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This page is intended to help with housing related issues. If you have housing options, please let us know.

— General Advice —

When applying for an apartment, you are qualified based on income and credit. However, some property management companies may ask if you’ve had a crime. If this is asked, and you disclose your crime, your application may be rejected solely on that basis. If the crime is not disclosed, you may be approved. However if the crime is later discovered, your lease may not be renewed or you may be evicted for lying on your application. To avoid such complications, shop around! Go to different apartments and visit the managers, leasing offices or websites. Take an application or download one, and look through it for that specific question. You’ll find many apartments simply don’t ask. You’ll be qualified based on income and credit, and not have to worry about disclosing your crime and any repercussions from management.

(from a Property Management Professional)