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  1. USA

    I believe this cartoon says it all. Now, I can truly appreciate those individuals getting out of jail/prison being required to be monitored/or being put on probation or parole. Truly. Although, there has to be a time when enough is enough. How can individuals being required to wear GPS tracking systems, their names/faces placed on the internet and ect ect being capable of returning to a normal life and being productive members of society? I mean, if we all walked around being and being held accountable for all the mistakes we’ve made in our lives? We would never get anywhere? Its time for us to start doing anything and everything we can to treat people who make mistakes with compassion rather than like animals! The Israels and so many European Countries use this motto. In essence, why does the US/California have such a high recedivism rate and not other countries? Its a no brainer.

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