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TX: Harlingen couple jailed for beating convicted sex offender

A Harlingen couple is facing criminal charges after being accused of brutally beating a convicted sex offender. Harlingen police arrested 31-year-old Monica Nieves and her 19-year-old boyfriend Juan Quezada. Investigators told Action 4 News that it all happened on the 200 block of East Madison Avenue.

Police said Nieves slapped and attacked the man while Quezada jumped in to punched him. Both of them told police that they did it because the man was a sex offender. Full Article

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Read the comments! Most people are happy and cheering on vigelante’s. I wanted to leave a comment but I can’t use FaceCrook! Funny thing is i’m watching CNN and Zuckelturd is saying he wants everyone to have Internet access and its a human right! I guess I’m not human then! The UN also agrees that the Internet is a human right! I guess that’s called hypocrisy!

I wonder if in a hundred years sex offenders will have a genocide museum? Will people say we killed thousands of misdomeanor offenders and children on the genocide registry.

Do other countries leaders hear us lecture about human rights and think… You guys want to lecture us? I honestly believe in time the truth comes out!

I agree with David completely. Some day the world will wake up and understand that registrants and family members of registrants are being punished. That realization could include reparations to sex offenders for the punishment they have suffered and scholarships for children of sex offenders. In order to get there, we need to make NOISE, lots of NOISE, to be heard. It’s time to SHOW UP – STAND UP – SPEAK UP at the national RSOL conference and anywhere else you feel comfortable.

DavidLM wrote:
“Read the comments! Most people are happy and cheering on vigelante’s.”

Freedom of speech is one thing, but for public forums to encourage and spread hate and violence against registrants and their families should be met with violations of human rights.
Furthermore, a direct condemnation from the leaders of this country are in order.
To attempt to dehumanize any people is the act of an uncivilized society and for its leaders to sit back silently and cowardly watching social media exploit hate and violence against registrants is unconscionable.

Most people are imbeciles and Facebook profits off it.

A very telling thing today in an elevator. I am wearing a Christian shirt in which the design is intended to propose the question “Can a serial killer be saved?” A man in the elevator asked me what the design meant and I told him and went on to say that the point of the shirt is that Jesus died so that all men may be saved. His quick response was “even a child molester?” It’s very telling when we live in a society that has been brainwashed to believing that a “child molester,” who as we know as someone who may or may not have molested a(meaning one) child, is worse than a serial killer, someone who kills multiple victims. It’s time for the brain washing to stop and the brain cleansing to begin!!!

The guy in the elevator, John Q. Public, and most of America seem to have a rather warped value system wherein they would rather their children be gunned down in a Sandy Hook-style massacre than be groped by a Catholic Priest. If they were passing judgement in Heaven the actions of the 22 year old high school coach in a consensual relationship with 17 1/2 student are less forgivable than the gunmen of Virginia Tech, Columbine, etc.

This society’s priorities and values are so twisted. The public vilifies sex offenders (now synonymous with child molester) yet they readily accept the sexualization of children in popular media. Just take a look at that pedo-fest at the VMAs earlier this week as tongue wagging Miley Cyrus twerked with quintessential symbols of childhood: Teddy Bears. This show had a TV-14 rating. Can you imagine letting your 14 year old watch that garbage? Despite a hatred toward sex offenders, our culture seems geared toward creating them.
Something tells me Elevator Man watched Mily’s “performance”…several times.
Then again, maybe when he asked you, “even a child molester?” he was hopeful toward his own salvation.

The main argument is often what about the victim? Victims are unfortunate with any and all crimes. All victims of all crimes can have a lifetime of being “the Victim”.

Death threats are a crime in most civilized countries! They are a pretty euphemism that shrouds the gas chamber and concentration camp desires of our social advancement.

“Serial killers often attempt to justify their killing sprees, and they usually do it by dehumanizing their victims,”

Once a sentence is served any punishment beyond that point that truley doesn’t protect socity and creates more victims is often called revenge in most civilized societies.

“He that would trade a little essential liberty for some temproary safety deserves naither safety nor liberty”…Benjamen Franklin

Wow, disturbing story! What’s next? Someone killed? That’s already happened! Husband and wife killed? Oh, that’s happened as well! Whole family (women and children) killed? Lets just remember that most of the people making comments online are non educated and narrow minded. The educated individuals don’t have time!

As I keep saying on here, THAT is exactly why I continue to live transient rather than move in with my wife and child. I will not make them a target for harassment, much less these vigilantes.

What does “live transient” mean in your case? That conjures images of sleeping under bridges and dumpster diving.

Can you say HATE-CRIME??????????

It doesn’t fall under the hate crime laws.. You can hate someone for their past/crimes but not their color, sex, religion, or sexual orientation..

In my extended family are at least 4 falsely accused “sex offenders” who are either
still in Prison (TX), served their time (AK) and (CA. These men were accused by
a wife who didn’t want to be married any more so she accused him of molesting their 4 year old daughter. He was mentally challenged and unable to defend himself; an ex-girlfriend who lied about the relationship; and my 16 year old son who wanted to marry his pregnant, 17 year-old girl friend and my husband refused to let him do so.I wonder what will happen when they are unable to vote, get jobs, move around
freely, use computers, have cell phones, pay registration fees without money and be
unable to move back home with their children (for those who are still married.)

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