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Read the “full article” it states to NOT sign anything at your door, EVER, no matter how innocent it seems. I wonder if that is correct?

It was last year that a form was signed in the driveway of our home when the city (police) came by and advised us of the new law that passed. Had to sign acknowledging we had been told …. what would happen if we didn’t sign?

I would simply tell them that under your lawyer’s advice you have been told NOT to sign anything until he / she has had the opportunity to read.

Tell them you are simply following your lawyer’s advice. They should not push the issue further. Tell them they are free to leave a business card and a copy of the item to be signed so you can contact your attorney OR give them your lawyers business card so they can contact.

Either way, do NOT give up your RIGHTS!

Well,this can be goo d to get people thinking, and get them to realize that once off probation and parole, they do not have to let themselves be subject to any of these checks or other visits.

Still, this specific language is a bit questionable. I also note that it is fairly incomplete, as you have more rights than they note.

For instance, one that got wrong was, “In almost every state, LE has no right whatsoever to enter a person’s home without one.” Actually, in EVERY state law enforcement cannot just enter without a warrant or your permission or in an emergency to save someone. That is part of the federal Constitution, and no state can do anything that is contrary to the federal Constitution.

You do not have to signing documents that you acknowledge that they have notified you of anything. There is no law that says you have to sign such things, whether at your door, or even at the police station when you register other than the registration form itself. That is only something they want because then it is easier for them to show that you had been notified. But you don’t have to make that easy for them, you don’t have to sign if you don’t want to, no matter how they might threaten you. No charges can be brought against you for declining to sign such, even if the police were to get wacky and haul you in in order to scare you. But they know they could be sued for doing that, so they won’t really do it. They want to treat you like you are a convict in prison who has to do whatever they say, but you don’t have to accept such treatment. I recommend you don’t even get nasty with them about it, just say a polite, “No thank you” when they demand that you sign. And when they follow up with threats, just say, “I have to go now, goodbye, and politely close the door no matter if they start talking.” Lock the door, and ignore any further efforts by them.

In fact, you don’t even have to answer the door. And if you do, you do not have to tell them who you are, you do not have to show ID, you don’t have to answer any questions or provide any information or documents, you have no responsibility under 290 to do anything to help them in a compliance check. It just is not your obligation or responsibility. If you declining to answer the door because you saw out the window that it was the police, or if you declining to tell who you are or to produce an ID makes it difficult for them to confirm you really do live where you registered, that is too bad, but it is not your problem. They will have to find other ways to confirm is they want to pursue it.

Yes, the Fifth Amendment protects you. You don’t have to say anything at all. You don’t even have to say that you are exercising your 5th Amendment right. And if you want to exercise it, know that there is nothing in it that says you can exercise it ONLY if the information would tend to incriminate you. Actually, it simply says you can remain silent, not that you can remain silent only if the information would incriminate you or only if you are guilty. Oh, there might be circumstances where you do have to talk, but not the circumstances we are discussing here (such as you can’t withhold evidence of a crime, other than to protect yourself under the 5th Amendment, in which case that reason would be because it might tend to incriminate you).

This article is from, which is run by Derek Logue. He is an RSO advocate from Ohio. He has been involved in the fight for several years, picking up a lot of enemies, but his site is full of chock-full of advice that is very pertinent to the cause. Please right him a note of appreciation if possible, and if you can spare it, show appreciation by buying his ebook – Every cent will allow him to produce the type of materials that have been very helpful for many people around the country.

I have been listed on the Registries for well over a decade. Employees of the criminal regimes attempting to visit me is one of my pet peeves so I don’t allow it.

I just feel that the Registries have proven themselves to be completely unacceptable. So, I’ll do what I am forced to do but other than that, it’s all their big game and BS and I’m not going to mess with it. I don’t care if they can “verify” any information or not, that is their problem and I am glad they have it.

I don’t think any person listed on the Registries should ever give any indication or signal that the Registries are acceptable.

I think the best solution for anyone listed on a Registry is to put a wall around your property. That protects not only from employees of the criminal regimes but also somewhat from other people who would harm you or your family. If that is not possible for some reason, then I think a prominent sign on your property or door that requests people to leave should help. How about something like, “If you have not been explicitly invited to be on this property, you are requested to leave immediately. If you remain on this property, you are trespassing.”

As long as the Registries exist, ensure that they are not just worthless, but much worse.

I probably should clarify that one point about signing stuff. I took this list from a SOSEN forum discussion with general tips by members (with permission of course). In some cases there will be a piece of paper they have you sign to confirm you are at your residence. Not all of us have access to an attorney so you will just have to use your own judgment by reading the paper. I will add that clarification.

I had a compliance heck a week and a half ago, and I refused to allow the US Marshal or the Sheriff (why I got the big dog instead of a grunt is beyond me) inside my home. I refused to step outside my doorway while they were at my door.