IN: Court rules state sex offender registry unconstitutional

INDIANAPOLIS — A federal court appeals ruling may push state legislators into finding a fix for some long-standing problems with Indiana’s sex and violent offender registry. On Tuesday, a federal appeals court ruled the state’s registry was unconstitutional because it violated the due process rights of ex-offenders in the registry who have no way to correct mistaken information.

The registry is a publicly accessible database that contains personal information, including the photographs and addresses of sex and violent offenders who live in Indiana. Full Article

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Wow, there are errors on the registry secondary to lack of funds? So, lets see, you were convicted of sexual battery and all the charges were dismissed/expunged, but yet they still show online? Or, maybe you were arrested for rape and plead to a battery and your profile stated you were convicted of rape? Great! This article is in a sense a great example of whats wrong with the registration process! Very disturbing