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Petition: Pardon all people arrested and coviction of Internet Sex Stings

The internet sex stings concerning the solicitation of a minor are unconstitutional and do nothing more than test the will of average law-abiding males with consensual sex. These stings do not protect anyone because teens do not typically search for adults to have sex with on adult sites. These stings are nothing more than entrapment and the courts do not see the damage nor the rights of all involved. These stings are done on adult websites where age verification is required. Law enforcement posing as minors who are posing as adults on adult websites trap innocent victims usings bait and switch techniques. Sign the Petition

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This sting was not good police work; it was entrapment. I have signed the petition. If anyone wants some encouragement read the comments on the petition page. It’s nice to see more people finally seeing the truth about these destructive, unconstitutional, worthless and unjust laws.

This is how I ended up on the registry. LE was in a chat room soliciting for males to contact them. When I did they kept sending me messages and playing to my vanity, telling me I was cute and funny. As this continued over a couple of weeks, a meeting was set up and the rest is history. I’ve never hurt anyone or forced anyone to do anything. I was lucky to get an expungement which has helped me gain employment but the DA filed an appeal so that is in limbo. My only hope is that the 6th… Read more »

Similar for me, except I kept saying I believed the person was a cop. They would ask me to expose myself on cam for them, to which I replied for them to do it first. THAT is what they got me on…not trying to meet, but soliciting a “minor” to expose herself. Pretty pathetic when they disregard that I kept saying they were law enforcement, which the investigator acknowledged when questioning me but wss mysteriously deleted from chat texts when it went to court.

How long did you have to wait to get yours expunged?

I started the process about a year after I got off probation. It took about 4 months before the case actually made it before a judge. The judge ruled in my favor based off People vs. Lewis in the 4th district in 2006. However I am in the 6th district and the DA is appealing the expungement on the basis that the 4th district ruled incorrectly in the Lewis case and that an attempt is the same as the actual crime. I can’t see how state law can be interpreted one way in the 4th district and another way in… Read more »

I would think that an empathetic lawmaker could draft a good bill that could effectively ban law enforcement from ADULT chat rooms/internet sites and make law enforcement produce age verification when they do choose to make more victims. I know some of these sting convictions have been overturned and found by the courts to be entrapment, just doubt if it was California.

My lawyer said that entrapment is pretty much a myth. Law Enforcement is pretty much allowed to say or do anything to entice you.

California law enforcement is allowed by the courts to do anything they want(proven in Fullerton last week in the Kelly Thomas verdict).

This has hurt so many family, with this entrapment. they manifacturing a crime and then
arrest them for it. so unfair and it start in a adult chat room which i dont understand that at all.
The laws in usa need to be review and changes . i think that the politcians are the blame for all this. How can they write a law that is unconstitutional
I just dont understand this at all.

Just wanted to let you know that I do believe we are close to shutting down these ICAC stings in Florida, but actually the same tactics are being used throughout the entire country which are littered with illegalities. It has not been an easy fight as I am sure you are aware but we have made much progress. Please visit our site at We know these operations from the inside out for the most part and there have been many that have joined in for this worthy cause. Also, if anyone has any media contacts, let us know. I… Read more »

I got busted in 2004. I was in an “Adult” chat room. They cops set up the meeting at a bowling alley. I have bipolar and social anxiety disorder. At the time, I was having a manic episode. I called bowling alley and told them to tell the “girl” I wasn’t coming. A female officer got on the phone pretending to be the “girl”; begging me to meet her cause she had no way home, And she just needed a ride. The police removed all my belongings from my girlfriend’s house and destroyed them even though I requested them to… Read more »

Mostly this is borderline entrapment and i have seen innocent people also started to think as pedophiles. So please stop this way and implement some other way where the police officer never initiates things like I like older people… and all those

Here is a recommendation for you individuals that truly feel that the ICAC Task Force members conducted an illegal DoJ approved ICAC Program internet sex sting that ENTRAPPED you. You need to run your case all the way to jury selection and even trial and force your public defenders (PDs) or private defense attorneys (PDAs) to submit every possible Motion (Suppress, Double Jeopardy, Dismiss, Dismiss L&L, Compel (all evidence, ICAC Investigative and Operational Standards employed in the operation, Sting Operational Plan, copies of the operational briefing, copy of the States MOU with DOJ ICAC Program Manager), etc, etc.) to the… Read more »

Just want everyone to know where to report violations of DoJ, OJJDP, ICAC Program Investigative and Operational Standards and the sex sting Operational Plan. The Program Manager is Mr. Scott Pestridge in DoJ OJJDP. His is supported by Jeffery Gersh, and Jeff Slowikowsk. Also ensure that you cc: DoJ, IG and DoJ Special Litigations Offices. Forward your complaints in word or .pdf formats. Ensure that you address the ICAC Task Force names, dates, and submit your chats and texts and most importantly are the undercover agents’ depositions. Before you send anything do a good analysis of your text and cross… Read more »

Thank you for the valuable information you’ve posted here.

Our attorney (when I asked about entrapment) informed us that “Entrapment laws” do not apply in cases involving sex offenses with minors. The original charge was worded with “intent” in it. They also tagged an additional felony charge that could have resulted in a 15-25 year incarceration in state prison. If we did not take the deal, he could have gone to prison for the intent of committing a crime. After accepting the plea, we realized that the “Charges were amended” to read that he actually set up a meeting for the express purpose of committing a sex act with… Read more »

@ Hannah Grace; Another good posting and what you’ve written seems to be the case of many internet stings. The scenario is typical and usually goes like this: 1. Police make initial contact through a chat room. Initial contact is the bait because police claim to be a “college” student, then ask one to go to private chat. 2. In the private chat police will ask the sucker if he likes younger girls, which is generally followed by a yes. 3. Police then reveal that they’re somewhere in the 14 yr old range, not really in college. 4. The conversations… Read more »

Same thing happened to my friend. they said they lost initial chats and DA still filed charges.

I have a friend that recently got arrested for online solicitation of a minor. We are located in Texas so I hope that isn’t an issue with this group. Anyway, my friend had recently lost his mother to cancer and had been in a severe depression and was going to a therapist for the depression and severe apathy. He regularly posts ads on Craigslist seeking adult females. In all the research we have done we find that his case seems different from all the others as the police contacted him through his adult ad. And it was an ADULT AD,… Read more »

Laura a very similar thing happened to me. With anything online and especially on craigslist you always have extreme doubt that the person will be real. I had a guy say that he was letting guys do things with his kids. I responded trying to test him to see how real he was. He seemed to be real but I still had a lot of doubt. I was also severely depressed and just wanted to get out of the house and even the city I am in. So I agreed to meet him mostly to see if he is real.… Read more »

I agree with all that sign this petition as these internet sex stings go to far and are unconstitutional and out of balance. There are character issues at play plus the fact that people are on adult chat site’s. Common sense would tell you if a person was actually looking for a teenage person they would go to a teen chat site. These stings affect those ensnared in this fools parade when they test the limits of regular law abiding citizens. The police do not care how far they go in this game of cat and mouse. I have written… Read more »

I have seen with my eyesinnocent people also started to think as pedophiles who got caught. So please stop this way and implement some other way where the police officer never initiates things like I like older people… and all those. And police officers make others feel like they are chatting with adults with the way police officers chat. These stings just make some innocents life dead.

As people said, these stings making people pedophiles rather than catching the actual ones. Cops can use their resources to catch actual ones, but as the sex stings are easy way to catch people (Mostly weak minded innocents/stupids), they are using these stings to bump up their cases. If having a weak mind is a crime, then all cops need to do is set up stings. This is really clear picture of a adult cop using all his brains to talk and entice some one. Who in the world as a real 12 year says i love to have sex… Read more »

I want to update my comments I made last year. The devil is a deceiver and the father of all lies. Now if one looks at this these internet sting operations in a Christian perspective they are the one’s deceiving and it is shocking. There is no warning or protecting when it comes right down to it. Who are they protecting. Are they serving God or Man? They will do all they can to trap and bait you get you off guard or badger you once they feel your weakness and gullibility. Final note they can’t play God and be… Read more »

James you make a good update statement in this article. Yes I also see my full name on here also and yes we all need to end much of this registry by internet inducement as it is effecting ones personal life, family life, and even the vigilant ordeals around the country. Even with today with this Black rights matter issue. And yes Blacks have just as much rights at the Indians and any other races. While I’m sure California is not easy on crimes or internet ordeals. These ordeals are out of line in many biblical views. True just and… Read more »

I was going threw some majors changes in life majors neck fusions c-2 vs C-7 going threw chemical- medical embalance consist fluid in the brain. Depression that can be dangerous after sugery met a female she was lying on line signed a disclaimer while i was medicated and she really hurt my heart my soul and it changes for life when you know your not a sex offender. I wish they would or could pardon my case because female munipulate males all the time. Its the most scariest thing you could imagine your scarred for life. please help me get… Read more »

Get RID of these sting operations. We are in Missouri, and my husband was recently entrapped by police officials who don’t even have their S*** together. We have been in HELL for the past seven months, thanks to these asshole “law enforcement” officers. What is unusual about his case is 1) the “sting operation” wasn’t even really a full operation. My husband was the ONLY one caught and made an example of. Plus, in the discovery of evidence, the investigators had not recorded the 20 minute conversation. They stated that the “recording device was not working properly.” 2) this “operation”… Read more »

I have been registering since 2006 after initially entering a plea to one count of F.S. 847.0138 (2001) by information at sentencing in 2002 the ASA and the judge stipulated on the record that the intent of the agreement was that I was not going to be a sex offender or sexual predator, again the same stipulation was made on a technical violation of probation in 2003 and directed DOC not to treat me as such. I was released from prison in 2006 a couple of months before my release I was called up to prison classification where I was… Read more »

My son has been caught up in this trap. He was doing very well in life, well educated and successful. Now his life and reputation is ruined. He honestly thought he was role playing with an adult woman. How can this be allowed to happen in our country?

This Memorandum for Proper Tactics and Rules of Engagement is According to the United States Department of Justice Federal Training Manual for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Undercover Online Chat Training Course and the following Rules are Mandated: 1.) Law Enforcement Officers Shall not use and are Prohibited from using Online Dating Websites for Consenting Adults. 2.) Law Enforcement Officers Shall not use and are Prohibited from using Online Instant Messaging Chatrooms for Consenting Adults. 3.) Law Enforcement Officers Shall not use and are Prohibited using Adult Profiles of the Age of 18 Years Old and Older on… Read more »

Sir, thank you for the information provided in your post. Is there any way you could send me a copy of the manual. My brother had a psychotic break related to PTSD in the Army. He purposely found a local sting operation and had his self arrested as he was afraid of hurting himself or others. Based on what you said above, 4 of those guidelines have been violated. This document would be very helpful in his case. Thanks again. my email is

Scott please post doj link you found that info

did you get a copy of those mandates?? i need them

I can’t find the manual to which these rules exist. All I know is is where that listing is found. She also cannot find the specific manual either.

I’ve opened up several pdf files and used the search function, but nada.

If someone can find this list with a site link, then that would do wonders for so many people.

Please, how or where can I get a copy of the manual where you found the excerpt you posted?

I knew I was on here several years ago back in 2014. Guess we all have been on here a good while. Yes we all have talked about entraptment and yes as Janice has said in many of her articles “Let my people go” or its time to banish the registry, and in many ways she’s right and so is Chance when he has talked about repentance in one of the video’s so Chance has a constructive view on this type of evil justice. . Yes several of you guys are right on here and well it is very rare… Read more »

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