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SC: Boyfriend gets lifetime sex offender status for cellphone video

COLUMBIA, S.C. — ____ ____ will spend the next 18 months in a federal prison for 15 minutes worth of sex videos he made with his teenage girlfriend.

The girlfriend, who knew ____ was videoing at the time, was 16– which made her a minor under a federal sex offender law meant to apply to serious sex crimes. Having the video on his cellphone meant ____ violated federal law by possessing child pornography. Full Article

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How sad … I know first hand how this is … . But it never got to this point, they broke up before I got upset enough to actually press charges to an ‘older’ BF. It was such a trying time. I feel bad for the young man, boy, really.

they? who? ???

The kid’s life is ruined if he has to register for the rest of his life. If he is ever able to have a professional job is entirely dependent upon the length of time he is required to register as a “sex offender”.

South Carolina is one of four states in the nation that has a lifetime-only registry. Like California, Florida, and Missouri (I believe). Even if he were to leave SC after his incarceration, his life-time registration, with all its crushing restrictions and requirements, will follow him wherever he goes. Until the day he dies.

The prison sentence is bad – no doubt. But make no mistake about it, this kid’s life is RUINED.

He might be a rocket scientist but I would be very surprised if he will ever be a contributing member to society. We may never find out. I guess that is the way this society wants it.

And so yet another ROS is created by the system.

750,001 and counting.

They are just making us and our cause stronger!!! We will eventually prevail!!! I have been in the cal system for over 30 yrs and every day with the tireless work of Janice and others, finally I see some hope. My case since has been expunged, although I was turned down for a rehabilitation certificate. We need to define Rehabilitation. Their definition is not in the dictionary who knows maybe they cannot read??? I have empathy for both of these children. God’s Blessings to them and their family

Are we a true minoity yet???

The article is interesting, but the comments are even more so. Not _one_ voice raised in support of the prosecution, and the arguments against the outcome of the case-in-point are well thought out and, actually, correct and compassionate.

“What’s wrong with our society..?”, as a question, is beginning to emerge. The prosecution wold have you believe that we are a nation of perverts. Three-quarters of a million people condemned to a lifetime criminal control, but not incarcerated; a ‘virtual’ probation forever determined to destroy generations of Americans; not just the Registered Ex-Offender, but her future as a citizen, her home, her family, her children, her profession.
What is wrong with our society is that we have allowed ourselves to become ruled by fear instead of reason; we are “terrorized” from within and have willingly surrendered the foundations of our freedoms for a little bit of false security. We were warned against this by our founding Fathers, but have allowed tyranny to run amok in the form of an enhanced “police” mentality.

American culture is obsessed with sex because American culture lacks a common goal. Every proposed motivation to organize around a common purpose flies in the face of some other, greater, more morally correct, politically expedient or frenetically urgent priority. We are stymied, hamstrung, stalled and literally castrated as a people. The insanity leveled against “sex-offenders” is a manifestation of America’s obsession with sex; as though it wasn’t obvious that absolutely everything is society has to do with sex, other than sex itself, which has to do with power.

In being forced to surrender on the “Marijuana Front”, the Government is moving the war against civil liberties into the last frontier: that foundation upon which all of civilization rests, the biological family. They would destroy all of civilization to retain their privilege to incarcerate-at-will and damn the Constitution and the Judiciary and especially The People. Left unchecked, their ever-increasing power will serve to destroy our Nation and we will gladly accept the logic once proposed to eliminate the crime of rape: “Since all men are potential rapists, we should simply incarcerate all male children at birth.”

The end _always_ justifies the means.
God help us.

I blame Christianity for this entire mess actually. If it were not for the fact that we have a country where there is no separation of church and state. They are one and the same and we are being punished by paranoid hyper conservative sexually repressed bible fearing egomaniac politicians (and not too bright to begin with either).

When they can demonize us as the ultimate evil what chance do we have! It is not until our constitutional rights are actually enforced that we can escape this unjust and illegal life time sentence.

Tribalism is more likely the reason. Extreme views, parochialism, ignorance, status-quo, fear to go against the norm – these are all aspects of human nature. I think bigotry and many other behaviors that create sub-classes are equal opportunity employers regardless of a specific religion but many of these actors just happen to choose religion as a cover for a variety of attacks on minority classes. We don’t want to paint others with a broad brush either, as tempting as it is.

well Put J

Tired of hiding; Not to challenge your fears against Christianity, but I ask you to challenge your own statement charging and convicting a segment of human society as RSO are labeled. It has nothing to do with Christianity because I know several church communities that accept us better than the secular society, Why? It’s Forgiveness and they believe a person can change and correct their wrongs as you and I have accomplished. I would ask you to research why politicians are challenging us, only two reasons “POWER and Votes” they can careless about what the Right wing conservative Christians think. I stand by your side as a Christian man dealing with this for 30 years. I do not want you or our younger RSO brothers and Sisters to deal with life time bookings. Everyone deserves a second chance. That is why my friends, family, my pastor and I are fighting with Janice for the justice of all men and women who think they are alone in this and create groups to begin a support and healing process. We are becoming a force not to be reckoned with, unity and support is what we need… Every time they put in place an ordinance it gives us an additional tool, to build on the freedoms of our United States Constitution and together seek out all segments of society who will support us leaving no stone unturned. I always enjoy your comments

@Pedro …. Very, very well said.

I’m not sure you saw the comment earlier by ‘tiredofhiding’ (and not sure on which subject) but he’s an anthiest which is why he views it the way he does. True, honest Christians are a forgiving people, it’s what we know and try to live. I pray that ‘tiredofhiding’ crosses a path with one … No need to change from being an atheist but to know there are people, regardless of your own belief that do want good to happen … After all, we are not the judge.

I wish I could write as eloquently (or as convicted) as some of the posters on this website, but … Alas, I can’t. I can only write from my heart and each and every day I hope we are going in the right direction. I’ve seen on here, not many times, but a few that even amongst ourselves (registrants or those who are fighting for them) to clash with words against one another. On this site … Are we not all of the same desire? The desire to make our lives better?

I am fighting with my fiancé to stay in the home we have … Everyday. Time will give us our outcome. We all want the same thing … so why can’t we put aside our different ‘beliefs’ and work together with a common goal and support each other in this journey?

Those are my desires … As I’m sure it is for many of you suffering the same ….

You ‘da man!
There are “Christians” who are way-primitive and urge stupidity as a cure for every ill society suffers.
It’s like the gun nuts who see the Second Amendment as a license to tote heat: the fact that there _is_ a “Second Amendment” is proof that the law exists to regulate weapons. They just don’t like their privilege to commit homicide from a distance removed, much as society needs it.
The Primitive Christian ignores the third part of his creed. Remember the Father, Son and Holy Ghost?..Oh yeah, they’re really big on the Father part (authority)..the Son part as long as He remains nailed on the Cross and not a threat…but the Holy Ghost part escapes everyone of them.
The Spirit of love and compassion; the only part of God we will ever understand.
Where’s that?

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