Long Beach police unveil citywide camera system

LONG BEACH – Criminals who come to Long Beach should beware of, and remember to smile for, the cameras.

That’s 400 cameras citywide, both publicly and privately owned, that have been linked to the Long Beach Police Department’s communications center as part of a new program that combines law enforcement data with real-time video feeds from parks, beaches, business corridors, the Police Department helicopters and other sources throughout the city. Full Article

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I think this is an amazing idea! First, its invasion of privacy and the City of Long Beach’s Mayor has just instituted a massive law off announcement within the city due to budget cuts! This really sounds like money well spent? Where the citizen’s of Long Beach provided an opportunity to vote on this? I also read approximately 2-years ago that the City of Long Beach was proposing to sale 2 of their police helicopters due to economic conditions! Keep spending!

“Person of Interest” the TV show come’s to mind,,,,Don’t worry it WILL come back to bite them! I’m Sure!