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WA: Man sentenced to life for killing sex offenders; judge chastises supporters

A Washington state man convicted of fatally shooting two men “because they were sex offenders” was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without possibility of parole, reported.

On June 2, Patrick Boyd Drum fatally shot his new roommate, Gary Lee Blanton Jr., 28, at their home in Sequim, Wash. Then, around 9 p.m., Drum drove to the home of Jerry Wayne Ray, 55, also a convicted sex offender, and shot and killed him. Full Article

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And this is what I fear would happen to me… At the end justice was served, but it was to late for the 2 people who were murdered… Justice should not just serve, but protect also… And justice’s protection is blinded with insanity…

I dont understand. Why do people think two wrongs make a right? Words cannot express how sad these peoples opinions make me for humanity. I understand that some people think that sex offenders can never be cured, and that their impulses can be subdued into non participation, but that non participation is never verifiably absolute.
Talk about thinking what you want to think, despite all the evidence proving you wrong.
The good news is that we’ve got the facts, and our facts will always dicredit their ignorant opinions.

Unfortunately the American public has been brainwashed to believe that all sex offenders are child rapist’s. The first picture that comes to mind is the stereotypical old man in a trench coat, forcibly violating a very innocent young child. Then the rage over such a scene turns ones thinking process to red with anger.

Most people never even consider the gray area of sex crimes because they don’t want to go against mainstream thought. To question popular opinion is to be viewed as a supporter of the unpopular side of the issue.

I too was one of the mob before I became one of the unforgiven. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but I’m ashamed to say that I had the same opinions as most Americans on this issue. I followed, and I had no interest in going against popular opinion, because I wanted to be liked. I never really felt easy about those opinions, I felt something wasn’t right.

I’ve lost many very close friends because they didn’t want to be ostracized for supporting me, which I understand in some ways. The friends that have stood by my side I value more than anything else, and today I would do anything for them.

“Public Opinion… an attempt to organize the ignorance of the community, and to elevate it to the dignity of physical force.”
Oscar Wilde

@Capt. Jack … I too was once like you admitted. On the other side with the mob …. Until, I met someone who is on the registry for 25 years and there has been nothing since … It was a grave mistake at 19. And like anything, UNTIL one is exposed to a certain situation/cause you are ignorant. Little by little, like you wrote …. You have friends who have stood by you, ditto here … Some didnt, fortunately for us most did stand by and they have now been “exposed” to a plight they knew nothing of and are now outraged at the injustice. We can do nothing but …. Fight the good fight of faith! Amen.

Wow, this is a very disturbing article. Furthermore, the thought of people supporting the killer is rather disturbing as well. Very. I would also be hard pressed to believe this is the only incident of its kind. I can only wonder the fear those who are posted on the Megans Web Site.

Hi USA. Unfortunately; it is as you suspect.

I do not think this site is maintained anymore, but there is still alot of information that shows just how bad the problem actually is. I believe that this is the tip of an iceberg that we may never see because the media (for the most part) only reports on what furthers their interests.

My heart and prayers go out to the two victims and their love ones. Our society seems to have lost its mercy. We have all sinned and come short; consciously we sometimes attack others to cover our own faults. I will also pray for this man’s family and love ones who will suffer this fate, yes, we must also show mercy. If not who are we to judge. Who knows he may have been a victim of sexual abuse himself. Unfortunately, the life he has chosen “Prison” will be one of horror. This unfortunate incident will also help our cause; proving once again that we need to reverse this internet Megan’s Law and life time registration. For all of us who have paid our debt and become good citizens of this great United States of America and its Constitution. hope to see you in Los Angeles together lets fight the good fight of faith.

THIS is the kind of thing that has me still homeless instead of moving in with my wife and daughter. At least this way, my address isn’t there and it doesn’t put my family in danger from an animal who wants to take the law into his own hands.

It’s a frightful reality that there are hate filled people out there who feel justified in assaulting random registrants. One murder case occurred about five miles from me. The assailant was a white supremacist who would burglarize registrants he and his girlfriend selected on Megan’s List. I didn’t hear the outcome from the murder trial. I assume he got LWOP for his hate crime. It’s pretty scarey.

Reading the 2nd article, the killer was released from prison just one month before the burglary-turned-murder. It doesn’t say what he was in jail for, possibly burglary since he was on a string of burglaries once out, but hard to know. What we do know is he wasn’t incarcerated for a sex-offense, since he wasn’t on a registry… a registry which his victim was on, despite clearly not being a threat to his community, as most RSO’s aren’t, as the statistic of less than 2% recidivism proves, yet this *violent* criminal takes a human life just one month after being released, and he was not on any registry, nor are any (even after such a crime as this) considering making a registry for.. murder.. battery.. home invasion.. grand theft.. and more.

If this murderer ever does get out of prison he will still not be on any kind of registry, and will enjoy more freedom and privilege in society than any ‘sex offender’ regardless of how minuscule their crime was.

Isn’t it time for this country to wake up and realize the imaginary boogeyman they invented is not the real danger?

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