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Collection of Internet Identifiers and Providers

The following is a screenshot of the front page of the official California Megans Law web site on November 14, 2012.

This is for your information only and NOT to be construed as legal advice. Please keep in mind that, past this page “Any person who is required to register pursuant to Penal Code section 290 who enters this web site is punishable by a fine not exceeding $1,000, imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by both the fine and imprisonment. (Pen. Code, § 290.46, subd. (k).)”

ATTENTION: November 9, 2012

Federal Court orders temporary stay of law enforcement collection of registered sex offenders e-mail(s), screen name(s), and internet service provider(s) pursuant to Proposition 35, the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) Act. Until further notice, the DOJ and local law enforcement will not require registrants to submit this specific information.

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You know I always wondered about just WHY it is illegal for a sex offender to look at a PUBLIC LIST that he may or may not be on. What is the logic? Oh wait, this is dealing with sex offender laws so there is NO logic involved. Never mind!

No seriously, can someone answer this question for real? Never mind that it is a PUBLIC LIST, but what if a sex offender simply wanted to check the accuracy of his own listing without having to ask his mother to do it for him?

So many lawsuits waiting to be filed…

My understanding of the “logic,” for lack of a better term, is to prevent us from using the site as a veritable LinkedIn or Facebook for RSOs.

I read a story in the newspaper years ago after the initial launch of the site of a guy who got a letter from another RSO asking him out on a date. The guy reported the letter to the police who in turn arrested the love lorn sender.

Of course, there are plenty of other do-gooder aggregate websites where you can see yourself if you are so inclined. I don’t know if this is permitted or not, but then again in this day and age I am not sure if I am even allowed to look at myself when I go to the can.

Myself and others have been harrassed heavily online at thanks to someone who thinks they can use the registry as their personal list of victims. The guy’s real name is Brent Marshall Oesterblad and it did take a lot of work to learn his real identity. So far, law enforcement hasn’t seem too interested in going after him just yet.. but maybe with the newest threats and actions taken by him, a phone call or two may be enough to get something going.

By placing internet identifiers into the database, it will be a matter of time before Mr. Oesterblad, along with others will be continuing harassment and stalking of those on the register.

At present, he’s taken out advertising using my mugshot to promote his online extortion business and harassment business.

That subhuman parasite is trying to get offenders to pay the sum of $250 USD to remove their images from his site. That is clearly misuse of the site that the harvested the images from. I say harvested since he places his url on the image implying ownership of the image. This is a violation of the terms of service of the government sites that he illegally steals the images from. The mere fact that his motive is not to educate but rather to extort money from offenders is harassment or even attempted profit from extortion as you mention.

I would be very willing to join a lawsuit against his website. If enough of us join the suit I am confident that can get this scumbag shut down.

Is that mugshot.c#m? I recently discovered that I was on that site, and since my namesake father was an actor, its highly likely that someone I know will soon discover my “secret”, ruin my livelyhood and put me and my family on the street. Sign me up for the lawsuit. Heck, I would even chip in for a private detective to dig up his dirt and run a full page ad!

They made that little law so people could not start networking to fight the unjust laws or the person or persons that had a brain fart when the law was contrude were trying to satisfy thier own fantasies of control. That clause is outdated.

Perhaps that is the motivation behind this latest “law” wanting access to our online lives. I am sure they don’t seriously think that it is protect anyone but rather to control us and our ability to communicate and organize.

There is power in numbers and we have the numbers certainly but not a way to organize and communicate. I say that should change. Lets do it!

What you call “brain fart” I would call Projectile Brain Diarrhea.

That is simply insane. How can that be legal? (probably how a lot of this nonsense is legal). So let me understand this: someone has to register, but they are not allowed to check their own information to make sure it is accurate. It is a public list, so how can it be illegal for one person to visit a public website but not someone else? Finally, and this really ticks me off as well as reveals just how fake the motivation behind the whole Meagan’s Law site is, sex offenders are still human beings, who have families. There are a whole range of people with vast degrees of crimes that got them on this registry. *If* the purpose of the website is to inform people of *dangerous* people who live nearby, so they can protect themselves and their families, then why would a sex offender not have the same rights to protect themselves and their family?

According to the theory behind this law, there are dangerous people who can’t control themselves and may hurt people that live near them- so what this law says is, if you happen to be on that list then you and your family do not have the right to the protection that the information provides. The whole theory is flawed of course, but within the theory this doesn’t make any sense, and is saying that the government thinks it is perfectly fine if an rso hurts another rso or that person’s family.

How do they justify that?

How can this be legal? Wake up, dude,the government effs its own people over as a matter of routine and all too often with fatal consequences. No one cares as long as its not happening to them.
Look what happened in Benghazi, for Christ’s sake. Ambassador Stevens and his staff were denied repeated requests for security enhancements because they feared for their lives well before that fatal night. Islamists attacked the consulate and killed him and several others including Navy SEALS.
UN Ambassador Rice was all over TV afterward knowingly lying through her teeth that the attack was merely a mob’s reaction to an anti-Muslim video on YoutTube rather than a terrorist attack which would put the onus on them to actually DO SOMETHING. Indeed they knew full well this was a 9/1l anniversary attack.
We now find out that the SEALS were ordered to stand down as they tried to defend themselves. Repeated requests for military support during the battle were denied. Two Special Ops groups were told to stand down as well.
In my view this should have brought this presidency down and we would be reading about President-elect Romney.
I realize this is a bit off topic for this site, I am just highlighting the point that if the government will allow it’s own to perish in such a way, we’ll be hard pressed to get the to do anything about douche bags like Brent Marshall Oesterblad.

My point is that if the justification for the law is to ‘protect children’ then this nullifies their theory if they make it impossible for a parent who is an rso to have access to the information: that persons ‘children are unprotected’

-it is grounds to throw this prohibition out. hence the question ‘how can this be legal?’ as in: they can not justify it because they’ve canceled out their own justification.

I’m painfully aware they pass illogical and unconstitutional laws to enforce whatever whim they have, but when they step into an obvious hypocritical justification then it should be pointed out and acted upon.

I agree with you 100%.

All of this is so obvious and illogical that it boggles the mind (well my mind at least) how it still remains a law! That is the case with so many laws dealing with RSOs. Can someone please tell my why it is difficult to find lawyers to challenge these sorts of laws and who will take these to court?

I would really think that new lawyers would jump at the chance to work in this area of law. These would be high profile cases and yes, I know perfectly that many lawyers are only motivated by money (my defense attorney is a prime example of that) BUT I am sure that there must be some who are motivated by a real love of the law and would be willing to work not for money but simple to improve the legal system.

As an attorney, I would love to sue these privately owned websites which have the same information but no protections of the state Megan’s Law website. So why haven’t I or another attorney sued them? Time and money. Even a civil rights attorney like myself is limited in the amount of time I have. Preparing and filing a lawsuit is just the beginning. Then you have to defend the lawsuit by answering all of the motions and discovery initiated by the opposing party. Often they try to drown you in paper just to wear you out. Then there is the matter of money. There are court fees, legal secretaries, delivery fees, and paralegals that need to be paid. Having said all that, I am still devoted to this good cause and will do all that I am capable of doing with the resources available. It is important for us to start small and be successful so that when we need to climb bigger hills, perhaps mountains, we have a trail of success that will get the attention of those who have paased laws that need to be challenged. The climb has begun (Simi Valley and Prop. 35). It will continue with a lawsuit against the City of Lancaster. There are 16 cities in Orange County that have passed ordinances that need to be challenged as well as two cities in El Dorado Counties. There is of course the private websites such as Offendex, Mug Shots, Public Data, etc. The list of potential lawsuitsis long. I ask for your patience and for your support. The greater the resources, the sooner we can address the challenges before us.

I see…so the very reason that many of us are on the list in the first place as RSO is the same reason that it is so difficult to fight that the ever growing additions to the restrictions and injustices added each year. No one has time to go after website sites that list hundreds of thousands of peoples private information online illegally either.

Well, as my “internet identifier” (Tired of hiding) clearly states I am Tired of hiding and I am quite willing to be represented and to have my name used in any lawsuits or legal action taken against the state OR these scumbag websites illegally taking advantage of and profiting off of others misfortune. I think that if the headline was something more like “1000 Sex Offenders Sue the State of California in Class Action Suit” that it might get more attention than the usual “Two Anonymous Sex Offenders Sue the State”. But I could be wrong of course.

Adam Daniels says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

November 22, 2012 at 4:06 am
I am the owner of a site called This site was created for people who are fed up with and or any of the other private enterprises. The owner of offendex Brent Oesterblad who claims not to be the owner, is himself a convicted felon he is a conartist. I am a broadcast Journalist that is getting bombarded bullied and threatend by Let it be known that I am willing to sacrifice myself to help others and that is why the site is up. They are gathering all of my personal info and posting it all over their site. They are retaliating against me by lying about me. They even have pics of my facebook friends up there. But I am not going to budge I am fighting for a cause that I believe is just. This is so wrong what they are doing to me and others. Please visit my sight and if you could call me I would be forever greatfull. My number is 206-430-9188. My name is Adam.

Sorry I posted this in the wrong spot, this is for Janice Bellucci.

The law is a sham. First of all, who keeps the names? Where are they kept? Do the police share them with anyone? Who pays for the police, clerks, etc that do this work? Who checks to see if all a persons identities are listed? This is another feel good law they pass so a politician can make the public think they are safer. I wish a citizens group would file a suit against entities like the police who waste taxpayer money on worthless laws.

Regarding private companies that post information on line, I would love to see an agressive attorney contact a few thousand people who are listed on the web site, get a $20 donation from each, and file a class action law suit. Rather than paying someone $250 to get someone off the site, get a few thousand to sue for invasion of privacy, using a picture without permission, for something. Perhaps a district attorney could find a depraved indifference charge or something like that against the site and jail someone. It seems to me that the disclaimer of not using the information to harass could be used to target these companies. There has to be some legal way to fight back and hurt them in the wallet.

Nope, you would think that law enforcement would go after them since after all it is an open and shut case…BUT NO…they continue to operate
violating federal laws …doing harm and extorting money from those already being abused (hey, what’s a little more abuse for perverts
like us right)
violate federal YET just let a single sex offender miss their registration by a day and they are arrested and treated like well criminals.

Justice in America. What a joke!

Please contact me or you can go to my site I understand your frustration. You are not alone.

Pick Me! Here is What I have done,,, Poor man’s copyright Your Picture / Image & or have it done through the library of congress(“BEST but $35) Past that date “ANY SITE” using Your Image for any Profit without Your Permission!!!!! CAN BE SUED! Bruce Fein Now PICK ME! lol & When We Win & We would win eventually I’ll Give 1/2 To CA-RSOL

BTW EVERYTHING TYPED ON Your Personal Computer is auto. copyright That’s How they bust Sexter’s/ online chat’s are ALL ADMISSIBLE in a court of law like I said the smarter Your Phone the dumber You Are Who need a GPS just give the Guy’s an I phone Free! There’s Your GPS with a gyro that can make a 3D composite of your surroundings 24/7 & pinpoint within 10 Ft. of where You are and record and take picts all via remote Apps!? Why all the $ & Hype it’s just a shaming tool in My opinion as well as an annoyance and not exactly Hygienic either not to Mention TOTALLY Unconstitutional! George Washington would have had Who Ever invented or even thought of it ” Burned @ the stake For Witchery an’ Bedevilment of personal liberties, An’ then scatter their ashes to the 4 wind’s with a smile!

This is for your information only and NOT to be construed as legal advice. Please keep in mind that, past this page “Any person who is required to register pursuant to Penal Code section 290 who enters this web site is punishable by a fine not exceeding $1,000, imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by both the fine and imprisonment. (Pen. Code, § 290.46, subd. (k).)”

It a public SITES !! HELLO once a california RSO click this and this is at the bottom of the webpage.

I think it’s call “entrapment “

I have made a list of all the mugshot websites and have identified all the people that are are running them. I will be working with people in each area to capture photos of these website owners and do so from public places. In doing so, the images are copyrighted by me. Also in doing so, i am developing a mugshot website myself.

I will be placing the names and personal information on each and every one of these people online on their very own mugshot website, and will charge them to remove their information. But instead of a measly $1,000, it will be FAR MORE. This monetary fund will be sent to organizations and lawsuits fighting these other mugshot extortion websites.

Anyone interested in this or want to contribute discreetly and privately, post anywhere online this phrase along with your message: “Bullies are cowards and we won’t take it anymore”. I will get your message.

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