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Sex offender fights registry by registering his registerers [updated]

UPDATED with related story

If nothing else, ____ ____ is not your typical ex-con.

At first glance, he looks like the model returning citizen: After serving more than a decade in prison, ____, 70, returned to the District, started a gallery for prison art and ran for mayor.

… So, for his latest act, ____ has decided to protest his treatment by creating his own online data base and registering the people who monitor him at the sex offender registry. Full Article

Related: Dennis Sobin Has a Registery for People Who Register Sex Offenders (and He Included His Son on It)

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I wholly support this man and the next time I have to register, the LE who handles it in my area will be having his picture taken and sent to the man who runs this website. I have had the idea of creating a website which would essentially be a “law enforcement registry” since police carry guns, mace, and tasers which could be used to commit crimes against children.

hi One Day at a Time; I’ll bet you would like the post “Who Really Commits New Sex Crimes?” on this site shows that a cop is more likely to harm a kid than a RSO.

Indeed, unfortunately I firmly believe that the VAST MAJORITY OF LAW ENFORCEMENT are sociopaths with savior complexes at best and psychopaths at worse. They are the ones who should be watched more closely!

Nice; really nice, and we need one here in the stupid state, California. The section of the web site “about earlier registries” and “witch lists” have a striking similarity to what is going on today.

Why isn’t the Orange County DA at the top of this list?

He’s on already on the Douchebag registry which supersedes all others.

Hmmm… a Constitutional Offenders registry…so we all know who has offended the Constitution and can take appropriate actions to protect it.

Hi Tim; I think that is a GREAT idea. There could be a section with two or three rows comparing the constitution and bill of rights with laws that go against these two documents. There could be other sections educating the public on the true nature of these unjust laws and practices, as well as a section dedicated to showing how these laws totally screw up the lives of innocent children of registrants and teach other children to hate. And then a section with numbers proving the ineffective nature of the registry and all associated laws. The site could also… Read more »

I like this guy. That’s some real grit!

I am all for this. This is exactly what can be used to fight these registries. My only issue is that he is using the website to insult or say hostile remarks towards the people that he posts about. In my opinion, this can be very counter productive and give anyone who tried to shut down the website some “slack” by doing so. It should be listed with facts. Since they list where we live and where we work, we can do the same. They are public figures after all. One can also list every single bit that they have… Read more »

@ Justice For All – Please notify CA RSOL when you have determined the costs of establishing such a website for this state. We may be able to make a small “investment” in that project.

I have long thought of creating a politicians against the constitution registry….hmmm

not much

let see it would cost
under 20 for domain name

$20.00 a month for a good hosting

add wordpress like this one
or wiki (free)

add membership file
I like to use

since there are many bored RSO here it can be a success!

Hi nathan;
DO IT! And take a look at my post at the top of this thread to see if you like any of my ideas for additional site content beyond the “offenders list”. They deserve their own registry! HA HA HA!

I don’t know much about creating web sites, beyond using a template, but I can do tasks if I am given a little instruction.

start with
don’t buy domain name
just start there
leave a link somewhere and
we can link to each other.

OK. Anyone started this? I created a blog site for this, but haven’t set it up yet. Now what?

Let’s Do it, 1st amendment & all,,, I’m a pretty good Photographer. I Think there should be a registry of ALL Officials that support this registry being public & call it the “Officially Inhumane Officials” . They Destroy the American families @ the Core. My Hats Off to This Guy.

This needs to include all constitutional violators and not just “a politicians for the registry website” or else nobody will care. We need to think of other things like politicians who want to take away gun rights…etc.. that’s an example not a suggestion.

Yes, the Constitution is a whole package. It applies to all.

JANICE–This is a fantastic idea !!! HOWEVER, we ALL have to act VERY quick…Beating the politicians to the punch is KEY !!! Politicians will work OVERTIME to get this BANNED. GET THE word OUT SO THEY CANNOT stop us !!! THX

Ironically, one of the first places where our point of view is actually being considered is from New York. A year ago, after the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy, a newspaper put out a “sex offender registry-like” clickable map of all the registered gun owners in the county. This infuriated many people, many who were scared for their own families as they felt threatened for being exposed! A court forced the paper to shut it down, but I’m sure many conservatives’ views were altered when they saw how exposed they felt their FAMILY was, not just themselves. I myself am torn… Read more »

Ditto. At least I was punished for my faults. My family is being punished because they support the good in me.

Anyone please add to this. Someone who has a greater grasp of the issues or anyone who has ideas please share. This is very rough. “Politician Abuse of The Constitution Registry” MISSION STATEMMENT ABOUT US: We are a group of concerned Americans who feel the ideals of our forefathers have been severely eroded in regards to our constitution that this great country was founded. Whether it’s the freedom to bear arms, a women’s right to choose, the right to privacy or equal protection … We feel politicians have taken the constitution and have twisted it for there own benefit (or… Read more »

@ Steve: Very Good, Now if We can add that it is the “Families” Of Americans destroyed By Public Registries It becomes More Plural. Or We could ask for All Registries to be Banned due to Public Persecution & Social Vigilantism Meted out on Innocent Family Members like the gun registry site mentioned above Was took down due to being targeted for what ever. I say any Public web site that displays ANY personal details that has and could lead to persecution after the price was paid? Deemed Illegal Period. still waiting on that XXX solar flare all else fails… Read more »

& Not Being Irrational Helps but what is happening is being ALLOWED TO HAPPEN! Is That Rational thinking? I think Not! Fight Fire with,,,,?

The Only People Who do not like Transparency are those with something to hide! Who was it that said that? Hmmmm I Vaguely Can’t Remember;-)

Anyone who wants to can send me some nominees for Constitutional offenders. That’s a start. I’ll see what I can do. I have a site to fill. Get some information first and then see how to organize it. Only thing, I don’t want to throw my email out there. I guess we can keep doing it through this forum. Any tech savvy got any ideas on how to communicate on this project?

Yes I do, How about We set up a public SO forum “Seminars” & get paid to tell people How They can Prevent sexual abuse in their homes & on the street while educating them in mass on the Myths & Facts as well as explain the How of Politics what role they play & how IT WILL EFFECT THEM! A sexual abuse seminar for the public as consults. honey not vinegar. I think it would be very impressive to have Our Own give public service with prevention & education in mind. Janice Could I do it actually have a… Read more »

The Sheep Just Got a New Guard Dog & it is a very well trained, underestimated, Misunderstood Trust worthy WOLF. Now Who wants to Join the Pack & Prove Your selves by Fire? We have already been persecuted, prosecuted & Hunted it is time to hit them in their six & watch them go into a smokin’ ground bound spiral with their ailerons & tail full of holes…” figuratively speakin’ of course..;-) I Know it would work I’ll Go First I said send Me to the Front I will Lead By example those willing to fallow & learn to Fly… Read more »

I’m all in about this sex registry thing as I believe its nothing more than a black list of sinners and I’m sure we all have sin at least the last time I counted I still had sin. Its degrading and keeps people from seeking work, should I go on. Bruce, Tim, and Janice and all you people, you are right about America and we need to get back to our original Constitution. American government has lost there roots. When they took pray out of school that was a start of a downfall. When they took God out of America… Read more »

Your leper analogy is right on, because that is how I felt in an interview for a job. I thought being honest would show my good character. Instead, the woman looked quickly from side to side like looking for an escape route, brushed the skin on her arm where I had shaken her hand, then cut the interview short and left the room.

“It is essential for this group to have strong attorney (s). Also there will very likely be be
internal imposters to the cause against change.”

“Hitler turned the German economy around and started to make what could have been the greatest nation in the world. But he began making mistakes almost from the very beginning. He turned too many people who might have followed him to the ends of the earth for a truly just cause. And he exterminated people who would have served and admired him for what could have been good and not evil. He was very lucky, he was in a position of power to do truly good for mankind. His thinking was totally wrong and it undermined him. He could have… Read more »

That’s an interesting perspective. It’s hard not to view dictators who have committed atrocities as purely evil people, instead of seeing that if their flaws weren’t so great, their skills could have been used to the betterment of humanity.

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