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PA: Names being removed from sex offender registry


Pennsylvania State Police have started the process for removing as many as 5,000 ex-offenders from the Megan’s Law registry under a state supreme court mandate and a new law.

Shaquana Green appeared at a Pennsylvania State Police barracks last month to update her information as a registered sex offender. It’s an annual chore she has done for the last five years, having landed on the Megan’s Law list after disappearing with her daughter for three hours in violation of a custody order.

As of this month, though, the name of the 26-year-old Northampton County resident no longer appears on the registry, under a state Supreme Court ruling and a new exemption for parents who had been charged with interfering with custody of children, but no sex crime.

“I get to have my life,” Green said last week. “This is more than a blessing.”

Last year, the state Supreme Court ruled retroactive application of the state’s version of the new, tougher Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was unconstitutional. In response, state lawmakers passed House Bill 631, a stop-gap measure to keep up to 12,000 individuals on the registry, but that included an exemption for legal guardians charged with interference with custody of children. Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill into law Feb. 21. The exemption applies to only legal guardians of children, though another bill in the state Senate would remove interference with custody of children as a Megan’s Law offense; Pennsylvania and Louisiana are the only states where the crime is considered a violent sex offense even when no sexual contact occurred.

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  1. Brian

    I have heard the reviews will be done before 90 days is up which is May 22nd, also they are saying 9 to 18 months, I doubt everything will be done in 12 days from now as the numbers are raising still, I don’t think that many people a offending but I could be wrong though.

    • Chris

      We all understand that PSP said that reviews will be done by May 22nd. Some of us are curious or questioning if we are no longer on any of the registries why would we have to wait. I mean why would u take multiple people off the registry then do a review. It would be alot smarter to do reviews then remove the ones that are due relief. Sounds simple to me.

      • Brian

        I believe they are dragging their feet for one reason or another,what that reason is, l have no clue, we may never know, so what do you think the 9 to 18 months is? They did say the estimated time would be 9 to 18 months, Estimated and they did say the reviews would be done by May 22, I can’t sit here and say yes your done or others who are off the website are off, all I know is if I didn’t receive notice by US mail signed by psp, I wouldn’t assume I was done or off the registry, but hey it’s not my life so if your going to gamble your freedom that’s on you my man, I won’t be the one risking what’s left of my freedom, all I know is that the act 10 letter I received from psp states that psp is not responsible for you or I not receiving the motive but must comply with act 10 by or before May 22 2018, like I said, it’s your life my man.

      • Debo

        My guess is they removed the people they were pretty sure would come off first. Some went back on after the found they had some time tolled. I think they are going to try and put up some kind of secondary site with people that have been removed and list old info on them or something like that. It is strange some people said they got a letter right away saying they do not need to register anymore but most of the 3K or so that were removed haven’t received any letter at all. PSP told me they should have the review done for people that were removed already before the 22nd, but still haven’t heard anything yet. As far as them getting reviews done by the 22nd for the people still on site with no tier I don’t see that happen but they did do a big pile of people at once when they took most of us off the site so maybe they have a lot of the reviews done and waiting for something. I do not see what they need to do as far as upgrades that they are talking about unless they are trying to put up a secondary site like they were talking about at the judiciary hearing with Freed and Marcus. I hope someone can get ahold of Marcus before the 22nd I am sure he has some new info.

  2. ashtoreth

    Cause PSP likes to do shit their way cause they like to cry and be secret and be stupid to pretend that they dont know anything

  3. sean

    so numbers have climbed at least 10 today. as I watch the numbers, whats odd is tier 1 seems to go up the most. tier 2, and 3 have the occasional add on, but its mostly tier 1 that’s climbing. now I know that new people are being added, probably daily. I have been keeping track of people in my city, and NO ONE has been removed, and in fact 2 more have been added. I’m guessing at this point, unless there is a push of that magic button, doesn’t look like anyone else is being removed. I’m wondering if they are putting 10yr people under tier 1?. I’m a 10yr that is due to be done literally in a few weeks, so, I’m not going in till the 21. hell with them. has any other 10yr ppl. out there gone in to re register under act 10 yet? if so, have you noticed anything different on the website AFTER you went in?

    • Brian

      This is where the judicial determination comes into play because they know many can not afford an attorney or be able to represent themselves prose, so they figure their going to give up and give in and let the registery take their lives over again. I know already they want me to reg for life because my attorney told me and he won’t assist me any further, but that violates the equal protection clause in the pa constitution and also violates due process under Act ten, they are trying to hold me under expired laws in which they need a former law to fall back on but guess what, all are expired.

  4. Shaun

    Wow Debo I jus read that. Looks like a second registry? I guess I know it doest look or sound like there even sure it will hold from how I got it. Then again I’m not a attorney lol but it’s looking like I’m gonna need one. I mean when I called PSP a month ago the lady said it looks like your a Tier1 to that I replied that isn’t right lol she says I should call I guess Megan’s Law unit in Harrisburg which I did an got nowhere the dam thing of it is I jus have no clue who ta talk ta as far as a,attorney goes I only have a few thousand saved for this an don’t wanna through it away if I’m not getting off an then if from what I can figure I shouldn’t be on it long anyway s I really don’t think it’s a good idea not ta go in to PSP. I wonder if ya have finished your ten years,if they could do anything to ya or not I can’t see why the hell they would but then I jus cant risk what freedom I do have some how if ya have finished your ten it shouldn’t be that I gotta get a dam attorney under this act ten I must be a Tier 1 that’s why the lady at PSP said that a month ago I shouldn’t be on it that long anyway I don’t even mind all that much if I knew I was coming off with there act ten that they wanna put me on I mean bein a here one and I finished my 10 years lol WTF this is really crazy

  5. Shaun

    So is this like the sorna 2 a second registration for people that’s already done their time or some shit like that LOL dam it man !!!

  6. ashtoreth

    See the megan law 1 requers the 10 year deal should of upheld the plea agreement. Megans law 2 further the registery megan 3 led to sorna and niw act 10 is sorna 2. Im seeing that all these magons laws carried while under probation and parole and have not finished the 10 years of registering. So under sorna 10 years became 25 years. So does this mean that sorna 2 if not finished the sorna still be on sorna 2 for the unfinished 25 years?

    • Debo

      No anyone that is pre SORNA dec 2012 alls under section I of the new act 10. You can only have 10yr or life no way to have 25yr reg. Life people have an illusionary way to get off after 25yrs is what Aaron Marcus is saying. The good news is he thinks act 10 is doomed, because it actually increased some punitive effects that SORNA had and the so called stuff they put on to address Muniz and Butler are a joke. I have a call into him about the PSP reviews that haven’t been finished yet I hope I hear back. The PSP is saying you are a tier 1 or 2 because your review hasn’t been finished they moved most pre SORNA people to tier 1 until the reviews are done. If you crime date is pre SORNA then there is absolutely no way you can have a 25yr reg under section I of act 10

      • Brian

        You are right, I’m so used to the SORNA bs I don’t know why I was thinking 10, 25 and life, Ashtorethi apologize for my statement which was wrong information..

    • Brian

      It looks like it’s for the people who aren’t done time all together, 10 year 25 year and life is just life and can petition for removal after 25 years, pluse us out of staters oos people are being attempted to be stuck under what our previous states crime registration requirements are in that that, here we go again, we may as well call it Muniz 2, from what I have read so far. I need to re read it though.

  7. Shaun

    There is nothing for this act 10 to refer back to. so as I said before I’m not a lawyer but it sure as hell don’t seem like it’s going to hold up I’m still beating myself up as to whether I should go in before the 22nd I guess I should LOL I don’t want to though I think I understand a little bit as to why the lady at PSP said I was a tier 1 I’m absolutely done far as the muniz ruling I’ve been trapped up in this thing so long what’s a little longer I think act 10 is gonna blow apart anyways

  8. ashtoreth

    @ Brian its all good bud! Its just that Act 10 is just a barley a cosmetic b.s. but yes @Shaun and Debo seems to be right on target on that. I do agree very much so. @brian i do hope you will not have to go into life deal. Its just heartbreakung to see the life. As Shaun and Debo said though is seemgly to make since of things. As for the Act 10 it wont last long. I knew somewhere it was a complete b.s. but, i had no idea at the time where to find it or see it. I guess i was wrong in some things. If i was than i must admit i was wrong of anything that was not accurate. I must appoligize and i am very sorry for anything i might not of understood of things. But, of course im not an offender by all means. Just have a friend who is that lives with me. You prob will recognized the name cary before on here. But, its all good. He just so frusterated to see the act 10 and was all confused. But, im here to understand it all and to try to help anyone i can. Well at least try to anyways. Im in my mid 30’s female by the way. But, since now we know to put a gender and age range of about me to refure to. But, that part has nothing to do with anything. I was hoping that the 10 act was a complete failure. Prayers do answer and it just may seem like another round of July 21’st 2017 of Munuz the 2nd. That sounds great guys! So there is hope. Never lose it and never give up guys. We are figuring it out one way or the other. You guys rock!!!

  9. Shaun

    Ashtoreth I think your friend is veary fortunate ta have a friend like you As we all know the registry is so debilitating I’ve I’ve had times as I’m sure many do that it’s been hard ta deal with in one way or another even if it’s not necessarily with people the disheartening concept of carrying the stigma around can be very burdensome I mean I’m sure most of us have our friends and people that know us and I’m grateful for that. But I honestly gotta say most my girlfriend s have been sympathetic and understanding to a degree some more than others you know understanding the complex legalities of this twisted mess and I’m just saying that your friend is very fortunate. That ya have the insight anyways all of u in here have been a little help in one way or another ta me we all can make a mistake it’s to bad that the legislation and law in this country don’t know that lol with politicians grandstanding on sex offense laws and causing Hysteria and liey about recidivism rates and on and on I’ve learned one thing you have to stay strong and I’m not sure everybody this act 10 thing will go down the dam review isn’t over an and inevitably Act 10 will crumble we all jus gotta stay strong regardless I’ve always thought the stronger ya are the more caliber one builds as a person if that makes sense ….so I guess I’ll roll in ta psp this week an go from there when this review thing is over I’ll. See were im at then and decide as to if I’m gettin a attorney

    • Brian

      You right about the reg being debilitating, I have lost jobs, friend, almost thrown out of the home I (own) who would think they can throw your out of you house but they tried, I like other have dealt with harassment, had car windows broken out in broad daylight, they to the things that make my car tires hold air in out, I know who tried having us kicked out of my home and they are being overly friendly now I have mentioned on here they up to something different now, I know they were giving us things left and right, now they are trying to get a petition together to get everyone to sign to get the manager out of our development, also they are truing to get my wife to complain a lot to management to shed more light on us I believe, I told her don’t poke the bear, we don’t need trouble but she is being brainwashed by them, I see right through them, I sid in front of them a couple times to my wife that I want to move and the husband says not yet, what does that mean, am I over thinking it, why not yet, does he have something planned, I know they have guns because they show them to us all the time. Anyway as soon as they put me under Act ten and I receive a letter telling me whatever my requirements are I am going to start fighting it.

  10. Hubs

    My husband just registered before the May 22nd Mark.. we will see what happens. He was a offender before 2003 and registered first in 2003.. he was a 10 yr and when Sorna hit.. this should be the last year I’m praying this is it. Can’t wait for May 22… or we will see what happens.

    • Debo

      Your hubs is in a different boat then the people that were removed because of their time being finished. As you can see they let him reg his info. Shaun on the other hand was told he doesn’t have to reg because he finished his time he didn’t need a court ruling like your hubs.

    • Hubs Question?

      What did your husband have to provide, any internet identifiers? Which would be illegally obtained when is was a SORNA requirement which was deemed unconstitutional.

      • Hubs

        No internet identifiers at all. Why would he need a court ruling?? He was at court when they sentenced him before 2012 for 10 yrs then when sorna hit they said 15 and he’s done which would be this year. Hoping he can get off.

        • Debo

          Really because this whole time you’ve been telling everyone he was life pre SORNA? You were saying he knows he’s life and was just worried about internet ID and update frequency Remember?

  11. Shaun

    Well I’m good and confused now lol I went ta register they said I well get something through there be a letter mailed to me the last time I was in there was,January was a 4 month thing. When I called a month ago they said I was a tier 1 an that was a little confusing but I think I understand that a little better then I did when I went to PSP today they said I do not need to do anything I’ll get a letter in October lol so Im just a little confused about that for sure they. The officer said different county s do this different way.s Ok ? So all this hype about may 22 is not relevant to me I guess they said if you didn’t get a letter to comply with Act 10 will then you don’t you don’t worry about it more less so I don’t know I went in in the evening I might call or go in again today and jus confirm this lol cause wtf

    • Debo

      Shaun what co are you in?
      Ive been telling everyone this for months but watch there will still be people saying go in, not happing on my end.

    • Wants off

      Just so I am clear, Shaun, you went in to register and they said you didn’t have to?

  12. Shaun

    Debo that would Franklin told me I’ll get a letter in October they send them out at different times for different county s I’m calling them today to jus double check

  13. Shaun

    Debo YES that is correct

  14. Hubs Question?

    What did your husband have to provide, any internet identifiers? Which would be illegally obtained when is was a SORNA requirement which was deemed unconstitutional.

  15. ashtoreth

    Im taking my friend in today to go register under the Act 10. Most likely he will be placed under tier 1. 10 year original sentence deal. He will be recording in secret just voice recording. He will be asking several questions and i will remind him to ask about internet identity , 22nd, letters going out in october, and all the other info he can ask that they will answere. I will be reviewing the voice recording. Then i will write it down here what i heard. He should be last time to register. We shall see. Yesterday though it was the election day so they were not there to comouterized him under tier 1 since it was like a holiday as we were told yesterday by other officers roaming around the building looking as if they were throwing their authority around like a fat ass hippo swinging their asses around with nothing to do.

    • Debo


      Be careful talking about recording PA has wire tap laws they would love to get someone on that charge. Just say what you heard from your friend not what someone may have recorded.

    • AJ

      Since PA is a dual-consent State, I’m sure what you meant to say was that you talked your friend out of recording things, but that between the two of you, you will be able to generate virtually verbatim notes…. 😉

  16. ashtoreth

    I took my friend down to go under Act 10. Whats funny is on his paper work is this. He moved to Pennsylvania in July of 2013. He is out of state offender of Utah. Utah upholds the original sentence of being on the registery for 10 years only. He was convicted in 1999. 2003 is when he got of from probation. 2003 is when he started to register. Here it is 2018 is now 15 years later in July. But, the paper work say tier 1 now and he will be done registering in June 3rd 2024. In 2024 is the 15 year mark. He is under a pending review that is active. But the paper work say registration started in Feb. 2nd 2016

  17. ashtoreth

    The officer that took him in did not know anything as he stated of anything about act 10. Did not give info about anything.

  18. Shaun

    You got that right. Debo Dam !! Don’t be sayin your gonna rec anything unless ya wanna catch a charge !! Pa don’t play that in other words that’s not a wise thing to do now you know lol so don’t do that!

  19. ashtoreth

    There was no recording due to the stupid officer didnt say much at all. He just shrugged and said, i dont know. But, yes you guys are right though

    • Act 10 Requirements

      Did they require internet identifiers under act 10?? Per muniz, the was deemed unconstutional

  20. sean

    so I decided to bite the bullet and go in today because I had some free time. the officer that did my update was like a robot, every time I asked a question, his only response every time was to call Harrisburg. I could tell by his demeaner, he didn’t want to be doing the update any more than I wanted to be there. im sure with the influx before the 22nd, this is a pain for the officers doing it too. so im a 10yr, due to “technically” be done on Monday the 21..literally as close to the finish line as you can possibly get(22).. but low and behold..right there on my copy of the new paperwork, it now shows tier 1, which is wrong of course as I have no tier (pre 2012), but knew from other posts that was gonna happen, so I expected that. However what floored me was, even though it still shows my starting date as may 21, 2008, it NOW shows my END DATE as 2033, so it looks like not only did they NOT give me credit for 10yrs almost to the day, but infact have RESET the clock for ANOTHER 15yrs, which is also WRONG. and yes they asked for everything, emails, phone numbers, all the same stuff as before. NOTHING changed that way. So Don’t know what Crack PSP is smoking, but they are 100% wrong, ive talked with my attorney already several times about my situation, however he keeps reminding me that no matter which way it goes, I cant do anything till Monday, because that would be my official end date, and regardless I “haven’t been Harmed by it” until after Monday, in which case I would be on “overtime” now im being “Harmed” now We can formulate a viable plan, im not waiting for PSP to get off their collective ass’s and do something, they have dragged their feet long enough, and ive made an appointment with my attorney, but cant get in till Tuesday..F*CK PSP a fight they want, a fight they will get..

    • Debo

      Sean you are listed as a tier 1 only until the review is finished, thoes date do not mean squat. They put most people as a tier 1 until review is done. Why have you not called ML section to get answers on your review? I also believe the people that have been removed from the site committed their crime before the ML 3 law kicked in people after that date were moved to no tier on site and tier 1 in the system until reviews are done.

  21. Debo

    One thing I want to say is even the media is brain washed by this stuff. We are not getting a break on this act 10 law. Most of us due relief from the PASC decisions have already done more time then we were suppose to, we are not getting off on anything, and we need to have that attitude with anyone that we interact with about this reg BS. We did our time on reg according to the laws in place at the time we committed our crime. We will likely see more wins when act 10 the so called fix to SORNA gets challenged at all angles soon.
    Everyone needs to read this recent update from Aaron Marcus if they haven’t yet.

  22. sean


    I don’t agree with you often, but well said. all I’ve ever asked for was what originally was given,(10yr) no more, no less…

  23. Wants off

    I just got off the phone with psp in Harrisburg and the lady I spoke to was very helpful. She said my case has not been reviewed yet so I need to go in by the 22nd. She said once my case is reviewed I will be notified of changes or removal. But she said not going by the 22nd could result in a FTC.

    • Debo

      BS Did you get a letter telling you to go in? Have you been removed from the site? Is your time finished 100% No out of state charge?

    • Debo

      Wants off I think you left the part off about your case being federal we are dealing with in state charges that people have finished their time on Your cases is different as far as reviews go.

      • Wants off

        Yes my case was federal, but I have never lived in nor been on any registry other than Pennsylvania. My original registration form from 2005 says 10 years registration. It was increased to 15 when SORNA took effect. I don’t know what their review procedure is, but since is only the PA register the ex post facto law still applies. If anyone has knowledge about the procedure for federal convictions, please inform.

        • Brian

          @Wants off
          Yes out of state people are being treated differently, they are trying to force out of state people to register under what their previous states requires for that offense and is being treated differently which is unconstitutional, in which violates state and federal equal protection, also reputation of keeping our photo on a website for public shaming. I’m sure there are a lot more violations of this new scheme, wants off, I don’t know if you can get a lawyer or not but you may need one or advice from one, I don’t know how they handle fed casses, it is my understanding for out of staters that the psp will go with which ever is greater, meaning that if the state with the most amount of registration time required for that offense then they will put you under that states laws, but I could be wrong, I was due to be removed but that’s where the da said I have to go by the state in which I came from offense requirements, yet for the past 16 years I have had to register under pa requirements, The wat I see it is, I near had to reg in my previous state, only in pa, this ain’t gonna fly.

  24. Brian

    I will be going in this weekend to comply and they will probably tell me I’m on for life, I will be going to meet with my new attorney Monday to begin the real fight, my old attorney was trying to play me, but glad I fought that quick, goo luck to everyone who will be getting off the reg,

  25. Chris

    Ok so 3 days until the deadline to register under Act 10. I’m no longer on any registries and never received and letter so DO I GO INTO PSP TO REGISTER UNDER ACT 10 AND TELL THEM I NEVER RECEIVED A LETTER AND I AM NO LONGER ON ANY REGISTERY. Or do I just go in and see what they tell me. I don’t want to go in if I’m not required to anymore but at the same time I sure don’t wanna get a FTC charge either. PSP is slimmy and I don’t wanna get caught up in this web. WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO HMMMM!!!!

    • Brian

      If I were you but I’m not you, I would go in and see what’s up, I’m not a lawyer or anything like that. But like I have been saying lately, it’s yiur life nit mine, I don’t want to be fighting this from a jail cell so , I will be going in, I did however receive a letter telling me to comply with act ten and in the letter it states that psp is not responsible if you do not receive the letter witch I think that should be on them, I mean what if you don’t have internet and have no idea Act ten has happened and Muniz was decided. So if those people don’t receive a letter then that’s not right.

  26. Chris

    Also i was only on the PA registrey and the nationwide. No other state.

    • Debo

      Chris let us know what happens at PSP you’re in the same boat as me and the 3K that have been removed I am wondering what they will say and if they will put you back on the web site until they finish the review. If anyone has been put back on after being removed and your review is not finished, let us know.

  27. HB 631

    Went down to register under Act 10.

    Here is what they wanted as information, because of being convicted before Dec 20 2012.

    All my residences, cars, schools, jobs!

    And that was it!

    Court Order in Hand, relieving of Sorna Requirements.

    No Internet Identifiers were obtained.

    And after you are done the front copy of the paper clearly states what three items they are required to take from Act 10 registraints prior to Dec 20 2012 convictions

    And also states on the front page all SORNA requirements required if convicted after Dec 20 2012.

    Pretty simple process and then it shows if you are pending review, 10 year or lifetime.

    • Debo

      So are you pending review? Did you call ML section and ask why your review hasn’t been finished yet? When will the review be done?

      • HB631

        No, my review is complete. They sent me a second paper that stated my review is complete. That I was lifetime. And I am lifetime, just under the old Megan Law 2. That is why I went to sentence court to fight my status soon after Muniz was deemed unconstitutional. I knew I was lifetime. But I also knew that I wasn’t going to get rid of all the SORNA requirements without a fight.

        I was removed from the site for a short period of time, then when ACT 10, was signed by Wolf. My court ordered had been received by PSP and they placed me on TIER 1, 15 years, pending review.

        As of May 18 2018, when I went to report. It said pending review on my paperwork. The officer said, THAT EVERYONE’s paperwork will say Pending Review until all of the reviews are completed. Once all of them are completed, then there may be a third letter that comes to me.

        He said it could take all year, because they are waiting for May 22 2018.

        I asked why they are waiting, he said, because for the ones who dont show up on time to comply with ACT 10 who are supposed to be complying with ACT 10, they will be arrested.

        He was so serious, he said that I may received another letter and to come down in those dates, if you get one, but other that that, I was told I was okay. I was registered under ACT 10.

        So advice to everyone, if you havent received your letter of completion of Megans Law. You better go in and register under ACT 10.

        They are going to arrest alot of people starting May 23 2018.

        Just stating what the officer said.

      • Brian

        That sucks, I’m sorry to here your situation, as soon as I go in to comply I will be taking the papers to my lawyer and begin the fight again, there are a few others I know of that are challenging A10 as well, the more the better. I don’t see how they can just keep doing this and keeping people on the reg that have more then done their time,

  28. Brian

    Went in for Act10 compliance today, the trooper thought I was coming in to update SORNA requirements but I said no I’m here to comply with Act 10, he seamed a little lost, he said he doesn’t understand A10 and it’s very confusing, I should have kept my mouth shut but I know he knows about Muniz and I explained the Muniz case to him anyway because he was playing possum, he started getting upset I could see so I then shut my mouth, I did however tell him I am working with my attorney to clear this up, he said any changes, didn’t ask for identifiers or anything pertaining to SORNA bs, but they still gave me SORNA printout, now my papers are very confusing and they just plopped in there, (For offenders who are registered for an offense that occurred before December 20 2012, you must notify psp within 3 business days of the fallowing ) what makes this confusing is that they added it right at the bottom of section 2. In the first page, so does everything above apply to us still or does not not apply is the question. My SID number is still the same, teir level is gone, 12 month registration, it says Active pending review now, registration end date is still the same. I though they were going to re-collect the information.

    • Debo

      HB and Brian I am guessing we will see some new challenges to act 10 soon that according to Aaron Marcus and others may bring relief for you guys also. I was hoping to hear from someone that has been removed and finished their 10yrs and has recently went in to see if they need to comply The only person I have heard about that was in this situation has said on here that they were told they do not need to come in until oct and that their review will be done by then. I will be calling ML sections tomorrow to get some answers then the DA

      • Brian

        I have no idea who’s in charge of removal now, I’m going in tomorrow to give my attorney copies of everything, it’s jusy the paperwork is now confusing, the trooper even said act 10 is very confusing, it’s bullshit is what it is, my wife said it all, all they are trying to do is confuse people to get them caught up and in trouble because we don’t understand, Debo, if you go in and update you will see what the pepper is like, I will try to upload the section that doesn’t show my info.

      • Shaun

        Debo As I said on may 14th I think it was I went in am ask the officer through a glass window should I be here because I’m under the impression that I have to register with this act n thing his reply to that was if you didn’t get a letter well then you don’t Then he went on and said did he’d have an officer come out and talk to me I never even went back to the processing room he said he looked at my information and that I would get something in the mail in October he also said that it’s different different places but Act 10 did not apply to me and that I would get something in the mail he was veary nice about it and I said well ok. I jus wanna be compliant And that was it !! I certainly didn’t expect that I’ve been confused about this thing forever what I do dam well know. I do not have any crossed up s hit or outside pa sh or federal sh or anything else I did my 10 pluss , since 2003 I didn’t expected this get up and say okay well thanks and goodbye especially with trying to figure this all out and reading everybody’s comments but that’s what went down when I went in to comply with Act 10

  29. sean

    they took all my info, I told the trooper I was pre sorna. he didn’t wanna here it or care. I wasn’t arguing because im choosing to fight my battle with my attorney. but they DID take my email, and other identifiers, even though it says right there in black and white what IS REQUIRED… but I wasn’t gonna press the issue because I knew it would get know where. the officer doing the update might very well have an OPINION on the matter, but its not up to them, they just fill in the blanks, I get that. there is nothing right on mine including end dates, so PSP is doing whatever, and obviously dragging feet for what ever reason. but im not waiting for them, I will get a judge to force it. the law is the law, and im due relief. I don’t care whether PSP likes it or not, the decision is no longer in their hands, they do NOT make the laws, they are only responsible for enforcing it, so PSP, get off your ass’s and do something…

  30. Brian

    They didn’t ask anything about identifiers as I said, he just asked if there were any changes, if I had any questions to call Harrisburg, I told him I have called Harrisburg several times, He didn’t respond, I wasn’t arguing with him, I feel like I should have kept quit but I just couldn’t help myself,

  31. Shaun

    What I think happens on here folks don’t clarify their entire situation a lot may be similar but there’s always something it’s a little different one way or another and it can really get things twisted

  32. Shaun

    Hope everyone gets there info straight today all this keeps me good and confused I’ll be lookin ta see what coments will be on here because it’s not like there’s many outlets for people ta talk about this stuff wish everyone the best

  33. Brian

    I apologize for any confusion I may have cause but I am a little lost as well man. I hope my attorney clarifys this today.

    • Shaun

      Quite alright Brian anything that has to do with the law is always complex and confusing in all honesty no BS I feel almost as sure as I can feel about anything that the act 10 will inevitably fall and you will get your you’re Justice

    • Debo

      Brian Glad to hear you have an experienced lawyer now I will bet you will receive the relief you are owed its common sense you had a deal and PA increased your time. you just need an attorney to hold them accountable. I just wish Chuck could see that not everyone is in the same boat as he is he still didn’t finish his time on reg and has kept people that needed an attorney from getting one.

  34. Tj

    I went in to comply with act 10 today. Evidently the troopers are not given much more info than us. I am back to yearly reporting, and pending review. The lady at Megan’s Law in Harrisburg told me i was at the backend of 17000 reviews due to being out of state and federal. The trooper told me to keep the act 10 paperwork that Harrisburg sent me, stating this counted as my annual, due to them changing my reporting date back to August, in case they send me one in August again. They seem to have little idea locally of what is happening at Harrisburg. It was painless due to the trooper being pleasant, but a pain due to my time should be up. Over 11 years on Pa registry alone, plus two years before i moved here.

    • Debo

      Just spoke with ML section they told me I DO NOT NEED TO GO IN they will be issuing my final review shortly. I believe most people that have been removed in state that finished their time are in the same boat. Please call ML section before you go in.

  35. Wants off

    Went in for my compliance. Trooper didn’t seem to want to deal with the entire thing. He just asked if I had any changes. I had one. He took it, asked if I had any others. I said no. He took my picture, had me sign it and sent me on my way.

    • Chris

      That is exactly what happened to me today. Mine says active review pending so idk

      • Wants off

        Oh yeah I forgot to add mine says active pending review as well.

  36. Brian

    I am going to refrain from posting what my attorney says from now on due to it may cause problems with my case down the road, but I will say that there are challenges to A10 coming down, cases we haven’t seen noor heard of yet but they will be coming to light is what I was told, so we will see hopefully in the near future some cases.
    Looks like us out of staters are at the back of the bus when in fact the conference call a couple months ago said out of staters would be prioritized and first to be reviewed, such is life I suppose.

    • Debo

      Brian smart move dude I am happy to hear that people are fired up and ready to roll. I hope you have Stretton or patrone.

  37. Brian

    Not neither one, Stretton doesn’t want to deal with out of state offenses and Patron is a distance problem for me. But he does know them and he does know his stuff. The other attorney I dealt with was going the complete wrong direction for sure, but this guy knows his stuff like Sutton and Patron though, so if he can get me off the reg that would be great.

  38. JJ

    Just wanted to let everyone know what happened with me yesterday as I went to comply with Act 10 despite not receiving any letter (I did not receive the “you have to register” letter nor the “you no longer have to register” letter.)

    As a quick backstory just so my particular situation is clear, I was convicted in 2005 and made to register for 10 years. I had 2 charges but both were in the same case, sentenced at the same time. I like most of you got swept up in SORNA in 2012 and re-set as lifetime registration, then sometime thereafter whenever that one court case came through, I was downgraded to 25 year registry. I was not an out of state offender. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my whole life.

    I did not hear anything at all about anything into January. My normal bi-annual registration is the first week of February. I never received the normal reminder to register. I missed my registration window by about 5 days because of this. In a panic when I realized what I’d done I called Megan’s Law division in Harrisburg. They said that I did not get sent a letter because of the challenges to SORNA and the Act 10 thing pending, and that I was under review, and I’d receive a letter with instructions but “You can go register anyway if you want to be safe.” So I did.

    Registration went without issue, no charges or anything for being there late, though the officer said they did show they sent me a reminder letter as usual. I never got one. He told me then that hopefully by the time of my next renewal I wouldn’t have to do this anymore, because while he couldn’t say anything official, just by looking at my file it looked like I’d be one of the ones coming off.

    Over the next few months I watched and read here about Act 10. Sometime in March I believe I was removed from the website but received no notice. I called Harrisburg and they told me that I was to have received a letter to comply with Act 10, however they held off sending one to me and others like me because my review was pending and it was likely I’d be removed before the deadline.

    Again I received no letter so I called the first week of May. I was told that I so far did not need to register, and they expected my review to be done before then. However I never received anything. So I went in yesterday.

    The officer was very matter of fact but not impolite. He told me that they basically did not give them much info either. He did say that an email was sent to the state police barracks yesterday morning telling them to basically not give any advice or much information, and that more info would be coming down the pipeline eventually. He did confide in me that he expected there to be a lot of civil suits as a result of this whole thing so he wondered if that had caused delays. He confirmed my file still showed pending review. He couldn’t tell me much more than that.

    One other interesting thing he told me was that part of the issue was that when the website was upgraded to handle SORNA, the previous registration forms and whatnot were removed from the website. So that means as of right now, they have no way to put anyone on the site under the old megan’s law/new act 10 categories, because they don’t exist on the site yet. It’s still being re-worked to be able to re-add people under their proper tiers and registration requirements. He outright told me that anything that my printout may or may not tell me about my tier or my duration/length to register etc would not be accurate.

    He did say it was good I came in despite not getting notice. He said he can’t say for sure what would happen if I did not show up, because he honestly did not know. But he said it was better to be safe than sorry. Other than that he had no new information to give me.

    Back to the waiting game. I’m not on the website yet but I imagine it’ll take a couple days.

    • Debo

      JJ you won’t see your info on the site unless your review is finished and they found you still have time left. If you would have called ML section again they would have told you you do not need to go in until your review is finished and says you have time left.

      • JJ

        To be honest, the ML section people don’t seem to have much more information than anyone else. I was told 3 different things over the time period that I called. That, coupled with the fact that they always prefaced what they told me with “I can’t tell you what you should do…” made me nervous to do anything that wasn’t in writing as it related to a lack of action on my part. If you’re right about not being put back on the list until the review is done, then there really isn’t much to worry about anyway.

        It’s odd that some people are being told dates in October for reviews. However I wonder if that’s a misunderstanding. The trooper who processed me told me that I’d be receiving a letter due July 25. At first I understood this to be my “review” letter or whatever you want to call it. Until I later questioned it and he confirmed that the letter he mentioned was my normal renewal reminder letter. I wonder if others have been misinterpreting that like I did initially.

    • Wants off

      Thank you, JJ, for this great insight. I can totally believe the barracks have been given little information. When they switched to SORNA and I went in to register under that, they had such limited information not only about the procedure, but how to use the new system itself. I literally was sitting next to the trooper helping figure it out. Communication is not a strong suit in government.

      • Debo

        Is what it is if the ML section tells you that you do not need to go in you do not need to go in If they tell you they do not know then you have to go in. I and many others have been told by the ML section (The ones doing review) that we 100% do not need to go in. So It cant hurt to call ahead to see what they say. If you like to play the guessing game go to local PSP and let them have their way with you.

        • JJ

          My fear was mainly just with the uncertainty they showed with their responses, coupled with the fact that I had no documentation to prove that they said “you don’t need to go in.” Even if they told me that, I have nothing to back that up, ya know?

          I’ve seen way too many people get jammed up over Megan’s Law/Sorna stuff over the last 14 years, lots of it dumb mistakes or oversights. I don’t like the idea that I went in and got processed again. But it was a peace of mind thing, to ensure I didn’t wake up to a knock on the door from the police.

          I understand that shouldn’t happen. But I certainly didn’t trust it not to. And even if in the long run I’d have been right, I didn’t want to have to sit in a jail cell fighting my way out through the court system. I have a lot more to lose now than I did 14 years ago.

  39. Mike s

    I think it is clear by what came out of the PA legislature this afternoon is that the rules are changing once more.

    I read this last night when I saw the new revision. I don’t see too much different than Act 10, but there are some slight details like Judges can’t change times and remove anyone from the registry. Not that I think that won’t be fought, but it’s in there.

    I have not read act 10 in a couple of months so I’m going to review that and provide thoughts, if anyone cares.

    • Brian

      @Mike s
      I don’t see how they can tell judges what to do or who they can do what with, just doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Mike S


        I completely agree with your assessment but on page 155, it appears that the ability for the sentencing judge to enforce plea agreement or to right which is wrong through change in law is trying to be taken away from the RC.

        One would think that the governing body would take all of these court decisions that have shown that their laws are unconstitutional and have them reassess their current and future policies to reflect all their mistakes. I’m sure that a lot of the people reading this are starting to have group flashbacks!!

        There is no doubt that this law will change 2-3 more times in the next 10 years and it will be for the worse and not the better. The cards are already stacked against the defendant in a criminal case and to remove any rights under the constitution and enact laws with cavents like this shows a complete lack of good faith and ability to learn from prior mistakes. One branch of government can not preclude another from doing their duties, its called checks and balances as well as separation of power.

        While Mandamus has been used very effectively to assert the rulings that have come out of the appellate courts and drive new law, being able to go back to your sentencing judge and having he or she interpret what happened on that day, that is all a blur to me now, is important and FREE.

        I’m a little lost as to the purpose of the new law? I will be signed and the only thing that it really is doing is taking away all the time frames from the last law to get people off the registry that should not be there? But, of course, even if the law is signed today, until the PSP tells you in writing that you don’t have to register anymore, you are still under their thumb. Which also flies in the face of enacting laws, which are suppose to be absolute, and putting a police force in charge of “deciding” if you are able to fit into the law as “they” see it and now what is actually true.


        • Debo

          Mike I think you’re reading into it too far, They are saying the court can not release a person from the period of reg but a trial court sure can rule it doesn’t apply to them. If it applies then the court has to make sure the person complies with it And I do not see anything in the new law that says you need anything in writing or is that you just assuming that. This new law will go in front of PASC and will be picked apart SOs will see more wins I do not see where you get the idea it will get worse all the legal experts are saying act 10 doesn’t pass muster in many ways. The purpose of the new law is to keep SVPS and people that didn’t finish their time on the reg, on the reg. Problem is it won’t stand up once it gets to PASC. SVPs never got due process and reenacting old laws retro to cause punishment and shame won’t stand up. They removed what they knew for sure would get shot down but more of AWA and ACT 10 will shit the bed soon.

        • Brian

          @Mike S
          I’m just waiting on my attorney at this point to get back to me to see what kind of fight we will be getting into, They know what the are doing and reading and and put it all together like a puzzle, then we file, I don’t want the psp to just take me off, I want a judicial determination so ( A they can’t just put me back on because I will have a court order and B so others in my type of out of state situation may get help from it as well if that’s possible).

    • Brian

      I moved to pa in 1998 and wasn’t made to register until 03,

  40. Debo

    Brian it looks to me like you fall under 10yr page 39 line 1-8 It doesn’t say with ever time is greater.

  41. Brian

    No it doesn’t say that, I’m not sure where it says that, I know the last time I spoke with psp the lady said that to me, which ever I grater, that’s one hand no knowing what the other is doing, I think they are trying to get one over on me or something, the attorney I fired tied telling me I have to register for life unless I found something in Colorado law stating that, that particular offense was not considered life then he could not help me, he was trying to take my money without helping me I believe, or tried taking the long way around to milk the clock anyway, but eventually I would be in the same boat but broke.

    • Debo

      I do not see any non tier people pending review on the non compliance list and its 2 days past deadline Anyone seen or heard anything Ive been hiding in my bug out shelter until the dust settles. 👀

      • Shaun

        I guess I didn’t send that right. I thought that sh was funny lol u can come out the bug out shelter
        . At lest I think so lmao

  42. Brian

    Yea that’s odd don’t ya think, no none teir people are, just teired people, I did see one who was pre SORNA who is teired but non co, but like you said he has a teir, there was a guy in my area who was obsconded and his name was removed a month ago but now he’s back up not not marked with non co or obsco, he last updated in 2012, maybe they can’t charge those who have had been noco, weird I tell you, or maybe you have to have been marked prior to the law changes, we will find out though I’m sure.

  43. Brian

    Someone on narsol posted Any reason why HB 1952 is still advancing thru the Senate?
    As of May 22, 2018 it was given it’s third consideration and final passage with a 48 – 0 vote.
    I thought that HB 1952 was effectively copied and pasted into something else which became Act 10…
    Are they thinking that Act 10 will be over-ruled on some technicality of how it was passed and have HB 1952 waiting in the wings??
    What are we missing here – this just doesn’t make ANY sense to me.

    So I wander if this review process is going to take the entire 18 months and people are going to be dealing with laws going up and coming down, Does HB 1952 say something’s different then Act10, I thought HB 1952 and SB 631 were squueezed together to creat Act 10, feel free to correct me if I am wrong here.

  44. Ed

    I’m reporting back, my time on the list under the 10 year plan was up in mid March 2018 and received no letter of any kid, I still went in and signed up just like I’ve done for over 10 years, around mid April 2018 I seen my name was no longer on list so I checked the national reg. I’m not there either, mid to later May 2018 I received my letter form PSP dated May 9, 2018 tell me they have completed there review and I no longer need to register as a sex offender, as I said before I know I’m not the only one who went through this, but is has been over 10 years of hell and loss, I’m 64 years old in bad health but when I received my letter I was so dam happy I cried, anyway I just wasn’t to let you all know how that part of this nightmare ended, thank you for reading.


    • ReadyToFight

      Thanks for sharing. Reading that even made me tear up a little.
      I’m in California on the list for almost 20yrs now. I’ll be 42 this year.
      I’m happy for you though.
      Take care.

      • Debo

        CA its going to spread like a fire the facts are facts people deserve due process when it comes to reg theres nothing they can do about it

    • Debo

      Ed your a new man now hit the gym and live your life bro Stay clean and thirsty my friend.

  45. Shaun

    Lmao He got jokes. That’s funny I gotta say 2

  46. Shaun

    Congratulations Ed God bless you man

  47. Brian

    Good luck man, hope everyone starts getting relief like we’re suposed to also, keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble.

  48. Ed


    Thank you for the kind words, it’s almost like you know me, I have put on my share and others share of weight, I’m looking to work on that, again thank you all for everything.


  49. HB631

    New Bill Signed By Wolf?

    Closed Loophole?

    Does anyone have any news on this recent news, type in Google, “Sex Offender PA” and go to news.

    Read the article?

    My best guess is there was a loop hole under Act 10, that if the person was still incarcerated for a sex crime and never came home to register under SORNA, or there old registration due to them not making Parole during SORNA or BEFORE SORNA or AFTER MUNIZ, that because they were never registered yet under any Megans Law that they may not have been legally forced to register under ACT 10.

    Because Act 10, was for continued registration of prior to SORNA, so if they havent registered yet then they would not be forced under ACT 10 because they were never registered on any registry.

    I think that the law makers noticed it!!!

    • Brian

      Well they can add all the crap they want to 10, once it hits the table for challenge it’s going to drop like a cement filled balloon, it’s a unconstitutional so called fix, they call it civil but it’s not, it’s ex post facto, and for out of state people who reside in pa it violates equal protection, there is a laundry list of constitutional violations, did you see that HB 1952 was voted on again also. Maybe that’s the part you are talking about with the loophole, they just don’t quit..

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