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MI: Legislation would force sex offenders to pay to be on registry [UPDATED]

Legislation passed by the Michigan Senate in Lansing would require registered sex offenders to pay an annual fee to help maintain the state’s sex offender registry.

Senate Bill 221’s sponsor, state Sen. Rick Jones, said it is ready for the governor’s signature.

“These are people who committed crimes,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “I do not believe that the hardworking taxpayers in Michigan should foot the bill for a registry of crimes they did not commit.”

In a news release on Thursday, Jones cited other states such as Indiana, which charges $50 per year for a similar registry, and Illinois and Ohio, which charge $100 per year. Full Article

UPDATE: Gov. Snyder signs bill for annual sex offender fee (Nov 5)

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Seems like this won’t affect California at all because we don’t have SORNA?

no it is already written in california that there are to be no charge for this.

… and if it is so written you can bet the bank on it not being changed, and being changed for all going back to the beginning of time. Wait, wait…

This is a Michigan specific law. It really has nothing to do with SORNA and certainly does not affect anyone in California. That is not to say that the good State of California could not get ideas of its own.

I would simply not do it. Since the registry is run by the government then tax dollars pay for it. Being a tax payer I can not LOOK at the registry so I can therefore not utilize it even though my tax dollars are paying for it.

Why would I be required to pay for roads if I was not allowed to use them but everyone else was?

It is simply stupid and I rather pay a lawyer 100 years worth of registry fees before I give 1 dollar of it the government to abuse me!

This is unbelievable and I really have no words of my own……so I will just use the definitions:

FEE: An amount that is charged for services that are rendered or provided upon request.

Since these “People who committed crimes” aren’t the ones that ASKED for these services in the first place, this is the wrong word… I have a better one:

FINE: An amount charged due to a breach of terms, broken law, or PUNISHMENT.

So which is it you SoB politition? If you use the term FEE, then you shield be charging the ones that WANT the service. If you want to charge criminals, then you need to label it as a FINE.

Something tells me that if the public were to be the ones to pay for it (because they wanted the registry in the first place) that they would FINALLY start to question not only the effectiveness of the registry, but the legality. Nice try, but you can’t force an ex criminal to pay for something they don’t want for the rest of their lives. That’s unconstitutional……heh, it MUST be getting close to election time.

“Sex offenders can afford to pay a dollar or two per week to pay for the list,”.

Yes. With the high paying jobs we all have. Also, what happens if they can’t pay? Registry violation?

“Taxpayers should not have to be burdened with this cost.”

Wouldn’t mind being a taxpayer.

I concur with Janice.

Taxpayers pay for prisons? I pay taxes?

Public wants it. Public pays for it. Period.

all I have to say is “EARTH TO PERSON” after I finish rolling on the floor from laughing so had… Are thes People real? they are way to board…!!

Someday, hopefully within my lifetime, the Supreme Court will reach the unavoidable conclusion that the registry has become punishment. They will define what form of registration is permitted and that will replace SORNA. But it won’t happen just because we wish it to be so. We really need to organize and mobilize.

This is terrible because federal grants are suppose to pay for the costs of maintaining the registry. The problem is the registry has grown and expanded so much that now it can’t be afforded by the state. If this is allowed every state in the country will make ex offenders pay to maintain new laws that will spiral even more out of control than now.

The ACLU gets $100 million dollars a year and I marvel at how they don’t really see many of these new sex offender laws as a serious threat to civil rights in America. This is that slippery slope that will eventually affect every American in some way. Years ago a story was written about a man that gave $20 million a year to the ACLU and that made up 25% of the ACLU’s donations.

I agree with you. I am shocked that lawyers in general do not sue left and right on a federal and state level these sex offender laws. I think it really shows that we are the scapegoats and punching bags of society and no one really wants to change that.

I have even offered to have my name used or to be part of class actions suits and still no one has taken me up on it!

I was thinking of pursuing a law degree just so I could possibly do something about it but I suppose that they would not allow a lowly sex offender to become a lawyer.

If a few sex offenders became lawyers you know they would start banning us a 1,000 feet from books! For gods sakes if your a sex offender or family member absolutley do not hire a lawyer that isn’t a advocate on the unconstitutionality of sex offender laws. If you google search them and nothing shows up except the buisness site and how to contact them, don’t hire them! That will eliminate about 99% of the so called sex offender lawyers.

Most civilized countries use a restorative justice concept! This system we use in America is just one step below the Taliban. It’s just so obvious a ex sex offender with a home, job and support system will be more productive and safer for society. These people that say.., lock them up and the real good criminals will take care of sex offenders! Like the murders? Drug dealers? Muggers? Lol. Sex offenders are 30% of the incarcerated. What happens when we are 50% or 75% like what the people are trying to do by arresting us now for having candy? What happens when sex offenders start banning together like so many groups do in prisons? America is breading a worst crimal. If you mistreat and abuse any group after awhile they will ban together and fight back. Especially if you are torturing them and never offer hope of being a productive citizen.

I have had a similar experience. Local ACLU refused to even investigate, stating they didn’t have the money to pursue small cases. Really, it comes down again to money, money, money. There is no way an ex offender is going to be the poster child for getting donations. Instead, they are going to focus on groups specifically protected in our laws: race, religion, sexual orientation, et. al.. FBI doesn’t even consider as a hate crime a crime against someone with a record, let alone someone on the registry, even if it is murder clearly based on hate, like the murders in SC. And it comes down, therefore to winning the obvious cases, those which involve race, religion, sexual orientation, Civil liberties group could not get the public interested in the surveillance state, until Snowden, Manning and others came out. What is needed is a whistle blower, within the system, exposing to the public what is really going on, and then the discussion will become more balanced. That “Snowden” would have to be very brave indeed and really have to have her ducks in a row, to make any difference.

Sounds about as sensible as making people pay for their stay in prison. Since they are the ones who require guards, maintenance, and food; certainly the almighty taxpayer shouldn’t have to bear the burden of costs for programs they demand…aren’t people always up in arms that wherever a sex offender earns a living is unacceptable? I suppose this is just one more of those rights you give up when you had consensual sex with a high school girl when you were in college 30 years ago.

The difference with charging a group of people a fee for being regulated is it goes against the most basic beliefs in Americas’s legal system of restorative justice. Let’s be totally honest regarding fee’s for sex offenders. The government basically created a system to put people back on probation even though they finished probation years ago.

It’s ludicrous to say a group of over 750,000 people are so damn dangerous they can’t even be trusted near a school, library, park, day care…. etc so we the same government that almost the entire American public doesn’t have any confidence in will protect the citizens by sending out 750,000 plus home selling missles that will send neighborhoods into panic and depreciate home values.

Not using any logic as to the fact that listing employers on the registry as Michigan does in a sense put’s the employer also on the registry for potential backlash and vandalism. So now you have thousands of people that can’t find work taking up additional time claiming they can’t pay the fee and going back to court claiming hardship thus costing the tax payer more money. That’s exactly what is happening in states that try to charge fees!

It amazes me how so many people, especially legislators don’t have a clue about supporting research regarding the laws they are want to pass! I barley made it out of high school and I found the research. They have a entire educated staff. One day the light bulb will go off I with American’s and they will get sick of all this non logical nonesess. They will demand better and demand to have a good, just legal system and fair and balanced news media .


You gravely misunderstand the job of the politician.

The politician isn’t there to solve you problems….or my problems; they are there to solve THEIR problems.

Problem #1: Getting Elected.

Problem #2: Getting Re-Elected.

EVERYTHING ELSE is a distant third.

so who’s going to pay the court costs that will occur when i am dragged back to court because i can’t afford to pay the fee, i can’t work because i am diabled. when will they stop punishing me. for something that happened 20 years ago. when i had served my max sentence, of 15 years. how is it that they can keep making up laws to punish me again and again. i have been in the community for 6 years now and have not re-offended but yet i keep getting punished..a clear violation of double jeopardy of our constitution. way to go senators your doing a bad job of upholding our constitution!!!

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