Sex offender law is wrong

In the Santa Maria Times – Your reporter wrote a fair and balanced article regarding Lompoc’s sex-offender ordinance, which prohibits sex offenders from residing in most parts of the city.

The article was balanced in that it included statements from both sides of the issue. As the head of the California Reform Sex Offender Laws organization, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to restoring the rights of those convicted of sex-related offenses, it is rare to see such balance.

It is unfortunate, however, that Lompoc has passed this law, because it does not improve public safety, yet it denies the civil rights of more than 93,000 registrants in California, as it applies to everyone on the registry, not just those who currently reside in Lompoc.

This law, if challenged in court, would fail judicial scrutiny, as it violates the federal and state constitutions. Such laws must and will be stopped.

Janice Bellucci
California Reform Sex Offender Laws

Full Article: Santa Maria Times

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JB – thank you for your courage and for being a voice for the powerless and shunned. It is much admired and appreciated.

These laws are becoming increasingly disturbing. Lets see, you plead guilty to a crime or ect, perhaps do jail time and thereafter are required to Register with the local Police Department. THereafter, your photo, full name and address are subsequently posted online for everyone to see. Then, your no longer allowed to visit a public library, no longer capable to visiting a public park, public beach and your also not allowed to live in certain areas? Furthermore, your now no longer to participate in Halloween Festivities? Truly, think about it. Its surreal! SURREAL. What about those individuals who kill people (murderers)? Or, what about Convicted Gang members! I think its just a matter of time before law suits are filed and these laws will definitely change. Whats next? You can’t leave your house at certain times? Or, maybe you have to get a computer chip implanted in you? Really

If you want more information as to why the registry is wrong go to and look for “Abolish the Public Sex Offender Registry”. Or just search this title. It has many facts as to why the registry is wrong. The registry has created collateral damage via putting innocent people in harms way. Wives, husbands, and children that did not commit crimes but because of their association with one who did they are “bullied” by this registry. I agree if the person has served their time they shold not be punished for life. That is just totally wrong. Would you like to be punished for the rest of your life for a mistake you made and paid your dues for?