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KS: Sex offender who didn’t register gets 22-plus years

Defense attorney David McDonald had no problem with his client being required to register every three months with the sheriff’s office as a violent offender.

However, the recent sentence that client ___ ____ ____, 33, received — 22 years and eight months tied to two Shawnee County cases for failing to register as an offender — is excessive, McDonald said.

No one objects to keeping track of violent offenders, McDonald said, but the sentences “have just gone way too far. It’s gone incredibly too far.” Full Article

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A violent sex offender? I think not!

This is outrageous! Looking at the charges and the details of his convictions one could easily reason through it. At 16 he had a relationship with a 15 year old or even at 21 he involved himself with a 15 year old. Ever consider in today’s information age world what a 15 year old knows and has access to? Think about it as well with the hormones in our foods today what a 15 year old girl looks like! Sheesh people, we are applying old standards to kids of today. Well, not really in a way my grandmother was married… Read more »

This whole thing is starting to remind me of CA 3 strike law..

Doing a little more research…. “Indecent Liberties with a Child” – this guy’s crimes at 16 and 21 – sounds a lot like “making out” with a 14-15 year old.

Wow. Just wow.

Here is a survey I would be interested in…. how many people have spent more time incarcerated for Failure to Register than for their original offense. Anyone?

I had two cases(can you say railroaded). These two cases had a total of five felonies, and yet I only did 14 months total(concurrently), twelve of it was county time. If I were to get a failure to register charge, it would be a given that I would end up doing more time on this than my original five felonies combined.

Uhh, Well, Well, I can agree the guy definitely broke the law, but 22 years? OMG, thats sick. From what I see in OC, its almost like they want you to fail. They will do anything to get you. Initially, I was very nice and sweet when the OC Sheriffs Department Sex Offender (I’m not sure what you call them) Detectives go around and verify your address/that you live there? ALthough, once a year turned into every 6 months? The last time they came, we hung out/lol. ALthough, its getting kind of silly. My charges have been dismissed on a… Read more »

I think this relates to the decline in the war on drugs. We have such a large and expensive law enforcement industry–police, probation, prosecutors, courts, prisons, parole, etc.–that something has to take up the slack. There are many mouths to feed in that industry and if we don’t have the drug offenders to feed the system, sex offenders will have to fill the prisons. Sex offenders are not committing new sex crimes? Then the state needs to think up new crimes for them to commit.

(Public safety has nothing to do with it.)

very astute, B

I think you’re on to something.


You should put a fence or wall around your property and never allow agents from the criminal regimes to enter. People who are listed on the Sex Offender Registries should never give even the slightest signal that the Registries are acceptable. They should be negated by all legal means possible and not made just worthless, but much worse and counterproductive. The Registries are immoral so they deserve disrespect and scorn.

I have a 6ft fence around my house and it stops anyone from knocking on my door. I purchased my house because it had the fence already. With my security cameras, it makes me feel a little safer. Sheriff Dept. does not like it because I ignor them, but I’ve been off probation for 10+ years so not much they can do about it. Although they did show up with 10 people 5 years ago so I went outside just to get them to leave. Sucks not having any real rights. I was arrested and had my home searched without… Read more »

Apparently in North Carolina they don’t have compliance checks; They have “Sting Operations”.

“After a sting operation to check up on Onslow County’s 230 registered sex offenders…”

They ask self-incriminating questions that registrants aren’t required to answer:
“The officers asked the offenders a series of questions when they performed the checks; some of them included if they had social networking profiles, where they worked and if that occupation put them in direct supervision of children; and if they lived within illegal distance of schools.”

Both these examples above are disgusting examples of law enforcement overstepping their bounds and getting away with it.

Ron, I honestly thought about placing a wall up! IN summary, I just act like its no big deal. The most disturbing thing is that I always ask them questions regarding the laws and they don’t seem to know? That’s disturbing. Um, we aren’t sure? I just ask questions and ask if they need anything? To say the least, I believe there are some legalities regarding the fact that if you have signs posted, they aren’t allowed to enter your property? I was released from probation (SUMMARY) 13-14 years ago/lol. I have to ask. How did they get inside your… Read more »

USA (July 14, 2013 at 5:01 pm): I would encourage you to never interact with law enforcement or any other people involved with Registration (beyond doing what is forced of you, in writing). Please don’t think that being courteous/compliant/whatever will even lead to anything so meager as them treating you a little better or more fairly than any other Registered person. They won’t be cutting you any slack and you should never trust that if they did. I think Registered people should just tell law enforcement people “I’m sorry, but I can’t talk to you.” I usually add “Nothing personal… Read more »

My previous house was not fenced. I moved after my arrest. Thought I could start new in a new location, but that didn’t help when I was placed on the public registry in 2010. That made me a prisoner in my own home.

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