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Former San Diego Mayor gets 3 months home confinement

DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO — Disgraced former Mayor Bob Filner received three months of home confinement and three years of probation in a sentencing hearing Monday, the final chapter in Filner’s stunning fall following from his repeated inappropriate sexual behavior toward women.

The sentencing by Superior Court Judge Robert Trentacosta came after Filner pleaded guilty in October to one felony charge of false imprisonment and two misdemeanor charges of battery. The former 10-term congressman will also have to seek mental health treatment, surrender a portion of his pension and be prohibited from seeking or holding public office until he finishes probation. Full Article

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Wow.. Not surprised.. No registration

I don’t believe he was accused of any registerable offenses. I wonder why it is that we argue against the registry, but as soon as there’s a case in the news where someone doesn’t have to register, we complain. I’d think we’d all be happy here when one less person has to register. Can you really say that Mr. Filner should be required to register?

Whoa, hold on there with all that fancy rational thinking there, cowboy.

If you go around groping women on the street.. it is a sexual act.. I’m saying the law is the law.. No matter how much money you got and what your political connections are.. Sure if this never went to the papers, we might not ever known.. But this is basically waving a “I got out scott free because of my connections.” The law is the law, it should be changed.. yes… its like kids getting locked up and all the registry.. its the law… Until these laws are tossed out I would like to see the law enforced equally no matter of race, creed, wealth, political, and age

Yes, the law is the law, and in this case, the law did not include 290 registration for any of his offenses. Now, had it been sexual battery instead of just battery, there would have been a registration requirement.

The guy did not “get out scott free”, he got punished according to the laws he was accused of breaking. I’m sure it was a plea bargain, but I’m not even sure there were ever any 290 offenses thrown at him.

Until these laws are tossed out, I’d like to see them ignored completely as a bad idea so nobody has to deal with this stuff, regardless of race, creed, wealth, political connections, or age.

Just more proof of the double standard BS the courts spew.

Preferential treatment is california ….hypocrites…..two face
cowards…….crime pays when its public funded.

I agree with Jason. In my opinion, from what information I’ve read and seen, nothing he did would warrant him having to register. In fact, I was surprised that he plead guilty to a felony.

Taxpayer funded failure ex-mayor sandiego ….pled guilty…
pled guilty to plea settlement ….NOT to what he was charged….
NOT to what he was accused of……….everyone should have
that plea settlement with close to twenty sexual accusations .

Filner should have had to register. End of story.

UNTIL society comes to its senses and repeals the registry, everyone should be subject to its overwhelming restrictions, ESPECIALLY lawmakers such as Filner. Indeed, there are several thousand Californian registrants who are on the harshest level (full address disclosure) for doing far less than what Filner was convicted of.

NOTE: This is NOT being hypocritical. This is, in fact, being consistent. I’ve never had a problem with harsh penalties for sexual crimes, but I am very adamant that every convicted person be treated equally, ESPECIALLY with regard to registration.

But what registerable offense did he commit?

First of all, he plead to three comparitively minor counts. He had several far more serious counts against him, including felony sexual assault, as well as multiple victims, which would have designated him a predator had he gone to trial.

So yes, you are correct in that Filner had no registrable “convictions.” But had it not been Filner, but been most people not able to access the same legal resources he had, then that person most definitely WOULD have been charged with registrable offenses, at the very least plea to something that would have required him to register.

My point is that by facetiously asking “What registrable offense did he commit?” actually belittles the process as a whole, and exemplifies the fact that, given the same set of offenses, a regular person would see at least 10 years in prison and a lifetime of predator-level registration. Period.

Indeed, with mandatory SO Registration, as well as mandatory minimums, discretion is taken out of the hands of judges (called so for a reason) at sentencing and put in the hands of prosecutors at the charging and pleading stages (remember, 97-98 % of all criminal cases never see a trial or a jury and are settled by a plea bargain).

This is well illustrated by a previous post here… if one can believe the article this former police officer was allowed to plead to an offense without mandatory registration – an offense against a minor under 18 (discretionary registration) vs offense against a minor under 16 (mandatory registration). Makes sense, as a 15 year old is under 18 as well as under 16.

If you believe a ‘regular’ person would have gotten the same deal – in both cases – from the prosecution, please contact me for a bridge I am selling.

@Eric Knight – what is the definition / requirement for predator level (in California)? SVP with a clinical diagnosis of mental abnormality?


A regular person most likely would not have been charged to begin with. I followed this situation very closely, and while he did do something inappropriate for the office of congressman and mayor, people in high places were out to get him out of office. Is it likely that someone may have had to register for similar offenses? Perhaps. But, there are many who have never been charged for a lot worse.
So many variables….where one lives plays a huge part, your standing in that community, the prosecutor, the judge, etc. Some of the women who accused Filner, and their charges, seemed ridiculous to me.

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