FL: Florida teen charged in relationship with minor mulls plea deal [UPDATE]

***UPDATE 3: Fla. teen charged over same-sex underage relationship accepts plea deal; won’t have to register as sex offender, report says

(CBS) VERO BEACH, Fla., October 3 – ____ ____, the Florida 19-year-old charged over a same-sex relationship with an underage classmate, has accepted a plea deal that will allow her to be released from jail December 20 and not have to register as a felon or sex offender, reports CBS affiliate WPEC. Full Article


***UPDATE 2: ____ ____ offered new plea deal

VERO BEACH, Fla., October 1 — ____ ____, the Treasure Coast woman embroiled in a sex scandal involving an underage former schoolmate, has been offered a new plea deal, WPBF 25 News has learned.

… ____ rejected a plea offer from the state several months ago, and was even offered a second deal in August, but prosecutors took that off the table when they gathered evidence suggesting Hunt violated a judge’s order to stay away from the alleged victim, now 15 years old.

… It’s not clear if ___, who is currently in the custody of the Indian River County Jail, has been given a deadline to decide whether she’ll accept the offer. If she does, she wouldn’t have to register as a sex offender, which was a key sticking point when the first plea deal was offered. Also, she’d avoid a felony conviction on her record, and eventually could have the entire ordeal expunged. Full Article


***UPDATE: Prosecutors offer plea deal to teen charged in sexual relations with younger girl

Florida prosecutors have offered teenager ____ ____ a new plea deal — one that would keep her out of jail, even if she’d have to admit wrongdoing — tied to charges she’s facing for having sex with a then-14-year-old girl, a state attorney said Wednesday.

____ , who turned 19 on Wednesday according to her family, is charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery after the parents of the 14-year-old went to authorities. ____ ‘s family says their relationship was consensual, though in Florida a person under the age of 16 is not legally able to give consent to sex.

Bruce Colton, state attorney for Florida’s 19th judicial circuit, told CNN that his office offered ____ the latest plea deal in July.

Under its terms, she would plead to two misdemeanor battery counts and one felony count for interference of child custody — a charge that could be expunged later from her record — said Colton.

In exchange, ____ would be subject to a curfew, would have to do community service and would be on probation, he added. But she would not face jail time, nor would she have to wear an ankle bracelet or have to register as a sex offender.***


An 18-year-old Florida cheerleader must decide by Friday whether to accept a plea deal that would spare her prison time for a sexual relationship she had with an underage female classmate. ___ ___  faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted on the two charges she faces of lewd and lascivious battery on a minor. She also would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

The Florida state attorney has offered ___ a plea deal that would label her as a convicted felon and require her to attend sex offender counseling. She also would be under house arrest for two years. Full Article

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I just finished watching the video about Miracle Village in another post about Florida. I wonder what the young man who is forced to live in a ‘ghetto’, and probably will for life, because he had a 16 year old girlfriend at 18 has to say about this case and the options / deal given to this particular accused. I wonder where the public outrage was over his case and his ruined life?

The only thing I find more distasteful than these laws themselves is the selectivity with which they are applied. What is the point of mandatory registration if there is an option (!) to plea to a non-mandatory offense, with the same conduct?

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

ps. clearly someone has not explained to this girl that SO registration is strictly REGULATORY and not meant to be a punishment…

Love your final comment, Joe! Because the contact/act was consensual, I don’t think there was a crime. However, I have been thinking as I read the stories that if the 18 year old were male with a 14 year old partner the case would look very different.

I think what happened was wrong, yes, but to what extent should she or anyone be punished for such things. These two girls were in the same social atmosphere ( High School); how does one not expect young people going through puberty to not act on their urges. The girl should be punished, but i find a felony and SO registration out of this world. A misdemeanor and some probation would be completely appropriate for this situation. If she does it again…then yes, put her on the SO registry.

When I heard about this case, and that the public is outraged that the girl is being charged with a crime, I thought it was such a double standard. Such hypocrisy. But I thought – let the public be outraged! Let there be outcry! Then when the dust settles, lets remind everyone about this case and then apply their reasoning to EVERYONE.

The problem is, those who are upset by this have removed the situation from context and placed it in another realm – LGBT rights. Gay rights, you say? Right to do what? This is almost a reverse-heterocentric discrimination. So citizens should have the right to “molest” children, so long as they are gay, but if they are heterosexual then it is a crime?

Abstractly, what is the difference? Add to this the hooey that girls are “more mature” than boys and where does this leave such circumstances? If such is the case, then could it be argued that the 14-year-old is “mature for her age”? If so, then why could such an argument not be assumed again, if it were a heterosexual relationship?

Ah, the moral relativity of society never ceases to amaze me…

not only that remember they are also using her pretty face to promote this cause.
“She a sweet pretty girl they can’t do that to her”
wondering what would happened if she wasn’t that good looking…

This makes me angry for all the reasons posted before me. this is my husbands situation. And because of that he isliving in my car and is only allowed to be at any one location for 2 hours. I wish they had offered him a Pl ea deal. Ugh.

I honestly think she better hop onto the Plea. If this were an 18 year old boy, they would throw the book at him! The laws the law. Consider the same situation if this were an 18 year old boy and 14 year old girl/or vice versa? Just because she is this cute girl doesn’t make her an angel. What if the victim was your daughter? I consider the plea a gift.

Another unjust law and ridiculous plea bargain. The young girl’s parents have every right to demand the older girl leave their child alone. A (no contact)restraining order until the child is of legal consent age makes sense. Anything else is just the reason we lead the world in prisoners!

I disagree alert! What if the boy was 19 and the girl was 13? Does a 13 year old have the intellect to know this is wrong? Or, what of this were a 18 year old woman and 12 year old boy? Hmmm. It’s the law. Now, a 19 year old man and 17 year old is a bit of difference.

Ahhhh, if only all it took was a petition…that with rainbows and unicorns would make a perfect world.

When I had my legal issue, I had to spend a short amt of time with a nice young man. He was 19 and she was 15? According to his legal documents, she lied about her age. If I were her, jump on the plea? The law is the law. What if it were your daughter? Or, what if some 20 year old man was intimate with your 15 year old daughter? Hmmm.

OMG, I’m a bit shocked by your comments guys! You guys need to look at the big picture. Im in shock no one thinks this is wrong. OMG. We have laws in place to safeguard children. What is the girl was 20 and the other girl was 13? Or, what if the girl was 21 and the guy was 12? THere has to be a point and time where we say, its against the law. I just read your comments. Its highly disturbing. You clearly must think this is okay. What if the guy was 19 and the girl was a 16 year old mentally handicapped person? There are soo many ifs and ands. Wow

@USA…”The law is the law”, but not really. This “law” doesn’t apply equally to law enforcement (those who enforce the law), politicians (those who write the laws)or apparently pretty women who break these laws. You’ll note that, by profession, cops commit more sex offenses than teachers 688/800,000 vs 500/6.2 million. Law enforcement is statistically eight times more likely to commit a sex offense than a teacher. When a cop is caught their sentence (if any) averages one third that of John Q. Public. Female teachers also average lesser sentences than their male counterparts. If any of us have female teen drivers, they’re far,far more likely to get molested during a traffic stop than by some trench coat wearing, shadow lurking RSO or their Math teacher.
My point is, the law really isn’t the law. Dandy Don Merideth said it best: “If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.
I’m not a cynic, just an optimist with experience.

At least one life has been saved now. To bad you have to be pretty to get a reduced sentence.

Lets get real everybody! The bottom line is this. She broke the law! Should the DA just drop the case because she is a good citizen and people signed petitions! Again, if this involved two boys, they would hang the older boy. Does a little 14 year old girl really know what she is doing? Just because this girl is a cheerleader and a lesbian, it makes no difference! The DA is offering a sweat deal where she won’t have to register and in about 3-years she can get the charges dismissed/expunged? Come on. Is she really thinking she did nothing wrong? Wouldn’t all of you currently on the registry die for a deal like this?

… and on it goes. Plea offer revoked due to violation of court orders.


She would not know a gift from heaven if it hit her.

Well, Thanks Joe! I wonder who her next victim would have been! What an idiot! Pedophiles come in all shapes/genders and sizes! She had hundreds of people standing behind her, she portrayed herself as a victim, her parents where paying a high price lawyer and all over the media portraying their daughter as simply an escape goat or innocent victim! Now, it turns out she was sending sexual explicit photos and had been contacting the victim since March 1st! Furthermore, her mother was aware (accesory)? Can you imagine if this occurred between two boys? Then, she was offered an amazing deal and she was mulling over whether she should accept the deal? OMG! I think when the DA goes to trial in this case, we will see her on the The Megan’s Web Site! Everyone deserves the benifit of the doubt, but she clearly didn’t get it!

I agree with Tdd! She got put in jail and just got another sweet deal? If she were a man, she would be in prison! She got 4-months/probably time served! If you read her plea agreement, she is on house arrest/ect! Here is what I think! I think the DA is smarter than all of us! I bet 100/1 this isn’t the last we heard about her and she will violate probation and eventually go to prison! This plea agreement won’t scare her!

Td, your an agry individual. I’m simply providing my opinion! If this girl were a man, she would be in prison! Instead, she just got house arrest and won’t have to register!

I remember a news story in our area about a woman teacher who was accused of consensual intercourse with a sixteen year old male student. She faced registration, but her lawyer argued that the boy was the aggressor and the court agreed, even though there was no evidence of force being used and the teacher didn’t report it to anyone. Ever hear that in a case where the genders were the reversed, and the judge not facing petitions to have him removed from office? Equal justice for all or cultural stereotypes for all?

Tim, I concur. My issue stemmed from a massage parlor. The individual making accusations was caught lying do badly that we almost passed out! Although, the DA still wouldn’t drop the case! Or, how about the young football player in LB who went to prison and it was later found the girl blatantly lied to police, hot the guy sent to prison and received a huge settlement! She didn’t do a day in jail! He did 3 years! So, its pretty evident the teacher got off lightly. What if I were a teacher and an aggressive hot 16 year old pursued me? I would now be in prison, required to register ect. Personally, I firmly believe the DA in this case is as dumb as a fox. While the girl was out on bail, she continued to pursue the younger girl! I doubt it will stop! I’m not attempting to sound mean, but I believe she will eventually be sent to prison for violating her probation! Sorry 🙁