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CA RSOL Letter to Ed Royce, Chairman Committee on Foreign Affairs re. H.R. 2848 (Int. Megan’s Law)

Below find a copy of a letter sent by CA RSOL’s Janice Bellucci to Ed Royce, Chairman Committee on Foreign Affaris in opposition to H.R. 2848 (Int. Megan’s Law). Feel free to use this letter as a guide to compose your own letter protesting this unconstitutional portion of the bill.

Full Size Letter (pdf)

Passport bill - HR 2848 - Aug 201308052013_0000

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This model letter is a tool for you to use. Please copy its contents and send to the person(s) who represent you in Congress…in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. The House Foreign Affairs Committee will meet again in September to consider this bill. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD NOW!!!

I’d email/mail my US Rep but she is Jackie Speier, the author of 2 Amendments on Military Sexual Assault in the Defense Appropriations Act, so not sure she would be the most sympathetic.

Two guesses, if I may be so bold….

1. NONE of them are the most sympathetic.

2. If you are looking for reasons not to do something, there are probably a thousand others.

The choice is yours. Life is about choices. Maybe this bill will just go away and die quietly. Maybe this is a chance you can afford to take.

[off soapbox]

Staying Positive, you can’t be sure Jackie Speier won’t be receptive. A double negative, I know, and it makes my point. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Thank you Janice B. for your dedication, courage and effort, and caring for the voiceless and oppressed. Many are upset but few actually do something.

I am not a churchy person but I am convinced that someone, somewhere – maybe up above – is watching.

Considering we have family in Belgium that have never met my fiance of 3-years … this would be an outrage!! Preparing my letters for mailing now!!!

Far be it from me to criticize those who have the courage to stand up, show up and speak up.

However – I noticed that in the letter the term *sex offender* is used several times. Not *ex* or *registered* but plain *sex offender*. This is seeping into the comments here, as well.

I have no criminal record but when I was a kid I stole a pack of gum. Who hasn’t. I suppose that makes me a thief. What would possess me to identify myself as such for the rest of my life?

Somewhere I read how someone dealt with this issue – “I am a person / human being burdened with registration under Penal Code 290 for a PAST offense”.

If even the staunchest and most admirable defenders of all rights for all are using this present tense reference, you know what the general publics thoughts are.

Just saying.

I’m sure it was merely an impeccant oversight…but I do agree with you. Language is very powerful.

While I prefer to use “registrant” in place of “sex offender”, I used the more common term in this letter. We need to pick our battles. As for others, please feel free to use the term “registrant” or another term you prefer in the letters that you send. Thanks!

Just clarifying that I did not mean to criticize Janice. I am certain she chooses her words carefully, tailored to the audience and for effect. 100,000 registrants in California, 3/4 million in the country, their families, heck, all Constitution loving Americans should be and, no doubt, are eternally grateful.

I just meant to point out that language should be considered carefully since picking up bad verbal habits is very easy, but it is very difficult to break them.

Remember the time at the Thanksgiving table when you asked Aunt Edna to pass the f*cking potatoes 🙂 Anyone done that?

Ms. Bellucci:

You cannot be thanked enough for your efforts. I think they are so invaluable. I don’t live in California but your efforts to control out-of-control, huge, criminal governments, will help everywhere (and of course here, you are fighting the federal government).

Having said that, I also do not think the term “sex offender” should EVER be used. It is a term used by the criminal regimes that run the Sex Offender Registries and their zealot supporters. It is a term of hate and war.

I understand what you are saying about “pick your battles” but I do not think anyone would have a problem understanding or accepting the term “registrant”. But even that term is barely acceptable.

The criminal regimes and their zealot supporters run a constant propaganda campaign to keep “sex offender” going. I personally believe they should be attacked with the same techniques they use.

I refer to myself as a member of a family that is Registered. Individuals are not Registered, families are. I refer to people who are listed on the Registry as a Family Registered for Ostracizing, Harassment, and Hatred (FROHH). I believe a consistent use of FROHH is accurate because the main purpose of the Sex Offender Registries is to ostracize, harass, and hate. If that were not the case, all 50 U.S. states would have created many, many other types of Registries by the year 2000. But they didn’t.

The Registries are not about “public safety” or “protecting children”. Those are propaganda lies told by liars (and by the “sex offender” logic, if a person has told one lie, you can call that person a “liar” for the rest of his/her life).

I typically use the term registrant or registered sex offender, or, because I got used to it on parole, 290. I whole heartedly agree with the sentiment, but also understand Janice’s use of the term because that will be the one most likely used by Rep. Royce himself.

When I am forced to discuss my circumstances with anyone, that is just what I refer to them as – “circumstances”, or “my situation”. I NEVER, EVER, EVER refer to myself as a “sex offender”. When explaining my circumstances, I usually say things like ‘I’m forced to register as a sex offender’, or ‘I’m subject to the sex offender registry’. I don’t even refer to myself as a “registrant”. One of the reasons is that I don’t and never have believed that I belong on the registry, and that I have slipped through a very fine, hairline crack in the system. So to designate myself a “sex offender” or even a “registrant” is giving in for me, psychologically. They can continue to screw with my life, but they’ll never get into my head and convince me that I’m the monster that they say I am.

I fully understand that, as I’m on it because of a bogus case brought a collaboration of several people who chose to “sacrifice” me for their own means. I use the term registrant because it is a simple term meaning “one who registers” rather than sex registrant, sex offender, etc.

Having been on the Registry for thirty-five years, believe me when I tell you that I’ve watched the tide rise. At first, and for twelve years, I just was registered and nothing was worse for it.

Then things changed, and for about ten years I was obliged to fight a pitched battle with a certain officer in my local police department who was assigned as the SOR monitor, a job she took to with a will if not a vengeance. The other officers in her department really loathed this particular individual and made open jokes in front of me as to her character and professional competence. Katie tried to get me convicted as a “Three-Strikes” offender for being one day late for a registry renewal, eighteen years after I was completely finished with my five-year probation (never did a day in jail). The court slapped her and her department pretty soundly, and she was removed as the SOR monitor. The last time I saw her she was writing parking tickets for a living.

Anyway, when interacting with the Police for any purpose whatsoever, instantly identify yourself as a “Compliant 290 Registrant”, in those exact words. The cops will hear the ‘code’, understand that you are in compliance, and (probably) get on your side pretty quickly because they understand that you know the system and are the least likely person to be the culprit or ‘perp’ in any given situation. They’re not stupid, and are really fed-up with having to pay attention to this nonsense.

…Of course, if you are fondling the smoking gun and somebody is bleeding badly, the toothpaste is out of the tube and no amount of PR is going to help…..

But, I can report from long personal experience that there are tactical ways to handle our situation and strategic ways to seek to calm the hysteria we face as a subset of humanity. I am too old to sustain the energy needed to fight anymore and simply left the country and renounced my citizenship. It’s just amazing how much better I feel.
Perhaps you should consider doing the same. Believe me, the bastards are going to win and they want to herd you into pens and slaughter you as vermin.
I read somewhere yesterday that they want to start a registry for misdemeanor drug offenders as an alternative to incarceration. Of course, it’s only an administrative measure and won’t result in any severe changes to anyone’s life.

Bill, just noticed the renouncing citizenship comment.

I know the proof is in the pudding, but are you under the impression you will ever be able to enter the US again? I assume you took some other citizenship. Or are you completely done with everything inside the US?

I will sneak in for three days to bury my mother when the time comes.
Other than that…..

Hey Bill, is it ok if I ask what country you moved to and how you’re treated over there?

How am I treated?.. I am not a pedophile, nor am I a child-molester. Pedophiles and child molesters etc. live here as they do everywhere. Mexican society contains it’s problems as best as it can and much of what is splattered all over the community in the U.S. is managed on a family level here. The disintegration of the American family as the social foundation is what plagues the U.S.A. – with the Police State jumping in to fill the void.

In much Mexican culture, you have three generations living under the same roof so the accumulated wisdom permeates the society and the American Sex Terror just doesn’t exist here. here are no “sex police” and as long as you pay your freight and keep your nose clean, the cops really are your friends (plus they always have the best weed to sell because they don’t get paid very much and aren’t allowed to take mordita anymore).

Let’s take this off here. Do you know how?

Sure, I setup a temporary email address. Email me at
It will expire in 14 days. I’ll give you my real email address when you contact me.

Lest we digress,folks …whatever term of art you use to identify those adversely impacted by this bill – WRITE YOUR LETTERS NOW. Thank you.

Free citizens have NOT broken any international law….they have NOT been
afforded due process to restrict their freedom of travel or choice to travel …..
this reminds history when the soviet union
restricted refused east Germans to travel to
west Germany…..Berlin wall ………..this proposal is an offense against history and
an offense against mankind.

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