CA RSOL Supports Bill Requiring City Signs

The California State Assembly is currently considering legislation (AB 2086) that would require municipal jurisdictions that enact local ordinances that restrict the movement of registered citizens to post notices of those ordinances.  If passed, failure to post such notices would be punishable by a fine of $50,000.  The bill was amended on March 29 and introduced by Assemblyman Tom Amminao on February 23.

Editor’s Note:  Current state law allows counties and cities to pass local laws that prohibit registered citizens from visiting parks, beaches and other recreational areas.  The laws passed in those counties and cities vary widely and it is difficult for registrants to be informed of those laws in order to prevent violating them.  While California RSOL opposes all such ordinances, enactment of AB 2086 would help by providing notice of those laws to registrants.

Contact Assemblymember Ammiano and your representative to let them know you support AB 2086.

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Along those lines… what about schools? It is a crime for a rso to set foot on school property without lawful business AND written permission. How does one know it is a crime to pick up / drop off one’s own children? Watch a Grandchild play in a football game? Walk the dog on the fields on the weekend?

Is it on the reg form? Is there signage to that effect? Should there be?

It’s going to take a lot of effort to get this legislation passed. This is not about keeping the public safe by keeping RSOs off beaches and out of public parks, because if it was this bill would be a no-brainer. It’s about politicians looking like they’re tough on crime to their constituents, and also, make no mistake, it’s about finding any excuse to re-incarcerate RSOs.

Let’s get busy–there is much work to be done. Let’s not give up. 🙂

Before pushing for new legislation – how about requiring the state to follow EXISTING laws? According to PC 290.46 the State of California SHALL include years of conviction and release on the web site by 7/2010. This does not read as ‘when it gets around to it” but “shall”. It is now almost 2 years later and this information is the exception rather than the rule. Everyone knows how grave the consequences are for violating PC 290. How can it be that the State gets to violate the exact same statute without any fallout?

The website / database is set up for this information. Too much work? No funds? The on-line registry is intended to make the public safer. Is my safety and a child’s safety not worth the cost? Raise Taxes, fire some more teachers, but stop breaking the law.

PC 290.46(2)(A)

Wonderer – You’ ve made a good point. We need to have current laws enforced especially laws such as the one you’ve cited. I have spoken to the office responsible for updating and/or correcting profiles and been told that the office does not have enough staff and/or time to do this. The office also admitted that it is a low priority for them. I have assisted many registrants in the correction of their profile and am willing to do it as a public service provided they first obtain a current Live Scan report. This offer is universal and if anyone needs help please contact me at