WA: Seattle attorney wants changes to sex offender registry

A Seattle attorney is asking for a review of Washington’s sex offender registration and notification system following the murders of two sex offenders this week in Clallam County. At least one of the two men killed was a husband and a father. The crime that put him into the state sex offender registry happened ten years ago. He was categorized a level II offender, one being lowest risk, three being the highest.

Seattle attorney Brad Meryhew devotes his entire practice to defending accused and convicted sex offenders. He says it’s time to consider changes to Washington’s sex offender laws and the registry, which was the first of its kind in the nation back in 1990. Full Article

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Finally somebody said something. Thank you. Let’s support this man!

Thank you, Brad Meryhew, for what you do in the state of Washington! We need you to speak loudly and clearly now so that others will now the true consequences of laws, such as Megan’s Law, that are passed. So many registrants are being harmed and killed because their names, photos and home addresses are posted on public internet sites. The public does not understand the information on the websites and are a danger to us all.