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San Juan Man Guilty in Vigilante Murder of Sex Offender

A jury has convicted San Juan Capistrano resident Robert Eugene Vasquez of murdering his neighbor in what prosecutors described as a vigilante killing.

He was also convicted of almost killing a second San Juan Capistrano man two days later, as he was hiding out from the police. Full Article

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It was a sad day when Bobby Ray Rainwater, a registrant, was brutally murdered near his home in Orange County. How many more registrants must lose their lives to a vigilante such as Robert Vasquez before society understands that registration is indeed punishment? CA RSOL continues to mourn the death of Bobby Ray Rainwater and hundreds of others who have died at the hands of vigilantes. We thank the deputy DA in this case for prosecuting Bobby’s murderer and for clearly stating that he was murdered for no other reason than he was a registrant. It’s time for “Bobby’s Law”, a tiered registry bill, that would reduce the number of targets for vigilantes like Robert Vasquez! Anything less is society’s acceptance that all registrants are acceptable targets of vigilante violence.

“… thank the District Attorney…”? For what? For the DA Office to be creating an environment for this sort of thing to happen in the first place? For the DA to be touring City Council after City Council and rattling off the most horrific yet unrelated crimes imaginable? For the DA Office to be stating on public, popular AM radio “we’ll *never* know how many children were *not* raped by a sex offender in a park because of this law (the OC Parks Ban, right before the Lake Forest repeal hearing)?

Lets be honest here… it must pain the DA to not be giving this murderer a medal. I mean, is this not what the past two years have been about?

No, thanks for nothing. I would be most thankful if they pursued, with the same effort and diligence, all the cops who killed an unarmed man by beating him into a bloody pulp. All 140 pounds of him. Or the cops who shot an unarmed man inside of own car in front of his children sitting in the back seat. Or the jail guard who set up a bunch of inmates to beat to death another inmate and who then turned up the sound on the TV. Or, or, or…. because those are the people that are beginning to scare the *** out of me.

I think Janice is completely in line here. I think we need to show our gratitude towards the DA for pointing out that these acts of violence were essentially “Hate crimes” committed by a paranoid society that cannot properly utilize a registry for it’s intended purpose. Try to look at it as one more piece of the Jenga tower being pulled out before it collapses. It helps our cause. The OCDA didn’t invent the registry and yes, we have many other issues with them. But they could have swept this under the rug as a random homicide and still gotten a conviction. I would support “Bobby’s Law” to bring down the public registry to prevent more senseless carnage.

Can someone please tell me where I can find out more information about “Bobby’s Law”? And/or Bobby Ray Rainwater, Jr. Registrant Protection And Safety Act and/or Registrants Assured Of Increased Neutrality (RAIN) Act?

Thank you.

“It’s time for “Bobby’s Law” Janice I’m on board all the way.

I really think this is an amazing idea. Bobby’s Law. He was a human being and in addition, this should also be considered a Hate Crime!

I agree with Janis and Mike. A District Attorney is just a lawyer who works for the state. Defense attorney’s the defendant, the difference being the source of funding. Any good attorney, prosecutor or defense prepares cases with both perspectives of prosecuting and defending attorneys. I know this because my defense attorney was a former prosecutor for the same court he defended me in as a private attorney. His ability to defend me (I was guilty as charged with no denial on my part – just wanted the best outcome – mitigated sentence) was phenomenal. Je, as a good attorney, just changed his “legal” hat. Just like us, prejudice is not good no matter who’s doing it.

I’m wondering if the litigating DA actually was using the vigilante argument in DEFIANCE of his boss, and perhaps the rest of the office. I’m sure Janice and her paralegals have taken every argument that supports this view, particularly how they actually negate the very tenets of the empire Tony Rackauckas has attempted to construct out of beach sand.

In short, not all DA’s are on the same political page, and I’m glad that Rackauckas was not able to delegate this conviction to another deputy. Ahhhh, in-house politics, beyond MY ken.

I’m outraged by this. I mean, lets be real. If this man hadn’t been required to register as a sex offender and his personal information hadn’t been posted online for all to see, this wouldn’t have happened! This is truly disturbing. Furthermore, I honestly really didn’t see much about this crime on TV or what not? This occurred in San Juan Capistrano? Its highly ironic that the DA of OC who is pushing for harsher and harsher stipulations and ordinances for sex offenders would prosecute this man! This is highly disturbing. Maybe what we should be doing every time someone comes knocking on our door is to ask what they are doing to protect us from future crimes like this? Seriously. Whats the OC DA doing? What is he doing to protect future victims and innocent bystanders like women and children? Its not a matter if this will occur again, its a matter of when and where?

Sounds like the best course of action would be to not rape anyone so you don’t end up on the sex offender registry. Problem solved.

I don’t think that do-overs are allowed yet?

Troll Alert…

Troll? Could be but nvhdjs sounds more like someone who thinks they have all the answers to everything in the universe. Kinda like when you’re 12 years old and too young to know that there are usually two sides to every story.

Right-On! That’s the best solution ever presented, and quite wise and correct and as all men are potential rapists, why not simply incarcerate all male children at birth? That would solve the rape “problem”.
But we’re talking about Registered Sex Offenders here and although rape is certainly a “sex-offense”, it’s the vast injustice perpetrated by a morally bankrupt law-enforcement-crazed terrified population venting its fear, anger, frustration and murderous rage on a law-abiding segment of the community (REGISTERED Sex-Offenders) that is the problem.
One may become a Registered Sex Offender by any number of avenues, most of which have something to do with plea bargains or reduced charges to avoid trial. This has nothing to do with rape. It is the cowardice of the prosecutors who know that trial is something to be avoided and filling t he rolls of the condemned with relatively harmless, non-violent, otherwise compliant citizens serves to distract public opinion from the racist shamble that is the justice system and provide a “hate-magnet” for psycho-terrorists the likes of Adam Walsh.

The Registries; the machinery that supports the Registries and the squalid politics that perpetuate the Registries at the state and federal level are Hate Crimes directed against a tiny segment of the population caught-up in a social warfare program strategically designed to emasculate as much of the male component of society as possible. The Registries are an abomination that create far more suffering than they alleviate. You will note that the statistics seem to indicate that after nearly a half-century of mounting incorporation of Registries, the number of offenses eligible for Sex Offender Registry have increased many-fold; the number of “sex-crimes” reported has not decreased and the legislatures have failed to come to grips with this wholly-failed enterprise.

Yet law enforcement condones harassment and vigilante justice directed against Registered Sex Offenders and prosecutors trumpet the horror of the Sex Offender in “your community” who is “after your children” as though a squadron of pedophile zombies was lurking in the very shadow of your own home. (But don’t worry, they’re all wearing ankle bracelets that tell us where they might be, of could have been last week.)

You’re right. Whomever you are, stop what you’re doing and you will never get on any Registry whatsoever. Don’t buy a gun. Don’t drive. Don’t use your internet. Don’t use your cellphone. Don’t _ever_ drink anything but bottled water, but don’t use your credit-card to buy it. Don’t go to the ATM for cash. Hire a nanny to bathe your kids until they’re the age of twenty and install a webcam in the bathroom, but don’t turn it on. And never, never, never think about sex.

It’s a crime against humanity, the sex part that is…

@nvhdjs…..sounds like you need a sound check….to keep
people off registry is to be afforded the guaranteed Constitutional
fair trial….if only california supported and defended the oath to
the Constitution …there would be some NOT on registry…are we
clear..??……Are We Clear..!!!

Persons like him are suffering from “pedophobia”. It used to mean “fear of children” but I think applying it to “sex offender” paranoia is more apropos.

I think language can be a powerful tool in combating ignorance and discrimination. So I did a quick search on the internet and came up with the traditional definition. But I did find this interesting entry at

An irrational, often hysterical fear that afflicts many parents. It involves the delusion that perverts wearing trenchcoats are lurking behind every bush with pockets full of candy. Parents with this disorder have an obsessive compulsion to keep their children, even teenagers, under constant surveillance. They egotistically assume that a pervert would WANT their children, even though they tend to be just as dull and unattractive as the parents that spawned them. These parents tend to be highly suggestible, and a large majority watch FOX News regularly. Other symptoms include frequent bouts of paranoia and melodramatic behavior. Sadly, most will not be cured before they have passed the disease on to their children.

The media’s sensationalized coverage of child abductions is mostly to blame for the current climate of pedophobia in our society.

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