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Recently identified Fresno sex offender murdered

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Days after a Fresno man was identified as a sex offender, he turned up dead. Now, two people will stand trial for his murder. ____ ____ was stabbed to death in Sept. 2012, just days after a sex offender sweep.

An autopsy showed ____ was stabbed 58 times before his body was dumped near Chandler Airport. When U.S. Marshals and local police went door-to-door tracking sex offenders, ____ ____ was right where they expected him. The sting apparently blew his cover, though, and made him a target. Full Article

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I believe the Fresno law enforcement group who went door-to-door should bear legal responsibility for this murder, as well as the perpetrators. Where is the ACLU and other agencies who should be objecting to these “shows of strength?” They accomplish nothing for public safety but cause great danger to registrants and their families, property, etc. This article is proof, and it’s certainly not the first of its kind! The “sting” was nothing but a publicity stunt to justify the existence of the gestapo and this man has given his life for their “stunt!”

In that area of town, cops are about as popular as the roaches.
I can only guess that this was a show of support for the community.
But you’re right, every listed citizen should have the right to be safe from danger and those who would place them in harm’s way must stand accountable.

Actually, I just noticed that the story is from 2012. I did followup searches on Berrera, Perez, and the registrant’s name, but I couldn’t find any disposition to this case. Amazing, this case is still cold, and the media has buttoned up on it.

I will make some phone calls to local media and see if there is anything that has transpired.

I’m concerned the author said it was a “sting” operation. Was this a fail to register case, or was this a case of stirring up public antipathy against a former offender?

Hi Tim:

Here’s what the article says.

“When U.S. Marshals and local police went door-to-door tracking sex offenders, Lawrence Ballesteros was right where they expected him. The sting apparently blew his cover, though, and made him a target.”

The author uses the word “sting” in place of “compliance check”; probably because he is too stupid to realize or see that it’s the “compliance check” that facilitated this murder.

They were doing compliance checks that they have no mandate saying they must do, and there is no law that says they have to do compliance checks.

And now an innocent man is dead; stabbed 58 times and nobody is taking responsibility for causing this murder because of something the police have taken upon themselves to do.

What a horrible way to die, and just because the cops came around looking for a reason to arrest this man; that’s all compliance checks are about; no matter what they say, all they are doing is looking for ANYTHING they can arrest the registrant for.

It doesn’t take an genius to see this sort of thing can happen when the cops come around uninvited, or when they start talking to your neighbors around halloween, putting you on front street and making you even more of a target. This and other reasons is why I refuse to participate in the cops BS, and I think every registrant should refuse to participate because, among other things, compliance checks are life threatening.

facilitate: to make easier : help bring about

Great comment, Q. Besides the practical aspect of the checks, that they can lead to your injury or death, I oppose the compliance checks mainly on principles of fairness. Who are they to come to my house and assume I have something to hide? They know nothing of my life and what I intend to do or not do. They have a label, that’s all. Viewing me as a label disrespects my humanity and disrepects those I live with.

Hi Tim:

So true and well said. I’ve been doing some reading and I legally satisfy all registration requirements each year when I unwillingly go to the sheriff’s station and unwillingly submit to the registration process. I intend to continue to not answer the door, and when and if I do decide to answer the door I fully intend to legally do everything to not participate.

That means they are trespassing (got sign’s now), and “NO, you can’t come onto the property”, and I will not sign anything, and any questions after I show my ID (if they even ask for it, which they never do) will have to go through my attorney because “I don’t want to have a dialog or any kind of verbal exchange with you at this time.” And “NO, I’m not going to give you permission to come into the house either,” and “yes, we can stand here all day and night because I have all the time in the world now that the registry has made me virtually unemployable despite my skills and experience.”

There’s a part of me that hopes I get attacked or arrested for exercising my rights that will enable me to get compliance checks contested in a court of law. But I do need to get security cameras and sign’s first. I don’t want to get beat up or arrested, but compliance checks are BS and need to stop because they do in fact make you an even more visible target and put your life in jeopardy. There’s no protection for us unless it comes from us.

PC 290 requires you to present acceptable ID at the time of your annual registration. There is nothing that suggests you are required to show ID at any other time or place based on your status as a registrant.

As a matter of fact, there was a case a few years ago where a registrant sued I believe the City of Long Beach over just that and prevailed. I am sure you can find it on the internets.

Edited to add: there was a bill with language to that effect a few years ago. The requirement to present ID at one’s residence was specifically stricken from the bill that was eventually passed. see here: – SB-756 Sex offender registration.(2011-2012) / History, Version 3/25/11 Amended Senate

(d) The person shall present proof of residence upon request by a law enforcement agency investigating compliance with the requirements of this Act.

Hi Joe:

That’s why they never ask for any kind of identification. Since all registration requirements are satisfied at the time of annual registration these compliance checks are BS. When they came to my residence they got nothing, except my license plate number; and they won’t get that next time because I’m not required to give it to them except at the annual registration. I learned that from you 🙂

Anyone wonder why I’m so anti compliance check? There are other reasons, but murder is on the top of the list of reasons why I’m so anti compliance check.

Now this is reassuring…living in the Fresno area. Another reminder to all of us, watch your back, don’t let down your guard.

CA RSOL commends the prosecution of two individuals charged with the vigilante murder of this registered citizen. Registered citizens are being targeted by vigilantes just because they are registered citizens. The attacks are often based upon the mistaken belief that they pose a current danger to society. Those who attack fail to understand that the sex offender registry includes individuals who have committed a broad range of offenses, from sexting and streaking to violent rape. They also fail to understand that most registered citizens in California are required to register for their lifetime which means that many registered citizens offended more than 20 years ago. This registered citizen is just one of many who have been brutally murdered by vigilantes. He joins Michael Dodele (2007), Bobby Ray Rainwater (2012) and Donald Crisp (2013). This violence must stop and its prosecutions such as these that will help it stop.

I will contact a reporter who may wish to do a story on this type of vigilantism. Do you mind if I reference you as a contact?

Hi Tim:

I think it would be great if the public was made more aware of the threat of vigilantism we live with day in and day out, for the rest of our lives. I’m getting more scared of this as I get older. Have you noticed that most of the murdered victims of vigilantes are usually of an age where it’s not as easy to protect themselves as it might once have been?

I think the whole public registry thing needs to stop, as well as the one size fit’s all sentencing; that needs to stop too. Both have proven themselves to be counterproductive. And besides, I thought good laws were supposed to keep people safe, not get them murdered.

Here’s my experience with Fresno County, City and neighboring Clovis;
tires slashed two times, garage windows shot out, house egged, telephone death threat.

The law enforcement response…coincidental, not related. Called local sheriff’s office, filed a complaint about the death threat, no follow up, no response.

So I can’t arm myself, I can’t protect myself, can’t legally carry pepper spray, BUT, since I work on homes, I do have wasp and hornet spray with me, shoots 20+ feet, a lot shorter than a bullet, but a lot longer than a knife. Watch your backs out there.

I was a victim of a armed home invasion so I installed security cameras. But since I am on probation I was told I can not have them up. They say it is their policy of no security cameras. I guess they don’t want me to know when they are approaching my home.

I was not aware that a felon (assuming that is the pertinent condition here) was not allowed to carry pepper spray – even a little can clearly designed for self defense. Shocking!

Hi mch:

Wasp and hornet spray is the most awesome idea I think I’ve heard!! I also work on homes and I live on a large property where wasps, hornet & bee’s, as well as a host of other flying critters can be a problem. I’m stopping at the Chinese home improvement center (Home Depot) when I head into town today to get a few cans for my truck and strategic locations around the property. THANKS!!!! GREAT IDEA!!!!


I just called the news desk, who indicated that Berrera and Perez are on trial for the murder, and they are undergoing jury selection. I mistook the story earlier as if the crime just occurred, rather than jury selection for the alleged murderers.

So the trial is just starting. I can’t seem to navigate to the case for Berrara or Perez, so maybe someone here can get better luck.

F12907515 Barrera David Atty: Gerald Schwab
in custody DA#: 2012H29744
No Booking: JID#: 0310702 Jury Trial JT

Time out is 4/14; 10 day est. DDA: Jeff Dupras
F12907515 Perez Patricia Atty: Mark Siegel
in custody DA#: 2012H29744
No Booking: JID#: 0093122 Jury Trial JT

Time out is 4/14; 10 day est. DDA: Jeff Dupras

If they are convicted of MURDERING this person they will most likely be released at some point. They will not have to be placed on any published list will they? The state should be sued and the I have no idea why the ACLU is mention time and time again when they have really done nothing for RSO when clear cut violations of rights are occurring with RSO!

Hi Tired Of Hiding:

Each time a registrant gets murdered it is an insult to truth & honesty. But the norm for society today seems to be lacking those two qualities.

It seems to me that the registrant’s family could sue the county and/or state for wrongful death by having a registry that is accessed publicly that doesn’t require ID of those making requests.

The argument could be made if these people must be on a public registry that threatens their lives they should be granted the right to carry a concealed weapon.

True you can have wasp spray but you can also have a pump super soaker squirt gun loaded with 50% Tobasco sauce and 50% water.
In South Carolina felons can own black powder muzzle loaders. You can buy a 6 shooter muzzle loader from cabelas and also you can own a precharged Air Rifle.

It’s Called Dry Snitching in Prison & You could get Hurt really bad for doing it in there the LE just threw Their Badge behind it & said Meh…So ,,WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO MY GANGS BIGGER! Is what it is just callin’ it as I see it….They’re just another prison gang not behind bars & with NO Rules, That they listen to. Some cops are good,,But Very Few in between are of an understanding Nature I have met a couple that’s IT!

Reading about this makes me sick to my stomach. I have come a long way (8 years ago) from when I was sentenced for a SO, 7 months in jail and 10 years probation. I am transferring this fall to a university to continue my education and although I will not be living on campus, I will be living among other students and stress about the random visits. I’m going to attempt to go back to court to get my probation reduced from the suggestion of my probation officer and hope I can at least fight that. I have done a lot of good things with my life and for others as well. I am remorseful for ever putting a child in harms way, but there is not a day in my life that goes by that I don’t fear for my life. Last year I was put through a major media witch hunt with speculations of what my crime could have been just because I put myself in the limelight trying to better myself. Once I get off probation, I will fight to work with RSO’s to not live in shame, but to thrive and prosper. I’m sure I will get some negative comments, but that is okay. I’m good with my life now and can only set my sights on a better future.

You are reformed. Please stop using registered sex offender to describe yourself.

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