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Sheriff: SC killer randomly targeted sex offender

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina man targeted a sex offender at random, killed him and his wife and later told deputies he planned to kill others on the state’s sex registry, authorities said Wednesday.

Jeremy Moody and his wife, Christine, were arrested and charged with murder, Union County Sheriff David Taylor said.

Jeremy Moody confessed to the crime and told investigators they arrested him just in time, Taylor said. Full Article

[Update] Related Article – Article 2

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  1. Anonymous Nobody

    This is pretty much the only way SORs in California can get out from under SOR and all the draconian collateral horrors that go along with it. Just put me out of my misery. This guy is our only savior, our only hope.

    • alert

      I fail to see why someone doesn’t understand the merit of your comment and gave you a thumbs down.
      Most likely this was a good mechanic who was honest and helped many customers along the way.
      His family and his wife’s family suffered a loss that can’t be measured or restored.
      Their premature deaths were unjustified and avoidable but let’s hope they didn’t die in vain.
      Let us hope they serve as martyrs for a cause against the injustice of a horrible and dangerous social registry which threatens reformed people, and their families, who are trying hard to move on with their lives.

    • C

      Martyred so that the rest of us might live. We’ll see.

    • Staying Positive

      Well if they want to come and get me, they know where I am and who I am. But I refuse to live in fear.

  2. alert

    Those responsible for exposing this tragic couple to the WWW should be ashamed.

  3. Janice Bellucci

    How many innocent people have to die before our society wakes up? The registry is punishment! Capital punishment for some. We need a law named after a registrant (or his loved one) who is murdered by a vigilante. Who will support “Jeremy’s Law” or “Christine’s Law” which states clearly that physical harm done to a registrant or the loved one of a registrant is a hate crime?

    • Anonymous Nobody

      And I add, the registry is not punishment simply because of the draconian collateral horrors that have been added. It also is not punishment simply when registrants are posted online or otherwise made pubic record. The simply forced act of registering is punishment — and it was so ruled in the past, even the state high court ruled that alone was unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment at least when applied to lewd conduct and at least some cases of indecent exposure. That high court was right; the current one is wrong, but also very dishonest and conniving and, of course, psychotic in not feeling what it is doing.

      But don’t forget, even as punishment, SOR can be applied and it can be applied as it stands today — but not to new offenses. This should not be applied even to new offenses! This is just plain wrong, mean spirited, hate mongering, simply feeds the worst inclinations in society.

    • Staying Positive


      Could the Disparate Impact doctrine apply here? While there was no disparate intention on the part of the government to make registration punitive, in its practical application the registry is having a punitive and disparate impact on regisrants? Here are couple of articles on Disparate Impact:

      • Anonymous Nobody

        Good thought. But while I am no lawyer, I point out that the state high court (and I think also SCOTUS) already has ruled that the actual affect of SOR on registrants does not rise to the level of punishment. In other words, they already have ruled that not only is it stated that punishment is not the intention, it also is not the effect. This was one of the multi-pronged Mendoza-(something) tests used to evaluate whether SOR could be required retroactively.

        And that’s what this “disparate impact” bit is talking about, whether it is punitive in practice even if not intended to be — in the case in that story, whether there is discrimination even if it was not intended.

        But again, that was a good thought — keep them coming.

  4. USA

    OMG, this is both sick and terrible! How many times does this have to happen before people get it! What if children had been present? What if the woman had been pregnant? What if they had visitors? What if? This is disturbing.

  5. mch

    I see the registry is working as planned, a slow and systematic destruction of those who are included on the registry. These hate crimes get little press or attention, but they do get noticed by other people who hate RSO’s. No doubt we’ll see an upsurge in this type of crime.

  6. mike

    Perhaps it’s time a controversial talk show host Brings the legislators and the parents of Megan Kanka, who designed Megan’s Law, together with families of victims of the Megan’s Law Websites. It’s hard to imagine her parents could justify these murders and be proud of this legacy. How many more lives will it cost to even the score? They should take a stance along side Patty Wetterling and denounce this travesty of justice with their child’s endorsement.

    • td777

      I would love to see their reaction to this, and all the other murders that have taken place because of the registry. Better yet, we need someone to finally compile statistics on how many murders and other violent crimes have been perpetrated against registrants, and how many of their families have been harassed. Years ago, while I was in jail, my wife found several articles online about children committing suicide because they were teased and harassed over a parent being on the registry. How would the Kanka’s and Lunsford’s feel about children who are dead as a result of this registry?

  7. Brubaker

    @analmusbody….surely you speak for yourself …your comment
    is for yourself …reflects you…NO WAY me or others…….this present
    article along with similar past ones are presentable proof to end
    current registry listed ….also there should be a massive lawsuit
    for millions a dollars for putting lives at risk.

  8. larry

    Someone should email statistics and copies of the articles to the parents of children these laws (megans law; etc) are named after every time a RSO gets murdered, harassed or assaulted because the supreme court judges (are they blind; or just stupid?)have ruled that these registries are not punishment. These jokers (judges) should also be notified every time a RSO gets murdered or assaulted because of these data bases. A campaign should be organized where all the children, siblings, parents, aunts & uncles, as well as wives of RSO’s who have been affected because a loved one is on a registry write letters to lawmakers and judges informing them these panic laws have quite a bit of collateral affect on whole families. All of it negative.

  9. Brubaker

    Janice Bellucci and team aspect on ex-offender reform laws has
    more renewed vigor not only to reform but also saving lives….
    court rulings that protect and support the Constitution are the
    building blocks foundation for this team to success in that reform
    and thus saving lives.

  10. Brubaker

    Public needs to know there are some innocent and wrongly convicted
    exoffenders on registry ……wrongful convictions do occur…..
    innocent lives are put at risk.

    • td777

      I’m afraid our government would never stand for someone trying to make it known how many of us there are that are on the registry because of wrongful convictions.

    • Janice Bellucci

      The Innocence Project is doing a commendable job at identifying people who were wrongly accused of murder and other crimes, including rape. They have so many cases to look at! Anyone want to help?

    • Anonymous Nobody

      I point out, I don’t think the registry is wrong because some innocent people have been convicted and are endangered by it; I think all the lives of all the SORs are just as valuable and sacrosanct. Both are equally human, and we are talking about neither being under a sentence, we are talking of those who already have completed their sentence!

      The SOR laws are wrong because, among many other reasons, a real SOR — a human being — is endangered by it!

  11. http404

    What we need is a nationally compiled list. A list of all of the people MURDERED because their name was posted by the GOVERNMENT to the public as targets. Add to that list another list of everyone who has been physically assaulted. A third list, of the names of people who have had their homes burned down or cars torched. A fourth list which would be a little more difficult to document because it’s not always reported, would be every time someone’s property or car was vandalized. Opponents may brush vandalism off as conjecture, but you can’t ignore it when a message is scrolled. And, we need a list of all of those people who have been denied housing. If there was a way to document specific cases of public humiliation family members have equally suffered, it should be included as well.

    Because this information is not gathered, every time something happens, law enforcement and prosecutors brush it off as an isolated incident or deny that a the victim’s status as a registrant had anything at all to do with the crime committed against them.

    Armed with this information – and I expect it to be quite lengthy and staggering – it should be taken to the media and legislators, and as one person said, identify someone who was one of these murdered victims and fight for a law to be passed in their name.

    Mainstream media may thumb their nose at it, but I have an idea for a Pulitzer Prize winning article: “American Vigilantism in the 21st Century: Alive, Thriving and Growing with a New, More Accepted Form of Hate.”

  12. DavidLM

    I have been reading all the articles regarding this tragedy online and amazed at how reckless people are commenting about what a hero a skinhead killer that coweradly kills a decade old sex offender and a totally innocent women. I am appalled at the gutter level mentality and total phsychopathic mindsets of people I would really be afraid of my children being around. This vigelante sounds like a real loser! How tough, sneak up on a unarmed old man and shoot him and his wife! Coward!

    • td777

      Like you, I’m sickened. Our country is in sad, sad shape.

      Today, my daughter asked me how I would feel if she were to join the military. As someone who has been very patriotic and supportive of our military, I was saddened to tell her that I would not support such a decision because I do not feel our current government is worth defending.

      • alert

        Did you really tell her that?

        • td777

          Considering this government and it’s corruption is why I’m not able to live in the same home as my wife and daughter, absolutely. The government should not be in the business of splitting up families, but they are thanks to these corrupt laws and the system that promotes such hysteria.

      • C

        Amen. I too have lost almost any sense of patriotism. If we were invaded, I am not sure I would stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of the nation with those who would just as soon see me pilloried.

        In June my daughter came home from school and sang God Bless the USA, and it was beautiful. I did not detract from her effort by telling her how I feel about our government.

        She performed the song with her graduating class of pre-schoolers, an event I was not allowed to attend because of a 30 year old crime.

        God bless the USA because it needs some help.

  13. td777

    One silver lining to this sad story…Even FoxNews, who is possibly the worst when it comes to promoting hatred against sex offenders, has called this as it is, a hate crime.

  14. USA

    The Registry is no longer a joke. We now have (this is becoming a pattern) people getting killed as a result of being put on the registry! This is very, very serious. Furthermore, there are obviously a lot of uneducated individuals out there who feel its there right to kill people they consider child molesters or ect? I mean, as I mentioned in last weeks or months conviction of brutally killing an innocent victim, can you imagine me now answering the door when the OC Sheriffs (I think they are called SORNA) come to my home and check or confirm my residence, “Hey Guys, (after posting private property signs) I will need you to remove yourself from our property. Im reading time and time again that sex offenders are being killed randomly by being on the Registry. BOth myself and my family are scared for our safety? What are you doing to protect us? If I dont get a good answer, please remove yourself. Thank you in both a very kind, sincere and professional manner. It makes sense!

  15. mh

    I have always felt that we, as Americans, have a lot of audacity to tout ourselves as champions of freedom when we have the most hypercritical, hypersensitive and hypocritical societies in the world. I’m sorry to say that I feel agitated everytime I read the Declaration of Independence – such beautiful and truthful words regarding equality among humankind, yet they blame the British for stirring up agitation with the “ruthless savages” and so forth. How many years did Plessey v Fergusson stand as the law of our “free” nation (separate but equal)??? How many African-Americans lost their lives because of racial biggotry? How many Chinese died on the railroads, their blood paving the way for the rapid transit and industrialization of our “free” nation? Hell, even the Irish were discriminated against back in the 1800’s in the New England states. In the 60s, they blamed the hippie movement. People died. John Lennon died because he stood for peace in the face of government oppression. Sad to say, this is what happens when a nation is formed in the name of dissention. You don’t like someone due to xenophobic or racial biggottries? Just shoot them. Someone who spits in the face of the status quo and says “we can do better”, its easier just to shoot them, silence them, deprive them of the breath of life than it is to actually out forth effort to right our past wrongs. Its easier to ignore injustice and go on self-righteously viewing the world through black-and-white lenses. Its easier to be ignorant than to be objective because being objective requires brain power. Its easier to be a self-righteous moron than to be a conflicted revolutionary.

    John Mayer can jump off of a bridge and take his guitar with him. I’m not waiting on the world to change. Waiting only allows the powers of darkness to grow stronger. We must fight. Whether it be in the legislator, the courts, the White House steps or in the streets of Orange County. We must stand together, we must stand united, we must fight for our rights!

    • Janice Bellucci

      Yes, we need to “fight” the ignorance and injustice of the current circumstances through education, legislation and litigation! Each person — whether registrant, family member or friend — can do that by SHOWING UP – STANDING UP – SPEAKING UP whenever you can. Start by attending a CA RSOL meeting like the one on Saturday, July 27, in L.A. Continue by participating in the national RSOL conference in L.A. beginning on August 30. There is strength in numbers. BE THERE and BE HEARD!!!

  16. another rso

    I think next time a child WILL be killed THEN we can name this one and get rid of the reg. once for all

    • Janice Bellucci

      We can only hope and pray that the child of a sex offender will not be killed by a vigilante. Unfortunately, we know of children of sex offenders who have committed suicide because of being bullied. We are viewing the loss of some many lives for no good reason. Please be patient as we approach The Tipping Point, that is, the point in time when people realize what is being done in the name of “public safety” that is not only NOT increasing public safety, but is also ruining the lives of at least 750,000 Americans and members of their families.

  17. mch

    I have had the distinct priviledge of receiving a death threat. The Fresno County Sheriff did not respond in any way when I reported this. On three other occasions, I had tires slashed (twice), house egged and garage window shot out. The local police department said it was all coincidental and I was not targeted…REALLY? That all pales in comparison to the compliance check at 5:30 pm that involved 4 local cops and 3 FBI agent in full military regalia, a real show of force/farce to notify my neighbors if they didn’t already know. I had a very heart-felt serious discussion with the SO officer the next day. That was the last compliance check by them.
    My point is this…when a RSO gets offed, the police are in their back rooms dancing with joy and shouting with glee. They’re as responsible as the trigger man or stabber, they’re a huge part of the problem and not at all a part of the solution.

  18. Brubaker

    Lives put at risk on registry list wrongly convicted.

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