Simi Valley becomes first city in county to pass Halloween sex offender law

Simi Valley on Monday night became the first city in Ventura County to pass a law that aims to prevent sex offenders from having contact with trick-or-treating children on Halloween. The ordinance, adopted by the City Council on a 4-1 vote, applies to the several dozen convicted child sex offenders who live in Simi Valley and are on the Megan’s Law website.

Championed by Mayor Bob Huber, who is seeking re-election in November, the new law requires such offenders to post signs on their front doors saying, “No candy or treats at this residence.” It also bars them from opening their doors to children on the holiday, displaying Halloween decorations or having exterior lighting on their property from 5 p.m. to midnight. Full Article

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As I continue to read each and every article posted on this site, I become increasingly disturbed by the comments made by some City Council Members! Its truly awful. The woman commenting with regards to her husband being convicted of a crime 40 years ago certainly confirms that this Council Members are only interested in getting re-elected and have no qualms with passing unconstitutional laws that not only affect people who have paid their debt to society, but the families of those as well! I truly have never heard of such a thing? First, who has ever heard of anyone convicted of a crime being prevented from participating in Halloween? Its surreal? Whats next? Sex Offenders can’t go out at night or go to malls or movie theaters? Or, maybe we should do background checks on everyone flying to prevent them from sitting next to a woman or child? (a man was recently arrested for touching a sleeping woman next to him on a flight). Or, maybe computer chips could be surgically implanted in them? The bottom line is this. Its inevitable. We need to sue the CIty of Simi Valley! We need to set a presidence and make an example out of them. THereafter, other cities will obviously take notice and realize the financial impact they could potentially have on their citizens.

Ok so this Mayor is also an LAPD cop who job it is to “protect and serve” EVERYONE right? Who else feels that if this guy showed up to a scene where an rso was involved they wouldn’t receive fair treatment?

Steve, for myself, I’m afraid of just getting pulled over! I received summary probation for my offense and the offense was expunged 10 years ago. Yet, they act like I’m America’s most wanted. Its all political.

The City of Simi Valley took the wrong path when it passed the Halloween ordinance on September 10. CA RSOL can put them on the correct path by filing a lawsuit, but we need two things in order to do that: (1) a resident of the city willing to serve as a “John Doe” of “Jane Doe” plaintiff and (2) donations to the organization. It’s time to Show Up, Stand Up and Speak Up!


I certainly agree with your comments. Its time to act now. If you reside in the City of Simi Valley, please contact Janice Bellucci. You can file a lawsuit using the name John Doe (avoid using your own name for privacy reasons) and we can clearly send a message to the City that they can’t tell people what to do on the property that they own and pay property taxes on. Who has ever heard of a law where the City states, you can’t participate in Halloween, you MUST POST SIGNS on YOUR Property and allows your children to be affected as well. THis is something out of Nazi Germany. THe bottom line is this. If we don’t stop this now, “WHAT LAWS WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT?” PLEASE HAVE THE COURAGE TO STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT. GOD BLESS JANICE BELLUCCI