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Bubba the Love Sponge warns communities about sexual offenders

It’s nearly Halloween. A time for little ghouls and goblins to dress up for Trick or Treat. Tampa radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge is worried about some real scary people.

Bubba asked listeners to let him know where sexual offenders are located in their neighborhoods. He says he then went onto the FDLE web site to verify the information and went says he went one step further to verify the offenders information on individual county law enforcement web sites.

Bubba then had yard signs printed on a red background with bold white letters that notify people that a convicted sexual predator lives at the address. Full Article


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WTF??? I thought only law enforcement can go on people’s yards and post signs on it…

1. No one is allowed to place any signs on anyone’s property

2. It is illegal for regular people to place signage in public areas

3. Law Enforcement may, in a manner deemed appropriate (one could argue the public web site takes care of that), inform the general public of a person designated a PREDATOR, according to F.S. 775.21, which is printed right on the sign, in which case the notification MUST include the following (even that sheriff who did this earlier this year with similar signs to great publicity did so out of compliance with state law with his cheap *ss signs)

775.21 The Florida Sexual Predators Act.

(a) Law enforcement agencies must inform members of the community and the public of a sexual predator’s presence. Upon notification of the presence of a sexual predator, the sheriff of the county or the chief of police of the municipality where the sexual predator establishes or maintains a permanent or temporary residence shall notify members of the community and the public of the presence of the sexual predator in a manner deemed appropriate by the sheriff or the chief of police. Within 48 hours after receiving notification of the presence of a sexual predator, the sheriff of the county or the chief of police of the municipality where the sexual predator temporarily or permanently resides shall notify each licensed day care center, elementary school, middle school, and high school within a 1-mile radius of the temporary or permanent residence of the sexual predator of the presence of the sexual predator. Information provided to members of the community and the public regarding a sexual predator must include:
1. The name of the sexual predator;
2. A description of the sexual predator, including a photograph;
3. The sexual predator’s current address, including the name of the county or municipality if known;
4. The circumstances of the sexual predator’s offense or offenses; and
5. Whether the victim of the sexual predator’s offense or offenses was, at the time of the offense, a minor or an adult.

Whether or not it is illegal to harass someone in the State of Florida, I do not know, if this WOULD constitute harassment, one would think the whole registry scheme would qualify, but alas… but in any event – if none of these people sue this guy, the radio station, etc etc – they cannot be helped.

This coming from a guy that likes seeing other guys have sex with his now ex wife. He sets up a hidden camera and videos the act. Like most vigilantes he has had legal trouble and is a racisist.

He doesn’t know the difference from a sex offender or a preditor. He also doesn’t realize 1/3rd of the registry is children.

Bubba needs to be charged with trespassing and littering.

He needs a lot more than that.

What a major douche. His creepy name conjurs images of a weird clown busted for inappropriate behavior and children’s birthday parties.

As aggravating as stories like this are, I notice more and more messages in our support in the comments section.

I think it is very safe to assume that Bubba is the result of several consecutive years of his relatives marrying each other and interbreeding. If you look at the county in Florida this is very commonplace.

All of them are actually nature offenders!

This is a highly disturbing article. First, children can come to your door to sell magazines, sell candy, collect donations or sell Girl or Boy Scout cookies! This law is nuts and unconstitutional! It’s just going to take one lawsuit that goes the entire way! What’s next? (Seriously). You can’t go to the mall? Movie theater? Mini golf? Arcade? Beach? Park? Museum? River bed? Lake? Airport? Public restroom? Children’s store? Women’s store? Sex shop? Massage parlor? Las Vegas? Leave the country? Drive? Visit a hospital? Visit a Nursing home? Go to a water park? Visit an amusement park? First, the laws addressing where a person can reside is number 1! Then, we go over the Halloween law! If not, these nutty laws will only get worst!

In West Virginia The ordinance bars those convicted of sex crimes from entering a number of places in the city, including parks, playgrounds, schools, public pools, skate parks, movie theaters and bowling alleys. Parts of it, including barring sex offenders from public libraries, might infringe on offenders’ rights, according to Sarah Rogers, staff attorney for the West Virginia American Civil Liberties Union.

What a total crock. A child is more likely to be assaulted by Bubba than anyone on the registry in any state.

My torts textbook states,

“At law, trespass consists of:

– the (intentional), unprivileged
– entry onto the plaintiff’s real property
– without permission”

It also goes on to state:

“Under the law, entry usually mans the physical entry of the defendant onto the plaintiff’s land…also using some extension of his body, such as tools, or objects, such as thrown rocks or debris.”

If this caused severe emotional harm then a person might perhaps claim Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Also, for all of us here in California, we need to be aware of case law and statutory laws that can affect us – some for the better. Google “People v. Strider (2009),” while it leaves open the possibility that the curtilage around your home (your yard, basically) can be considered “public,” it certainly establishes that IF YOU HAVE A FENCE WITH A LOCKED GATE, then it is NOT a “public place.”

Even so – if somebody puts up a sign in your yard, remove it. Unless authorized by law, you have every right to remove it. Then find out who did it and turn them in for abusing the Megan’s Law website. But don’t stop there – then contact Janice and sue the **** out of them, go for punitive damages up the wazoo and make an example of the sorry, no-good, self-righteous, son of a……

Well, I’m sure that Janice may not take individual cases without substantial financial cost, but signage can be incorporated into a general lawsuit if enough damage can be accumulated, such as municipal residency restrictions and other shortcomings.

What would be more constructive would be the creation of a legal template that can be created so that attorneys in OTHER states can use it to initiate their own federal complaints, especially now that Janice and CA RSOL have established precedents in many areas.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x