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CA State Assembly Bill Would Overturn Court Decision, Limit Eligibility to Apply for Certificate of Rehabilitation

A bill has been introduced in the California State Assembly that would, if passed overturn a recent court decision and further limit the number of registered citizens who are eligible to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation.  That bill is AB 1438, which was introduced by Assembly Members Eric Linder (Republican, Riverside) on January 6.
The California Court of Appeals decided in the case, People v. Tirey, on November 15, 2013, that registered citizens convicted of Penal Code Section 288(a) are eligible to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation.  The court’s decision is based upon the equal protection clause of the California constitution.  In its decision, the court noted a disparity in current law that allows those convicted of a more serious offense to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation.
“This bill must be stopped,” stated CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci.  “If passed, it would further erode the opportunity of registered citizens who have paid their debt to society and do not pose a current danger to be removed from the sex offender registry.”
California RSOL is opposed to AB 1438 and will lobby in opposition to that bill in Sacramento on January 27 and 28.   
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Thank u so much for posting this, I am against this bill also. Have u heard any update on AB 702, I know it has been suspended until this year but are there any progress or indication that bill will pass. Also, how can become a member of RSOL and are there meetings in San Bernardino county I have a misdemeanor sex offense on , my record and I have got it dismissed with 1203.4 and I have gotten approve for exclusion from the Megan’s law website back in 2006, no convictions on my record whatsoever, orally want this bill to pass. I’m taking care of myself. I’m in school, will finish my B.S. in Social Science in Dec and then Grad School in Public Administration. I seriously encourage all registrants not to give up on yourself and just take it one day at a time, and move importantly, more years of doing positive and productive things will help you in the long run both financially,and legally. Good luck and God bless.

Stay on the path you are on and you will be eligible to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation. Please know however that eligibility to apply does not guarantee you will be granted the certificate. It is also important to avoid a felony conviction during the 10 years after your conviction for a misdemeanor sex offense.

What do you intend to do with a graduate degree in Public Admin? I can’t make a decent living anymore in my field of choice thanks to Megan’s Law web site so I am researching practical alternatives that pay well.

Hello C,

I dont know if you will see my response or not, i havent been on here in over a year and a half now. Sorry it took so long to response. To answer your question about what I am going to be doing with my graduate degree in Public Adminstration. Well, to give you an update, I just graduate with my undergraduate degree and will instead go to Grad school for Organizational Leadership. As far as career moves for me, even though I have only a misdemeanor charge or 647.6 on my rap sheet, I was able to get exclusion from Megan’s website and get expungement, so it is no longer an conviction, but what i am doing is just doing as much positive things in my life as i can like volunteering, staying in school and getting as many degrees i can and lucky enough to have a little bit of steady income to get me by. I know its tough out there for all of us registrants but we have to just keep our heads up and find a way to make it. I really want to work with CARSOL in any way that I can. I am current working with a Record Cleaning law firm right now to petition for a COR in my county of residency. Im lucky that i have a dad that is willing to pay the attorney’s fee to get this done for me. I know that a lot is stacked against me, but you never know until you try, right. Can anyone who has been granted a COR and who has stop registering give me any advise on what I can do to impress the judge enough to rule in my favor and grant me my COR. I have character letters, signed declaration or witness forms from individuals who know about my conviction who speak highly of me, i have supporting documents of my volunteer work, copies of transcripts, copies of my undergraduate degree, offcial letter of accepted of admission to Graduate School and more importantly a personal statement from myself expressing my remorsefulness of my actions and me taking responsibility of my actions. Can anyone else tell me what us do i need. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Anyone need assistance in filing for a COR, let me know i can point you to the right direction. God Bless everyone


If I’m reading the bill correctly:

The old law said is that upon obtaining a certificate of rehabilitation, releif from registration is obtained except for the named offenses. Under this bill, such relief is explicitly denied.

Janice, or anyone else, how is this different from the interpretation the court held to be unconstitutional?

Again it seems that certain legislators are behaving as though the law were a game of wack-a-mole… The court struck one law down so pass a new statute that too seems to be the same old law.

What am I missing?

You are correct the old law did say that but some one or two word and sometimes one sentence authors come in and with that big changes were made about mid 90’s. My case was reduced, dismissed and expunged in 94, not on the site and a C of R was in my site until the worst kind of abusers stepped with impunity. I have to jury duty next month, darn seems that they get almost every year, third time since being on this job. This time will put me well over 1k lost so far. Legally we stand convicted of nothing.

I am in the process of trying to obtain a certificate of rehabilitation, and I am confused about what this bill is actually trying to do.

In the wording of the bill, they make it sound like the new restriction only impacts cases where a victim is <10, is that the case ? If so I will still be OK but I am still furious about this continual erosion of ANY possible relief in the state of CA.

As it is CA is one of the few states that doesn't have a tiered system. We also have the highest age of consent (many other states and the rest of the industrialized world have an age of consent at 16).

The ONLY possible relief in THIS state is this certificate, and now they want to start incrementally getting rid of this option.

Has any of these "legislatures" articulated why they want the state if California to be the only state in the U.S. And really the only place on earth that I know of (outside of perhaps Shiria Law governed nations) where even minor sex offenses have no legal way to be relieved of registration for LIFE!?

I thought CA was a reasonably progressive state, however on this issue we seem more in-line with nonsensical banana republics that want to pass broad sweeping things like the Uganda law that wants to imprison not just gay people but those who "don't turn in" suspected gay people.

I bet it's only a matter of time before some lunatic in the state legislature starts making people who "didn't turn in suspected sex offenders" to have to themselves register as sex offenders.

Finally, I want to point out probably the most disturbing part of this garbage bill: if I read it correctly, people who have been previously relieved of the duty to register by obtaining a certificate who fall within the scope of these changes will now be forced to once again go back to registering!?!?

If this is indeed the case, and this does manage to pass, I hope CA RSOL and the ACLU will step in and sue as this would be clearly and blatantly double jeopardy!!

Once I calmed down I remembered that this bill would still have to get past the Committee of Public Safety which, in the past, has stifled these types of legislation. Hopefully, the 6 democrats on the committee follow the courts direction.

Who is on this committee? I want to write them a letter. All of us potentially affected should respond to this.

Complete contact list.

This page has phone & snail mail info. No email addresses, but contact forms for each individual member can be accessed by clicking their name.

Tom Ammiano (Chair) Dem – 17
Melissa A. Melendez (Vice Chair) Rep – 67
Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer, Sr. Dem – 59
Bill Quirk Dem – 20
Sebastian Ridley-Thomas Dem – 54
Nancy Skinner Dem – 15
Marie Waldron Rep – 75

I tried to send to members’ emails, but they wouldn’t take them, saying I wasn’t in their district. Couldn’t find any info on the PS commitee meeting today either.

That is intolerable. You are not trying to influence their decision based upon their voting constituency, but to their position on the board that is ostensibly “researching” this issue to see if it passes the smell test constitutionally. In fact, I believe that there are even contacting rules that reflect this difference, or at least I’ve heard of it before.

In any case, I would bet if you were a victim of a sex offense who were submitting reasons why the bill SHOULD go forward, though, they would probably welcome your information with open arms.

I’ve never had any trouble submitting comments to US representatives, US senators or even the white house by email. I didn’t have to have a specific issue or have to be in the district. In fact most seemed to encourage input and send a thank you afterwards.
I think non-disclosure of the meeting is a violation of the Brown Act. If a government body is having a meeting to discuss public issues, it must be disclosed in way easily accessible to the public, newspaper, email, etc. Really, the only way we, scattered around the State, can find out what is going on in Sacramento is through the State web sites. Newspapers don’t cover everything, TV doesn’t. And when you want to comment on a bill in committee that affects the whole State, you have to be in a members’ district. Come on.

Thank you so much!

Does Tom Ammiano know about this bill yet???
I hope he has enough support for his recent bills that he has tried to pass to sack this piece of garbage before it comes anywhere near the endzone!!!

I think it’s saying you can still apply for a COR, and get it, but you still have to register if you obtain a COR.
This sucks I just started the process.

Well, it is very poorly written. However, I don’t see it saying that you still have to register after getting the certificate. I see it saying in one spot that for a certain offense, or few offenses it is talking about in that section, the judge “may” relieve you of registration. I’m not sure if that is getting tougher or getting lighter; that is, I can’t tell if the law now flat out denies the relief of registration for that/those offenses or not. Many, and I think most offenses are not relieved of registration by the certificate now, must go on to get a pardon in order to stop registering, something they will never get, it is not politically possible and is not going to be — which is why that was set as the standard.

Please tell us the details of your experience with the application — I’m very interested about who is contacted, any search of your home and the like. Do your neighbors already know about your status? If not, they will.

I would find it VERY hard to believe if none of them don’t know my status with how this information is shoved down everyone’s throat. I am very lucky with the neighbors who have known me for 16 years, nobody treats me poorly. I know one for sure knows as we have talked about it. My daughter and her daughter are best friends. So I am not worried even if they find out and didn’t know. I will let you all know the details of the process.

This is ridiculous. Anytime their is a glimmer of hope to move on in life some politician wants to pound us back into the ground. It is ever so clear that this state and the corrections systems goal IS NOT about rehabilitation but further punishment.

Janice, if you desire, you can use me as an example to those attempting to obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation. I was arrested for (3) 261, (2) Counts of (211) and all charges where dismissed. I eventually plead to (1) 243 Battery (wobbler). I received my bail back and was allowed to turn my self into County Jail or pay and stay at a police station. I chose County (it was cheaper). I received Summary Probation (5) years. The charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and eventually expunged (I did this on my own). No arrests prior or after. I went back to school and obtained a Graduate Degree as well! Well, I attempted a Certificate in OC about 4-5 years ago. THE DA investigators questions my neighbors and came to my home at around 7pm at night (he was rather rude and I eventually asked him to kindly leave/I later found out he recorded our entire conversation without my permission). When I went to court, the DA eventually subpeoned (sorry for the typo) my wife (why/harassment), the woman involved in the case was directing comments to use while we walked down the court hallway and its was a circus. I was in utter shock. THE DA was out of control. I even looked at her once and she accused me of giving her dirty looks? I was in shock. ANyways, the DA eventually wanted to put the alleged victim on the stand and cross examine her? My attorney wasn’t bright, but he objected. Furthermore, the Judge became angry and asked if she was being serious? He went on to state that he didn;t have time for this and he doubted anyone else would listen to this as well. He then went through my paper work one by one and eventually stated that he could not find one reason to deny my motion, but it wasnt enough! I left and the alleged victim proceeded to make rude remarks to my wife as we walked out. I wasn’t aware this could happen!

Thank you for sharing information about this terrible experience. I may have a story to tell later this month when I appear in Orange County with a registered citizen who has applied for a certificate of rehabilitation. From your story I gather the judge did not grant your certificate. If that is the case, I hope you will try again.

Look forward to hearing how that turned out. But, Can you tell me who in Orange County can help me for free (I am unemployed) file for my COR?
Under their New Leaf program I requested the assistance of the OC public defender’s office for it in 2012, but it was denied because they didn’t understand the 10 year, as opposed to 7, time constraint and filed too early.
Now that the 10 years is coming up this summer i am afraid if I go back to then they might mess something else up, since they didn’t know that basic requirement to begin with.
ALSO, what kind of stuff do you have to show the judge to convince him to issue the COR.
Mine was a misdemeanor conviction for 311.11(a) . Had it dismissed under 1203.4 in 2009 and just a couple of traffic tickets over the last 10 years. But I am having a hard time getting the 3 letters of recommendation the PD’s office wants as very few people know about my conviction.
I think i read here that the VA could help, but who wants to walk in there and announce that they are an RSO, to every guy and his sister along the way, to get to the right person for the help?

Oh, I filed this motion 12 years after my arrest and about 10 years or more after my release from county jail. Its now been 18 years or more after my initial arrest.

I know the State Supreme Court ruled years back that people with misdemeanor offenses had to be given a way off the registry? I don’t know how the legislature can over rule a Supreme Court decision that has already been made. That’s how the certificate came about to begin with. However, having said that, it does say that after receiving the COR a judge “MAY” relieve you of your duty to register. So…that “MAY” gives the judge discretion. Actually under the law probation is supposed to advise you of that right and to even assist you. I never was told anything as I had only 3 years summery probation and was told I’d only have to register for 1 year past probation. But of course the law changed once again. I did talk to an attorney and he told me I was caught up in a “Grey area” but would take the case for 5k. I already got off the web site on my own…thank God. Mine is over 20 years ago and to the point I don’t care anymore because I just figure we are all outcasts no matter what the crime as Ca has this one size fits all attitude and other States don’t. Just saying!!

Another blatant attempt to circumvent existing laws and decisions, to further made these dipsheets appear tough on crime, dehumanize registered citizens. Time to expose these taxpayer funded crooks for what they are; hate mongers, liars, thieves who will do anything to get reelected. So tired of all of this, ready to move to Mexico.

I agree with your sentiments but hope you will reconsider staying here in California. We will try again this year to get a tiered registry bill passed in Sacramento. Our efforts begin on Jan. 27 and 28 and all are welcome to join us!

What “efforts” have been made regarding getting ANOTHER “tiered-registry” bill introduced? AB 702 is now DEAD, and Assemblyman Ammiano proved to be beyond worthless at getting it moved out of the Assembly! WHO ELSE is there to go to?

Harsh words for Tom Ammiano… harsh words indeed.

Just on the off-chance that either he or his staff read this site I would like them to see something to the effect of “Dear Assemblymember Ammiano, thank you for your support of justice and sanity over the past few years. Your courage and convictions are much appreciated. With gratitude and respect. Joe” or something like that.

Bill stated it well! California needs to get with the program! I believe we are the only state without tiers and everyone is required to register for life! That basically says California doesn’t believe in rehabilitation! We do have different levels (high risk/serious and other/non disclosable). Here is the one that really gets me (provide some input). Misdemeanor sexual battery and misdemeanor indecent exposure are deemed low risk offenses (others/non disclosable). Although, if I’m correct, sexual battery is considered one of the most serious offenses in the Adam Walsh Law?

I note, this is by a Republican legislator from a particularly conservative district. That doesn’t mean it can’t be passed, just because more than 2/3 of the Legislature is Democratic — but it certainly doesn’t help its chances. You should be diligent on this, but don’t get too worried until there really is a reason to worry.

This is one of the most poorly written bills I’ve ever seen, including that is fails to use the italics and strikes to show the difference between the current law and the new law properly. It is difficult to really figure what it is saying in some key parts, and the writer doesn’t even seem to know what law he/she is changing, or what that law really says now — I get the impression they looked at a much older version of the law. That certainly is not a sign that the lawmaker is paying much attention to this.

It also seems to be double-edged, shortening the time to a certificate for some offenses while denying it for others. It appears they are shortening the time without realizing it — a mistake! It looks like they copied the time frames from a much older version of the law, when 5 years was the time to apply for a certificate. Well, actually, this is talking of showing “five years residence in this state” prior to filing. It is stating that under this bill, 5 years will be the time both felony and misdemeanant registrants need to wait to apply for a certificate. The writer does not seem to realize that 7 years is the shortest now, for certain misdemeanors (such as indecent exposure), and 10 years is the general minimum otherwise.

Of course, while it is good to reduce the time frame to apply, the reality is that the mere application can be worse than the registration it seeks to end, especially for misdemeanants, who are not posted on the Web. The application will serve to inform all your neighbors, who will be questioned, your employers, etc. And your home will be searched with a fine toothed comb. And after doing so, the reality is that it is rare for a registrant to be granted the certificate.

There is no standard you can meet to entitle you to the certificate — it is a completely capricious decision of the judge. Until we at least have specific REASONABLE standards we can meet that will entitle us to a certificate, the law allowing application for a certificate isn’t worth the paper its written on, especially for misdemeanants, for whom it is just a suicide application.

Mind you, any change in the law about who would be able to stop registering after obtaining a certificate would apply to everyone who already earned that certificate and through,it were relieved of the duty to register, They would have to start registering again! That is what has happened before, when obtaining 1203.4 relief at the end of probation was all that was needed to stop registering. All the people who earned that and no longer had to register lost that relief when the law was changed. This is one thing that seems so monstrously wrong, that after meeting the standard and being granted the relief, the relief can be taken away from you in later years! What is the point of getting the certificate if they simply take away the benefits after you go to all that trouble, as they did to those who met the standard for registration relief by earning the 1203.4 relief!? Our State Supreme court earlier in 2013 just ruled it is perfectly fine to take away such relief just by subsequently changing the law.

We gotta get down to Capitol and do our utmost. Game time.

Thank you Janice! I appreciate your sincerity. I’m honestly very open to attempting this again! I hope your Certificate is Granted. If I was to try this again, I would certainly be more prepared and make sure I dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s. Please contact me anytime if you would like to sit down and discuss your representing me. I would have the belief that your stature and background would be of benefit! I also believe in picking the right Judge as well. Thank you again. I’m in no hurry to file this, but send me your contact information and I’m excited to hear the results of your application. Thank you

Going down and filling out some paperwork giving my photo and thumb print once a year may be a pain in the butt (homeless every thirty days even a bigger pain in the butt ) But, what is really the pain (as we all know) is being on that Meganslaw website. Being a Veteran I can’t go to any veteran Stand downs I cant get the Veteran Housing or HUD I can’t get a good and decent job being most work I do requires a background check (not even for the VA hospital and medical center and I’m a certified medical tech. if the state of California requires us to register OK so be it, we will do that but, can’t we somehow vote in that if we were still allowed to get a COR and that is not a simple deal in itself. Then that would only allow for a RSO to at least be able get off the meganslaw website. The local police know who we all are and where we live and is that what a COR stands for Certified as Rehabilitated according to the law of the state.
What must be done to get this passed should we again have to register.

I was granted a COR by the Los Angeles Superior Court in August, 2011. Even though it converts into a pardon application, and even though Jerry Brown PARDONED some 290 registrants when he was governor in 1979, I have not heard a word out of the Governor’s office in the 2.5 years since my “COR/Pardon Application” went to him.
I doubt I will. Not to mention also, since neither a COR, NOR a pardon takes the conviction OFF the DOJ record, it doesn’t really make an improvement in any “background check”. It might get you off the registry, but not much else!

Oh dear… “It might get you off the registry, but not much else!” Not much else? What else is there? I dare say 99% of 100,000 people in this state and their families would leap on that and praise the Lord, haleluja. I am unclear of whether the COR stopped your registration. To me that is the only reason to go to this trouble and expense.

My husband’s situation is similar, with a COR after decades of this nightmare (recent), and I count my blessings every. single. day. I have also given up on hearing about a pardon, did hope at first but ain’t gonna happen, and quite frankly, I am now afraid of something like that as it would be counterproductive since the names are publicized and you can bet your bippy that a pardon for a 290 registrant would cause a state wide flap with your name in every newspaper, negating the whole next-to-miracle.

All I care about is getting out from under this evil program and live our lives like we are entitled yes entitled to. Why on earth should I care about the court’s or governor’s opinion about the man I know and love? What is the difference between a COR and no registration as opposed to a full pardon? I have learned to not care about other people’s opinions, and for sure not those of people who only do what is in their best interest for their approval ratings or next election.

Plus, lets face it, you cannot erase the past. Your permanent record is your permanent record. If you are like him, my husband DID get arrested, DID get charged, DID plead guilty, DID get sentenced. Expungement / COR or not. For that he has only himself to blame.

What I object to, and the reason I stay up-to-date, is the never-ending, ever-increasing punishment. This was not part of his sentence and goes against everything this country used to stand for.

The “Certificate of Rehabilitation” does NOT stop the registration. There is something that DOES allow for it in PC 290.5, but you have to HAVE an actual victim (I did not!)! Seriously, a person WITHOUT a victim is considered more “necessary” to keep on the Megan’s Law registry, then one that did NOT have one! Go figure. As for the other “unforgiving” parts of CA law, getting off the 290 registry would be nice, but if an employer can still access a DOJ record, and still see a person’s “DISMISSED, REHABILITATED”, 15 year old felony conviction, and STILL DISCRIMINATE AGAINST EMPLOYING YOU, what is the point? Yes, getting off the registry would be nice. Getting the damned felony erased would be even better!

“Getting the damned felony erased would be even better!” – yes, and rainbows and unicorns would also be great, 🙂 But this is reality.

A COR WILL terminate 290 registration UNLESS the offense was for one of the ones listed in PC 290.5. Which is mostly felonies. It notably excludes Child Porn, Internet Sting and Indecent Exposure (victimless?) convictions. It should be noted that SOME felonies MAY be reduced to misdemeanors if they are wobblers and no prison sentence resulted. Just looking at it again, it would seem that the offenses that do not allow for registration to end with a COR are ‘hands-on’ felony offenses. But I am not a lawyer and certainly do not know the code by heart.

I would be curious to find out which offense ‘without a victim’ requires your continued registration after having been granted a COR.

As for employers seeing the felony conviction – millions, possibly tens of millions of American are in that same felony boat. It would indeed be nice to once again have a clean slate after so many years of upstanding citizenship, but apparently that is not part of this punitive society. As a quarter of all Americans have a criminal record and that number is growing, however, the distinction becomes less significant.

Even without being able to find employment, “what is the point?” of no longer registering and being subject to PC 290? I do not even know how to answer that… just counting my blessings.

Now, I am not wishing to gloat or get into an argument with you or anything like that…. but if my words cause just one person to get out their court papers and google the code sections and it helps them get off, that would be really cool. The chance is small but it is there. For quite a while we, and several lawyers we talked to, were not aware or advised that you could possibly reduce a wobbler felony to a misdemeanor (!!!!!) under 17b. I wish this web site and forum had existed years ago. It would have saved quite a bit of grief.

Otherwise we would have attempted this years earlier. Not that it matters as time gone by is your friend in this sort of thing. I say ‘we’ as I and the family were punished just the same.

Probably redundant, but what kind of insanity are we in the middle of when a law determines the progress and rehabilitation of any individual despite what actual clinical findings indicate?

From where I stand, and correct me if I’m wrong, every ex post facto punitive measure against registered citizens is a violation of equal protection under the law, unless they apply to all persons convicted of a violent crime including murder, kidnapping, mayhem for starters. How is it that a gang member who kills a two year old child with stray bullets does not pose an imminent threat to society?

The excuse that the legislature used when posting the information is that it is informative, not punitive. What is their excuse for every action taken against and prohibitions imposed on people whose sentences were done?

The entire law has to be gutted of dangling participles and each phase of new punishment has to be given a date stamp so they can know which of these actions apply to EXACTLY which individuals. Once again, they are making it easy for themselves at the expense of the families off registered citizens and protections granted all (equally) under the constitution.

Any lobbying news??

If you check California history you will see that the allowing of the petition for a Certificate of rehabilitation for the low end low level and low threat crime of the 288.(a) which is in laymen’s terms a sexually motivated touching and feeling groping and fondling of a person under 14 years of age without the use of force fear or violence and is without any sexual intercourse, sodomy , oral copulation or use of any foreign object (including one’s finger) was on the California Penal code books for almost 40 years before it was removed in the year of 1997 and why? Was it removed for true public safety issues ? not at all.
Due to some previous high profile cases and the media’s overzealous and exploitation of those cases along with a great deal of wrong, false and incorrect information and facts that made almost everything relating sex offenders and sex crimes appear much worse than it ever was (such as the so called 100,000 missing ,unaccounted for and out of compliance sexual violent predators that was to have been running amuck across America molesting, raping and killing our children that was proven to be 100 percent false along with just about everything else being made public like the stranger danger myth and the 1930s statement by the LA police chief who was lobbing to get support for his new police departments sex crime bureau of behind every minor sex offender is a potential major sex criminal. The list goes on and on. And all this caused the government and the general public to become angry, afraid , upset mad, scared, hatful and paranoid and caused for the making of new laws and removing of old laws and both were very bad, unjust, and very unreasonable.

But, if one was really and truly concerned with California’s public safety issues is the states inability to watch over close to 88,000 sex offenders and with lifetime registration that number is only going to get bigger. and bigger.
Being the 288.(a) is one of the most if not the most common sex act committed (in the world) it would seem to be quite reasonable to want to weed out these lower end, low level, low dangerous, and low threat offenders off the lifetime registration list leaving the truly dangerous to society sex offenders the true pedophiles and sexual violent predators on the list and being the predator is only 3 percent of all sex offenders the number would be lowered to a number that truly could be watched by the states law enforcement agencies in charge of such duties and at the same time would save the state’s taxpayers millions of dollars per year that could be used for much better public safety issues such as guns gangs and drugs. but this is just my opinion.

Neil B Fisher

I come on this site everyday hoping for some positive news. I pray at night for things like the tier system, expungement, and travel ability to see loved ones. But all I read is about more restrictions. It is so depressing. Why do they hate us so much. I am a good person who made a mistake. I wish I had never bought that used computer last year. I’m so tired of worrying about my future. I want to be happy for one day. I want to hold the most important person in my life and tell her I am sorry. I want to stop crying.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x