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PA: Names being removed from sex offender registry


Pennsylvania State Police have started the process for removing as many as 5,000 ex-offenders from the Megan’s Law registry under a state supreme court mandate and a new law.

Shaquana Green appeared at a Pennsylvania State Police barracks last month to update her information as a registered sex offender. It’s an annual chore she has done for the last five years, having landed on the Megan’s Law list after disappearing with her daughter for three hours in violation of a custody order.

As of this month, though, the name of the 26-year-old Northampton County resident no longer appears on the registry, under a state Supreme Court ruling and a new exemption for parents who had been charged with interfering with custody of children, but no sex crime.

“I get to have my life,” Green said last week. “This is more than a blessing.”

Last year, the state Supreme Court ruled retroactive application of the state’s version of the new, tougher Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was unconstitutional. In response, state lawmakers passed House Bill 631, a stop-gap measure to keep up to 12,000 individuals on the registry, but that included an exemption for legal guardians charged with interference with custody of children. Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill into law Feb. 21. The exemption applies to only legal guardians of children, though another bill in the state Senate would remove interference with custody of children as a Megan’s Law offense; Pennsylvania and Louisiana are the only states where the crime is considered a violent sex offense even when no sexual contact occurred.

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  1. sean

    up to 19293, up 15, and day isn’t over. up, and up it goes, when will it stop? nobody knows…. yippy…gee, at this rate we’ll be right back up there were we started… Good job PSP, getting right on that removal process aint we now.

  2. Brian @ashtoreth

    That’s a hood idea, my attorney has been dealing with this for 2 months, back and forth with the DA, next will bet the PAG.

  3. ashtoreth

    @Brian, I sure hope you get to be off the registery by then. Its such a shame to see that you gotta go that route of things. In m6 eyes i do know that mistakes are just a simple mistake but to be punished like that is far beyond my comprehension. Ok so called child abusers like hitting kids is not concedered to be as bad as far as a S.O in the law’s eyes. So the parents don’t get slapped with a registery of some kind. But forbid if anything touching a kid can land up on the registery even if you touch a kid on the leg to try to help a child by putting a bandaid on. As rediculis that is but that’s how easy to get on the registery. It’s pretty pathitic. But now to get off the registry you have to fight all the way to PAG. WOW. That’s insane.
    May 22nd the dead line. But, they have 9 to 18 months. Ummmmm, sounds like they are trying to get everyone to go in act 10 first then after they sort out people then who knows what it will happen. Oh they say oh you get to be off the registery but SORNA does not apply and if your 10 year mark b.s is up blah blah blah. Then Act 10 does not apply. But yet May 22nd and they have 9 to 18 months. Sounds like they want you to think its a good bill at first. But getting sucked up into act 10 first. A total b.s on their part psp and all them. Not you or anyone on here. But ya know what i meant.

    • Debo

      The 9-18 mo was an estimate given by PSP at the judiciary meeting they had, doesn’t mean thats the time they have. I have been removed from the site PSP told me they will finish my review before the deadline to reg under the new law is up. I am suggesting that anyone that has been removed from the site that is 100 % sure they completed their time and this new law doesn’t apply to them do not register under this new law its time to man up if they do not complete your review do not register under this new law. If you have or do, you’re a sucker, plain and simple. For people out of state or people that have not been removed there must be something about your case that is telling PSP to keep you on.

      • Brian

        It’s a loophole called ACT111 which was amended in 2012 by Act 91 for out of staters like myself, it’s a pa law, I just learned of this not to long ago, that’s what’s holding out of state people on for now, it is being challenged though, I am going to mention it to my attorney on our next appointment,

  4. ashtoreth

    @ Brian thank you for that info. It was much needed to know. Please keep us updated on the findings.

  5. Shaun

    Anyone know a good attorney in Franklin County my active date 10 21 03 I’m sure a lot of you know for years my registry said 10 years AWA came in and I discovered it was a new game made me a tier 3 lifetime registration call PSP they now tell me I’m a tier-1 LOL gee thanks act 10 this is like sooooo wrong !! I mean it doesn’t take an Einstein do the math I should have been off 2013 but of course with a w a it was a new day right that Adam Walsh act put a dark cloud over many of us I’m someone who believes in paying for a crime which is a long story in itself. Anyway I got a wonder what they’ll do now tier-1 is a 15-year thing so that would have me at like 5 months or so to be off that would give me 15 big lovely years which if I want to be optimistic I could say that’s okay I’ve been on it this long right then again I don’t know anything yet I don’t know if that’s the way the game would be played even that’s the way it would seem 10 21 18. I could say all well that’s only 5 months so what I tell you guys this thing’s really confusing I should do like I heard someone say wait until the very last day whatever it is May 22? And it probably wouldn’t hurt to find a attorney as I said earlier if anyone knows of one I’m in Franklin County lol I’m dubious to as whether there’s even really one who knows what they’re doing but then again there might be I saw one who has free consultation I think there’s someone on here named Terry who knows more than half of these lawyers probably do lmao what to do what to do it’s such a damn circus I try to stay optimistic it’s think and thinking that inevitably I’ll get off but we might all turn to dust before they let us off I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat kind of feels like living in Russia you never really truly free however like I said anyone knows of a good attorney let me know and God bless you all

    • Brian

      Yea that is a little weird, the way I understand the new bill is, when we are reverted back to our old requirements what ever time we did in the registry, not in jail because they aren’t counting jail as credible time, not sure about brobation, So if you started out as T1 you should be reverted back to T1, meaning you should be done as of 2013 not 2018, they are trying to play games with everyone’s registration, if their calling you a T1 then your should be reverted back to your old sentencing which would give you relief unless your an out of sate offender like me, who they are trying to hold under act 111/91, like I stated above act 91 was amended in 2012, Terry is challenging that in his suit as well, hopefully it won’t take that long to knock it down as well as act 10,I don’t live in your are so I can’t say who’s a good attorney or not, maybe try and look in Philadelphia area, if I were you I would be careful with with attorneys who offer free consultations. I know my attorney doesn’t offer free consolations, the last one I talked to who wanted to give free consultations wanted to do a phone consultation from his care, I said no thanks.. all of the stated above is jut what I have learned about this new law and act 111/91, If you have not received a letter telling you yiur off the registry by May 22 2018 I would go in and update then, the psp is saying that they aren’t responsible for us not receiving the act 10 letter in the mail that we have to update either with or with out it basically..

    • Shane

      I use Stephen Kulla out of Waynesboro. A great lawyer. He is working on my 10 year situation right now also. You must have Barrett as a P.O. good luck with him. He thinks he is Mr. Hawaii 5-0 lol

  6. HB 631

    @Brian if I remember correctly, you said you were getting off the registry.

    What happened?

    Thought you said you had your letter or your attorney wrote a letter cease and desist?

    That you signed up for an email alert and one day you were sent an alert of a change in your status, what happened?

    Are you on or off now?

    Thought you told everyone that rulings like lutz morrison or other rulings would help be removed or 10 year?

    So you are being held on the registry under Act 111?

    If that is the case then if someone is convicted of 2 or more crime under 10 year they would life. And lutz morrison would only be good for POST SORNA?

    and PRE SORNA must be held to PRE LUTZ MORRISON.

    So if you have 2 or more convictions stemming from one offense, and because Act111 is being your reason why you are on ACT 10 now, then all PRE SORNA AND PRE LUTZ MORRISON CASES THAT STEP FROM 2 OR MORE UNDER SAME VICTIM ARE SCREWED AND LIFE TIME UNDER ACT 10.


    • Brian

      HB631 / Chuck, I’m surprised tray haven’t blocked you IP and all yiur devices like NARSOL did, I’m not going to sit here and argue with you and give you whatever satisfaction yiur looking for. I will say my review hasn’t been done yet because I still have no teir but still on the website, 90 days isn’t up yet even if it was psp still has 9 to 18 months to sort the rest out, probably out of staters, as for act 111/ 91 I don’t fully understand it but Terry seams to think it’s affecting all out of staters, obviously it doesn’t matter how many convictions you have because I have 1 offense, so maybe it’s not affecting me or maybe not, may 22 I will learn my fate then, my attorney said a cease and desist was a waste of time if you reread my words, he said the DA’s are in control of who’s on and whose off, that’s all I have to say to you. Maybe the mods can do something about this guy already…

      • Debo

        Brian what did Chuck do last I checked he was a mod on NARSOL did he finally get caught up in his trouble he’s been causing? Anyway I think Out of state people will be getting some info soon looks like they updated the site with some new info on new law. Chuck is just upset because he has time left and he takes it out on the people due relief now has been trying to confuse people for months.

        • Brian

          @Debo / Paul chikityceck lol
          I didn’t mean to put Chucks name, I don’t know what I was thinking, I was really tired and for whatever reason posted that, anyway yea Chuck is a mod on NARSOL, I would be upset if I still had time also, I spoke to psp today, they haven’t done my review as I thought, the lady said I have to conform to the states ml reg time I came from, the only time I had to do was in pa because I never was required to register which I told her that also, I haven’t looked it up yet but my attorney seams to be confident at what he’s getting done for me.

  7. S.B.

    Stephen Kulla in Waynesboro is a rather terriffic attorney. I’d go with him by choice. His win percentage is significantly higher then most lawyers in Franklin County.

  8. Shaun

    Brian thanks for the comeback yeah I’ll definitely go in by May 22nd

  9. Shaun

    lol yeah I think I did have that Hawaii Five-O guy Barrett? , they had me on probation I think for 5 years if I’m not mistaken and yes I will look into that lawyer (Stephens.kulla) got it send thank you both because I got to look into this stuff something’s not right even if they don’t count probation I mean that was 5 years not still I mean I guess that would have took me to a 2015 maybe or something I don’t know but damn something definitely is not right going to try and call This Guy’s this attorney sometime this week here I guess if I’m going to lawyer up Its probably not a bad idea ta go to courthouse and maybe get my paperwork and stuff have it notarized all of that bull crap what a mess I can’t figure out why they would even bother giving me the yo-yo because they know inevitably I mean I should be done one way or the other why put someone through so much bull I guess because they can right alright anyway thanks guys

  10. ashtoreth

    @ Brian, as I looked breifly not in full and as i understand  as for act 111/ 91 it’s mainly for violent offenders. Please don’t take my word on this to be 100 percent.

    • Brian

      I was reading through it also, it’s very confusing to me because they twist it and make it hard to understand, I thought they were referring to everyone on the registry as violent, when they put the words assault like, sexual assault, indecent assault, abdicated indecent assault, if that makes any sense at all, my so called crime was not at all violent or by force by any means, no I see what you mean though, I don’t know why or how they would be trying to hold people under ACT 111/91 anyway, I think it’s something to do with being from out of state, I am probably wrong about this because I have yet to see or hear solid proof that we are being stuck on Act 111/91… Terry has act 111/91 in his suit for good reason I’m sure otherwise he wouldn’t be adding that to his suit.

  11. Shaun

    Lol I might be getting ahead of myself here I think perhaps I’ll wait an see after goin to register. before may22 and see what if I can make any sense of it all. I got ta thinking lol if I was on probation five years 2008 would be more like serving time to the ten thing. Aughhhh I really don’t know so maybe I’m not getting jerked lol I have HDHD so it’s no surprise if I’m getting ahead of myself ether way I truly appreciate the come backs an suggestions. I don’t know if when on probation the time is counted towards the 10 or not that’s just it I don’t know a lot when it comes to all this legal jargon we shall see. Thanks again

    • Debo

      Shaun I do not know how PSP is interpreting things when they do their reviews and probation However if during the time you were on probation you had to stay current and update your reg details then legally It should count towards the time on the reg. Also if you were convicted of a second SO crime after you got out of jail or probation that would cause a problem as well as moving out of state at anytime.

  12. sean

    wow, numbers up by 30 since yesterday…something is very wrong here..

  13. sean

    well just checked numbers again…up 30 since yesterday..however this is new on the front page…maybe their finally gonna get off their ass’s and DO something…

    Act 10 of 2018 was signed into law on February 21, 2018. Act 10 substantially changes registration requirements for certain sexual offenders in Pennsylvania. Sexual offenders whose offense was committed before December 20, 2012 may see their registration requirement change. The Pennsylvania State Police, Megan’s Law Section is in the process of reviewing the registration files of these offenders. This group of offenders may see their registration requirement reduced to a ten-year term, remain as a lifetime registrant, or be terminated.
    These offenders are no longer subject to the Tier scheme regarding length of registration and reporting frequency requirements. The Pennsylvania State Police is mailing correspondence to the affected offenders to explain the new requirements.
    Users of this site may see minor changes to the registration information of the affected offenders. This will only be temporary until system upgrades are made to accommodate the requirements of the new law.

  14. Shaun

    no absolutely no second charge it’ll be definitely interesting to see what they’re coming up with as I said I was active 10/22 03 there was the five years probation they post me up on the registry for 10 years as the judge had said AWA turn me into a tier 3 Life my face isn’t on the website however the girl at PSP says I’m a tier 1 so whatever the hell that means it seems to me one way or the other I should be getting off or done be off when and if I get a letter or when I go in before May 22nd I will find out something at least and I will post it thank you everyone

    • Debo

      Shaun I didn’t se any info you posted before about what PSP told you. Sounds like they removed you from the site is that correct? Did you get any kind of letter from PSP after they removed you from the site? Not sure why the woman at PSP said you’re a tier 1 if they did not finish your review. From what I have seen the people that they have removed so far have finished their time. Please let us know what this lady said thanks. Also did you violate your probation even for fines?

  15. ashtoreth

    Terry was referring to only his type of offence being under act 111/91. I had read some of his things that he had posted. Yes, he is right on the button for his type of offences but it may not apply to others like yourself. Reason is that you are not a violent offender. Which the act 111/91 greatly details of his type of an offence. Terry is a great resorce for a lot of things but, not so much directed to others who really is not a violent offender. Terry is a smart man for understanding of act 10 and act 111/91. But, his focus is now upon act 111/91 which refers to his type of offence/s. As far as people like you would fall under Muniz and or Act 10. Going into Act 10 would seem like it would be a temporary thing until your attorney can figure out what is going on. It just seems like psp is awaiting for people to go register under act 10 and thats why i think the numbers are going up. Once they place someone in their tier levels then what ever time left that they found would be an on going until that original time is done. But, I am really not sure if anything I am saying is 100 percent true. Im only going by what I understand of things. If i am wrong than please forgive me on it. PSP should be letting people know where things stand at the moment.

    • Brian

      Thanks for the explanation, sometimes it takes a second set of eyes and another brain to make things make sense, that’s why I was a little confused, I hope to hear from my attorney this week, I’m sure the DA is tied up in other problems at the moment so my patients will have to rest.

  16. Just leave 'us' alone

    Here’s something New that I noticed today under my picture/ name / file on the “Public Shaming” Website.
    Under ‘Employment’, the actual addresses are gone.
    PLUS, under the employment section, it shows a “Note:” with information saying about people convicted before 12/20/12 will no longer have employment addresses shown…… only municipality, etc.

    • HB 631

      Employment addresses are removed from any one presorna because back when you were under the pre sorna megans law, they didnt post your employment address. This is something so small they used to tweek the act 10 making it legal.

      And yes internet identifiers are being taken from PRE SORNA. As illegal as it is because pre sorna didnt have this requirement. But still they take it!

      • Debo

        We have known this was going to happen for awhile now however I see SVPs pre SORNA have their designation back and also they are listing the employment address for them not sure how they are getting away with that still.

      • Brian

        I think all it would take is for someone sitting in front on the trooper to question, why do I have to register identifiers it was ruled unconstitutional, he can’t arrest you for questioning the requirements, a couple years ago I had to update my vehicle and they didn’t want to remove the old vehicle I no longer owned, I asked why it’s still on my report, they said oh we save everything now, I went in a month later to do my semiannual and it was still there, I said I don’t own this vehicle and they removed it, they try to set peopl up that’s a fact. we’re supposed to be getting letters telling us what the requirements exactly are as it says on the psp website now.

  17. Shaun

    No Debo I didn’t violate nothing or have no fines or any of that I called PSP and she simply said well it looks like you’re still active and you have a tier-1 and of course I was totally confused because I’m not on the site and she said well maybe you should call the Megan’s Law unit I said yeah because I haven’t gotten anything from anybody no papers no nothing that’s pretty much it I don’t know maybe she didn’t even know what she was talking about who knows it is pretty weird though

    • Debo

      Shaun, Sounds like it I would ask the MLU in Harrisburg first My guess is they haven’t finished your review but the fact that they removed you from the site, and that you have finished your time is a good thing. I do not believe probation. effects your time b because you had to stay current during your probation so it should count. I am waiting for about two weeks before the deadline of new law then I’m calling PSP again to see if they finished my review if not Im calling the DA and informing him that I will not be registering under the new bill because it does not apply to me and just because PSP hasn’t got around to finishing my review doesn’t change the law I will offer to turn my self in on the 22nd if he feels he wants to try and prosecute me.

  18. ashtoreth

    @ Brian, im glad that you got some kind of since on things to make things a bit more at ease in things. It really does help to find a second pair of eyes and thinkers. Im always around if ya need me or another person to help out

    • Debo

      As far as violent offenses go I believe any assault charge is violent unless I missed something in the old laws I think the only charge not considered a violent offense is POCP Didn’t Brian have an equivalent charge to IA? As far as it effecting his out come I don’t see it doing anything not sure why Terry thinks the other bills negate the rulings from Muniz and Reed.

      • Brian

        I was a little confused as to why he thought of that as well, I was thinking maybe the psp was confusing the issue possibly due to it has wording in it about out of state, so maybe they think they can go ahead pull the rabbit out of the hat trick. Honestly I have no idea at this point, I spoke to the psp ml section today, I think this the 3rd or fourth time I have comtacted them, today I said I received the letter saying I have to register under act 10 and and asked if my review had been done yet, she said my review hasn’t been done yet, she said everyone should be getting an act 10 letter, she also noted to me that I am an out of state offender, she said that the state in which I moved from the psp is making out of staters such as myself register under the what the state I came from makes their registrants register for, so if it’s life out of state, it’s life in pa, if it’s 10 15 25 years, the psp make me do that, seeing that they made me register for 10 years already, why would they make me fallow the other states laws now, is it the iml laws that they are going by now? I should have asked but I get very uncomfortable talking to them. Once I hear from my attorney should be by the end of this week he will explain it all and hopefully have some good news…

        • Debo

          Brian my view is they can only go by which ever time was greater when you committed your crime If PA was life at the time for a similar offense from out of state offense and it was 10yrs in other state then you’d get life and vice versa. If they both were 10yrs and your old state changed theirs to life then you’d get life unless the law was successfully challenged in your state like Muniz here. If your state was 10 and still is 10yrs and PA was 10yrs then changed to life post SORNA then you would still only be 10yrs as an out of state offender because of Muniz and the new law.

        • Brian

          Yes that’s how the trooper explained it on the phone, and yes the Law has been successfuly challanged in Co but the COAG I think has appealed the ruling, but I was at the same time never required to register as I have stated before, even says it in my court transcript , judge stated we are not recommending Mr Brian —— to register as a sex offender but at the same thing they required me to do counseling and all that song and dance. So yes the trooper did state which ever is greater which is BS, I was required by pa to register not the state I came from and it was only for 10 years in pa, I haven’t been about to locate at the Co SO requirements but I will keep looking though.

  19. sean

    so ive been watching the numbers, and obviously it keeps climbing ever so slowly, like 36 up from yesterday, but as I’m looking at the numbers, it appears as if only the tier 1 numbers are climbing the most. both tier 2, and 3 have only fluctuated slightly, which might account for new people coming on which affects totals. so my question is, has anyone that still has to register, but ARE 10yr PRE SORNA, AND didn’t have a tier listing on the sight as of recently, have gone in to update under the new law? and if so, did your level change to tier 1, or is it still not showing any tier on the sight. I’m just trying to figure out why the numbers are going up. I believe somebody else made comment that they are putting all pre sorna under tier 1, just curious, as I’m gonna have to go, an do it obviously, but I’m a ten yr that should be “done ” just 6 days after the 22, but i’ll be damned if I’m going in before may 21.

  20. Brian

    I see that the psp changed employment addresses to only the municipalities, no more address, guess that doesn’t count as a significant change because I didn’t receive any notifications..
    This is copy and paste, they typed the date incorrectly.
    Didn’t know we were already in year 2102
    NOTE: The address information posted on this page is the latest information reported by the offender. If you have information regarding the whereabouts of this offender, please report it using the “Submit a Tip” button above. NOTE: Employment addresses for individuals whose offense occurred before December 20, 2102 is limited to the municipality, county and zip code, in accordance with 42 Pa. C. S. 9799.63.

  21. Tinman

    I found myself off the website no letter confirming that I’m no longer there I’ve spent two years in prison and almost three years on parole now all but of a couple of months to go for failure to register was put back on the website in 2012 when the Adam Walsh act took effect from 10 year to Lifetime registry I’m wondering if I need a lawyer or if the lower courts are fixing the cases that are remanded back to them it’s just one crime I’d like to not have on my record

  22. Brian

    After reviewing several pre SORNA registrants, employment addresses are not listed when I click on them initially but when I click on report all employment addresses are still listed. Even though it says right above it that anyone pre SORNA does not have their employment addresses listed.

  23. sean

    @ Brian
    your right, I just noticed that, I wonder how many others have noticed. what a sneaky way to not “show” it, but still “list”, they cant even follow their own directions…I think some lawyer needs to pounce on that, theres a flagrant disrespect for their own law.. well looks like the state is gonna pull out all the stops, and try every underhanded, shady, work around they think they can get away with..and well like was mentioned in other articles.. the states gonna do what they damn well want to till someone challenges it…….

    • CR

      As a programmer, I can tell you that this may simply be a bug, rather than a flagrant attempt by the state to disregard their own Supreme Court’s ruling.

      As a first step, one might simply report it to the registering authority. If that doesn’t help, write a letter to the PSP group in charge of maintaining the website. If that bears no fruit, contact your representative in the legislature, and if that bears no fruit, contact a lawyer.

      • Brian

        I do have an attorney who’s working on getting me relief, due to my out of state status it’s causing some problems with what they want me to register for, time period wise, psp is going by other state guidelines as far as the length of time and name of the crime, seeing that I wasn’t required to register which was stated in my plea agreement it should be a simple fix one would think anyway. Enough rambling, CR you could very well be right, let’s hope you are anyway.

    • Brian

      CR May be right, but who knows until it’s all done, probably next year some time we will know,
      Hopefully we won’t have to worry about it by then though.

  24. ashtoreth

    P.A and other states are diffrent jurisdictions. How can one state follow the same rules as another like P.A? If so than you would be right. But, because each state is diffrent than P.A. So this in mind of frame, P.S.P could not follow another state. It would be very, very, very highly forbiden under state laws. P.A. can only follow P.A. but, if origanal sentencing is from another state than P.A. has to abide to that rulings. It has been stated clearly. The hold up may just the P.S.P haven’t gotten everything done yet. Yes, alot of people have been removed but, that is not all of them just yet as being the 22nd has not passed yet. Yes, we are getting closer. But, P.S.P still have that time. Not, sure if they need a bit more time or not. It’s best to take a step back and relax, clear the mind. This stuff drives anyone crazy at times. But, you do know that everything will be ok one way or the other. Only listen to your attorney.

    • Brian

      Psp would be violating equal Protection because they would be treating me differently then other SO’s in pa, that lawsuit was won in 2016 by Tommy Lee JACKSON, it was a very interesting suit but a good one, now psp is twisting things 180 from what the trooper told me, having to reg under a previous states guidelines violates my constitutional right of equal Protection and anyone else who is being forced to reg to their prior states guidelines..

  25. Ed

    does anyone have any idea how many so have been removed scene they started doing reviews?
    thank you.

  26. Brian

    I called psp a couple of weeks ago and they still haven’t done my review, are they still reviewing I don’t know the ansyto that, I don’t think anyone but psp has the true answer honestly, I just checked the number on the reg earlier, it went up a little over 200 offenders, I don’t know what’s going on 100%, they gave an estimated time of 9 to 18 months to complete everyone’s review, will they do it in that time frame, no one knows, some people say they will be finished in the 90 days witch ends in 19 days, we are all required to comply with the new BS Act 10 of 2018 by or before May 22 2018 unless you have received a letter from psp saying you finished. Hope that helps.

  27. br

    So who here is actually over their 10 yr limit and gone in to update their record like me without getting a letter?

  28. ashtoreth

    @Brian, that is so weird that they twist things around like that. Can you provide the link to the that lawsuit that won in 2016 by Tommy Lee JACKSON? Reason, is cause it sounds very intresting the way you put it. Im also wondering if anyone on a sex offender registery really is a protected class citizen. Cause, if not that maybe the reason why people on the registery hasnt gotten off the registry yet as far as in your case and other cases. Like you said, noone really knows what is really going on with the psp as far as the reviewing goes for the 9 to 18 long months. I do know that i been seeing on Narsol that terry is trying to beat the act 10 down. But, as i read one of his post earlier when he states of suing the hell out of psp or pag or something like that. He first said some huge amount of money then about a paragraph later he provided a diffrent amount he was suing for. But, reading on further and further im not sure if he is getting a bit confused. He say one thing and yet he say another. Yes, im trying to see how he is working it all out but hard to follow him at times. He seems as if he knows what he is talking about most of the time. Just scratching my head here to see what he say and what the psp say to you. It just seems like 2 diffrent languages going on. But perhaps both are right but in diffrent ways. I do know this that psp only just decorated windows with flowers of their choices. But, yet a bag of shit in hiding of it all but all smoke and mirrors to just take what is known to be expo facto stuff. But, to me it just serms like they took an old painting and mask it up a bit to make it look like a newer painting and good enough to satisfy their own blood lust and the state’s eyes to a final masqueraded SORNA 2. To me its a complete bullshit deal csuse its not complete true but just a cover mask tp satisfy the little psp blood lusting fcktarted minds of a twisted little evil bleeeeeeep.

    • Brian

      Here is the link to the Jackson case, Its funny but not really, they should have applied the win to all out of state people but they didn’t, kind of like Muniz, but I think many people didn’t know of the case and that Jackson’s attorney won’t the case, another on constitutional act the government has don’t to us.

  29. Shaun

    I’m over 10 year and haven’t gotten any letter and been off the website for months since February I think however I guess I’ll have to go in by May 22 I can remember when my registry said 10 years until AWA came in and I think you guys know the whole story my active registration date started 10 21 03 I figure I shold be off did my probation way back it’s really confusing as hell I can’t understand it but I guess I’ll jus see what they do then ether get a attorney or well I just gotta wait see I jus know from all I read on here it’s mest up I can only wait and see is all I know

  30. br

    Shaun, so here is what happened. PSP in Hbg was called first. They were short with me and couldn’t tell me whether or not I needed to go check in for the semi-annual. So I show up and stated that I am not sure whether or not I should be here. Officer takes me back after checking. My case goes back to 2004. He looks at record and says I am tier 1 and registration is 15 years, but my case is being reviewed. Said to him how can that be? You can’t change 10 years to 15 years, that is unconstitutional. It clearly states on Megan’s Law website under links, there are 5 categories of registration – before 2012 conviction 10 years or life registration, after 2012 tier 1- 15 years, tier 2- 25 years, tier 3- lifetime. If it is 15 he said I would be reviewed in 2019 and come off completely in 2022. This is what is in their system. He said I only have to check in once a year. So is the case really being reviewed or is there actually something in the law that says they must make me tier 1? He did state I have more info than most people that walk in.

  31. sean


    what happened at the update? was it different than any other update you have done? do you know if they have done your review? did you ask any questions of the trooper that did your update, or did he volunteer anything new? I’m just curious, as I’m a 10yr as well that was expanded under sorna. but unlike you, I’m not done, I literally would be technically done may 28th, so I know I have to go in, but just looking for insight, ive been following things daily, as well as keeping my attorney up to date. I know they have “looked” at me, as I still have no Tier, but like most people, that’s the only concrete thing I see so far.

  32. sean


    that’s the response I was afraid of, but also kind of figured, its very obvious something isn’t right here… one of two things, either the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, or there truly is something underhanded going on here..either way psp wants everyone in the dark, so no one can formulate a viable plan to fight it till its to late.

  33. br

    sean, honestly i think the police are clueless as to what is happening in hbg and what they are doing. police are there to process you, that’s it, if there are any changes or updates. this was my first time since the new law passed, a semi-annual checkup coming off of sorna. again he said i knew more than that average rso walking in. they still did ask questions like my email identifiers and social websites. And he did say my case is being reviewed. The best thing to do is educate yourself on act 10 and what is says. also go to the ml website and look at the registration requirements under links. then you can ask or refute questions if they try to place more time on you. They have been derelict on the responsibility in sending letters to people on what is occurring, even if in the letter it just say it is best if you come in to update your case. just think of the people who don’t know about act 10 or legal decisions since muniz was ruled on.

    • Debo

      BR where you recently removed from the web site before you went in to reg under this new law? If they removed you and you went in to reg under this new law before they finished your review thats on you. Because this new law clearly states it does not apply to people that have finished their 10yrs.

      • br

        Been off site for few months. so yea. can u show where it clearly states not for ppl not finishing their time? What does one do when their case is being reviewed and hbg won’t say whether or not to show up? This fits me from ml website. I don’t fall into any other category.
        Ten-year Offenses

        Offenders convicted of the following offenses which occurred before December 20, 2012 shall be classified as a Ten-year Registrant:

        18 Pa. C.S. § 2901 (relating to Kidnapping) where the victim is a minor.
        18 Pa. C.S. § 2910 (relating to Luring a Child into a Motor Vehicle or Structure) if the offense occurred on or after January 26, 2005 and before December 20, 2012.
        18 Pa. C.S. § 3124.2 (relating to Institutional Sexual Assault) if the offense occurred on or after January 26, 2005 and before December 20, 2012.
        18 Pa. C.S. § 3126 (relating to Indecent Assault) where the offense is graded as a misdemeanor of the first degree or higher.
        18 Pa. C.S. § 4302 (relating to Incest) where the victim is twelve years of age or older but under eighteen years of age.
        18 Pa. C.S. § 5902 (b) or (b.1) (relating to Prostitution and Related Offenses) where the actor promotes the prostitution of a minor.
        18 Pa. C.S. § 5903 (a)(3), (4), (5), or (6) (relating to Obscene and Other Sexual Materials and Performances) where the victim is a minor.
        18 Pa. C.S. § 6312 (relating to Sexual Abuse of Children).
        18 Pa. C.S. § 6318 (relating to unlawful Contact with a Minor).
        18 Pa. C.S. § 6320 (relating to Sexual Exploitation of Children).

        Why wouldn’t I believe that I would be removed after reading this? Had there been more posts on what ppl are actually doing, I might have chosen otherwise.

  34. Debo

    Here is an example of what I think they are up to. I think they are listing info from the last time you registered this guy was absconded now he is not There are other 10yr reg people I have seen where they should be finished and they are listing the info they last had. This is why I say do not register under this new law If they do not finish your review and they removed you already call the DA and ask them if you haven to register and what they will do if you don’t. Someone will have to take PSP to court on this they were talking about doing this at the hearing This will defiantly be grounds for damages. I think they are going to say people voluntarily gave them the info when the come back in.

  35. Shaun

    Deebo I can see where br is coming from I’m in the same boat my registration started 10 21 03 I’m not excited about going in there before May 22nd but I’m not crazy about getting locked up or or having cops come visit me either I mean to just say well I’m not going to do it because of the muniz decision and Supreme Court ruling I mean I agree with you in a way it should be cut and dry I’ve been also taken off the website and like br I couldn’t get much out of Harrisburg and when I called PSP local it said that I was a tier-1 so very confusing yes I would like to wait until my review is complete May 22 is coming soon I sure as hell don’t want to be spending anytime in the damn jail yeah I could call the DA’s office I doubt I’ll get very far but I could do that I should try that maybe and I probably should call back up to Harrisburg I think I would be foolish not to go in by May 22 being that I actually really I’m do relief I think for people that actually are legitimately do relief it will inevitably get sorted out but I’m not going to be some gung-ho cowboy and be like some dumbass and not to go in at all on the other hand I feel what you’re saying. lol its really crazy

  36. br

    can u cut and paste? ur link when right to the main page of ml website.

  37. ashtoreth

    Debo, your insain. I do not mean in a bad way. Im saying as what your saying is that its best not to go to register fight it in jail. To me that seems like saying if you got a bad leg. Its best to cut it off and go to the hospital to get fake legs. Prob solved. I really hope that your just kidding. Im not a sex offender but have someone who lives with me is a sex offender. That person he/she/it/transvestite/both undisclosed person under my roof. That person is a relative of mine. The thing is its really best to just go in before the 22nd. If they put a person on the act 10. Then so be it. But not to go in to register under act 10 is not worth the lose of freedom and yet really be stuck on act 10 for good. No one really knows whats going on with psp, pag, courts, political people, gov, anything at this point due to except poof act 10 is here. Not wanted to know how it proofed up. But, rather to understand it clearly and NOT go to jail. Everything will somehow be ok and not sure how. But, the fact is FREEDOM is worth it. NOT jail or risk of going to jail. Do what you want. But, do not tell people to not register is complete bullsht. To me seems like you are a high risk of just wanting someone to be a ginnypig for your own satifaction of knowledge. Trust me im being very nice about this. Im not being rude or unkind. Im just stating that the PSP can and will arrest people without delay if people are told to be on act 10 even on a temp basis if people do not comply to the act 10. It say it on the act 10 bill. Please read it carefully before you tell people not to register. I hope to all to hell that noone listen to you for that. It is insain and really rather at a huge high risk.

    • Debo

      ashtoreth Read whats on the front page of ML site.
      This group of offenders may see their registration requirement reduced to a ten-year term, remain as a lifetime registrant, or be terminated.
      Do you see anything about 15yrs ? You’re calling me insane? You need to learn to keep people from stealing your honeybuns bro A guy comes in your hut and takes your buns then the whole block will be up in there. Sometimes you need to take a trip to the hole. LOL You are telling people to just let their paranoia lead them to PSPs front door. I would be demanding the DA answer me and PSP ML section before I step foot back in a PSP station and spread my cheeks and say cheese.

  38. Brian

    @BR and anyone questioning if they should go in and update because you were removed from the website, like I have said a few times on here, if you have not received a letter saying your off or done registering then just to be safe, I would go in by or before May 22 2018 which it states on the act ten letter I received, it also states that psp is not responsible for us not receiving the act 10 letter from psp, I’m pretty sure but don’t quote me and I could be wrong but they can arrest you if you are required to still register, Debo is correct in saying that act 10 doesn’t apply to people who are don’t with their time on the reg, I wasn’t don’t my 10 years in 2013 but SORNA caused me to register as T2 for 25 years 12/20/2012, I know Act 10 doesn’t apply to me but I still received an act 10 letter telling me I have to comply with act 10, my attorney advised me to go in and do the update, he said we don’t want to be fighting this law from a jail cell basically, so that coming from my attorney kind of tells me this is no joke, if I were you I would go update and figure it out later.

  39. Shaun

    Brian. Lol aghhhh !! That’s jus it that’s what gets me that I’ve not received anything! !! Nada nevertheless I certainly agree with what you say I’m not trying to be a modder for no buddy and ok act 10 doesn’t apply to me I am with without a doubt. I’ve not received an Act 10 invitation LOL or anything that’s what really gets me nevertheless just to cover myself I think I should go into PSP

    • Debo

      Has anyone wondered why no one that was convicted in PA that was removed from the ML site has received a letter saying they have to comply with this new law? I challenge anyone who was convicted in PA, no new SO, and has finished their time to show us that letter. PSP has told everyone removed, that asks, that they will have review finished before the 22nd. Think about it how can they tell you you need to reg under this new law if they haven’t even figured it out yet? How could they even convict you? Also you will see there are people that have gone in and registered under this new law that didn’t have to and they are happy to list your info, you will also see people that were absconded with their last info listed no tier but they are no longer absconded. Im telling you all that if you voluntarily go in and reg they will put your info back up, you need to call the DA and specifically ask them if you need to comply as well as PSP ML section before you go in and give them this info and I would not be doing that until 7days prior to deadline. If you have an attorney have them call DA If you you are out of state or other variables this is a different story I am talking about the 3K plus people that have been removed because they finished their time and this new laws 100% doest apply to them they are trying to put old info on site about these people if you give it to them they will put it up.

  40. br

    yea no letter here either. psp in hbg did say if i go in, that would keep my address updated for them to send me a letter after review. then the officer was joking that they sometimes go after the wrong ppl when they have not much else to do. had the lady in hbg given me an inkling that i would most likely stay off the registry, i might not have gone in. instead she said we will put your photo right back up if necessary. same at the front window at state police office when i said i don’t know if i should even be here. no letter has come to say my case was reviewed. so that was my decision to go in. my objective here was to let others know. These have been my only posts on this forum. if they change my time, then it will be time to get a lawyer which i have no money for. its hard enough to come up with work with the insane background checks on every job that are smothering, just another form of discrimination.

  41. Shaun

    Debo if that’s the case why would the lady at PSP when I called them tell me they have me listed as a tier 1 ? I said that’s seems odd she also suggested that I should call Harrisburg Megan’s Law number I said something is definitely wrong I should be off she said I seen where you did come in in February but I didn’t get anything to go in in April the way I understand now you do like one year instead of every 4 months as I said my registry used to say 10 years until the Adam Walsh act went into all that blah blah blah I think I will make an attempt to try to get ahold of the Da I don’t know how far I’ll get with that but I will try it they taking me off the website as well I don’t have my face on there no more. Lol I dont know what ta think. All i do know is I was put on in 10 21 03 and my 10 years would have been 2013 or 2014 that lady at PSP said they have me listed as tier 1 what ever is goin on is beyond me but yet I’m not on the site that’s kind of crazy in itself makes no sense to me

    • Debo

      The good thing is they didn’t put you back on the site even after you voluntarily updated your info. If they could put you back up before your review is finished then they would have. Do not listen to anything the local PSP tells you. If you call ML section make sure they give you a straight answer if they say they cant ask who there can. Then call the DA or co to courthouse and ask to speak to someone about your situation. I don’t know how br can possibly believe what the local PSP said to them because the first page of the ML site clearly says 10yr life or terminated.

  42. Shaun

    Someone had mentioned to me back some time ago on here that if I was back to a tier 1 I should be reverted back to my original sentencing and that should give me relief so…Anyway I do know I’d be a dam fool not ta go in by May 22 ether way I mean hell I know It might be mest up but some how this thing I’ll eventually be made right if I gotta get a dam attorney then we’ll that’s what we do LOL there might be some kind of big conspiracy going on but I really doubt it

    • Brian

      Not sure but I may have told you that, that’s the way I read Act 10 and my attorney also explained that to me as well, I should be done as well but being out of state they are screwing with me, I don’t know because the psp told me a couple weeks ago they haven’t done my review yet, I supose they are waiting for me to come in and comply with Act 10, then why may do my review then, I checked on a few pre SORNA people who undated a month ago and are still on the reg, not sure if their review has been done or not.

      • Debo

        Brian there may be some truth to that because when PSP ML section told me that my review should be finished before the 22nd she said that only certain offenses like mine are being reviewed first so they can be done before the 22nd I believe that those are the people they removed from the site. You being out of state may take longer but it is a good sign that they haven’t finished your review yet.

  43. sean

    here is a perfect example of someone in my area, with the same exact crime as me. only difference is the date of crime.(1yr before me) BUT.. clearly a single 10yr offense (6318) reg start 5/8/06.. so 06 + 10yr=2016.
    CLEARLY THIS GUY should be off….yet..there he is…tell me something isn’t very wrong, he should have been one of the first removed under the push of that magic button..i suppose there is still time for them to do his review by 22, but he shouldn’t be on now?

  44. ashtoreth

    Another example is this a person still on the registery from 1999 same offence but out of state. I will not publish it cause the person wishes not to be on here. Out of respect i wont say who etc… but should of been the first ones to be off the registery even though origanal was a 10 year deal in that state who been convected originally. Still on the registery

    • Debo


      If he had a plea deal it has to be clearly stated on the record at sentencing also if you have any violation of your parole even fines you loose your deal. There have been cases where the deal was on record at the guilty plea and not sentencing and the person lost the case. Also being an out of state plea could be an issue too. Because PA law says witch ever time is greater if both states have life for an offense but a guy got a plea deal for ten yrs in his original state PA would be life.

  45. Chicago Contact

    So, is it correct under the new law that if you move to PA from another state where you have been registered since conviction, in 2006, in my case, you don’t get any credit for the 10+ years you have already served, but have to start a new 10 years when you register in PA? I think in GA and VT, and perhaps other states you get credit for time served on the registry in another state. Anyone know of any others states like that?

    • Debo

      Looks like they aren’t getting to OOS people first they are taking there time on reviews and I believe the person needs their lawyer to provide information from original state. Also PA goes by witch ever time is greater on reg your original state or PA for how long you are on reg.

    • Debo

      You get credit for time on reg but they go by with ever state has the longer time on reg so if PA has life for the same offense and its ten in old state his credit won’t matter. However there have been some people that run the NARSOL site that have been saying that if a person completes their time in their original state then moves to a new state there is some cases that say they cant make you reg I don’t know the names. Even in states that say you do need to reg they are saying it has been challenged and won. So don’t move if you have 10yr

  46. Brian

    So for people whom are out of state offenders, I spoke to my attorney today and got bad news, he spoke with the da and said, if your crime in another jurisdiction / state requires life time registration then pa is trying to make us register for life under that jurisdictions statute because of act 10, So they are saying that my crime is equivalent to indecent assault in pa but in co it requires lifetime registration under Act 10 in pa for the state I come from, it’s not considered retroactive expostfacto because they are supposedly acting in good faith, due process was supposedly when I signed my plea agreement, as for equal Protection my attorney said I am not being treated unequal because my crime in Colorado says life but it pa I argued it’s not life, I may be getting a new attorney soon… so as for me getting that relief I was waiting for, it’s not happening, I was pissed earlier but I think I need a civil rights attorney not just a defense attorney.
    My probation was a deferred sentence, when that was up my guilty plea was supposed to have been dropped without prejudice, as long as I completed probation requirements without screwing up, I never screwed up but someone screwed me, my guilty plea apparently was not dropped, in pa prior to 12/20/2012 indecent assault did not require registration which is their words not mine, I don’t know that, if my crime was considered indecent assault then why did I have to reg for 10 years and the 25 when when I was never required to, even in my plea agreement it says nothing about registration, then SORNA came strolling along and now, nowwwwww its going to be life, for me anyway. My fight has just begun my friends.

    • Debo

      Brian stay strong your state may have a change coming and there are more cases coming in PA soon. Thanks for being a level head for us all bro hope you stay here with us.

    • Debo

      Brian I would look into getting that conviction removed then in your old state like they were sops too. But I think we will see more coming at this new act in PA soon so hang tuff

      • Brian

        Wow I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you positive influence on my recent post all joking and sarcasm assid, I hope something happens, I did find where there is an option in co to petition to have my charges removed but that’s only for that state that I can see anyway.

        • Debo

          NP Brian I would hope your lawyer can point you in the right direction if your old state was suppose to give you a suspended sentence then remove your conviction and they didn’t I would think a lawyer in that state could do something for you also we all know there is more to come for the PA legislatures hat tricks.

      • Brian

        I found forms online where I can petition to have my deferred sentence dropped in co, I contacted a couple other attorneys and am waiting to hear back from them. Act ten will be on its ass soon enough.

  47. Chicago Contact

    @Debo Unfortunately, it’s the other way around. My state, Illinois, is lifetime for almost everyone (including me). I’m hoping to find a state where my crime, CP possession, would be 10 years and I could move there and qualify for removal from the registry based on time served out-of-state. I think that’s my only hope to be able travel without IML restrictions. PA isn’t it, I guess. I have read that GA might qualify.

  48. Shaun

    This act 10 is not gonna be around to long because It s not civil as they say. Its punitive ! an Supreme Court is not going to let that thing stand if someone can get it to the Supreme Court I just can’t see it I just can’t see the Commonwealth accepting it I’ve read a few things I’m not a lawyer and I don’t even have to be to see that it’s certainly not civil LOL and I mean that’s not going to be hard to show

    • Brian

      You are right, it is not civil, not one bit, and it will be taken down by many, not just one Muniz but hundreds or Muniz.

  49. AJ

    A quick question about PA ML: does PA have a de-registration process? I may have need to be in the PA/NJ/NY area for a while, and am gauging where is best to stay. I know NY is out of the question. NJ seems reasonable, but may not work for my lodging needs.


    • Brian

      If I’m not mistaken N.J. requires lifelong registration, I don’t know about de-registering, I have to petition to have my deferred sentence dropped in co because it was never done, that’s why I had to register to begin with, had I known to petition to have it dropped I would have. Co has a de -registering process. After you’ve been on the reg for 25 years in pa you can petition for removal but I don’t know about just living here then leaving in a short time, Act 10 will make you register under the equivalent of what yiur crime is from yiur original conviction state, as act ten is attempting to have me register for life under act 10, ecause my crime in co is life time reg, in pa it’s equivalent to indecent assault which prior to 12/20/2012 did not require registration, or it was 10 years in pa, this is in violation of equal protection and due process..

      • AJ

        Thanks for the information; unfortunately, it didn’t answer my question.

        Does PA have a de-registeration process or do they keep people on ML forever, even if/when they leave the state?

        I have cause to be in the NY/NJ/PA area for a few weeks this summer, and again next year, and would like to minimize my ML exposure and duration. From what I read, I would be LEO-only on the NJ ML (ironic, given that’s the epicenter of ML), and it appears one can de-register once leaving the State.

        Can anyone from PA and/or NJ give some insight and help to a brother? Thanks.

  50. ED

    as I have done every morning from 03/01/2018 when I should have been removed from SO list, I checked this am and for my name it shows no record found, I went to the national SOR and it also shows no record found, I have not received any letter saying I’ve been removed, so I hope I’m not jumping up and down for no reason, but i’m a jumping, it has been a very long 11 years of pain job’s lost family lost had to move friends by the truck load’ gone, i’m sure you all know what i’m saying, anyway I just wanted to pass this on and thank you all for everything, I will post when I get a letter, again thank you.


    • Chris

      SAME HERE I to have be taking off both registries and still NO letter yet. But I’m wondering if I should still go register on or by May 22nd if I don’t get letter. I heard that PSP has another system of their own with our names on it as inactive that only they can see. IDK why me/we haven’t got letter yet if we are not in any system.

      • J

        Same here as well. Just noticed yesterday was off however no letter. Not sure where to go from here.

        • Debo

          Dont do jack until you call ML section and ask them if they finished your review If they don’t give you a straight answer call the DA and ask them whats going on. PSP should have to tell you one way or another. I am banking on they will have to say you do not have to reg until review has been finished. They told me a few months ago when they took me off site they will have my review finished before the 22nd and that I do not need to reg.

        • Debo

          Also they say they are making system upgrades Ill bet they are trying to make a system that shows all SO last info even if they do not need to reg. They were talking about this at judiciary hearing and if they try this there will be law suits out the ass. because they would have to do it for all criminals not just x registrants. They are up to something. Don’t see why they need to upgrade anything.

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