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PA: Woman on Megan’s Law list, who never committed sex crime, breaks down

McKEES ROCKS, Pa. — A woman on the Megan’s Law list, even though she never committed a sex crime, broke down while talking to Channel 11 Friday. “I am not a sex offender.  I would never hurt a child,” said ____ ____.

 ____ was in tears as she was about to face a judge in McKees Rocks for failing to register as a sex offender.  Police said she moved without notifying state police. Four years ago, ____ was convicted of interference with custody of children. That crime falls under the newest version of Megan’s Law, and ____ must register as a real sex offender. Full Article

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So much information missing here. I can only guess that she willfully placed a child in danger of being molested by someone considered as a dangerous sex offender.
There’s a right way to do things and a wrong way. Perhaps she chose the wrong way?

We all know that these laws violate ex post facto punishment protections. Now they are pulling peripheral crimes into the net. Sex sells. Crime sells. Sex & Crime is a blockbuster for all politicos left, right and center!

That fills in loads for the 10% satisfaction rating on doing the job of actually running the government.

AS, ***no name calling, please – Moderator***
If this women was young and pretty, she would have never been charged.
But because she is older and poor, she is ripe for their pickings.
I do agree that the article doesn’t state clearly what exactly she did, however, in my opinion, she doesn’t seem to qualify to be listed on the hit list, along with thousands of others.

The article says

“Four years ago, Balogh was convicted of interference with custody of children. That crime falls under the newest version of Megan’s Law, and Balogh must register as a real sex offender.”

She goes on to say

““Seventeen years of probation for not doing anything but trying to help a little boy that was in diaper and just a pair of socks?” Balogh questioned the ramifications.”

Perhaps she tried to keep a child from a mother that was not entirely prepared or able to care for the child and the mother brought in the police.

The most disturbing part of the article is the words “newest version of Megan’s Law”. I have not heard anything about a new version of this! I must conclude that “megans law” is so valuable to the politicians and police, as well as the prison industrial complex that they are modifying it to expand and include other “crimes” that are not of a sexual nature, just as they did with pictures and depictions; I believe this includes writings also, although I could be mistaken, but I don’t think so.

Truly; I wish R.S.O.L. had a few wealthy benefactors that would allow the fight against this lunacy to be ramped up a few notches. I think it is totally insane that these people in power can apparently make something so just because they say it is. This is nothing less than turning truth into lies and lies into truth. It’s depressing to have to acknowledge that most of America and the world, for that matter, does not seem to have the ability to differentiate the true from the false in these peoples/politicians statements, and the rest are apathetic. part of me is ashamed to admit that I fell into the apathetic category until my life was directly affected by the injustices facilitated by these laws; the other part of me is grateful that being placed on the registry has made me aware of the dishonesty that has thoroughly infected this society, which has compelled me to do my bit to change this, small as it is; I believe every little bit helps. I would prefer to escape from the U.S.A. But I cannot, so I will continue to fight and educate myself. And anyone reading this would be remiss to forget that knowledge is power. We must arm ourselves with the facts if we are to protect ourselves.

Here in PA they decided to upgrade and expand Megans Law. All kinds of new things are considered sex offenses. You almost become a sex offender if you sneeze and don’t cover your mouth. Here is an article I found talking about some of it.–the-retroactivity-of-pas-megans-law

Hi Sub;
I just read the article and I find Pennsylvania’s newest version of Megan’s Law truly frightening. I do not know who all the people are that come up with this trash; they may have been born in America, and they may live in America, but they sure as the sun sets in the west NOT American. How could they be? Look at what they do! This goes for the judges from the supreme court on down to the county level that support this kind of Nazi thinking and logic. They may have supported some good things in the past, but they show their true colors when they support and endorse this kind of injustice. Anyone that thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

Pennsylvania has the highest per capita of Neo-Nazis in the country. Are you starting to get the picture?

A few wealthy benefactors? I feel every church in America that espouse The Gospel of
Grace should be the benefactors! I am in a men’s study group at church and one of my
brothers in that group is a billionaire. He is extremely well versed in scripture but as with most pastor’s that lack being able to give an argument against Grace comes up with the reasoning of consequences. Really? We need to hold our clergy accountable to their beliefs and what they preach. There is a truth stated by E.M. Bounds: Money is the lowest form of power; the highest form of power is fervent prayer. I don’t think our churches are praying much because they are so far off the mark in regards to Grace and standing against the popular evil of having a sex offender registry. The registry is a LIVING DEATH it is Evil and it is Wrong. TRUTH

Hi Robert Curtis;

Agreed; Most of the preachers/one verse Charlies should take heed to God’s word, especially because it is documented that judgment starts at the pulpit. I believe most of the preachers do not really have a grasp of the Bible because (have you ever heard the term “something lost in the translation?) they must have an understanding of the Greek, palio Hebrew and Aramaic to truly know what that Book says. Fortunately for me and many others, there are a couple of books that do the translation for you, and you do not have to be able to speak the language to use them. They are invaluable tools for the deeper Bible student. If you are interested in these books, let me know.

This is what happens when you have slippery slopes. Eventually people slip and slide down them!!!!!
Sadly, we’re going to see more and more crap like this. But, maybe this will be what it takes for people to WAKE UP!!!!!

Call me sick, but it does make me happy to see that what myself and others have always said is now coming to light. Crimes that have no element of sexual deviance seem to now be crimes that are register-able offenses. I’ve been a target of hate for so long now, what i use to feel as pain of seeing others join the registry has turned into that of pleasure. I don’t see the “crimes” anymore. I only see more people joining the fight to change the stupid laws. Now with the registries being so large… i can’t tell who’s who among any list. If i can’t… who can? Nobody.

I feel the only way to get people to wake up, is to have it affect them too. Eventually society will have to either accept the control over their lives by the government, or they will stand up and fight back after realizing these crazy sex offender laws are not really to protect a single child.

Hi Jason Wilson;
I can see what you are saying. Already there is close to one million registrants. So simple logic say’s that there are several million family members, including children experiencing nothing but negative in their lives because of the registry and all associated laws. The numbers are getting so great that soon we victims of these injustices will be an overwhelming force. Already we are making much progress all across this once great land with the help of some great attorneys. If these changes catch on I would expect our numbers to swell over the next several years. Perhaps then society will pull themselves away from their TV’s and tunnel vision self focus and stand up and take notice of what is being done to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. What makes me sad is that these terrorists that push these laws that have no business being law in America will in all likelihood never be held accountable for their treasonous act’s, not in this life anyway.

So this guy here used to be the poster child for this sort of thing.

MAN GRABS GIRL’S ARM – NOW HE’S A SEX OFFENDER, Driver’s chastisement of 14-year-old who walked in front of car earns stigma

I was never really sure whether or not to believe this story. Looks like he is not the only one.

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