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CA RSOL Meetings – September 14 in LA and October 12 in Berkeley

California RSOL is pleased to announce two upcoming monthly meetings for registrants, friends and family in both regions of the Golden State.

The Southern California meeting will be held on Saturday, September 14 at the ACLU building at 1313 W. 8th Street in Los Angeles (usual location).

CA RSOL will hold a meeting in Northern California on Saturday, October 12, in Oakland / Berkeley.  The address is Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, ***1606 Bonita Avenue***, Berkeley, CA 94709.

*** Please note: an incorrect address was listed previously for the Berkeley meeting – it was corrected on Oct 2***

Both meetings will start at 10 am and cover general topics of interest, as well as specific issues pertinent at meeting time, in addition to offering invaluable opportunities to network with others affected by this issue, as well as activists and professionals. The meetings are restricted to registrants, friends and family and off-limits to media and government officials. There is no charge to attend.

In addition, it is not too late to attend the National RSOL Conference hosted by CA RSOL August 30 – September 1. Day passes are available. More information on this web site.

See you at a meeting or conference in the near future! Show up, stand up, speak up!

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I really am really looking forward to attending my first meeting. There is to much that has happen in my life because of a 21yr. conviction. The effects of that conviction are still impacting my life on a daily basis. People who are being scapegoated for political advancement and need to unite and strive for more truth in sentencing laws.

@omowale a. …. Please do come … They are so informative. My fiancé has a conviction from 1987, when he was 19 and the gal was 22 …. At a party, need I say more? Each and everyday until we met three years ago his life has been a struggle. We’ve been to five meetings, I think … Each one happy we went. The first and second and maybe even the third were very difficult for my fiancé. He said it was like ripping apart an open wound that never healed but he learned to live with the pain. Yet,… Read more »

I’m a newly registered sex offender. I’m glad to see these organizations cropping up to help shed light on the inconsistent dolling out of who is to be registered vs those who aren’t. My case was approx 15 pictures that were illegal vs 219,000 that were legal. In my case, I sent in my laptop from Southern Calif due to continual keyboard problems. It went to Central Calif, then to North Carolina where a contract tech for HP decided to go through my deleted files (no one knows why) and found 5 pictures (deleted) and one other that was a… Read more »

What a nightmare, Gary. The comparison of your case to those of the former LE employees highlights the gross inequality of justice in this country. It is more art than science and more about connections than fairness. Let Gary’s case be a lesson to anyone and everyone that sends their electronic devices to third parties for repairs, shares hard or soft images, or has their photos developed by Walmart, Costco, etc. If there is any ambiguity whatsoever about the age or subject, or activity, then don’t click it, save it or share it. Don’t print it for your PO to… Read more »

It looks like I will be able to get the 12th off from work next month so I am also looking forward to going to my first meeting. I’m hoping that my experience can help others and that I can finally meet some of the amazing people who have built a network of advocacy for me and others in my situation. The feeling that someone has my back takes a little bit of the load off my shoulders.

Glad that you will be able to join us for your first CA RSOL meeting!

Please check out this YouTube Video:

This needs to be sent to everyone affected.

Please, please, please watch this youtube video! It’s worth 10 minutes of your time. The video shows clearly how easily almost ANYONE can be labeled a sex offender and his/her life can be ruined forever!! It also puts what is happening today in historical context. Thank you, Secondtry, for sharing it with us!

Great meeting Saturday and thank you to everyone who showed up, stood up and spoke up. Everyone from all walks of life seemed to be represented there. However, with nearly a millions registered citizens in this country, 11k of them right here in LA, I am stunned that more people do not attend! Are they like those zapped rats too afraid to venture out into the maze to find some yummy cheese? Or are they apathetic, or ignorant? My guess is All of the Above are correct. A friend of mine wound up on the registry a year or so… Read more »

C–to put it bluntly…in order to send out mailings, to file lawsuits to fight for our rights, this organization needs money. Something that is hard to come by for most of those registered. But, with 11,000 in L.A. alone, if every family just donated 1.00, it would make a huge difference. Just think what this organization could do if every family in the state sent in their 1.00. There are so few of us donating our time to fight. We need help!! We need more people involved. We need your voice. Spread the word. California RSOL is fighting for your… Read more »

Unfortunately, most RSOs know NOTHING about RSOL. When I was on parole, I knew nothing about this organization and the AMAZING people involved with it. There has to be some way to get the word out to EVERY RSO in California and get these people involved! With 11,000 RSOs in LA County alone, we should have 1000 people MINIMALLY at our meetings at the ACLU. Please get the word out to people you know.

Rob—I perfectly understand why registrants might not know about our organization. Because of restrictions, possible restricted use of a computer, restricted from other registrants, etc. etc. But, what is hard for me to understand is why so many family members or friends don’t know about all the organizations out there. Yes, it is embarrassing and extremely frightening to admit to anyone that you, or a loved one are being punished for a sexual offense, and no one condones the behavior, but the punishment for the entire family has to stop at some point. If someone is deemed too dangerous to… Read more »

I agree with you completely! I tell EVERYONE I know about this organization in the hopes that they will help make a difference. If we all keep doing that, things will have to change.

I’ve always been a “glass half full” kinda guy. I’m amazed at the growing strength of the organization. In spite of the powerful and misleading stories from media and Hollywood, we have had some great successes. 15 lawsuits, national conferences, a pretty good website. And the organization has only been around for two years. We have two battles: one with those who only hate and the other with our own who cannot hope. I’m not sure which is the most difficult battle, but as we build on our success and lose our cynicism, we will have many more resources to… Read more »

I am sorry I never heard of you folks or the meetings untill 20th of sept. I am glad I now see a voise and I am willing to lend my voice and self for the future, of rsol, i await the next meeting if in a 50 mile limit, as that is all I am allowed to travel.. thank you. I would love to hear some of the minutes of the meetings if they are available. thank you g.scott 290 reg. in Crazafornia especially on parole..have a safe day hold your head high and smile, you changed help the… Read more »

I’m curious. I’m currently facing charges that threaten to put me on the offender list. I notice it says Sex Offenders and their families can go. Am I able to attend even though I only have pending charges against me? I would really like to be part of this and learn more about how people cope on the list. I feel like my life is pretty much over facing charges like this and I’m looking for some hope. I wish I understood how people manage to keep a roof over their head dealing with the financial damages in these cases!… Read more »

Yes, you can attend our meetings and we encourage you to do so. You are sure to learn a lot.

Thank you Janice! I will be there!

Also, there is a mistake on the address listed above. It says 1606 Berkeley Way. It should be 1606 Bonita Ave in Berkeley. Thanks!

Under the influence of drugs and alcohol my son stepped over the line 24 years ago. . . TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO. Our family took care of it. He was NEVER a threat to the community. I adopted his daughter, he served time in prison and when he was released he felt he had paid his dues to society and began building a new life. Now we have internet. In the last two years he has not been able to find employment. He is the most straight arrow, law biding citizen I know yet because of a few very sad tragedies… Read more »

You and your family are facing similar challenges experienced by many labeled as “sex offenders”. You are being treated unjustly by laws passed out of fear and/or hopes of re-election. Please know that California RSOL is working diligently to stop the pendulum of punishment from swinging. We are busy suing cities and counties that pass unjust laws. As for your son getting a job, the most successful registered citizens are entrepenuers, those who have gone into business for themselves using any skills they have already acquired. Good luck to you all!

Finally! Thanks so much.

Good to see you here Jack Goldman..

my father and I went to this meeting my father seems to be encouraged he took note while I read them Finally got to meet Jake and the others. The focus I got out of this is that WE STILL have RIGHTS We don’t have to be afraid any more. I think the fear is most of us are not “CHILD MOLESTER” other may think that if they come to the meeting they are supporting CHILD MOLESTER” No we are NOT supporting CHILD MOLESTER we are supporting THEIR right to live and improve every one life. Let get the ball… Read more »

Like most RSO’s I would love to go to this and all meetings. However, as a RSO, I can’t afford to go. No job. Wish we could hire a bus to pick us all up and bring us there.

Janice Bellucci, are you allowed to use the SO Registry to contact people about CSOL? If so, what would it take to send out notices to all CA SO’s?

When is the next CA SOL Meeting?
Had to work on the 12th of Oct. and would like to find another for my spouse.
Thank you!
What a great way for these folks to get back on their feet and voices of opinions
and possible workshops.

The Universal Terian church folks were LGBTQQ friendly, but they didn’t know what (or where)RSOL was, let alone CalifRSOL.

Why isn’t the address visible? ACLU is nice for L.A., but not Valid for Berk. Not fun, I have an electric car, drove miles to Berk.

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