Anaheim, Grand Terrace Suspend Enforcement of Sex Offender Ordinances

The cities of Anaheim and Grand Terrace have agreed to suspend enforcement of sex offender ordinances that prohibit registered citizens from visiting public parks and other recreational areas. The cities reached this agreement with California RSOL after the organization notified them of recent appellate court decisions that such ordinances were preempted by state law and therefore could not be lawfully enforced.

“These agreements are significant victories for registered citizens throughout the state of California,” stated CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci. “They will allow more than 105,000 citizens, their family members and friends to enjoy the recreational opportunities in those cities.”

“City ordinances that restrict the presence of registered citizens are based upon several myths including the myth of stranger danger,” stated CA RSOL board member Charlene Steen. “The facts are that more than 90 percent of sexual assaults upon children are perpetrated by family members, teachers, coaches and members of the clergy.”

California RSOL sent letters to 72 cities on January 20 notifying them of the recent decisions made by the California Court of Appeal which declared void the presence restrictions adopted by both Orange County and the City of Irvine. The letters demanded that the remaining cities with such ordinances repeal them within 60 days or be faced with the possibility of a legal challenge.
Since issuance of the demand letter, more than 10 cities have agreed either to repeal or stay enforcement of their ordinances until the California Supreme Court decided whether to grant review of the Court of Appeal decisions.

“We are prepared to file a lawsuit in federal district court on March 24 challenging the ordinance of one city that has failed to repeal or stayed enforcement of its ordinance,” stated Bellucci. “Additional lawsuits are expected to be filed if cities continue to violate the constitution by enforcing ordinances which prohibit registered citizens from visiting parks, beaches and other recreational areas.”

City of Anaheim
City of Anaheim


City of Grand Terrace - p1
City of Grand Terrace – p1


City of Grand Terrace - p2
City of Grand Terrace – p2

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Wow!!! This is amazing!!!

Politicians will soon learn to wear metal cover-plates for their behinds around Janice.. she’s got a nasty habit of whooping A$$.

Yes!This is great. Let’s keep moving forward!

Another great success. THANK YOU Janice! You are the best!

Janice you Rock!!! Thank You so much, this means a lot to my family and many others.

Excellent news. Now they’re running scared!

Awesome job, Janice!

Thank you Janice on behalf of my son. I know you, Frank and others are putting in long hours. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

Me, my son and our dogs went to the Park after being denied for two years. It felt oh so good !! I can’t believe that we can visit again, I feel like a regular citizen once again. When the law came in affect It seemed so unfair but as a RSO I felt as though there was nothing I can do. Today I can hang my head a little higher and exercise more and let my dogs run for their health. Thanks again Janice you are helping us live a better life one battle at a time.

Good news! El Centro is jumping on this bandwagon as well, they’ve repealed their own ordinances too!

Does anyone know where we can get a list of cities and their position on this?

There are many issues involved here. The sovereign right of a parent (any parent) to be with their child in public places is mandated not just by natural law (a mother bear even has the right to be with her cubs) but also spiritual law and Constitutional law. The reason for having a sex offender registry was for the worst of the worst (child molesters and rapist) but if someone is deemed so bad then why are they even amongst us? Why do we have parole and probation departments? Is it not to ensure those that get out of prisons and jails are safe to be in society? Registered sex offenders are put into programs of accountability and therapy that make them walk a thin line. While they are on parole or probation I can understand them being on a sex offender registry. One that anyone could access through their local sheriff’s department, but that’s not the case. Today anyone can get the registrant’s address and come into their homes and kill them and their family (which has been done). So, the Sex Offender Registry is a form of Living Death that instills fear. Where are we in pre-1945 Germany? Hitler would be proud. The right of a parent to be with their child is the most fundamental of rights. If we resolve to remove such rights from any parent and do nothing to fight for that right we ourselves deserve the kind of state of affairs given by tyrants. The registrant’s child safety is put at risk not to allow their parent to be with them in public places. A parent is the first line of protection for a child. To remove that element violates every right of not just the parent but that of the child also. The Supreme Court says to register is not punitive but regulatory. Really? What can be more punitive than not to allow a parent to be with their child? The registry itself has gotten way out of hand that it would dare go this far. The registered sex offender has become today’s new Whipping Boy for votes and politicians line up to add lashes to them with every harmful requirement put against them and the public will gladly applause it. The Constitution was put in place to protect the Rights of the few from the actions of the many. We have ignored that Constitution in the past due to following what was popular and not that which was right. First it was native Americans, then Japanese Americans put in interment camps, the Communist list by McCarthism, the plight of African Americans in slavery but who dares to stand against doing harm to registered sex offenders? No preacher, no politician and few judges (thank God for the few judges). Proverbs 16:25 says, there is a way to a man that seems right but the end thereof is the ways of death (destruction). What feeds the fervor is the feeling of insecurity Americans have. They’re not attending to their own children by being to busy on their I-phones and computers while junior is in his room being taken care of by the porn-site babysitter. Parents aren’t in control so what better way than to outwardly blame and rip into some without face demonized villain (the registered sex offender)? Again remember these people have done their time, probation and therapy. Then there’s the fear mongering media that leaves us all out in the cold. Where there is no trust in law enforcement, our government or anyone else. So, those that govern fight to make it just one more day by appeasing the populous by tougher and tougher laws. before it’s all over we’ll have a country no one wants and no one has the backbone or know how to change. Let’s start now by ending the registry. Have a backbone and do what is right not what is popular. TRUTH