California Municipal Ordinances List updated

Thanks to the tireless efforts of one of our volunteers the list of City and County Ordinances relating to 290 registrants has been completely revamped and updated. Thank you, S.!

While the task was tedious, it is our hope that this list will soon be obsolete and that these laws will be repealed. California RSOL – registrants, family & friends and supporters – has been very active in speaking at various City Council Meetings against the adoption and for the repeal of these ordinances. Follow notices on this site to see how you can get involved.

Read more: California City and County Ordinances

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alot of 3,000ft and no more then one… and child safety zones

I suppose arrests/prosecutions/convictions are posted in local newspapers that cover these cities/jurisdictions. It would be interesting to find out if any of these cases are on appeal and if they triggered parole/probation violations and/or third strikes.

This is the primary reason why these new laws will be shot down. I reside in OC and literally cant tell you what laws apply to what city and vice versa? In OC, its typical for an OC Sheriffs Deputy (tell me if this happens to you as well) to visit you once a year to confirm your residency? They show up in plain clothes and are very discrete about it (I thought it was a contractor the last time he showed up). In summary, I asked him for a business card and asked for clarification regarding some of the laws? He didnt know? If Im not mistaken, this is one of the primary reasons the appeals courts overturned this mess? What if I went to Sacramento? Could I swim? Or, what if I visited SF? They allow (nudity is allowed in some parts of the city) nudity and men are allowed (true story) to walk around some parts of the city naked, but what if a sex offender visits the beach? Or, the bridge next to the water? In summary, as mentioned before, we need a Tier System here in the State of California to allow people to fall off the registry eventually and for Judges to make the right decisions and overturn these mock laws and start granting Certificate of Rehabilitations.

Well, you sound very dangerous Fish in a net. I received informal probation as well! I think they began to check my residence around 7 to 8 years ago. pc1203.4 as well with a misdemeanor. We are both in situations where we in essence have never been convicted of a crime, but yet must still register (expunged). Its very clear we are both hoping that a Tier System must be instituted in California so that California can focus their resources on more important fish and allows those individuals who have gone on with their lives to move forward. I think they only check my home residency once a year. Its almost like clock work/same time. I think they once went to a neighbor and asked if they knew me? They used to come to my home like I was Americas Most Wanted? I even had two suits come one time at like 7am? My son was standing there with me? They seemed to change their tune thereafter. Sorry, have a great day. Initially, this guy came to my home (first time) and he was very rude. I handed him a copy of 17 (B) and the pc103.4. and a copy of an 858.1 (I was mistakenly detained once and it was ordered destroyed). So, I handed him copies of all of this and he almost passed out. I told him to have a great day after getting his business card. Its sad to see this happening. Oh well. Lets just focus on the positive things and I know that this Tier System will be instituted sooner than later. Best of luck to you.

Wow! We are in OC also … I’ve lived in the same house since October 1989, having to register with my fiancé since January 2011 … We’ve not had anyone come to the house to verify residency. Only time was when the city passed their ordinance in April 2012, did we have someone come to the house to deliver the new residency restrictions.

It’s all such crap. I guess, at this point I am grateful our PD hasn’t taken to such measures as having to actually verify residency. It’s a battle every day. So sorry for all of us affected by ignorance.

@Joe … EXACTLY. Trying to figure it out …. Legal mumbo-jumbo.

Well, there are no laws requiring you to open/answer or let anyone into your home! So, I could ignore them/stick my head out the mail slot or post a sign outside stating no trespassing! Then, if the show up, point at the sign and close the door!

The test of these local ordinances is to see where the legislature is on any of these. I know that the intention of the laws at the state level are to eliminate the need for any of these local ordinances so it would be interesting to know if anyone out there knows if there are any things that the legislature are doing to reign in these little fiefdoms and their Jim Crow laws. I would bet legislators won’t touch it out of need for political and popular viability and these are most likely better off challenged in federal court.

Where is the “fair and balanced” media now? I wonder if someone can convince and investigative reporter to do an expose on these laws and interview the police chief and declare any of these proceedings as essentially kangaroo court.

I need some advice. I’m getting ready to buy a house in Sacramento County. I was on parole when Prop 83 passed, was released from parole 2 months later. I’m pretty sure the residency requirement doesn’t apply to me, that’s what I was told at a recent registration; they said I could live “wherever I wanted.” Recently I looked up a County ordinance prohibiting presence within 300 ft at parks, etc. The ordinance also says that it does not apply to residences of sex offenders if the state law regulates it. The house I want to buy is within 300 feet of a school. Can I move there? I am looking to ask a lawyer. I don’t know who else to ask.

@letmemoveonplese … Be sure you read and understand everything before you sign on the dotted line. I know first hand … Some cities will allow ‘Homeowner’ to remain … While other cities will not. The scary part … What if you purchase today, your name is on the title … But, in three years from now the city decides to change their laws? What if it doesn’t matter whether you are a homeowner or not? I don’t share this to bring you down, honest … It’s just something you need to keep in the back of your mind. I would most certainly talk to an experienced lawyer in this area … I wish you the best of luck and hop your dream comes true.

Thanks MM, I’ll take that into consideration. If anyone in the Sacramento area knows of a Lawyer who would know about these matters, I’d like a reference. Thanks!

From some of the post recently I understand Lancaster has some of the most rigid ordinances and I’m not surprised to find out also that it is home to two of the most fear and hate mongering lawmakers. I need to delve into the specifics but it would be good to see their city council take some heat like HB. Maybe they will understand their narrow minded approach, or at least be made aware that their position is at odds with the legislature, the constitution, and common sense.

Is there any update as to the suit against the City of Lancaster?