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ID: E-mail Notifications Feature Added to Idaho State Sex Offender Registry System

Citizens can now elect to receive e-mail notifications when a sex offender in their neighborhood moves to a new location. When interested persons register for this new service, they can specify the given radius of the area they desire to keep tabs on.

Additionally, if a person is interested in being notified when a particular registrant moves, there is a link provided under the picture on each registrant’s page that reads, “Track Registrant.” When the user clicks on the link, they will be asked to provide the e-mail address where notifications can be sent. Full Article

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  1. noname

    Oh great now some nut case can tag a sex offender and follow him/her anywhere they move to in order to harassing, or worse kill them.

    • Jason Wilson

      I just had a appliance rental place, (outstanding bill from a few years ago) use the registry to send to men to my house to try and collect money. I am pretty sure this is misuse of the state’s registry. Now collection agencies will use this to track down people. This is nothing more than stalking at it’s finest.

  2. Brubaker

    All they did now was to set up their registered citizens
    to millions a dollars …millions a dollars payouts……also their
    so called right to know coward punk bs protects robbers, assaults, kidnappers, manslaughters, deadly drunk drivers
    from being exposed… much to your fraud right to know……Tell your citizens they are at a higher dangerous
    risk to crime repeating from others noted than from a registry………….equal protection applies to all from disclosure.

  3. Brubaker

    Also idaho….you tell your citizens how easy it is to set up
    a court proceeding in taking out evidence from record in
    a back hallway timeout and placing planting false evidence in
    jury instruction…..tell them read back of evidence testimony
    can be kept from open court…tell them this keeps the initial
    tampering covered up….the doctored-up record is such that
    they won’t allow a real private attorney in the case…….let citizens know when evidence is tampered with you corrupt
    justice ….put that in your emails…!!

  4. Joe

    While this appears to be a little blip on the SO horizon, I believe this is a big deal. No, make that a huge deal. Here is what I am thinking….

    In the past community notification has been ‘resident / neighborhood specific’ – for lack of a better term. It is held that it has been proven to the legislature that RSOs have a very high risk of re-offending and the public has the right to know who living in their neighborhood has a previous record and all details about them. Actual data refutes the first claim and someone please show me where this ‘right’ stems from – the Bill of Rights??? – but whatever.

    With this addition to the Idaho notification scheme, it is morphed from resident to offender centric. No longer do I need to put in an address (presumably mine) to be notified of movement in my (my!) neighborhood, now I am entitled to knowing when a person hundreds miles away from me is moving. A person not remotely connected to me or my neighborhood. This is reminiscent of tracking a wild animal in the Tundra. For anyone in the entire state of Idaho, any place in the US or in the entire world to be provided this information in real time is, can only be, a source of punishment and harassment.

    Why on earth should I, sitting on my sofa in California or Australia, be informed about a, any, person in Idaho moving from Residence A to Residence B? Where is the public safety aspect?

    While this is upsetting, one can only hope that this is yet another straw on the camel’s back. A freakishly strong camel, but one whose back is going to have to break at some point. No?

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      People do not have any right to know about “sex offenders” living, working, or whatever around them. If they did, then I would know about all my neighbors who have committed any type of crime – but apparently I don’t have that right either. Somehow I have managed to protect my family without any nanny big government telling me who the “bad guys” are.

      People may just need to grow up and learn that anyone who lives around them may be dangerous, regardless of what their nanny big government tells them (or doesn’t).

  5. Tim

    Ok, Congress can’t fund an extension of unemployment benefits, but it can fund a track the offender GAME. That’s all it is, entertainment, to keep your mind occupied while you’re sitting at home unemployed. Most offences are committed by spouses, relatives, coaches, teachers, people not on registry. Stop funding BS.

  6. Anyname

    Florida has been doing this for years. They have all kinds of “notifications” set up.
    Hasn’t been an issue to date.

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      It has been an issue because it wastes tons of limited resources and contributes to sex crimes being committed. The only question is if there any positives that outweigh those negatives. I think likely not, just like Registration itself.

  7. Brubaker

    Doesn’t matter how long dey ben doing dat ….florida is wasting a lot of taxpayers dollar…..they are a public
    policy that misleads and protects higher risk to repeat offenders like robbery, duo, assaults, domestic abuse, drug sales , thief, domestic abuse, kidnappers, murderers, and abduction people from being known to notification to public…..the public is at a higher risk to danger from other
    criminals than the propaganda they’re feeding florida ….they’re notification is a sham.

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