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Lancaster furthers restrictions on registered sex offenders [with Video]

LANCASTER – The Lancaster City Council Tuesday approved an ordinance that imposes restrictions and regulations upon registered sex offenders in addition to those imposed under state law.

Specifically, the new ordinance prohibits registered sex offenders:

  • From living within 2,000 feet of any school, park or day care center.
  • From living at a residence or hotel/motel/inn where another registered sex offender already lives (with a few exceptions).
  • From being within 300 feet of a school, day care, park or bus stop near a park, playground, public library, public museum, crisis center or shelter, arcade, youth sports facility and amusement park, where children are present (with a few exceptions).
  • From decorating their homes or answering their doors to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. (Read the Ordinance No. 981 here.).

Full Article (AV Times)

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Wow, what a joke? We are now in the process of seeing multiple Federal Judges Ruling laws like these are unconstitutional, but the cowboys in Lancaster say, “Lets do It” and do whatever we want? Surreal. Furthermore, they use a possible kidnapping to force the process? WHo is to say this attempted kidnapping wasn’t done by a normal everyday citizen with a clean background?

Proud of all the speakers. Yes their ignorance on the council is overwhelming at times. I will say again, there is no law that can be passed that will stop someone from breaking a law if they are intent on doing so. What a sad day for our state. The hatred out of this one man’s mouth was over the top. I know you are judged as harshly as you judge others. Janice…you kick butt, all of you guys here do. I am proud to be a part of this organization and am praying that I can find ways to… Read more »

The City of Lancaster has committed an egregious violation of the U.S. constitution in its passage of this ordinance. This act must and will be challenged in court. It was a proud moment when I was the last of 8 speakers who stated their opposition to the ordinance. Yes, there were 8 of us who showed up, stood up and spoke up on this issue! Thank you Frank Lindsay, Jill Morgan, Linda Cordero, Michelle Egberts, Kathleeen Gardner, Robert Churtis, and Debra Kinninger. In addition, there were 2 others (Marshall Burns and an unidentified local registrant) who would have spoken in… Read more »

Ms. Bellucci,

Do the names Jerry Sandusky, Joseph Woller and William Ploof mean anything to you? Google them Ms. Bellucci and then tell us all again how sex offenders rarely repeat offend. And they are just three cases of far too many examples.

How many children are you willing to sacrifice at the altar of your holy crusade? 5? 50? 100? 1000?

Please tell us how much innocence must be destroyed before your heart bleeds for the victims as much as it does for these animals?

“Say What,” How many children are YOU willing to sacrifice at the alter of your holy crusade against former offenders, subjecting them to life as outcasts because of something one of their parents did, depriving them of holiday activities, of throwing a frisbee with mom or dad in the park? By trying to prevent victims these laws actually create victims of a different kind. There should be no victims on either side of the equation. Period.

BTW, Ms. Bellucci perhaps you should do a little more background checking on the people you associate with.

Ask Ms. Egberts which university she got her M.D. from? The M.D. she claimed to be when she conned a victim into giver her $1,000. And ask Ms. Egberts about her stint as part of Reba McIntyre’s tour group. The false claim that landed her in front of a judge.

That is the problem with hanging around mutts Janice. You wind up with fleas.

Say What…I’d like you to tell me how the registry would have saved any of Sandusky’s victims? Oh that’s right he wasn’t on it.

Hey Joe,

Ask Ms. Egberts about some of the other “names” she has used during her career both in California and in Arizona.

Your champion isn’t what you think she is.

And I note for the record Ms. Bellucci still has not replied to my earlier question. Would any of you gallant defenders of convicted sex offenders care to take up the challenge?

How many innocent children are you willing to sacrifice to the altar of your holy crusade?






Say What…Guys like Ploof and Woller will continue to happen because we spend 95% of police time tracking people who AREN’T a threat. People like you who want to lump everyone in one big bag and then ask why aren’t these repeat offenders stopped before they commit a crime…well clear off those not dangerous.

Kenneth Parnell anyone? You all do recall his track record both before AND after he “paid his debt to society” don’t you?

@Say What? – unlike you Ms. Egberts uses her real name and shows up in person for the things she believes in. Plus she herself stated her past, for the record, on video. Anyone can google her name and find out what you just ‘exposed’. Is she perfect? No. Does that mean she is not entitled to have a voice and an opinion? Also no. H*ll no! Since you google like a champ surely you are familiar with the fact that 1 in 4 Americans have a criminal record (felony or misdemeanor). In other words, one quarter of American citizens… Read more »

SO Joe, whose life did you ruin to end up as a registered sex offender?

@say what … I feel sorry for you, that is all. I’m not going to get in a pissing contest with you as that is what it seems you want to do. Pull your head out and research what you are so ignorant about! Not all who are RSO have anything to do with the 5, 50, 100, 1000 or even ONE child that you reference. What about the person who made a mistake at a party when he was 19 and the gal was 20 … And NOTHING has happened since? You have no idea. We have God on… Read more »

OMG I just watched the video. These politicians have blinders and earplugs on. They don’t get it. They still assume that all RSO’s committed against children. And to say that the outpours of Janice, Frank, Jill, Linda, Kathleen, Deborah on Sept. 11 were appalling is just that…..appalling. Who scheduled this council meeting in the first place?? THEY DID!I do think that the strategy going forward in future council meetings should be to bypass speaker’s family history, eliminate personal motivations, and just go for the juggler with the facts in addition to placing these tunnel minded politicians in theoretical situations that… Read more »

@ MM, what would God do, you ask?

He would burn sex offenders in hell.

I like his way of thinking.

BTW, if this law prevents just one child from being hurt by these animals then it is a damn good law.

Go Lancaster Council!!!!!

2 Mike, if you want to throw a frisbee with your child in the park and enjoy holiday activities with your kids, then perhaps you should learn one useful tool to stay off the registry in the first plave.


Looks like our resident troll has returned. Welcome back, @Say What. Oh well… it is a free country…. well, sort of.

@say what … Educate yourself a little better in the act of forgiveness. After all, you didn’t even show enough respect to put an uppercase ‘H’ when you referred to God as “him” … Him who? him could be anyone … I would encourage you to reflect on who the Almighty Father is … And what we KNOW to be true .. people like you with hatred in their hearts will NEVER know the Peace that comes from ” Him” … Spend a little more time in the Bible or conversing with God and hopefully you will be enlightened, I… Read more »

@Say What – I’ll bite…. the Lancaster Ordinance would have nothing to do with this incident, as it did not take place in a park, library, etc. And anyway – do you think that the threat of a misdemeanor would have deterred this career criminal? The same way the threat of the death penalty prevents all murders? Your comment clearly shows that your main intent is punishment and banishment, and not child safety and abuse prevention. If you want to banish people from everyday life, or imprison them for life, or cut things off, or whatever makes you feel like… Read more »

Say what…none of which happened at a park, theatre, school or library. I’d say Lancaster is about to have a handful of lawsuits. And you’re going to pay for it. So if we want to “link drop” read this…

Boy … you got it right!
That certainly is EVERYONE – there are no exceptions.

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