Riding the Registry – My Tour of Broken Lives

by Marshall Burns, Ph.D.  —  Sex offender. The words strike fear in the heart and soul like no others. But who is it that wears this label? I wanted to know. So I set out to drive around the United States to meet people on the registry and hear their stories. My purpose was to gain an understanding of what it means to be a registered person in 21st-Century America. In this report, I share some of what I saw and learned on the trip. Full Article

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Marshall…..Thank you, thank you for this remarkable venture you undertook and for a fantastic report that further exposes the problems with this ridiculous registry. I hope and pray that your efforts and those of so many involved in the RSOL movement will ultimately pay off, by educating the public what this issue is truly about. Their ignorance breed fear. They need to know the truth.

Marshall, I believe I spoke to you about 3 years ago when I called a hotline, and you returned my call. Was that you? I wish I could speak to you about my story–it’s bizarre, out of the ordinary, and shocking. I want to write a book, but need help.