawyer they all are using Mandamus and are telling anyone who contacts them that is the route to go. I will provide you the name of the case that set precedent for another state not being able to make you register if the state you committed your crime says you do not have to reg anymore. Lawyers from Narsol discussion talked about this in detail awhile back so if you are on there ask them they will tell you the same thing, makes sense if you think about it. So don’t take my word ask them. Everything I have said about what PSP would do has been right. People are scared I said do not reg under this new bill a month ago now lawyers are saying the same thing. OOS people need an attorney people have been saying sit tight cost them months now 90days is almost up, no one listened. So keep listening to the jail house lawyer BS see where it gets you.

  4. Robin

    Mr two times and others that might consider moving to working in or going to school in Al.

    This also covers my point on if you are removed from the registry and travel or move to another state. You will still have to register in Al regardless of being removed in PA.
    One thing to look at here is they say Immediate not 24,48, or 72 hours but Immediate.

    If the crime is covered by Al law, and note it also states under Federal SORNA law (doesn’t mean you have been convicted in Federal court).

    This is Alabama
    Section 15-20A-14
    Adult sex offender – Requirements upon entering state.
    (a) Any adult sex offender who enters this state and establishes a residence shall immediately appear in person and register all required registration information with local law enforcement in the county of residence.
    (b) Any adult sex offender who enters this state to accept employment, carry on a vocation, or become a student and who has not established a residence in this state shall immediately appear in person and register all required registration information with local law enforcement in the county where the adult sex offender accepts employment, carries on a vocation, or becomes a student.
    (c) Whenever an adult sex offender registers pursuant to this section, he or she shall be subject to the requirements of this chapter.
    (d) Within 30 days of initial registration, the adult sex offender shall provide each registering agency with a certified copy of his or her conviction; however, an adult sex offender shall be exempt from this subsection if the adult sex offender provides adequate documentation that the certified record is no longer available or has been destroyed.
    (e) Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a Class C felony.
    (33) Any crime committed in Alabama or any other state, the District of Columbia, any United States territory, or a federal, military, Indian, or foreign country jurisdiction which, if it had been committed in this state under the current provisions of law, would constitute an offense listed in subdivisions (1) to (32), inclusive.
    (34) Any offense specified by Title I of the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 (Pub. L. 109-248, the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)).
    (35) Any crime committed in another state, the District of Columbia, any United States territory, or a federal, military, Indian, or foreign country jurisdiction if that jurisdiction also requires that anyone convicted of that crime register as a sex offender in that jurisdiction.
    (36) Any offender determined in any jurisdiction to be a sex offender shall be considered a sex offender in this state.

  5. Robin

    Removal from PA registry vs requirements to register in other states.

    All those that end up being removed from the PA registry you need to be very aware that it does not mean you wouldn’t get snared into another states registry should you, move to, work in, go to school in, or visit, or if required to register under fed law. Note: that does not mean convicted by fed court/military court, it means required to.

    This would especially concern those that would work in, truck drivers be aware, a particular state that has laws that would snare you in their trap.
    One should research the laws that govern whatever state you may do any of the above mentioned. Also pay attention to their visitor/transient laws, some states may consider them the same if they don’t state any visitor laws.

    Could you take your chances on the visiting part, sure you can. Even if you get pulled over and get a ticket you “may” be okay. That is if they only run wants/warrants on you. If they look at NCIC/NSOR you may get popped. If when removed from the PA registry they do not remove you completely, meaning inactive registry, and they do not enter the correct command when doing so with NSOR, you will still be in the inactive registry, which is available to law enforcement, not the public.

    BTW this in not an opinion it is fact based on research. You can find a link to the rules for NSOR on the general thread, or just go to the web site and find it.

    I put this here because I would hate to see anyone that gets off the registry, be put back on elsewhere, and then back on in PA due to being required to register in another state. None of us want to be on again if we are taken off. I also don’t say this being negative but in a manner that is proactive.

  6. ashtoreth

    @ Dave, Sir, i must address to you her 2 misdemeanors of failure to register was not in P.A. it was in V.A sir. I have records of that proof of it if you wish to see it. I can upload the content sir.

    • Robin

      @ Ashtoreth

      Did you not say at one point that the crime was originally in NY. Then you now say the FTR’s were in VA, right?
      What was the original crime, and when was it?

  7. Moderator

    REMINDER: This web site is intended to be an exchange of ideas and experiences. NOTHING on this discussion forum is to be construed as legal advice. Please consult your personal legal counsel before taking any action or making changes to your situation. ACSOL strongly recommends adherence to all applicable local, state and federal laws – which may be confusing to the trained and untrained eye alike – unless an OFFICIAL court order indicates otherwise.

    While we intend to encourage a lively discussion and exchange of ideas, we remind everyone to please keep the conversation constructive and the tone civil in order to keep this a valuable resource for all. Thank you for your cooperation. ***Moderator***

  8. ashtoreth

    @ Robin my friend was convected in Utah 1999 for the sex offender a 10 year only based. Then moved to Virginia Beach Virginia. Before the move notified the registry in Utah 15 days beforehand. After being in Virginia Beach didnt notify Virginia’s registery to move to further into Virginia. Then my friend went into the police department to update the twice a year thingy. After a few days later the police department showed up. Saying that didnt notify Virginia’s beach department of change of address and the new address. So my friend got slapped on the hand twice for failure to notify changes of address which falls under failure to registery. No time spent in jail. Tbey only gave my friend 2 misdemeanors for it. Now at this present time my friend lives with me here in Pennsylvania since 2013. The act 10 just passed and awaiting for Pennsylvania registery to get the out of state offenders to be reviewed.

    @ Dave, sorry for the harsh commentary. It was just frusterating for who ever was putting stuff of false or not underrstanding or misquoted or misguided informafions. Then this wbole blog postings went to cut down people in a hasty way. Juzt wanted to aplogize to anyone and all.

    • Robin


      In all honesty you’re friend should contact both Utah, and VA. Just because she doesn’t show up on the web site in either state does not mean she has been removed. She would want to ask them if she is in their inactive registry, if they have one.
      In VA they have a supplemental list that does show on the web site that is searchable. Those on the supplemental list are those that do not have to currently update their information, and or report changes. That may very well be there inactive list, but law passed here that directed VSP to list all with crimes committed before the start of the registry. She might look at that to see if she is on it.
      I live in VA, and my original state is PA. This is why I know about the supplemental list here in VA. In this state a judge can elect to not put someone in jail on a FTR. But the charges of an FTR can keep someone from getting relief. It can also change their status on how many times they have to report per year. VA doesn’t have a 10year time frame, but have the 15 yr. And even when someone gets to that 15 years they have to petition the court to be removed, it is not automatic at 15 years.
      Now the reason I say to check with Iowa and VA is because PA could possibly keep your friend on the registry there in PA if she is on the registry in one or both of the other states. VA “may” remove someone completely from the registry if they move out of VA, but I don’t know if that is what they do or not. If she is on an inactive list, she would have to take steps to be removed from those registries first.
      Now should she get off the list in PA? The answer I’m sure would be yes since the crime was committed in 1999, and if the original time would have been 10 years then PA would have to use that as her time on registry was completed.
      In all honesty the PSP and PA do not want to take people off and will do what they can to keep people on, my opinion of course. So if they can find a reason such as “you are on a registry in another state” they will use that to keep someone on. If you want me to show you where in Act 10 it says that just let me know. You had said to me before the other state has nothing to do with the action PA takes, but really they do if she is on their inactive registry. Now they may look at the 10yr and say, she did her 10 so we are taking her off, I honestly would not count on that though.
      I’m not saying take my word as done deal, but rather just trying to point you in the right direction, and give you some advice.
      As stated before I am not an attorney, and give this advice based on my opinion on what I have found, and could be wrong in my interpretation of what I found. But it does give an idea of what could be, and if she would possibly need to seek legal counsel.

  9. ashtoreth

    @ monitor thanks for the reminders and thanks for doing what you do in life and on here as well having a place to chat with everyone on here has been a great deal and lots of great ideas and info for us to place our ideas etc… on here

  10. Brian

    My apologies, I do remember you saying your out of VA, and Tony my apologies for saying your out of VA, I thought you were though.

    • Jimmy two Times

      NP Brian I hope your lawyer gets some results for you soon.

  11. Justice

    I would like to add this experience to clarify. I was a original 10 yr reg. Then moved to life with sorna then back to 25 yr in 2016. I was removed from website last month but have not recieved any letter yet. I called in today and spoke to jennifer. She said case is to be reviewed. But she also very clearly stated that i do not have to register under act 10 unless/until i get a letter stating i need to do so. Now i know i will be removed anyway but it is clear i do not have to do anything until i recieve my letter

  12. ashtoreth

    @ Robin thank you for the information. Yes, i now do remembered that in Virginia they do the 15 year. Yes, your right about Virginia though about how they do things there. It was a very nice state to be in. I kinda miss it myself. Reason why my friend wanted to move out of Virginia is cause she found a great job. Of course not anything special but. She seems to be happy in Pennsylvania. But, just wishing that the Registery here in Pennsylvania would just not be such slow at things and get everyone who is due relief to just being off the stupid registery by now. It must be hard to live as an offender and wishing that my friend can go abroad with me to Moscow then to Kostrama Russia for vacation time coming up in a few months. But, hopefully you all will seek the relief you all deserve and yes, i can see the punishments for crimes itself but damn, they hit offenders on the registery so damn hard that even my head spins. I have worked as a sex offender advocate before i moved to Pennsylvania. All I could do is hear the horrific stories that they go threw. Then I would monitor their behaviour. Then I would go seek out jobs and homes working with social workers in my old town for the offenders that just got out of jails and or prisons. Work got to me and i even started needed to go threw therapy myself due to work. I had to back down and had to change my own life. So understanding who gets off the registery here in Pennsylvania is a difficult call trying to figure out whats going on at this point. As far as looking at the registery website on the Active numbers. For the past while now they just seems to re put offenders in the tier system for Act 10. Thats all i really know now days.
    Thank you all for being great!!!

  13. Brian

    I’m not sure how it would work being I live in Pa as you know and was charged in CO but was never ordered by the judge to register, I lived in pa for four years before I was forced to register and I don’t even know why or how they are forcing me to reg, as I have explained before. So at this time I wouldn’t be able to file a mandamus but the habeas I can file or my attorney anyway. My attorney hasn’t said anything about what route he’s going yet, he needs to get my files from the court in which I was charged then he’s going you meet with the DA, if they decide to remove me then great, if not the great because that will be good grounds for lawsuit, do you know how long we have to file anything? Or does anyone for that matter.

    • Robin

      It is my understanding from one attorney, it can be filed anytime.

      When I looked under the regs it seems there are time limits. I am not sure if I read it right but it says when against the gov. the limit is 6 months, from when you learn of the infraction.
      But there may be other parts of it that I haven’t found in there that would make it different.
      It may be the monetary portion only has the time limit, I don’t know.

      How do you know you can’t file writ? I believe in the pod cast it was said with the signing of ACT 10 that may trigger a 90day time limit from that date. I’m not positive about that either. I do remember it being said the window is closing for filing writ.

      • Brian

        I have noticed it is going up also, a couple weeks ago it went down but the next couple days it went back up. I will consult my attorney about filing a writ and see if he know the time limits on all this mess, I should be hearing back from him this week sometime hopefully.

        • Robin

          I just remembered that one attorney out of philly did say there is no time limit for habeas.

          I put a call in to attorney and left msg to give me a call that I wanted to move forward, being PSP is doing the way they are.

          Sean is right, you can not trust them at all, nor any DA’s, AG’s or LEO’s. They don’t give a rats behind. PSP and the state want to keep people on the list for that money and that is all there is to it.

          I really fear that something sneaky is going on while they stall and make it look like they are doing what they are supposed to by shuffling the numbers. I could be wrong but….

  14. Robin

    I strongly suggest that if you send any correspondence to PSP you do it “certified, return receipt mail”

    I sent a request in writing for review a Month ago. Just got off with the person that would be doing my review, yes it was her not a receptionist. She claims she has not received any such request.

    The envelope was to the 1800 elmerton address to the attn: of her name. She says that is their HQ address. I asked if that is a different address than where they work, and she just stated that is their HQ.

    So either they are located somewhere else, and that would be moot being after a month she should have gotten it by now, or they are blatantly lying about receiving it (as if lost in mail).

    I also looked at the numbers today, first time in a couple weeks. They seem to just keep going up and up. I really think many that should be coming off are being kept on for whatever reason, and that it will take going to court. Just how I see it, not fact based, other than the numbers.

  15. sean

    I also keep track of numbers daily. mostly because I don’t trust them, and keep track of my status to make sure if they change it negatively, that I can jump on it right away. I too had my lawyer send a letter to PSP to confirm, and let them know that I know whats going on with the new law, and along with some docs, in my case to “help” them along. however I have not received a response as of yet, other than the “standard” letter sent to most. I am due to come off at end of may. but as I look down over list of people in MY immediate area, I see several, that have had there status changed like myself. however when I look at their conviction date, and reg. start date, they should be off as of right this moment, but are not. it sure does look like something under handed is going on. I know they are still “in the process” of review, but come on, its obvious, some of these people should be off, and ARE wtf???

    • Robin

      @ sean

      I agree with you on something sneaky is going on. I honestly think they are stalling for the 90 days. If one can file writ of mandamus within 90 days after the signing, they are stalling for that date, so they can keep people on. I’m not sure if the signing of act 10 actually gave another window to file or not.

      Many will be trapped as they can not afford to hire an attorney. I believe that is exactly what they are hoping for so they can keep the numbers up for the money.

      Habeas is still available after that, but could get drug out also keeping the numbers up. The numbers are important for two reasons, one mentioned already, the other….election year.

      Headline will read ” Wolf said he would keep 12,000 on the registry but exceeded that by keeping 19,000+ on”

      • Wants off

        I had read into the 12,000 differently. I has heard as many as 17,000 would have been able to come off but the new law means 12,000 of those 17,000 will stay on. Not that the registry would be down to 12,000 total. Which still means 5000 of the original 20,000+ still come off. They have taken off about 3000 so far. I am going to try to call tomorrow or Wednesday to see if being federal has an impact and if I have to do anything more to get off or if its just a different timing of review.

        • Robin

          @ wants off

          Just look at the article up top. It says “a stop-gap measure to keep up to 12,000 individuals on the registry”,

          I know it had also been put out there that on another place 4,500 to come off.

          I actually believe the number up top because when you think about it just how many do you think are ex post facto caught in sorna, that would either be off because they shouldn’t be on to begin with because of their crime, or have done their 10 years.

          Take a look and see how many are level 1 and have 3126 (1),or I think it’s (7) as misdemeanor second degrees on the registry in your area. That one is simple because it doesn’t matter when it was committed or convicted they are to be removed regardless.

          I hope you are able to get relief, with your situation.

  16. sean

    12 more added just today alone. more going on than coming off. unless something miraculous happens in the next month or so, I see a court date with my name on it. I will be damned if I’m gonna play silly games with them. if I got to fight in court for whats due, and right? so be it.

  17. Robin

    I just looked at 2 pages, sorted. The first page was svp about half of the page so lets say 25 out of 50 on the page. the second page of 50 all teir 1 so lets say 75 total teir 1’s

    Out of those 75….10 had IA 3126 A1 and one had invasion of privacy. So that is 11 out of 75 that should be off. What roughly a little more than 15%, that to me is huge for just looking at 75 people on tier1. Each had only the one charge listed for any sex crimes on each.
    It took me about 15 minutes, how the hell hard is it for PSP to look, see it belongs off and click remove?
    Wth is PSP doing,,,,or not doing as they say??? Something is really up with them not doing it, and I just don’t buy the sending it to the DA’s any more. It’s pretty cut and dry, if the crime doesn’t belong delete. Then go back and start from the beginning with new criteria to determine the next step…crime committed date?

    • Wants off

      As of now, only one offender in my zip code has a tier designation and its not me. I am assuming they are doing one sort of review or another. I do know one thing, if I am not off beforehand, I will be waiting until May 22 to register and I would suggest everyone do the same.

  18. Robin

    Looked at 25 more on the next page and found 5 more that should be off.

    so that amounts to 16 out of 100 being 16%. That number to me is still big if that is the was it goes throughout the entire registry.

    That would mean on just those particular crimes it’s 3056 of 19,100 that should be off.
    Keep in mind that is not including all of those whose crimes pre date 1994, or the others that were not required to register at all under ML2, or the ones that completed their 10 years.

  19. Brian

    Looks like a lot of people may have to have a court fight to get off this shit list, there are only a couple in my area who have a tier designation as well, there are a couple pre SORNA including myself and the rest have reg dates start date 2014 and up with no tier, hope to hear back from my attorney this week…

    • Robin

      @ Brian

      Check on some that have no tier and see what the crime is, it doesn’t take a lot of time. Do it for your county not just your zip code. If it has 3126 Indecent assault, open up the view info and see if it is 3126 A 1, or 8. 8 is the misdemeanor 2 not the 7.
      Also if you see any that are invasion of privacy too.
      When I looked I looked, at Montgomery county, I then used the drop down to sort by level.

      And yes I really think they are going to screw people, and force the issue of having to go to court to be removed. If I can go through as many as I did as fast as I did, there is no reason PSP can give that they can not move faster. They are intentionally stalling, the big question everyone needs to ask is, WHY? For what purpose?

      One needs to put themselves in their minds and think the way the state/PSP would think. I hope people stick it to them good with law suits. There is absolutely no way they can claim “good faith” now. Not with Act 10 being so clear as to those crimes to not be on the registry no matter the dates committed or convicted.

      I put a call in to the attorney, and sent an e-mail. Waiting to hear back and it could take some time as I know they are in high demand being they are trial lawyers, they are on the list of lawyers able to go to PASC, US District, US Circuit, and I believe SCOTUS also.

      I can’t take the rhetoric PSP dishes out each time I call, and saying they didn’t get the written request. That is BS, I just wish I would have sent it certified mail. I almost did, but thought no I’ll just send it normal they will get it in a few days. I may just re send tomorrow but this time certified return receipt, just to cover my backside. In fact yes I’m going to do just that.

  20. Robin

    Okay, just got off with my now attorney. She will be filiing this week, and said it will take about 28 days to be done. The court order will go to the AG and the AG will be telling PSP to remove me and notifying VA that I’m not required to register.
    Two birds one stone. Now let’s see if it will work out that way.

    • Brian

      What exactly did your attorney file because I need to tell my attorney to go the PAG route also, just waiting to hear back from the DA now, I told him I received the act 10 bullshit update letter, he said to go update because he doesn’t want me in jail trying to fight this, just so everyone knows my attorney is telling me to update because they will most likely arrest us if we don’t go do the update even though we’re due relief.

      • Robin

        @ Brian

        She just said suit…she will be sending me paperwork. It would have to be habeas as far as I can tell because writ of mandamus is a petition, not a suit. Writ goes to lower criminal courts, suit goes to civil courts. In the writ of mandamus you are still the defendant, where as in suit you are the plantiff. In reading on habeas it holds more power than that of writ of mandamus, though to me a court order is a court order.

        One thing you have to remember Brian….my case, as she called it, is cut and dry, very easy. Yours is not so cut and dry being it was out of state charges. If you lawyer gets that paperwork….and files it with the suit paperwork you may have a cut and dry. But remember it’s not up to a judge to convert the crime to an equil crime in PA. So with that you may have to continue the way you are going until they do an actual conversion, and if they convert it wrong then you could possible sue.

        I don’t think I can mention my lawyers name here, but she has been on NARSOL and she has delt with this stuff and has a great rep. Your attorney may be a criminal defense lawyer that is not really up on all of this, but it sounds like he is learning. He could possibly call NARSOL for some guideance, but may be too proud if you know what I mean.

        I really don’t know what to tell you, other than talk with the attorney and ask him what his plan is.

      • Robin

        @ Brian

        Also habeas can also go to the civil court where your situation is and that would be the DA.

        The difference being, habeas against charges, amount of jail time etc would do that.

        Habeas against being wrongfully detained, or other type of civil would go directly against the power that is responsible for the detaining. In this case PSP, not the local jurisdiction. Since it is PSP, the AG would be the office that would be their attorney. I use detain very loosely here as really they are not detaing, but I can’t think what the actual wording would be right now.

        Your case may have to be at local level and still deal with the DA because of the conversion of the charge etc.

    • Henrey


      My date of crime 1984.IDSI-not svp-no m.l. 10/05/17-county court ordered to psp to remove from sorna after filed habeas per muniz 10/18/17 -psp removed from sorna sent letter saying I no longer have to register. 01/31/18-County court order’s sentence finalized years ago and m.l.2 does not apply as it expired 12/20/12 . D.A. did not appeal. 3/20/18-psp on there own put back up on internet-sends letter Pa.act 10 may apply go register or go to prison. any thoughts ? Do you know what Terry Brunsen is doing ??

      • Robin

        @ Henrey

        Wow! This is what I was talking about on another posting of making sure they take you off the registry completely, including inactive, and NSOR. Not you per se just generally you.

        I’m kind of dumbfounded here on this one. My thought on it would be call your lawyer and tell him/her.

        You can call ML and talk to whomever, tell them you’re back on and they already removed you because of court order…have the doc. Number ready to give to them. Tell them the order said to “remove” you and they need to do so not only from public view but the inactive and the NSOR as well. See what they say. Get the name of the ranking person in charge…I think it is a SGT or CPL. Make sure to write it down.

        My other thoughts would be…you could go back to that same court and file papers on contempt of court against the head of the ML section. Take your original court order doc number, and a copy of the letter PSP sent you, and a print of the page showing you are on it again. I think all of us would “love” to see that happen. Hell if I had the money I would pay for your attorney just to see it happen. It is blatant contempt at this point, as they did “NOT” remove you, they only removed you from the active side of the data base.

        Does the letter say the May 22 date? If so you have time to take action.
        I don’t know about Terry bruson

      • Robin

        @ Henrey

        One other thing you could do as well. You can call the AG’s office or better yet write a letter stating that the issue needs the attention of the Attorney General.

        Explain the situation, eloquently, explain that PSP is in contempt and provide copies of the documentation. You should send this certified return receipt only, or fed ex overnight with tracking if you want.

        Make sure your contact information is listed for them to contact you. Tell them you would “like” immediate action and would like conformation that you have been removed entirely including inactive data base and NSORA both active and inactive, or you will have no choice but to go to the court and file for contempt charges be brought on PSP, here would show more credibility if you have that ML person in charges name. You could give them a time frame from date of receipt. I don’t know what would be acceptable, 10 days maybe for said confirmation.

        If you don’t feel you can do that in a professional, eloquently way, which is important to give credibility, then you should just let a lawyer handle it.

  21. JJ

    Just to give everyone an update, I am still currently removed from the megan’s law website, however I have not received a letter, either an act 10 “register” letter, nor a “you no longer have to register” letter.

    My conviction was in 2005, 2 charges that were entered in 1 day apart, both 10 year registry convictions that I plead to stipulating 10 year registration. I like everyone else was bumped up to lifetime in 2012, then reduced to tier 2… sometime after.

    I am absent from the megan’s law website as of a few weeks to a month ago. I do not appear on a search, and my direct ID also does not link to anything. I called the state police 1 to 2 weeks ago to inquire about my status and they told me that a letter had been sent out informing me of Act 10 and that I will have to register under it, and that my case had not been reviewed yet. However as I said I have yet to receive either letter. I check the megan’s law website daily to see if I’ve been put back up, so far no.

    I feel like I’m in limbo here, not sure what to do, if anything.

    • Robin

      @ JJ

      That’s messed up. Here are my thoughts on it and just my thoughts.

      If you don’t get a letter telling you you are not required to register, then you are in harms way. Just becasue you don’t show up on search or the web site does not mean you are not on there, you are most likely on the inactive portion now.

      The unfortunate things is, it stated somewhere that even if you don’t receive a letter that says you have to register in that 90 day time frame from 21 Feb, you would still be required to and would be charged with FTC if you didn’t.

      You might want to start looking for a lawyer to guide you and or take action for you.

      • JJ

        I was thinking it might end up going the lawyer route. I was hoping to avoid it because I don’t have a lot of extra money. We have until the 22nd of May so I was going to wait til the end of this week, see if I receive a letter, and if not start calling and pushing the issue. The last woman I talked to who claimed a letter had been sent out told me I could go register even without the letter. I told her, politely, that I will wait for the letter to arrive to give me instructions so that I have documentation that I did what I was instructed to do.

        I agree though that not getting a letter is more ominous than good. I know not receiving one does not relieve me of the duty to register, regardless of whether I’m due relief. This whole thing has been such a rollercoaster of emotions. I can’t believe even after all of these legal wins we’re still being dragged through it like this.

        • Wants off

          I received a letter and called and was told by Jennifer that getting the letter does not mean I am not coming off the list. She said they had to send the letters out, but are still reviewing people. If after they review me I am eligible to come off (I better be) she said I would get a second letter confirming that.

        • Robin

          @ JJ

          I don’t think even pushing the issue with them will do anything. It seems they are purposely being underhanded on this.

          And yeah I know the feeling on the rollercoaster bit. The one good thing is they aren’t dragging people to the gallows in front of the court house the way the did in old days, and the way they act what they would like to do now if they could. Na, I take that back, we’re worth money to them, lol.

          Most criminal defense lawyers really, are no good. All they know how to do is plea. Most never see trials, or really don’t know how do to much other than plea. It’s a shame really.

          The ones that know what they are doing and do fight the good fight are usually the ones that charge accordingly. That is also a shame, but I can see the reasoning behind it.

          Start up lawyers charge less until they earn a name and then slowly increase their fee. It is hard to find one of these that give it his/her all though.

          What I’m having trouble getting past is how the legislatures still didn’t follow all of the opinion/ruling. And that PSP isn’t as far as I can tell. They sure want others that don’t follow law to pay the piper but when it comes to them not doing so it’s okay.

        • Half Sack

          JJ and others waiting for review. I’m not sure what your situations are but I am 100% sure my time is up on reg per new law. PSP told me my review should be done before May 22nd I believe they are trying to get reviews done for the people they removed first. So I would wait until the last week to reg under the new law if you can I would also contact your DA to see what they say about you having to register if your review is not done yet. I will be talking to the DA if my review isn’t done in time.

      • Brian

        I received a letter about two weeks or so ago telling me I have to register under Act 10, it does state on the letter that just because you don’t receive this letter you are still required to register by May 22, so it’s up to you what you want to do with your life my friend, my attorney told me to go register because he doesn’t want me locked up trying to figure all of this out mess I have going on, seams like we’re going to have to fight. I may have to hire a different attorney if he can’t figure this out, I wanted to hire Sutten but he wouldn’t contact me back after several attempts in contacting him.

      • Half Sack

        Robin I agree people should cover their asses on this, however they may go out on a limb and charge you for failure to comply but they cant prosecute someone under the new law if their time is finished doesn’t matter if they finish their review or not The new law and the old law does not apply to people that were not required to reg or finished their 10yrs plain and simple, so I don’t see them arresting people that know their time is up.

        • Robin

          I do agree that once an FTC would get to court it would be dropped.
          I do however think they won’t think about arresting regardless. The data base will show FTC, they will get the warrant, make the arrest, at arraignment they will do no bail/or very high bail just because the person is and SO and a danger to the public.

          So the person will sit it out in GP waiting for court date. While sitting in jail waiting they have lost their job, if they had one, maybe even lose their home/apt whatever. Also have that charge on record, doesn’t matter if the outcome is in their favor, the charge will still be there. That could be an issue at some point down the road, we won’t know until that happens.

          So the question would really be does anyone want to risk being caught up in that. Just like Brian’s lawyer told him, do it so you’re not sitting in jail while we figure this out.

          Seems like someone back with a new name.

        • Half Sack

          LOL robin you are one paranoid person. Have you seen that there are less then 30 absconded people right now Ever wonder why that is? Fact is even PSP are telling people they don’t need to reg until may 22nd. Stop telling people that finished their time to reg under this law it doesn’t apply to them.

        • Robin

          Ya know Tony, Jimmy, two times, halfsack, oh and it’s been mentioned that ashtoreth posting all have/had the same IP address, no matter how you change your name it is easy to tell it is you.

          Here you go again only reading, or most likely only comprehending, 1/2 of what you read.

          I’m not telling anyone to run down and register before May 22. There is no paranoia, it is knowing how they would do it, being in their minds the law has been broken.

          I don’t care what the list count is now concerning FTC’s because they are not messing with that at the moment, but you can bet they will be, come 23 May.

          You have run good people off this board due to you’re rhetoric and constant badgering. With your attitude you will be one that ends up re offending and back in prison, unless you are someone trying to get people to mess up because you one of those fear mongers that want SO’s to remain locked up or on the list.

        • Half Sack

          No Robin what you have done is caused people to go reg under this new law when they didn’t have to thats what you have done. Stop commenting about things you do not under stand its annoying just because you get battiness put in your back from the paranoid people on here from your inaccurate comments doesn’t make what you say accurate This is so simple and somehow you turn it into a big mess for these people and make them think they need to update new phone numbers emails and even told people to go in on their old update dates So don’t back pedal now. And as far as an IP address goes I use a VPN no one has my IP, and I change my name for fun I would hope you at least have enough sense to realize the comments are the same person I could care less what you say about me I am here to correct the ignorance from you and others effecting people that have finished their time on the reg

        • Robin

          Half whit

          “This is so simple and somehow you turn it into a big mess for these people and make them think they need to update new phone numbers emails and even told people to go in on their old update dates So don’t back pedal now.”

          UMMM show me where I have ever told people to do any of this or scared them into running in now to do any og this! SHOW me>
          Ya can’t cause I never have.

          I’m afraid I know much more than you as I’ve proven it, and proven you wrong time and time again. And again your credability is zilch, zero, nadda.

          You change names because it’s fun? yeah everytime someone proves you wrong a couple of time. And even if not changing names like that just shows even more how unstable you are.

          I’m done with ya now.

  22. Brian

    @ Robin
    I did a county search, pulled up some without tier designation, 3126 indecent assault, I found tier 3 with 3126 indecent assault no A1, Found this un tierd 3126 A1. I was a tier 2, I looked it up a long time ago and my charge was considered (indecent assault), I wasn’t tier 3 or svp ,
    I started out at 10 years in 03, suposed to be off November 2013 and you know the rest of the story from there.

    • Robin

      @ Brian

      I was talking about the number, like how many still on that have the A1 vs count, like I showed above. Out of 100 I found 16…did you use the sort drop down after you got to county.
      I was just trying to see if numbers are running about the same for other counties. If they do then my calculation would be somewhat near on track.

      Yes I do know the rest…and wish it could be more straight forward for you. Unfortunately until they do what they have to do to assign you what ever comparable crime your hands are tied. I know how hard that is to keep waiting and wanting it done so you can move forward to get off this darn list.

      I just wish someone would step up and get the courts to do a contempt on those that didn’t do what the courts said they needed to do. We know that won’t happen. Maybe ACLU will jump on it after the 90 day thing and file class action for all that still are on that should have been taken off, who knows. I think it’s a no brainer win for them if they do.

      And unfortunately I really think it will take court orders for those that haven’t been removed yet. They say they are still doing the reviews, I don’t think they are doing them how they should be,, taking direction from higher ups, or many more would be off already.

      • Brian

        On the right hand side I used the drop down where you see svp’s, none compliant and whatnot.
        Yea I wander what will happen after the May 22nd, would be nice if the ACLU would be able to challenge with a class action lawsuit, and then putting these people in contempt would be nice to see, would be nice to see them looses everything they have like so many of us have, and our families take the burden as well.
        It’s like Terry Brunson said, we will need a judicial determination to be removed, but once we have a court ordering out removal they won’t ever be able to put us back on the reg, Terry as you may know is challenging Act 10 as we speak so one way or another this sht is going down.

        • Robin

          @ Brian

          on the right side drop down should select by level in general, not per se a particular level.

          On the having court order and not being put back on. If you look above at Henrey, he says he has the court order and was taken off in Oct 2017, and he’s been put back on as of about 2 weeks ago with no cause. I really believe that PSP did “not” remove him completely leaving him on the inactive and somehow they, during reviews, his file popped up and they put him back on.

          That is a crazy situation for him now. I asked my attorney to stress full removal from all lists including inactive/active, to include NSOR.

    • Brian

      Lol, I hope no one listens to him telling people it’s ok to not register, wander if he could be charged with a crime telling other people to no register or update, maybe he’s a LEO.

      • Robin

        I doubt anyone could be charged for saying not to.

        While the reasoning behind it is right, the action would be just plain stupid. Too many ramifications attached to the one single action.

        Get arrested, wait it out in jail for court for it to be dropped, have to get it expunged to be removed from record, then if you wanted you could possibly even file charges for false arrest, but I doubt that would win, but might in a civil suit.

        Who wants to go through all of that, when they can simply just register, and save up for a court fight if they have to, to be removed.

      • Half Sack

        So by your logic Muniz, Reed and Gilberts are going back to jail and should have been updating their reg.

        • Robin

          Wow, that elevator doesn’t even get off the basement level does it?

          How one can summize that from what I have said surely must fit those shoes.

  23. Dave II

    I am a pre sorna 10 year registration that hasn’t completed the 10 years as of yet.
    After a vehicle change I took my act 10 letter in and asked if I needed to update the vehicle. I was told I had to update and continue updating quarterly.
    Obviously we know that isn’t the case. After updating the vehicle I was given my copy which clearly states for pre sorna offenses the only updates are residence, job, and schooling.
    If this is the case the registration personnel need to be trained properly on the new regulations.

    • Robin

      I think that might be the problem with the reviewers too. I don’t think they know what they are doing, unless being told exactly what to do, though they are unaware of the underhanded intent of their superiors.

    • Robin

      @ David II

      Did you then point that out the the person and show them?

      • David II

        Yes Robin I attempted to point it out but after stating it twice and the trooper telling me there was no changes I opted to be quiet for the time being. I did my update and left and it was at that point when I was able to read over the regulations better and realized for pre sorna of the lesser requirements are now in their papers that we sign.
        I seriously doubt that it will change but it will be interesting to see what happens by May. I was able to see on the screen that it was listed pending review for me. So I decided to wait out my review and see what they say. I currently have about 1 year left.

        • Robin

          @ David II

          Yep, it is sometimes best to remain quiet and choose your battle as they say.

          Good luck to you and hope they do away with the registry all together, maybe before you year, who knows.

        • Half Sack

          David it a shame people on here are reinforcing PSP scaring you into going to PSP and giving them any info before your review is finished and the 90days is up.

  24. sean

    looked at numbers, as I do every day. up to 19,188 as of 10 min. ago. looks like more going on than coming off. whose kidding who? that’s like a 40 person increase in just last few days. unless they plan on hitting that “magic button” again like they did a few weeks back, looks like many of us, I know I’m prepared to, will have court dates with our names on them… this is B.S..

  25. Mike s

    Just wanted to alert folks that I was taken off the registry on February 2nd of this year with a comprehensive letter from my attorney, Tony Petrone. I was on 12th year of a 10 year ML from 2006.

    I received a alert from the ML website that my status changed and sure enough I was removed.

    Three days ago I got another alert from ML saying that status was changed and I was still off the site. Yesterday I received my letter telling me that I no longer have to register in PA and a warning that other states might not adhere to my PA status.

    Hope others start seeing that oversized PSP HQ envelope in your mailboxes finally delivering GOOD news!!

    • Robin

      That’s great news for you!

      Just with PSP would get on the ball with all others. You had a lawyer and he took steps, I believe more and more of us are starting to see it will take having a lawyer do something to make PSP do what they should be doing anyway.

    • Brian

      Congratulations Mike that’s great news I hope we all start getting letters like that also. Just be careful what states you visit.

    • Robin

      @ Mike S

      Wait a week, check NSOR and do a search for your name, make sure you off that too. Then call PSP and act dumb and ask them to look you up. If they come back telling you it says here you don’t have to register and a letter was sent to you, guess what. You may still be on their inactive registry. I would question that, and make sure you write down the response word for word if they do respond. Then let your attorney know your still on the registry but in the inactive data base.
      Removal means just that, not move you to one people can’t see but LEO’s can.

      • Half Sack

        Robin maybe he should get a video taped section with the AG in front of a notary and a magistrate just to be sure?

    • Half Sack

      Nice work Mike Now go kick ass and take names.

  26. Shane

    Got my letter and met with my lawyer on wensday. My 10 years is up this year. But letter says I’m tier 2 at 25 years reg. When at sentencing was 10 year registration. So we’re fighting it as far as we can. Told the lawyer i don’t care if we got to go as far as supreme court. I’m tired of getting screwed over by the county. We have one of the best lawyers in this part of the state. Lawyer is taking a 3 man team in with him he says. As i get info back from him i will let you guys know more if your interested. I been following these comments for a while but was waiting on my letter to see the outcome of it and to know if i needed my lawyer. Before i made any sort of comments related to these issues…

    • Robin

      @ Shane

      Good on you, go get them!

      Yes keep us posted on your situation. I’d sure love to know what their reason is for doing that if you should have been a 10 yr pre sorna.

      Best of luck

    • Brian

      @ Shane
      I have a question, did you get a letter saying you have to register under Act ten or just a letter saying your a tier 2, what exactly does it say.

      • Shane

        Yes. Its act 10 and teir 2 for 25 years. The dirty crooks are trying to over ride the supreme court rulings. Then i find out some of the most crookest news of it all when i visit my lawyer. Because i been attending S.O. classes for the past 10 years but wont put that on here but maybe in a email…

        • Brian @ Shane

          I apologize for my stupidity or lack of understanding what your saying, but when you received your act 10 letter that everyone else have received and is posting on her that they have to comply under act 10 yadayada yiur has in it that you have to reg as a tier 2? Or you went in after receiving it and the psp told you that yiur a tier 2? Either way that is bs, I hope your attorney can help you out on that.
          I am still waiting on my attorney to hear from the DA to tell me what’s up.

  27. mike r

    And so the take down begins…. No more baby steps people it is happening and will continue until the unjust unconstitutional laws fall. The Founders created this system and I think no Constitutional defective law can stand for long no matter what the courts do or what public opinion is, that is just the way they set up our gov….I full heartedly believe this….Have faith people….It is coming….

  28. Dave

    Yes, I told you guys this is what would happen.
    PSP play games constantly.

  29. Robin @ Brian

    Brian if you have Dave’s e-mail, he did post it, send him an email to forward me your email.

    I would create one just for you to do that but here I would only have 30 minutes to go in and make the update,,then the same when I deleted that one. Unless you can make on so I can email you my addy and you add me to your regular one.

  30. Robin

    @ Brian

    Some people toss underwear if they skid mark them, Too bad we can’t permanently toss the skid mark here, LOL!

    Oh and I will be going on vaycay here soon so might be off for a while.

  31. Brian

    No I didn’t save the email address, if you or he could repost it again that would be great, I was going to take a brake drone the site for a couple days because I was really upset about the general comment section last night but I’m ok now.

  32. Nak

    So, my son is on his 5th year of a 15 year registration. He’s tier 1. I’m assuming this new law says that he has 10 years on the registry instead of the 15. Correct?

    • Half Sack

      Nak Your sons crime would have to be before dec 20th 2012 and fall under a 10yr reg offense listed in ML2 and the new law. Look to see if your son has had his tier designation removed on the web site. If he committed his crime after dec 20th 2012 then he would not receive any relief from this new law he would fall under section H not section I continued registration. Please read the new law and make your determination there are some people on here that are scaring people into registering under this new law before their review and the 90days is finished. Looks like your son will have to go in and reg under this law before the 90days is up ether way if he had a registrable offense pre SORNA. If he is a pre SORNA person and not had his review finished yet then he doesn’t have to do anything with the reg he has up until the deadline of may 22nd to reg under the new law then he will have to stay current with updates and changes. The only way to know for sure is to call PSP and ask if he is subject to a review as a pre SORNA offender then they will tell you if they need to review him or if he has had his review finished or that he is not a pre SORNA person. If he is not a pre SORNA person then he needs to stay current, if he is a pre SORNA person and they finished his review and determined he has to register under the new law he has to stay current. If they say they need to still review him he doesn’t need to do jack until he goes in to reg under the new law before may 22nd. If anyone tells you different they need to pull their head out of their ass.

      • Moderator

        We would like to remind everyone not to mistake anything on this web site for legal advice and to always comply with all applicable laws. ***Moderator***

  33. Brian @ Robin

    Robin I looked up the email on here. And send an email to be forwarded to you.

  34. Bain

    I happened upon this discussion by trying to find out how the new law in Pennsylvania, Act 10 of 2018, will affect my friend.
    My friend was put on the registry in 2004, so he should be off of it by now, but he keeps getting letters to register. So, he complies every year.
    It is my understanding that his 10 years are up. Why does he have to keep registering? Does he have to be on this thing for life? I am so confused and I do not understand the law very much.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Debo

      Bain please let us know what crime(s) he was charged with, also if he spent any time in jail for any charges after he started registering. If your friend had more than one offense that was separated by a conviction and time to reform. Are your friends charges from PA, and did he move out of state at all?

  35. Brian @ Shane

    Yes you need to elaborate a little bit, if he was a 10year with no other sexual offenses and not life or SVP status , even though PASC ruled SVP unconstitutional psp still makes people reg under it unless you challenge it in court. The psp has 90 days May 22 in other words to review everyone for removal but they also have up to 9 to 18 months to remove people as well, I think what we’re finding though is the psp are forcing people to go to court and get a judicial determination, some have been ,etc off but some will have to fight to get relief, but we don’t know anything about your friend other then what you stated.
    Don’t listen to people on here to tell you or him to stop going in and updating until psp specifically send a letter saying you or he no longer has to register anymore, there is someone on here trying to get people to stop going in and updating, yes the law states that pre SORNA people are due for removal, but just assume they will arrest you or him if you don’t get something telling you yiur done, also I would still go in to verify the letter to psp because as we know, everyone has our addresses so anyone could just type up a fake letter telling us to stop registering, I’m not a lawyer, this is just the way I understand things.

  36. Terry Brunson

    I filed a writ of Mandamus on 13 Oct 2017 and I was challenging SORNA – The court did not take me off the PSP did a voluntary cessation that I objected to. I wanted a judicial determination which I do not have as of yet. I am this in court, but I am off the PSP web site.

    My next Writ will be the Habeas Corpus in the civil court of Pa. in Harrisburg, PA commonwealth court. The PSP has a show cuase on the mootness of my mandamus that will be heard 17 Aprilr 2018.

    I am a OOS offender from Texas under CCP 12.11 and a Pa equal of 18 Pa. 3126a7 based on M-1 status which is ten years.

    The Texas court of conviction tells the PAG that I am on life time due to two count indictment that they (Texas ) takes as two or more convictions. The PSP thinks it has a right to call me back to register under ACT 10 lifetime.

    I an gearing up for the fight – Friday 13, April 2018 I got a pleading from the PAG which as me to direct my attention to ACT 10 Provision 42 Pa. C.S. 9799.55

    (ii) An individual required to register with the Pennsylvania State Police under a former sexual offender registration law of this Commonwealth as set forth in 42 Pa.C.S. § 9799.55(a)(1)(i), (b)(2) and (4).
    (iii) An individual who, before or after the effective date of this paragraph:
    (A) commits an offense subject to 42 Pa.C.S. Subch. H; but
    (B) because of a judicial determination on or after the effective date of this section of the invalidity of 42 Pa.C.S. Subch. H, is not subject to registration as a sexual offender.
    Explanatory Note. Act 10 amended 21 Feb 2018

  37. sean

    @ Terry Brunson

    sorry I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, can you explain this in lemans terms.

    ” (ii) An individual required to register with the Pennsylvania State Police under a former sexual offender registration law of this Commonwealth as set forth in 42 Pa.C.S. § 9799.55(a)(1)(i), (b)(2) and (4).
    (iii) An individual who, before or after the effective date of this paragraph:
    (A) commits an offense subject to 42 Pa.C.S. Subch. H; but
    (B) because of a judicial determination on or after the effective date of this section of the invalidity of 42 Pa.C.S. Subch. H, is not subject to registration as a sexual offender.
    Explanatory Note. Act 10 amended 21 Feb 2018″

    as I look at that, it sounds like ive got to go in front of a judge to get removed? even though I’m 10 yr? waste time and money for something that should be automatic? maybe that explains why the numbers keep slowly rising. its obvious they haven’t removed too many people in last week or so. according to my math, they still have several thousand that need to come off, myself included. what are they waiting for? even if you believe their slow trickle excuse, there still should be a notable decline in numbers, even as they ad new people to the list. and all I see is it going up, slowly. I could be totally off base, but I’m getting an uneasy feeling they are going to make this as drawn out and difficult as possible. ive been saving coin just in case, and I will give them to my “official” end date, and if they don’t do the right thing, then I fight….

  38. Brian

    @Terry Brunson
    Good luck my man, hope you can get the PASC, if not others are trying to get there also but they are going to have trouble also.

  39. sean

    psp is so full of shit. the numbers keep going up and up, 19243, that like 10 more coming on, not off, than previous day. I think its obvious now, by the numbers slowly climbing, and the fact that ive seen no one in the last several weeks in my town removed yet, and there are several in my town, that should be off right this moment. looks like those that were done, or never supposed to be are off, but the rest of us sucked into this hellhole again, well, I know, I got a month and a half till I’m “officially” done by MY paperwork. so I will give them till then to “do the right thing”

  40. ashtoreth

    I think there done removing people off the registery. Most likely they are putting people into their tiers now. The added numbers must be putting people back on the registery and tier them or leave it untiered. But there is no more removing automaticlly. I do now see that it may just means who ever wants to be removed they need to go see a judge now. I am not sure of anything im saying is true. My guess is this. All hopes are lost on being people being removed automatically. Well i really dont know what is to say. This thread i believing to be dying out now. I guess everyone knows that the hopes are lost too. The other thread is good but it does not contain any removal stuff like on this thread. It just talks about the unfairness on how things are and other states and i think its time to just accept the fact we are all sucked in to act 10 just like sorna. Move on and eventually when the time is over what you have left then you might get off the registery or get sucked in again. Who knows. But, what can anyone do really. Just do what the law say to do and continue to do your best in life.

  41. Wants off

    Spoke to PSP today. She said the process of removing names is ongoing and that being federal has no bearing. It’s just a matter of when they get to federal cases and my name.

    • Brian

      @ Wants off
      I hope that they are still removing, my attorney still hasn’t gotten back to me, my update is close, it’s before May 22, I hope to hear something before that, he did say to update no mater what so I will do that unless I get a letter telling me I’m done but not many people posting that they got one.

  42. Shane

    I seen today that the probation department has to register you within 24 hours of your sentencing.
    They like to make everything else retroactive. So why not that?
    Because then all our prison time would count towards our registration time…
    It’s just another item i have my lawyer fighting for me…

  43. Brian @ Shane

    i was looking through my county on the ml site and saw a person that just started registring, I think that the process has moved to a crawl, so slow that it looks like people aren’t being re,over but at the same time people are actually being put on newly charged, that’s my theory but I could’ve be wrong though. I haven’t call psp in over a month so I may call them again.

  44. ashtoreth

    Ok cool that their not finished removing names. It just seems like they are cause of what Brian said. But, it still seems like all hopes are lost cause its slow very slow almost to a hault on it

    • Brian @ashtoreth

      Unfortunately the psp has 9 to 18 months to sift through the rest of us and remove the rest, I’m sure that they will take ever day of 18 months to do it, I was to be removed in 2013 but then got caught up in SORNA, I went from 10 year to 25, but thy credited me 10 years I was on already, so 2023 was my out date, I was wrongfully charged in 1997, I was never required to register but when I moved to pa I was forced to in 03, somewhere along the line they got there math all wrong, if I was to be off in 2023? They were giving me a brake somewhere because that would’ve been 20 years, not 25, they have my stuff so messed up. Even if they started my time from 97 it’s still wrong.

  45. Brian

    I asked you this the other day but not sure that you saw, Did your act ten actual letter you got in the mail tell you that you have to register as teir 2? Sorry for my not understanding..

  46. sean

    I watch the numbers daily, sometimes more than once a day, mainly cause I don’t trust them….please someone show me where names are coming off?? hell, its at 19278, that’s damn near 35more on ina day? wtf psp. whose kidding who, their not doing shit… cept adding, not subtracting….

  47. ashtoreth

    Im very sorry to hear that they messed up on you. It saddens me to see that. PSP I guess they think that their above the law. It is truely unfair. I read on earlier stuff here and NASOL website. Are you the one that became an aadvocate? What happen to others that commented on here and in NARSOL like Cary and Guessit and a few others. I seen somd just quit posting. It is a shame cause they had some really good pounts, opinions and suggestions. I guess they had some sort of unreliable info and could not undersrand much all confusing i guess. Then they just stopped posting. It is strange cause im wondering if they got off the registery. Who knows really. But, anyways i hope you get off the registry soon. Yeah the 9 to 18 month deal is a very long time. But, hopefully they will get done before then. Im wondering what pso is saying nowadays about things. Wwll i hope everyone gets their names to be removed off the list very soon. Thank you for the response

  48. Wants off

    Have people forgotten 3000 came off overnight a few weeks ago? Do you think they reviewed all of them in one day? They were doing it behind the scenes without updating their spread sheet. Nothing is to say the same thing isn’t happening now. All I see are people getting worked up on guesses and assumptions. Bottom line is none of us know what procedure they’re using. But it seems a safe bet that if you don’t have a tier, you haven’t been reviewed yet.

  49. Shane

    At teir 2 for 25 years.
    My original 10 yrs would be up at the end of May this year.
    Thats why i went ahead and got my lawyer on it ahead of time…

  50. Brian

    No I am not an advocate although I should be, I have reasons why I don’t though, it is a messed up situation the psp has me in at the moment, I’m waiting for my attorney to contact me for a meeting again, but he has to meet with the da before that happens, I think they are dragging it out waiting for my next update to happen so I get stuff in the new registery.

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