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The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) is dedicated to protecting the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of registrants and their families. In order to achieve that objective, ACSOL will educate and litigate as well as support or oppose legislation.

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ACSOL Meeting January 26 in L.A.

Renowned Law Professor Eric Janus to Speak at ACSOL Conference

Action Alert: ACSOL Organizing State Capitol Meetings (February 5)

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Janice’s Journal: Registry Continues to Grow by Leaps and Bounds

The registry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In fact, the registry grew by almost 5 percent during the past 12 months. That means there are currently more than 912,000 people on the registry in the U.S., an increase of 42,001, according to The Dobbs Wire. The recent increases in the number of people on the registry are not uniform throughout the nation. In fact, the number of registrants decreased in the states of Vermont and Kentucky as well...

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Kat’s Blog: Blimey, Who Does Australia’s Fact Checking?

General News Feed

20 Jan 2019
Civil rights advocates say ___ is an example of how thousands of people have been unfairly penalized by the Michigan Sex Offender Registry more than two years after the Sixth Circuit Court ruled the state's changes retroactively putting people on the list for life were unconstitutional. Full Article
20 Jan 2019
Please mark your calendars for ACSOL’s upcoming meeting: Saturday, January 26 10 a.m. ACLU Building 1313 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles (free parking below building) Registrants, friends and family and interested service providers are invited to attend these free meetings. There will be no law enforcement or media present in order to protect everyone’s privacy. The meetings start at 10 am and last about...
17 Jan 2019
Effective June 6, 2016, in New Hampshire, Tier 2 and Tier 3 sex offenders who were convicted before 1992 have a clear process by which they can seek to be relieved of sex offender registration requirements. Full Article
17 Jan 2019
Seminole County Jail inmates can no longer handle letters or pictures mailed by family and friends as a new system requires those incarcerated to view digital copies of their messages. Under an agreement between the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and Smart Communications Holding Inc., a Tampa-based company, the jail also plans to replace all in-person visits at the jail with a video-visitation system. SEE:...
16 Jan 2019
Renowned law professor Eric Janus will speak at ACSOL's third annual conference in Los Angeles on June 14.  Professor Janus is a national expert on sexual violence law and policy.  He was recently recognized for his lifelong commitment to justice and civil liberties work by the ACLU. "Professor Janus will share with all conference participants his unique perspective of current laws and policies that...
15 Jan 2019
[ - 1/15/19] MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Right now, registered sex offenders are allowed to work and volunteer around kids, but a South Carolina bill introduced last week in the State House of Representatives could change that. The bill says it would make it “unlawful for a sex offender to work or perform volunteer service with or around minor children under certain circumstances...
15 Jan 2019
Peter Dutton, Minister for Home Affairs in Australia wants to be the white knight riding in to save his constituents from “sex offenders” by proposing a National Public Registry. “Thwarting the exploitation of children is my key priority as Minister for Home Affairs” says Dutton. Fact #1:  That’s all well and good, except Australia already has state-based registries with various levels of public accessibility...
15 Jan 2019
[ - 1/14/19] FORT CALHOUN, Neb. (WOWT) - Concerns have been raised over a registered sex offender who is living in an assisted living community in Fort Calhoun. A few people connected to those living in the community are questioning whether or not the arrangement is legal. There are 48 apartments for seniors at the Autumn Pointe Assisted Living Services. One of those units...
14 Jan 2019
[ for Courier-Mail, 1/14/19] Veteran criminal lawyer Chris Nyst says a public register for child sex offenders could result in unfair convictions from biased jurors, if they were given easy access to defendant’s criminal history. Read more  
12 Jan 2019
A new documentary forwards the argument that our sex-offender laws are based largely on bogus stats and deserve to be reevaluated. Full Article Also see Untouchable (Film) Available for Streaming on January 15
10 Jan 2019
Child sex offenders could have their names and photos uploaded to a public register in what is being described as the "toughest crackdown on paedophiles" in Australian history. Full Article Related Editorials Why Australia should not have a public register of child sex offenders Sex offender registries don’t prevent re-offending (and vigilante justice is real)
10 Jan 2019

United States v. Moorehead

The FBI accessed Playpen and verified that the website contained child pornography, then executed a search warrant at a North Carolina server hosting company that owned the IP address. The FBI seized a server that contained a copy of Playpen. Because of a server misconfiguration, the government was able to gain administrative control of the website. For two weeks, the FBI operated Playpen from...
10 Jan 2019
FACT: More people are now listed on sex-offender registries than are currently in jail in the US. It's an amazing statistic that illuminates one of the darkest corners of our criminal justice system: our fear-based approach to dealing with sex offenders. So why do we have these massive lists? Are they fair? Do they keep us safe? Untouchable, the award-winning documentary that takes an unflinching look at sex offenders, the...
09 Jan 2019
If you have a few minutes, read Florida’s Sex Offender Registration and Monitoring Triennial Review 2018 ( Even if you don’t live in Florida, it’s an interesting slog thru what governmental bureaucracy thinks is important when it comes to the registry. The highlight of this auditing monstrosity is the attached letter at the end of the report from Fl. Dept. of Law and Enforcement...
09 Jan 2019

NARSOL: RIT study is Butner Redux deja vu

[ - 1/7/19] Michael M . . . A recent study conducted by researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology, or RIT, is already being cited in Federal Court cases to support the false presumption of a high rate of unreported child molestations by those convicted of child pornography offenses. This is despite the fact that it suffers from exactly the same serious flaws...
07 Jan 2019
Civil rights attorney Adele Nicholas will be the keynote speaker at ACSOL's third annual conference to be held on June 14 and June 15 in Los Angeles. Nicholas has represented the rights of registrants in multiple lawsuits challenging residency restrictions, access to public places and hospital visitations in Illinois and neighboring states in the Great Lakes region. "We are delighted that Ms. Nicholas has...
06 Jan 2019

OR: Living with a label

For most youth, childhood is a seemingly innocent and simple time, typically full of school work, play time and life lessons. But when a child becomes a registered sex offender when they are as young as 10, those years are full of probation, detention and life lessons of another kind: living with a label. Full Article
05 Jan 2019
More than half of the men on federal probation in western New York for child pornography possession had instances of "sexual contact with children that were previously unknown to legal authorities," according to a local study. Though completed early in 2018, the study conducted by researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology, or RIT, is now beginning to make ripples in federal court. One...
04 Jan 2019
The Bureau of Immigration barred 145 foreigners convicted of sex crimes in their home countries from January to November of the 2018. BI Port Operations Division Chief Grifton Medina said the number of registered sex offenders denied entry is slightly lower than the 165 sex convicts intercepted in the same period of 2017. Full Article
04 Jan 2019
[ - 1/4/19. Not available on] An opinion piece in response to a recent article in the Miami Herald was published today. The text of the response and an image of the article as it appeared are below. Your December 31, 2018 article, “Report: Number of sex offenders living in Florida is growing.” correctly points out that the Office of Program Policy Analysis...
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