Video: Help For Sex Offenders

I created this video because there are a lot of guys out there who are on the registered sex offender list, whether by fault of their own or not. One thing all Registered Sex Offenders or RSOs have in common is the hardships that many of the draconian laws stack on top of them. I hope the information in this video reaches many of you and helps you to not only survive but thrive in life. God bless! Youtube Link

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This was some great advise. Get some college education, high school diploma or GED, always be with someone who can vouch for you, get involved with church or other community gatherings and events. Finding employment isn’t always about what or who you know is hiring, its also about who you know can get you a job. I saw a few comments following that video, and I know a few RSO’s that tend to say things like “yeah, but… I would, but… I cant because…. its too hard… I looked and looked but found nothing…” nice excuse, buddy. BUT it doesnt work for me. I am an RSO and have been employed since I left the service, got out of jail, and now I am about to get a promotion to director. Who told you that you couldnt? Don’t lie to yourself. And if someone told you you cannot, or laws prevent you from doing “it”, find an alternate route. I have informed a guy in my therapy class that I can get him a job where i work. I have told him several times now, but he wont take me up on it. Dude, I make $14.50 an hour and you are passing this up? “But…” NO MORE BUTS!! Dont talk about it, be about it!
“The car you drive has a large windshield, but a relatively small rear-view mirror. The implication is obvious: what happened in your past is nowhere near as important as what is in your future.”- Joel Osteen.

10 yrs ago i was charged with a sex offense in wv. the plea agreement was for ten yr registration, the judge changed it to lifetime reg,i would like to find some help in not having to regisiter anymore can you help me find someone that will help thank you.