Simi Valley – Halloween Ordinance First Reading

Simi Valley City Council Meeting
August 20, 2012 – 6:30 PM
The City of Simi Valley • 2929 Tapo Canyon Road • Simi Valley, CA 93063 • (805) 583-6700

4B. A public hearing to consider an ordinance adding Title 5, Chapter 43, to the Simi Valley Municipal Code establishing restrictions on registered sex offenders on Halloween. Staff ReportCity of Simi Valley

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This falls under the same fight we took to Cerritos I’m sure it is ex post fact o for allot of us and totally unconstitutional Cali. or U.S.! Let’s take this Fight to Them We need to reach More that Are so afraid to stand the hell UP!YEA, THE “STIGMA” is tuff, So is life and if WE want to have a fair end? WE ALL ARE going to have to FIGHT FOR IT. Legally with every tool @ Our disposal Every Allie Every Any thing that shed’s light on this American Injustice Now is the Time To Say NO MORE Stuffed Shirt Politicking Because the Word’s ring hollow on My ears. It’s sounding like Naziism has ran a new path under a different flag is how it Frickin’ Feels “RSOL” We Are The Resistance! We are HERE, We Are EVERYWHERE Society Created Us, WE DO FORGIVE & WE Will Fight For Justice!