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Sex offender wants parks proximity (National City)

A registered sex offender in San Luis Obispo County is suing cities across the state, claiming he has every right to go near schools and parks — and National City has become his latest target. ____ ____, 61, of Grover Beach, was convicted in 1979 of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14. His attorney, Janice Bellucci, says he has relatives in National City and wants to visit.

She sued the city in federal court last week over its ban on sex offenders being within 300 feet of a school, day care center, arcade, playground, park or amusement center. Full Article

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What a stupid article…. “Sex Offender wants parks proximity”? How about “Citizen required to register under Penal Code 290 wants his Civil Rights restored”?

And the poll… “Should sex offenders be allowed within 300 feet of schools, parks and other places children frequent?” It is a amazing how quickly something becomes the norm. And now moving about the country normally – should be “allowed?”. By whom? The Mayor of National City? I think not.

Sheeesh… thank you Frank and Janice!

As far as the poll goes it doesn’t really matter how many people don’t want people around parks, etc, because the state supreme court already ruled these local restrictions are not in line with state law, therefore these local Salem witch hunt ordinances are void. What these cities and townships have been doing is placing themselves above the state supreme court laws already in place. I mean; far be it of me to tell them they can’t do this, that is unless they want to pay Janice’s attorney fees. They’d be foolish to resist. Why do I get the feeling… Read more »

Hi Q. I thought, before the court ruled against the ordinance, that we should hold a political meeting in one of the parks. There is an exception for political and religious gatherings.

Hi Tim: I’m not aware of a exception for political and religious gatherings. Don’t forget; this is California, a part of the United States, where you can watch (almost nightly) the first amendment being violated on TV every time some group of people wish to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The police ALWAYS come in like some occupying force in a foreign land and escalate the situation, then they usually attack the crowd, beating and arresting whoever they can. They always cite some city ordinance as justification for their actions and they act as though their local… Read more »

Tim I’m waiting for former Deputy DA’s (Supervisor Todd Spitzer’s) new victims memorial to be finished before launching our Registrants in the park meeting there. Why would I do such a horrible thing? Because we are very much victims ourselves for having to tolerate a very punitive online hit-list registry!

Hi Robert Curtis:

NO WAY!!!! Is Todd Spitzer really putting up a victims memorial?!??!? What a egomaniac!

I hope the first meeting is at the park where the memorial is. Please keep me and everyone else informed. I want to attend the Registrants in the park meetings. I want to exercise my freedoms.

The article and the poll are the reason for why Janice and CA RSOL exist: Because the tyranny of the majority must be tempered in a legal manner in court. Frankly, the same 75% or so who voted to restrict registrants from park would also vote to force registrants to wear a chicken on top of their head in public if they could get away with it.

Another ridiculous article in my opinion. Mayor Morrison says that if you are a “Registered Predatory Sex Offender”, you don’t get all your rights. Ok, but neither do ALL the others who are not Predators. Again, all would be put into one category since they can’t distinguish. What if another mayor gets in some sort of trouble, would Mayor Morrison agree that now all mayors will have to step down? Exactly! How can these people be in such high positions when they have no common sense or any sign of intelligence, and who are these people who vote uneducated people… Read more »

I think Mayor Morrison thinks everyone and anyone on the registry is a predatory “sex offender.” The man is just another one of the ignorant masses.

ig·no·rant adjective \ˈig-n(ə-)rənt\
: lacking knowledge or information
: resulting from or showing a lack of knowledge

It’s ok. Let him rant. The more he does, the bigger the ka-CHING!! at the end of the day in federal court for Janice’s fees.

Hi Eric Knight:

I think he’ll change his tune if he or their city attorney talk to any of the other cities that have stayed or repealed their presence restriction ordinances. Especially the ones that have had to pay Janice’s attorney fees. I can’t recall how many cities that is; but I believe it’s at least one.

I have been a subscriber of the San Diego Union for over 40 years. Today, I wrote a great response to their article and it was deleted within minutes. My freedom of speech crushed. How do you try to educate the public with such media resistance? BTW, we are no longer customers after this week. We will stride to find another way, a better way.

Hi JM: Not one bit surprised. Most people don’t realize it, but the american press is highly censored. People that work within that industry have sunk to the point of thinking it’s alright to not report the truth. When it comes to major stories the appropriate politician tells the press what they can and cannot print. It’s called suppression of fact’s. The democracy in this republic is becoming more of a sham each year. “Without an unfettered press, without liberty of speech, all of the outward forms and structures of free institutions are a sham, a pretense — the sheerest… Read more »

@JM – your comment reminds me of my situation a while ago. Because I write all my internet musings in a big Word file first, I found my comment from a while back – copy and paste: I was a LA Times subscriber for over 25 years. Home delivery, 7 days a week, auto pay every month. I understand that just like the rest of the media the LA Times has to sell ads and if it bleeds it leads. Or even better, the words sex offender in the headline. Not even ‘registered’. For me the last straw was a… Read more »

This poll is meaningless except to show how misinformed the readership of the Union Tribune is. If I owned this paper, I would fire the staff and hire people who know how to do journalism.

Hi Tim:

I get the feeling the poll can fall under what’s considered rabble rousing.

One commenter wrote: On the one hand, I believe if you commit a crime, you pay your debt to society, and we give you a second chance…on the other hand, sex offenders are often not redeemable, and liberal judges, overcrowded prisons, and early releases mean many do not receive just punishment…. So…I respectively replied that perhaps he meant to say that a few are not redeemable and I would agree with that. Lo and behold they deleted my comment. I searched the comment rules and found none that should have caused my reply to be removed or is it just… Read more »

This fascist paper condones violence. Anyway how does one comment without a Facebook account? They probably own shares in Facebook. Another way to squash decent?

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