Editor’s Note: A petition has begun to protest the charging of a 6-year-old boy with first degree sexual assault. Information regarding this matter can be found in the article below. Please read the article and consider signing the online petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/46/investigate-grant-county-wisconsin-da-lisa-riniker
Target:Wisconsin State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen
Sponsored by:Concerned Citizens

Do your part to prevent the victimization of “D”; a 6 year-old Grant County, Wisconsin boy who is being charged with first-degree sexual assault for the crime of playing “doctor” with a 5 year-old playmate.

The following is an account of the events, as stated in a federal lawsuit filed by “D” and his parents, against Grant County Prosecutor, Lisa Riniker and two other county officials involved in pursuing felony charges against “D”-

In the Fall of 2010, three children, namely “D” and two other children, each 5 years-old (brother & sister) were playing “Doctor” with their guest, D. Two of the three children, one of which was D, exhibited behavior that according to retained experts, is normal childhood behavior; however, the Grant County District Attorney (Defendant Lisa Riniker), asserts that the behavior was felonious. She charged one of the three children (rather than two), specifically 6 year-old D, with a Class B Felony, namely “1st Degree Sexual Assault.” Defendant-District Attorney Riniker wrote in her opposition and response to efforts by D’s attorney to have the felony charge dismissed because D is 6: “The legislature could have put an age restriction in the statute if it wanted to. The legislature did no such thing.”

“D” suffers from ADHD. He allegedly touched his 5 year-old female companion inappropriately. She is the daughter of a well-known political figure in Grant County, Wisconsin. Although, the political figure’s 5 year-old son (present with his 5 year-old sister), allegedly committed a similar act, the son was not charged. Instead, only “D” was charged. D was investigated by Defendant Moravits of the Grant County Social Services, whose regional supervisor (Ms. L) is the political figure’s wife’s sister-in-law, and is defined by the political figure (and by Ms. L) as the aunt of the two aforementioned 5 year-old children (of the political figure). Moravits wrote a scathing report critical of “D” calling for his prosecution and assuring the parents of D that in Grant County, Wisconsin a 6 year-old is and was not immune to criminal prosecution. But as to the other child, the political figure’s son, Moravits did not call for the laying of charges against him.

While the charges made in the lawsuit, as well as in numerous media reports indicate a blatant abuse of power on the part of D.A. Riniker et al.; the ability of average citizens to thoroughly investigate the case is limited. Responsibility for investigating such misconduct lies in the office of Wisconsin State Attorney General, J.B. Van Hollen.

Because it is so very important that a young boy’s life not be needlessly damaged; please join me in petitioning Attorney General, Van Hollen, for an investigation into D.A. Riniker’s actions.

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