UPDATED: Simi Valley set to restrict sex offenders on Halloween

» Updated with CA RSOL Letter to Simi Valley CC «

» City Council Meeting Monday, July 16, 6:30 pm «

“Each offender would be required to post a sign stating, “No candy or treats at this residence.” –  “Council members voiced support for the measure, which will be brought back for adoption at their July 16 meeting.”

Simi Valley is on track to become the first city in Ventura County to ban registered sex offenders from having contact with children who are trick-or-treating on Halloween.

An ordinance was introduced at Monday night’s City Council meeting that would forbid the 119 registered sex offenders living in the city from opening their doors to children on the holiday. Each offender would be required to post a sign stating, “No candy or treats at this residence.”  They also would be prohibited from displaying Halloween decorations or having exterior lighting on their property from 5 p.m. until midnight. Council members voiced support for the measure, which will be brought back for adoption at their July 16 meeting. Full Article

Staff Memorandum

July 2nd City Council Meeting Video  (Jump to… Item 4B – @ 27:40 minutes)      – or –

QUOTE: “The U.S. Justice Department notes that recidivism rates for sex offenders can be as high as 45 percent, the memo states.”

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Do the representatives from Ca. RSOL plan to attend their next meeting?

Yes, we will be there. Hope you will join us. Please bring your family and friends, too!

One can only hope that the citizens of Simi Valley – registered or not – will show up in force to oppose this ordinance.

Non-registrants should be concerned since they may be next. It could be that (non-sex) criminal conviction, arrest or even the speeding ticket from way back when.

As far as registered residents are concerned it would seem that they will have nothing to lose by speaking up against this for the record as they will be ‘outed’ on October 31st for sure.

Website or not, everyone in your (children’s) neighborhood will know.

What about the children who live in this residence, anyone concerned about their heart when Dad or mom says we can’t decorate or give out candy? How about the police department how much will it cost to send an officer to each home to check for signs, taking them away from the real crimes on Halloween? We thought orange county was crazy, is this city competition (who can create the most pathetic ordinances)… Shear lunacy God have mercy on their souls and uncaring hateful hearts. We need to pray that God intervenes before more people are killed, maimed, property distruction and the cities begin to have millions of dollars in costly lawsuits for unconstitutional ordinance hate crime.

Thank you, Pedro, for your comments! You are absolutely right. The proposed ordinance will not increase public safety and it will deny the civil rights of 93,000 registrants as well as members of their family. If this ordinance passes, a registrant could go to jail because he/she put a picture of a pumpking drawn by his/her child on the family refrigerator. What happened to justice? The fact is that there are NO reports of any child being sexually assaulted by a stranger on Halloween!

Right on, Pedro. You’ve summed up the problem with this blatant violation of civil rights in a nutshell. Bless you!

I am so happy about the modification made yesterday to the sex offender law in Simi Valley! (Thousand Oaks Star, 7/18/12) and am sorry I was not there. From now on I will check this site every week to stay informed and be of help whenever possible. I am new at this, but this news gives me a feeling that we have the power to influence people’s thinking!!! Now it is imperative that we research very carefully who we vote for next November. Let’s check all candidates’ views on this matter!