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Convicted Sex Offender Shot Multiple Times in Greenfield

GREENFIELD, Calif- A 29-year old registered sex offender was shot multiple times over the weekend. ____ ____ was shot on Oak Avenue and flown to the hospital. Greenfield police said that though he was shot multiple times, his injuries are non-life threatening. Police do have a suspect in this case, at this time they are not releasing a name.

According to the Meagan’s Law website, ____ was convicted of molesting a child under 18 years of age. Full Article

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Another tragedy in our state! Our best wishes go to this man who is the victim of vigilante violence. When will it end? When will the courts admit that being a registered citizen is punishment? It appears that there may be a connection between the shooting of this registered citizen and the murder of another registered citizen in Salinas last month. Perhaps they can protect all citizens, including registered citizens, by catching the person or persons responsible for these heinous crimes and bring them to justice.

Janice, I seriously doubt that they’re looking all that hard for the perp(s) of the shootings. Chances are, in my opinion, Salinas PD officers are in the lunchroom dancing with glee because another one of “those child molesters” is dead. I’m very negative toward law enforcement, since they are part of the problem and not the solution to the ongoing woes of RSO’s. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong but oh that they would pursue murderers with the same zeal that they do for SO’s!

According to the article, this guy has injuries that are not life threatening, despite being shot multiple times. Must have been a very small calibre handgun that was used. My luck if i ever get shot, it’d be in my big toe and i would bleed to death because the ambulance “conviently” can’t find my location.

With those facial tattoos and his rap sheet he sounds more like a victim of gang violence than a harmless reformed citizen trying to get ahead in life.

Please don’t judge a book by its cover.

Please don’t try to make this a sex offender issue until it’s been proven to be that. Surely, you must know that most of these types of shootings are due to lifestyles?

“most of these types of shootings are due to lifestyles?”

Have you not seen the number of registrants shot over the past year? Are you seriously saying that in South Carolina, that couple was shot due to their lifestyle? They were trying to help someone they thought had car trouble…THAT was their lifestyle!

I tend to be pretty tolerant of differing opinions on here, but yours is a bit too judgmental. Yes, the tattoos on the face indicate he was likely in a gang at some point, but I have known many former gang members who were really good guys, even godly men. In jail, I shared a cell with a former crip who was tattooed up much more than this guy, something he did in his late teens and early 20’s. When I knew him, he had been out of the gang for almost 20 years, was a family man and an elder in his church. The only reason he was in is because he had moved and didn’t notify authorities he was going to be moving.

Very good point, td777. I was just thinking about “lifestyles”…yes…every single one of us is living the “RSO Lifestyle”, not by choice of course.

Our “lifestyle” makes us vulnerable to public scorn, hatred, humiliation and violence. A “lifestyle” which has been imposed upon us by a “free” nation. A “lifestyle” that requires us to register as “perverts”, that subjects us to harassment from neighbors and law enforcement, that forces many of us to remain unemployed and/or homeless. Our forgiving, supportive, understanding wives, parents, and children are subjected to all of the same barbarities just because they chose to exercise forgiveness and a willingness to support. Yes, I’m very sick and tired of this “lifestyle”. I would like to live a new “lifestyle”, one where I can make friends without fear of them learning my status and prejudging me. A “lifestyle” where my wife and I can go to dinner and not have to sit with our backs against the wall and being careful not to allow anyone to sneak up on us. A “lifestyle” where I can drive down the road without fear of being pulled over, having my 4th and 5th Amendment rights violated, falsely imprisoned and harassed, all because of the artificial “lifestyle” that has been imposed on me. I would like to live a “lifestyle” where I don’t have to live in constant fear of both the public and the law. A “lifestyle” where I am recognized by my good conduct in the years since my adolescent offense, rather than being defined by it.

Indeed, RSO’s have an artificial, subhuman, superimposed “lifestyle” thrust upon them. And they are frequently executed because of it.

Oh, and no one on here made this a sex offender issue before anything was proven, the media did.

I’m sorry, but regardless of the shooter’s motive, the article is titled “Convicted Sex Offender Shot Multiple Times in Greenfield”, not “Man Shot Multiple Times”, or “Alleged Gang Member Shot Multiple Times”. The press has already made it a “sex offender” issue. Honestly, even if it had nothing to do with his status, this goes to illustrate a couple things:

1) If someone is shot and the crime had nothing to do with the victim’s RSO status, then why must it always be brought up? If one of us gets killed in a fatal car accident, is the headline going to read “Sex Offender Killed In Fatal Crash”? Why is this always an issue? Because the press makes it an issue.

2) Keep it up, press! You’re only helping us build our case. Every time someone from the press prints a story about something like this, it gives us leverage with the legislature. Sure, the ignorant masses may be cheering on the sidelines, but the legislature will start to recognize this as a problem eventually. The reason is because no matter how much of a scumbag they want to make an RSO out to be, if the ignorant masses begin to think that vigilantism is acceptable in one instance, then what is to prevent someone from applying such reasoning to a dissimilar set of facts? – i.e. killing a murderer, or a crooked politician? Next stop, ANARCHY! The government will have to deal with this before it gets out of hand.

The problem is that they have demonized RSO’s so much that the ignorant masses really believe that they are all “bad guys”, regardless of their past. It isn’t enough to punish people like Robert Vasquez because the ignorant masses are confused – “are sex offenders bad or not?” The victim rights groups, celebrity victims, and politicians keep telling them how ‘dangerous these people are’ and that they can’t and don’t want to be rehabilitated. Putting them on a public registry only propagates the false heuristic that “the public” is in imminent danger from these scumbags. And with the NRA and conservatives like Ted Nugent (who is an un-convicted, unregistered sex offender, by the way) saying we should kill “sex offenders” in order to protect ourselves and our families, then what are the ignorant masses to believe? Seriously! We have a sociological problem here!

I bet the police where to busy “searching for clues” on the victims’ computer and phone, and unable to identify and begin the manhunt for the shooter.

This is becoming increasingly more common. Your now hearing about sex offenders getting assaulted or killed on a weekly basis? When is everyone going to wake up? Furthermore, how do legislatures and law makers going to realize how society is going to respond to individuals whose names and addresses are available via the internet? Seriously.

The comments I read from readers on that site make me sick. How can supposed “christians” pray for a man to be hurt? It’s a shame that society assumes that we can’t control ourselves and we want to hurt everyone we come in contact with.

I don’t personally see anyone who prays for any man to be hurt isn’t a true Christian. It is in direct conflict with how we’re told to love our neighbors and enemies as ourselves.

I believe one factor in the murders and assaults upon sex offenders in California is the lack of complete information on a registrant’s profile on the Megan’s Law website. California Department of Justice has admitted that more than 70 percent of the profiles are incorrect, incomplete, or both. The biggest problem is that profiles lack the year of conviction. The lack of that information combined with a current photo makes it look like the registrant was just released from prison….even when the conviction was more than 30 years ago! When I asked CA DOJ how long it will take to fix this problem, they said “at least 7 years.”

While the technical reasons may be correct, I do not believe that information, whether in preponderance or missing, matters as much as just being included on the registry. To the average sheeple, the tree urinator is at least 99% as despised as the serial violent rapist if they are both pictured on the registry. Nobody reads the fine print; they just read SEX OFFENDER, their picture, their address, and that’s the name of that tune.

I love that word “sheeple!” it is so accurate! Would you mind if I start using it?

Count my profile on there as one incorrect. My wife checked and it says I took the Static-99 for risk assessment in 2010. In 2010, I was on parole and didn’t take the Static-99. In fact, I have NEVER taken the Static-99 assessment administered by the state. I took it with a private psychologist in 1997, who said I was the lowest of the low and that 99% of the population was more likely to commit a sex crime(based on this and another assessment he had me take.) I also took it again the same year when I started the court ordered counseling, again a private psychologist administered the assessment and had a similar conclusion. They have me as Low-Medium risk on the Megan’s Law site, when I have NEVER been assessed anything other than very low risk.

Yes, but of course that begs the question: are those whose victims are (said to be) children more deserving of vigilante attack than those who were not? To suggest that a reform of the public notification process to provide more granularity – i.e. more crime specificity – is a step in the right direction detracts from the more fundamental reality which is that Megan’s laws – as well as the sex crimes laws, in general – are unjust.

Recommending such moderate (and modest) reforms has the effect of sanctioning a much greater injustice by suggesting ways in which injustice can be made acceptable.

In a nutshell, this is, as I see it, a basic problem with the liberal reformist approach and one which is, admittedly, extraordinarily difficult. Ultimately, we will have to come to terms with some of the glaring deficiencies in our approach to safeguarding liberty. Let’s hope that there will eventually be enough amongst us with the courage and clarity to do so. Because what we have now falls far short of the mark.

@ek …….’despised’ or not or ‘name of tune’ is not the issue….
the information put out to the public must be fully aware of
When conviction was made by state….over ten years ago matters….over twenty years ago matters……..state covers that up…its better for more public funds to incite fear and
discrimination….the state not showing date of conviction says loud and clear the importance of it….it would also show
their sham of repeat offender… .how bout that ‘tune’.

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